The Order Part X: No Laughing Matter

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No Laughing Matter

Blindfold, Phantasm, Sandman, Frank Gellar

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Griffin Towers - New York

Frank Gellar wakes up from a nightmare into another one. Sandman and Blindfold show up to stop Phantasm from creating his own. (time jump converted)

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-----==[ Upper Floors - Griffin Towers - New York ]==-------------------------

Opulence. If you needed to describe a home in one word, opulence would certainly fit here for this apartment. The penthouse apartment is immense, taking up a good deal of the top two floors of the building. Why there is need for so many bedrooms is anyone's guess, but in addition to the 6 bedrooms, there's a gourmet kitchen, a spacious living room, and an entire glass wall leading out to the balcony/garden, in which there's a pool and jacuzzi as well as places to sunbathe. There's also what appears to be a track around the outside in case one wanted to have a quick run without having to sully themselves with being around other people.

The first floor is decorated lavishly. There's a marble fireplace with gold inset trim, the furniture is all designer as well, with wall to wall carpeting. The TV in the living room area is ludicrously large, taking up most of the western wall, approximately 110 inches. On one of the tables are a bunch of knick knacks - pictures, figurines and baubles. Off to the right corner, a bar is situated, stocked with an assortment of drinks. The ceilings are rather high, showing off a lovely (and probably very expensive) chandelier hanging over an extremely ornate chess set ready for a random game of chess to suddenly start. Quite the fancy digs. Whatever Franklin Gellar did in a past life, it must've been VERY good. And he must be a REALLY good Investment Banker to be able to afford this.

It is a peaceful night in Franklin Gellar's apartment. Or at least it should be. Gellar seems a bit white as a sheet as he was woken up by a VERY disturbing nightmare. But it's all dreams, right? Regardless, he is out of the bedroom and walking over to the living room. Perhaps some TV will help.

Traveling with sandman, Ruth had filled him in on things including her vision about mike's death and mike killing st george "I know st george isn't the nicest person, I mean he is the head of the order, but cadmus is a rogue agent and alot of the recent crimes by them weren't made by active agents of theirs, atleast not unless st micheal is being kept out of the loop for some reason, but still...mike will regret it later if he kills st george, evcen if st george may or may not be responsible for his aunt's death, yes sorry, we have to stop mike for his own good. Killing st george isn't the answer and it won't make mike feel anby better, justice can be found thru other means, heroes don't kill if they can help it, yes thank you"

Traveling via sandstorm, sand pushed by wind and Sandman's mental force of will cause his body to coalesce around Ruth and as he carries her, she fills him on all, "So George is in this building, ok." Having gotten the description from her of all the appropriate parties, he deposits her on the roof of the building as his body continues to swirl. "Try to see if you can figure out a location for where this will take place. . .since I can basically phase and get through just about anything, I should be able to get through the building. He waves, â?Keep tabs mentally." He taps his head as his body suddenly shifts into piles of which go through vents and travel at a surprising speed as it goes through the vents to work its way down going from apartment to apartment.

Gellar pauses, glancing around for the remote. Huh. Thought it was h- where would it be? His eyes settle upon the sofa and sighs. Setting the glass down on a nearby table, he moves over to reach into the sofa. As the banker reaches into the sofa, the firm cushions press down upon both sides of his hand, making the movement of his hand a bit slower than he wants. But the touch of edge of the remote is enough for him to keep reaching. The cushion's texture shifts, feeling more hand like, which Frank likely could chalk up to his over reactive imagination, if it wasn't for the sudden pull and push that soon followed knocking him off balance and slamming into the table nearby. The drink topples off the table, landing on the floor with a thunk of the heavy set glass.

A section near the sofa grows darker, becoming an inky-black darkness of shadow, "Murderer." Fanged teeth appear as he speaks, growing more jagged. The glow of angled eyes opening soon following with the appearance as he reaches a clawed hand towards Gellar's collar, pulling him onto his feet roughly, 'eyes' narrowing. "Enough. You want your beast. You got it."

Ruth settles on her feet and unfolds her cane from her pocket "one problem with.." and then he was gone. Focusing she headed for the edge of the roof to feel for the fire escape, a roof access, anything, as she tried to pick out where in the building phantasm would kill st george as she did her best to keep mental tabs on Baker, but sadly couldn't guide him, not telepathically.

Quickly makes it through one apartment, but stops momentarily when he spots Monet's apartment and smiles when she is showering. Sandman quickly moves through as he remembers she is a telepath. Still moving through he gets through Shiro's apartment and out heading to the next apartment on the floor.

Seeing the imagery in his home, Gellar's jaw starts to drop, "Oh God," He bemoans, shaking his head, "I'm still dreaming, aren't I?"

Not at all pleased with the reaction, the fanged mouth parts open, emitting a low growl before he uses his strength to sling Gellar into the display holding the tv. "Does this FEEL like a dream to you?"

Based from the yelp coming from the guy against the damaged tv, it likely does not.

Ruth found the roof access and slipped in the door heading down the stairs and and counting her way down the floors to gellar's. Tapping her way along she entered onto the floor and headed for the door. Pounding on Gellar's door "Mr Gellar, please let me in, it's very important I speak with you please thank you!" maybe sandman would hear the pounding and head that way.

In Shiro's apartment, which is empty, Sandman finds an interesting pile f magazines. He reforms a humanoid form as he begins to peruse a magazine for its interesting. . .articles. Fortunately, Shiro's apartment is across from Frank's and the Ruth's screaming and banging can be heard from across the hall. For a moment, Sandman shakes his head thinking it is something else, but when recognizes the voice, he quickly drops the magazine and rushes forward. His body slams into the door from Shiroâs apartment, but does not break it. Instead, he phases through the side slits until he is right behind Ruth. "Scan and see if Gellar or Mike is in there."

Worry written on her face, Ruth turns her head up toward Sandman "Phantasm, and gellar, mike is out for vengence for his aunt, please thank you, is there a way for us to get in?" yes us not just him

The shadowy parts doubling for hands shift, becoming a bit more claw like as Phantasm starts walking towards Gellar again. "She didn't do anything..." The creature hisses. The inside of the mouth seeming to glow more, giving the yellows and orange of a fire roaring deep within the darkness. One that's starting to build up.

Gellar's wide eyes take in the view, his flight instincts not kicking in as Phantasm grabs the collar again. There's a bit of a hysterical laugh as he's being tugged off his feet, "-dragon."

Nodding his head as Blindfold starts what is going on, Sandman sends try to get a mental hold of Mike, coax him out of there. He looks at the door and once again phases through the slits in the door until he is on the opposite side, "Phantasm! Stop!" He yells as he assesses the situation.

Left on the outside of the door Ruth starts knocking on it again "Sandman, please if you would let me in? Tell mike that alot of the recent crimes by the order weren't from active members, that only the weare3house fire was the order's doing, please yes!"

What Sandman comes across is an odd scene. Phantasm's holding Gellar by the collar with one hand while the other clawed hand is raised, but heading towards the banker's head in an intended strike. The strike pauses as he hears Baker's voice. The grip still remains tight on Gellar's collar, not that the stunned banker seems to be caring anymore. He's still muttering about dragons.

Hearing Blindfold, "That alot of the recent crimes by the order weren't from active members, that only the weare3house fire was the order's doing" He repeats what she says. "Seriously, Phantasm. Put Gellar down. You've caught him. Now. We'll call the cops and he is in prison forever." Sandman offers, his arm extends out as it unlocks the door allowing Ruth to come in.

Ruth taps her way into the penthouse "Please Phantasm, please put him down, murder is not something you come back from, it will haunt you, yes. Please don't lower yourself to cadmus's level, don't let grief consume you, Cadmus lost everything, everyone he cared about, you still have people who care about you, people I know you care about too. Please listen to me phantasm, unless someone is being kept in the dark only the warehouse fire was the order's doing, I don't know about the recent death, no sorry. Please justice can be found another way, you are a good man, a good person, a hero, heroes don't kill, yes please"

"Like ORSINI?!" Phantasm growls, shaking his head, "Tried that. HE walked. What's to say he won't do the same?!"

Gellar's muttering about dragons fades away as the presence of others in his home and distracting the thing holding him by the collar. His head rolls, eyeing Blindfold for a time. The gears in his head moving before he starts laughing hysterically.

Realizing what the guy is laughing at since Ruth has outted Mike. Three appendages suddenly pop out from Sandman's back one shaped like a foot. One shaped like a hand. And one shaped like a whip. "Quick, Phantasm, you gotta help Ruth. . .she's in trouble." The sand foot suddenly elongates and moves to smash one of the fancy high rise windows. The sand hand goes to snare Ruth in an attempt to toss her out of the window. The sand whip lashes about.

Ruth approached Gellar to tug on the man trying to get phantsm to let go "Because phantasm, sandman is here, an avenger and they have ties to law enforcement, please you don't want to do this, you'll regret it later, yes sorry. Please phantasm, caqdmus has gone rogue and found a way to still stay active and use the order without their knowing he's doing it, the order was created not as a cult but as a way of balancing things out, picking up where the judicial system fails or stops, yes thasnk you. Even Miss moonstar is helping, this time we'll have all the evidence we need to bury him, phantasm, a hero, show mercy and find justice, not thru death but thru perseverance, yes please. Heroes don't k-*oof*iiiIIILLLLL!" flying out the open window and thru the air as she realizes her own mistake...well this was her punishment!

It's a good thing that Sandman gave a bit of a warning first. Although it's a miracle he heard it over Blindfold's usual vocal spam. His head turns seeing the blind girl being thrown, and emits another growl, vanishing from sight.

Geez. What a time to wake up.
Outside of the building, a shadowy form appears over the falling Ruth, knocking her back into the window, leaving him to continue falling.

Despite matters, and the hopelessness of the situation, Gellar seems to have picked up some of his spirits as he's continuing to laugh. Some people are easy to entertain it seems.

"Shut up!" Sandman commands Gellar as he whips Gellar on the face with a firm sand whip and the tentacle goes to wrap around Gellar and come sand covers his mouth. "Ok. . .time to go. . .somewhere worse than jail." Looking over to Ruth, "Good job. It was enough of a distraction." Sirens are heard in the distance. Sandman has summoned authorities.


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