The Order Part VIII: The Conscience

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The Conscience

Blindfold, Beast, Detective Lawson

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2010/05/08 21:00

Bellvue Hospital

Blindfold talks to Detective Lawson about his role with The Order and finds out something she DOESN'T know already. (time jump converted)

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-----==[ Bellvue Hospital - Midtown ]==---------------------------------------
This complex is the largest of the Manhattan Area. It offers health care to cover many needs. The broad field of this facility offers helipads, ambulance bays, as well as parking for many thousand within immense parking garages. Various buildings from this area are open to service the differing needs of the patient. Doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff can be seen throughout the area.

With Dr McCoy holding her hand Ruth walked thru the halls, her cane folded into her back pocket as she carried several flower bouquets, one for each she'd seen at the hospital. The nice thing about hospital's is the even flooring, nothing to slip or trip on or bump into, woot. "Why is it always /this/ hospital Mike gets brought to, yes sorry? You would think he'd ask for a differnt hospital knowing /who/ works here, yes thank Dr McCoy for allowing me to visit

As Blindfold moves down the hallway, Detective Lawson walks from the direction of the emergency room, walking towards down the hallway with purpose. Based from the expression on his face, he seems less than pleased

Tilting her head toward the detecxtive Ruth softly calls out as she approaches him "Officer Lawson, please if you wouldn't mind, may I have speak with you?" Beast kept pace with her easily enough with his large stride.

Hearing the girl, the lawman looks over to Ruth, and then to the large blue companion with her. Giving a grumble he nods, peering into a room to see if it's vacant before stepping in to it, waving them in. Realizing his mistake he gives a verbal cue. "In here."

Ruth smiles reassuringly and walks with Beast into the room, weaiting then for lawson to enter as well and close the door before speaking "First, I would like to apologize for my behavior when we first met, it wasn't very nice of me, I'm sorry yes. Thank you though for doing what you could to help Mr Ambrose Smith and for helping in this recent incident, yes please"

Lawson's brows lift, looking from Blindfold to Beast. He looks around the room to doublecheck once more that there's no indication of people he didn't see during his first check of the room. Assured that it's just these two he's speaking to, he looks to the pair, sighing, "What do you want?"

Ruth tilts his her head toward him "To understand and perhaps work together to a degree, please yes. You know Mike is not a part of things and his friend's are getting hurt which shouldn't happen, mike is a better person then many realize, yes thank you, he is a good friend. I don't know the purpose of the group you work for or why you joined, maybe it was to pick up where the law falls short, but it seems that things have changed since then and now maybe you find yourself on two sides, yes sorry. Everyone comes to a point in their life where they have to choose a side, one they can live with in their hearts, there was a fire at an apartment building a family was trapped inside and would have been killed, I could have been killed trying to help, your group's calling card was at that fire, please we both know things have to be resolved, yes I just want to help and for things to get better, please won't you help me understand?"

Lawson's jaw tightens, looking down to the blind girl. "The last order that was given out by the Order itself was the warehouse fire. I don't know WHO exactly is handing out the orders for all of the ones that have happened after that, but it's not on the order's agenda."

Ruth nods thoughtfully "That is both troubling and a bit of a releif, a releif that the order hasn't gone in such a blatant and bloody path, yes thank you. Please may I ask why you joined the order, what it's purpose is? I realize you probably have loyalty to them but you also seem to do what you can do the right thing too while working within certain guidelines and I appreciate it, I was wrong to confront you when last we met, my apologies for that yes, I realize you were probably what turned dr marinos away from Mike's room"

The Detective looks to Ruth, "There are people who seem to have a free pass to just prey upon the city however they feel like. No consequences. Just an endless pile of victims in their wake. We take care of these problems, one at a time."

Ruth smiles softly at the news and nods her head "The judicial system certainly is not perfect, no, but your intentions are good, yes please. If I may ask please, do you agree with the direction the order has been going? And please, if I may, what importance does the full moon hold for the order and red robes?"

"My only issues are that they didn't clear the discipline of a member going against the code soon enough and the use of one of the victims. But he's no longer active." Lawson blinks, looking at Ruth curiously, "Red robes? Full Moon? Absolutely nothing. What are you talking about?"

Ruth's face turn to an expression of thoughtful concentration "He targets Mike to punish Mike's dad, but I'm sorry forgive me, he is not inactive, perhaps he's using a different name in the order I can't say for sure but a man with a vendetta like he has..sometimes it's all consuming, yes sorry. It was his card at one of the stabbings, his card at Mike's place, it is troubling I agree but it does not sound like a name or a person who is inactive. Mike will die in the same way your stabbing victims have died already, yes sorry"

Lawson's lips twitch at the point Blindfold has presented him, giving the slightest of nods hinting that perhaps, he was suspecting the same thing. "I can't prove that it was his doing. He didn't approach Gabriel. But once I can. He will be dealt with."

Ruth shivers at the implication of that statement "Cadmus wants to cause the same pain he feels upon mike's dad but, mike is as good a person as any of the heroes, please yes. It might be too late to investigate or find out but I'd be curious to know if it really was Mike's dad who is responsible for Cadmus's son, however small the possibility is, after all it's never right to condemn an innocent man, even if that man is guilty of other crimes, yes thank you. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me and hearing me out, perhaps together we can reach a resolution to this nastiness, thank you yes"

"While I might disagree with Cadmus's approach. Even if we were able to reinvestigate, directly or indirectly, it will all trace back to your friend's father." Lawson replies, "As you've mentioned. All consuming." He shakes his head, giving a nod to the two before opening the door to let himself out.

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