The Order Part VII: Warnings

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Rex Gregson, Mike Hannigan, Savio Drago

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2010/05/08 20:00

Bellvue Hospital

As Mike and Rex wait for treatment, Rex fills in Mike on Blindfold's vision. Rex spots a familiar yet different face looking in on Mike's treatment. (time jump converted)

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-----==[ Bellvue Hospital - Midtown ]==---------------------------------------

This complex is the largest of the Manhattan Area. It offers health care to cover many needs. The broad field of this facility offers helipads, ambulance bays, as well as parking for many thousand within immense parking garages. Various buildings from this area are open to service the differing needs of the patient. Doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff can be seen throughout the area.

Rex Gregson
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[HL] - Hematology Lab - Bellvue Hospi [O] - Midtown - New York

Welcome to the Emergency Room. Where patients get hurried in to, wait some more. Although having legitimate injuries, the nature of them has left Mike and Rex near the bottom of the list. Just a few rungs above the people who have decided to use Emergency Services rahter than go to the corner store to get their Tylenol. As such, Mike and Rex wait. Wait. And wait some more.

Mike, despite the hassle has seemed to have taken it in stride and has opted for the seats in the corner. Turning one around to face another, he's in what seems like a poor man's bed. dispersing the weight of his torso and backside amongst the seats while using one back to hold his leg up. To avoid the glare of the lights on the ceiling above him, Mike's eyes are closed.

Rex Gregson frowns a little bit at this. A man was bleeding and they have to wait. Yes, it wasnt a life threatening, but hopefully the wait will not be too long. She was still rubbing her wrist, and finally at one point, slips off ot at least ask for an ice bag. THere was no doubt an officer nearby to make sure they were processed for procedures too as she sits back down beside mike with a soft sigh. "This could have gone better."

"Mmmhmm." Mike agrees, with a sigh, not even opening an eye to glance over to Rex, "I'll have to say, this is probably one of the more expensive dates I've been on. But, at least we can't say it was entirely boring."

She snorted, half laughingly at the joke he made and smiles weakly "I got taken out by a Finnish rocker once. It was fun but he was weird. I think I prefer a normal boring date though to spending it in emergency room. That sounds like we should be eighteen and drunk."

"Eighteen and drunk." Mike repeats, cracking a smirk, "That's actually the state I was in when we formed Greysong." He lifts a hand, pointing over to a group of seats centered around a fish tank. "Ran into Rod over there. And after we got patched up, we went out, ran into Jack and Wade annnnnnd boom. Greysong."

"... I can entirely make a joke about bad decisions while drunk you know, but I wont." admits the woman simply, glancing over that way "This exact room? I... well, I didnt really run into any of my band. I hired most of them or got referrals." She admits.

"Eh. It worked out." Mike replied, "Turned out we sounded good together so, since we didn't have anything to lose..." He shrugs, "I'd rather be scraping by splitting rent with 3 roommates than scraping by working a convenience store."

Rex Gregson nods "And having fun while doing it." she adds "But you're doing better than 'scraping' now arent you? " she asked, tilting her head as she moved the ice bag on her wrist, frowning. "... I hope this isnt going to delay my practice.

"Oh yeah. Wade and I are doing fine..." He smiles, "Vitamin C and rest. Those work great for the bruises."

"Good thing I like Orange Juice! " she remarks "So... do we want to talk about what I wanted to bring up during the official date?

"Yeah. Sure." Mike allows, giving a sigh as he shifts to get comfortable, "Work related?"

"I heard the sigh. It can wait if you want." She remarks "But its about the Phantom of Rock. I sent you the script didnt I?"

"I think so." Mike replies, "Still waiting for Wade to stop sniggering at it and callng me 'Christine'. Buuuut I guess it's telling of him that he even knows those names."

Rex Gregson nods at that, with a chuckle. Then she stiffens and goes a bit pale "Uhm... oh yeah. Remember that message I sent you on the phone? About the moon? You ARE being careful right? " then she blinks "... That attacker knew we were friends. The flowers said they were from you Mike."

Mike's eyes open and quickly squint as the light above burns into his darkness adjusted retinas, "What?" He starts to straighten, shaking his head, "No... I wouldn't be sending flowers unless you were sick or something. And even then it would be gaudily cheerful yellow with the ugliest vase I could find." Pusing back, he stops elevating his leg, which gets a 'SIR!' from the desk. He sighs, propping the leg up again, "Message didn't say anything about a moon. Just to stay the fuck away from the Kitchen."

She couldnt help but giggle a little bit at the mention of the vase, and nods at that as it faded "Yeah... Ruth said something about a full moon. I figured when he grabbe dme they werent really for you, but it also worries me that its all connected."

"Well, what can I say?" Mike replies, "I have a screwed up life. And it seems like-" He pauses, shaking his head, "Ruth might be chicken littling over nothing. Last time she got panicky she was trying to warn me of red death." He cracks a smirk, "It was the mask I wore for the concert series tht she saw."

Rex Gregson blinks at that, and looked quite amused at that "True. But.. this time it seemed more... " she described the vision softly to Mike, as many details as she could "It seems like the real deal unless you're doing a satanic-sacrifice concert that I'm not aware of.

Mike frowns. "Fire. Flames. Demonic. Monsters..." He pauses, "I'd probably have projections of the chalk imagery for certain songs or candles but..." The frown deepens, "Maybe it's a scene from an episode from one of the cop shows I'm supposed to be guesting for. Seems too over the top to be real."

Rex Gregson nods "Still be careful okay? If someone tried to attack me because they knew I was seeing you and stuff..." she trails off.

"I'm not saying I don't have my share of enemies." Mike corrects, "It's just, they're more of the stab you in the back, direct attack, put a hit out on you type. But, what you described, that just seems unreal." He pauses, looking towards Rex, "And I'll be careful. Only have to avoid the Kitchen around the full moon?"

"Miss Gregson?"

"Or before or after. I'm sure if they really wanted you they could take you at any time and just hang onto you. " she looks up at this point "ERr, yes, that's me."

"Well that'll make my aunt upset."

Off to the side a female nurse looks over to Rex and waves her over, "We're ready to take a look at your bruising..."

"Mr. Hannigan?"

Mike lifts up a hand to indicate where he is, starting the process of getting up, "Over here."

Rex Gregson laughs softly "I imagine so... " she pauses, then stands up "Oh, separately? okay." she glanced to Mike, and then back at the nurse, nodding "Lead the way then."

As Rex is led one way, Mike is led to another room nearby. As he's getting onto the examination table, Rex's door closes. Leaving her to get her bruise checked out. A female who is most decidedly not a nurse and likely with the police, hangs out in the corner, camera ready.

Rex Gregson takes a seat and pulls her jacket off,setting the ice to one side as she flexes her fingers with a wince, grimacing "Worse thing to happen to a musician." She mumbles.

"I'm sure with enough rest, icing, and good eating, you'll be back to doing whatever it is you do." The nurse soothes, pressing gloved fingers against the bruise. "I don't think anything's broken if that's your concern."

Wincing at the finger proddings, the markings were quite visible - the cloth had protected her from any scratches, but finger-marks were clean there and clear. "That's always reassuring. Slow stretch exercises too, like for Carpal Tunnel. I think he wrenched my shoulder too to be honest." she admits "he was trying to get me to hold still and well, I didnt.

"Good for you." The woman with the camera murmurs, stepping forward, getting ready to take pictures of the hands. "Technically I'm supposed to say it's safer to cooperate but, with the things happening right now, it was probably better you fought back. Please rest your hands on the paper."

Rex Gregson obliges and rolls up both sleeves, so a comparison could be done. She puts her hands there, then goes a bit pink as they were poised perfectly as though on a keyboard, and flattens them more "I well, panicked a little. The fact that I didnt know what he wanted didnt help. Wouldnt say a thing to me - I wouldfe complied if he wanted cash or anything." she explains

The woman with the camera frowns, setting a ruler next to the bruising before lining up her shot, clicking off a few flashes. "It's probably better we don't discuss this further. Another will be taking your statement." Flash! Pictures done with, she steps out of the room, giving a brief glance of a tall figure standing across the way, looking into a room. The door closes.

Rex Gregson ohs at that and nods "Right, sorry." she notes, turning over the hands as directed, as well as an inspection of the shoulder injury too. She rolled the shoulder then, redressing and sits back to... wait.

The nurse continues looking over Rex's injuries before nodding. "Alright, I believe we're done here. Please wait here until the doctor sees you." Giving a smile she gets up and leaves the room, leaving the door wide open.

Across the hallway, the door to Mike's room is closed. The window reveals the flash of a camera bulb. But, standing outside the door, another figure stands, peering in quietly. Bearing a bit of resemblance to Mike but different. Older, taller.

Rex Gregson smiles back and watches her depart. Then she notices the figure there and tilts her head, staring. Was that the alternate mike from that weird dream state? Or was it his dad. Finally she calls over "Excuse me, sir?"

The man's head turns, looking into Rex's room. Upon facing her, the familial resemblance becomes clear but the posturing differs slightly. He doesn't speak. But simply turns once more, glances into the window once more and walks off, disappearing down the hallway.

"Hey, wait!" she calls, and starts to stand.

He does not wait. And he's long gone by the time Rex can get to the doorway.

Rex Gregson frowns as she reaches the door of her room, then looks across to where Mike was still being examined. She sighed, and rubed her face

The door to Mike's room opens, giving a glimpse in to his room. Leg propped up, he's leaning back, looking a lot more comfortable than he was in the waiting room. His head turns, glancing out of the door. Giving a bit of a smirk, he gives a bit of a wave.

Rex Gregson smiles back, relaxing and waving too, still by her own door. Too restless to sit and wait impossibly long. She mouths 'Everything okay?"

Mike's head tilts curiously before he nods, giving a thumbs up. Currently his leg is getting checked out. Apparently the doctor got to him first.

Rex Gregson thumbs up back, looking more relived and she mouths "Coffee after?"

Mike nods, giving a double thumbs up in response.


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