The Order Part VI: Fearsome Flowers

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Fearsome Flowers

Rex Gregson, Mike, Detective Lawson, The Florist

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2010/05/08 19:00

Rex Gregson's Home

As Rex waits for Mike to stop by, a flower delivery man attacks her. The flowers get squished. :( (time jump converted)

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----==[ The Sombre Lair. - RP Suite #1 ]==-----------------------------------

The small house that Rex finally picked out, in a quieter part of the city, was brightly lit. Sparsely furnished within though, there was a rock garden, no lawn, and some trees. The house was being repainted jet black though - it was after all, a Rock star's house, although she didnt mean it when she said she had to have a place big enough for wild parties. Right now she was in 'civillian' ware as she hummed anxiously, waiting for Mike to arrive

As Rex waits, there's a ring of the doorbell.

Rex Gregson glances up and over. She heads to the locked door, and peers through the peephole to see who it was. Unless its Mike or someone she knew (or police) she usually doesnt open the door.

When Rex looks through the peephole, what she instead gets is a view of a humongous flower arrangement and a rather gawky looking guy in a uniform that indicates him to be part of a mom and pop type florist shop down the street.

Rex Gregson blinks in surprise and opens the door a bit, to get a better look, then the res tof the way "Oh! Hello sir!" she smiled, waiting for the explanation for this, guessing it was from a fan.

Tired would be one word to describe the appearance of the florist employee. Turning his head he looks to the card sticking out of the overly cheerful and likely expensive arrangement, "To Miss Rex Gregson. Happy tidings, Mike."

Rex Gregson looks quite surprised, and even pinked across the cheeks al ittle "Oh! That was nice, and unexpected! Thank you very much!" she carefully takes up the bouquet with a warm smile. "... I just hope this doesnt mean I've been stood up. Thank you very much sir!" she notes, offering the man a generous tip as well as she for now, puts the bouquet on a table by the door to manage both at once.

In 'civilian' wear is a Mike Hannigan. Hair tucked away in a knit cap and dressed down in his favorite Goodwill purchased threads. Mike doesn't appear to be out to impress anyone. Instead he's rocking the low budget chic and blending in. He emerges from the subway entrance, glancing around before starting on his way towards Rex's house

As Rex offers the tip, the florist gives a tired smile and nods at the tip. "Much obliged." He replies, reaching his hand over towards the held out tip. The movements that follow soon after that severely contradict the earlier view of the tired florist. With rapid ferocity, his outstretched hand grabs at Rex's wrist as he starts barreling into the entrance way. Intent on bringing her inside with him.

With a slight shriek she was pushed back, caught off guard. The door swings open all the way and bangs off the wall. She twists, trying to keep the rest of her body away and out of reach while being shoved back. Her eyes widened in fear "What the hell! Get off me! Let me go!" she swings.

With the movements inside the entryway, the florist's hand remains busy as the other one reaches into his pocket. A foot ends up knocking over the foyer table with a bang. Flowers lay about upon the open doorway, as the door is soon kicked shut. There's a grunt as the attacker gets hit but he's not falling down. Instead he seems a bit angrier than he was before. There's a flash of metal coming out of the pocket.

"What do you want? Money?" she asked, quite willing to givre some up to stop this attack. She twists her arm again, but like many famous people probably doesnt sensibly get self defense courses like she should. Her eyes blink at the flash of metal and she lets out a squeak, this time instead of pushing back starting to try and pull away faster.

The grip on her wrist tightens as he starts to step towards her with whatever direction she pulls in. His body shifts, steering her further and further away from the entryway. Eyes narrowing as he looks in her eyes.

Mike takes his time walking to Rex's place. If there's anything he's learned, girls HATE it when you're early. He smiles, taking note of the reasonably nice weather outside. Hmm. Maybe they could grab some coffees and chill in the park for a bit?

Getting no answers at all, and starting to get flustered and alarmed, Rex starts to play a bit dirty and swings a mighty kick at the man as hard as she could. If he's going to stay in range, she's going to take advantage of it!

The man grunts as the foot comes in contact with his knee and he hobbles a bit. Twisting the arm he's got a hold of in retaliation. Giving a hiss, he straightens, not relaxing the position he's got Rex's arm in as he starts pushing her into another room

Wait. Coffee and some of those muffins that the Grind sells. That'd be awesome. Mike's smirk widens as he strolls up to the doorway, getting ready to ring the doorbell when the visual of the door sets off alarm bells. The smirk fades quickly.

A yelp comes out as the arm is twisted and she crouches a little, trying to ease up on the twist before it got too painful. She was almost panicking now, wriggling frantically she blindly stomps a few times, this time /refusing/ to go forwards as they end up in a side hallway "Ow! Stop! WHat the hell do you want already!?" she yelped.

Not aware of the newcomer, the evil florist starts to twist her arm more to try an illicit compliance to where he wants to steer her. Shoving her roughly towards the wall, the hand holding the metal object lifts, giving her enough time to recognize the features of a knife.

She had Mike from 'yelp'. With the obvious signs of distress coming from inside the home, Mike shoves the door open and bolts in, following the sounds of Rex's voice and the continuing struggle.

"No!" this time it was a full out shriek as she saw the Knife over her shoulder, her eyes wide and face pale as she was pushed to the wall. She pushed back with her free arm, intending to make it as difficult as possible for her attacker. She heard thumping elsewhere in the house, but wasnt too sure about it as she bent forwards, trying to think of... well, anything... She kicked and struggled as best she could to try and get him to drop the knife.

The thunk combined with the shout throws off the man as his head starts to turn but stops as his victim starts fighting even more. Attention turned back towards her as he tries to bring the knife closer to her, he doesn't see as the black clad male musician comes flying at him from the side. Then again, with black walls, it makes it very hard to spot him.

Mike is about as conversational as the attacker as he grabs at the knife wrist while using the rest of his body to slam into the florist.

Not seeing Mike more than out of the corner of her eyes, Rex nonetheless relaxes, going still now as she realizes someone had come to help her, and she stopped moving to avoid getting in th eway. The hold on her wrist is broken and she twists, finally escaping and tumbling down into the bathroom doorway breathlessly, before turning to look up at what was going on "Mike!" she paused, torn a moment, then glanced about... Phone, where did she have them put again?"

As Rex looks around, Mike focuses entirely on the attacker as they roll about in the hallway. The florist jerks his hand, slashing at the musician while Mike turns his body doing his best to dodge them. Mike's foot lifts and kicks against the wall, propelling the fight ball into another wall. With the attacker behind him, his head cracks into the drywall.

Quickly, Rex manages to squeeze by the fight, only getting knocked once on the way to the hallway phone and picking it up, dialling nine one one quickly. Her back goes to the wall next, body shaking badly as she starts to call in. Her eyes were locked on that knife though, fearful for Mike indeed.

"9-1-1, what is your emergency?"

The knife is a bit hard to keep track of. Still on the floor the attacker is trying to hold still Mike as he brings the knife closer but is finding it difficult as Mike is basically rolling the two of them around. Angered by the complication, the florist breaks his silence, "STAY STILL!"

There's not really much incentive for Mike to comply as he basically spins himself around on the wood of the floor, reorienting himself so his feet are lined up with the florist's face. He proceeds to start stomp/kicking the shit out of that. With the exception of the spin, it's not graceful, but it's reasonably effective.

"Hi! Yes! house invasion! Guy forced his way in. *address*. He has a knife, tried to hurt me. My friends' trying to stop him now. " she was a little bit frantic and ran this information off all very quickly, wincing as the shout rattled the walls, no doubt heard over the phone, staring at Mikes' maneuvers. That was rather awesome

Clickity Clickity Clickity. "Please stay on the line until the police get there."

Not really liking the kicks to the face, the attacker lashes out a hand to grab at one of the legs. Bringing the knife over, he slashes at the pant leg, sinking it in. Based from the shout and Mike's eyes closing shut momentarily, he is not really enjoying the feeling. He continues thrashing about, kicking at him as he tries twisting his torso reaching over to grab at the knife hand.

"I'll try-MIke!" she shouted, fortunately not right into the phone. She looks bout, and picks up one of her large clopper boots. IT wasnt MUCH of a thing to do much with, but she hurled it at the guy anyways.

It's amazing what the simple things do. The boot sails true, smacking the attacker in the throat, causing for him to gasp for air. Not really one for waiting his turn in a fight, Mike takes advantage of the opening by clamping down on the knife holding hand's wrist and slams it down to the floor, causing for the florist to have his turn at yelping. Mike slams the hand down again, causing for the knife to drop out. Spinning himself around, he smacks the knife, sending it skidding across the floor into the kitchen area. Yay! Knife is out of he picture! And all it cost Mike was geting put in a bit of a head lock.

Rex Gregson can't hold onto the phone and help at the same time, so she puts the receiver down - not hanging up, and kicks at the knife to get it away. As Mike is put in the headlock she lifts the other boot, but pauses not wanting to hit Mike after all.

Mike would likely be appreciative of the consideration if he wasn't otherwise occupied at the moment. There's a bit of a high pitched draw of something. A strained intake of breath as the attacker seems to get the upper hand, squeezing tightly. Mike's teeth grit as he shifts, bringing his feet torso high and proceeds to kangaroo the hallway wall in front of him shoving the attacker back into the wall several times. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

During all of the theatrics of the fight, another person steps into the house. Suit and tie on, he's not in the uniform of a street officer but the air of authority as he points his gun towards the hallway indicates he is of law enforcement. Or at least a good mockup of one. Upon watching Mike start to roll away from the stunned attacker, he raises his voice, "Police! Keep your hands where I can see them!"

Wincing with each slam into her battered wall, Rex hisses through her teeth, oblivious to the phone operator trying to get her attention when the voice boomed out. She startled, but keeps a grip on the boot as she turns, still seated in the hallway, and then up and over to the two men, looking greatly relieved "Mike!"

At the sound of reinforcements, Mike finds no need to stop the rolling away, and does it for a few more rotations before he feels he has enough distance between him and Knifey Mc Knife Knife to get up. With the build up of adrenaline, it doesn't seem as obvious to Mike that maybe he should remain down. Giving a deep sigh of relief, he starts to walk over towards Rex. Causing a bit more of a mess to the floors as he leaves a little trail of red as he does so. "You okay?"

The main in the suit does not approach the attacker but keeps the gun trained on him, "You called 9-1-1?"

"I ... I did." Stammered Rex, standing up quickly to hug Mike "Oh god, are you okay?? You're bleeding! " she notes, then turns back to the officer, nodding again "I did yes. That man there..." she points to the other one "pushed his way in with the flowers and grabbed me. I... I dont know what he wanted. He didnt say a thing, just pulled out the knife." she was visibly shaken.

As Rex points out he's bleeding, Mike starts to look down, seeing a bit of sticky upon his black pants. There's no real allowance for contrast between his pants and blood so he ends up looking to the floor instead. "...Ah." He gives a bit of a forced chuckle, "So I am." He sits down quickly, running his hands along the pant leg til he figures out where the cut is and proceeds to roll to his back, lifting the injured leg upwards. "Man, Wade's going to kill me when he finds out I got stabbed again."

"I think I might have an idea why." The lawman murmurs, looking over to the florist, "Let me guess. You have a postcard for us?"

The sounds of sirens can be heard approaching.

Rex Gregson nods at Mike, starting to come out of the adrenalkine now, shaking badly. Then she remembers the phone and moves away to pick it up "Hi! Sorry, I put it down! Yes, the police man is here now! Can you hang up?"

The 9-1-1 operator confirms that she can indeed hang up now and does so, leaving the line dead.

The florist simply smirks before slowly moving his hands towards his mouth, giving a cough. His lips appear a bit darker after he lowers his hands but he says nothing, simply resting his head against the wall.

There's not much in conversation coming from the lawman as he simply watches the man in the hallway.

Mike on the other hand, does have something to say.

"I HATE getting stabbed."

Ah. Statements of the obvious...

Rex Gregson moves back to Mikes' side, but she rubs at her wrist, and pulls back the sleeve to show the bruises left there as the sirens draw closer. She looks up at the LAwman at this point to see what he was doing "Thank you for your timely arrival." she notes, voice still a little shakey.

"Hmm." The lawman stands, giving a slight nod. Only relaxing as regular police officers come in, guns drawn. He nods in the direction of the hallway, "Perp's sitting in the hallway." When one officer points his gun towards the perp while the other one looks to the lawman questioningly, the lawman lowers his firearm and proceeds to pull out an ID. "Detective Lawson. Happened to be nearby when I heard the commotion giving me reason to look in on things. Came upon a struggle. According to the lady over there, the man in the hallway attacked her." Leaving the officers to their work, Lawson looks over towards Rex and Mike, noting the blood. "I'd suggest you not waive the ambulance ride."

Mike looks over to Rex's wrist, "Why'd you let him in?"

Rex Gregson nods in agremeent to what the LAwman said, and she rubbed at the marks "... He had a bouquet of flowers. So much for checking the peephole before I opened the door." she admits sheepishly, and nods "I'll make sure he doesnt." she promises the Detective "Thank you, again." she rubbed at her face then, and inhaled deeply to steady her nerves as more officers entered the house, the flowers now crushed and scattered.

Mike looks up at Rex's face. Lying there quietly as the attacker is led out, clearing the way for the paramedics to come in. He gives a slight chuckle. "Well, things can't get any worse tonight, right?"

"Dont say that. Martians will invade or something. I'll go with you to the hospital though." she notes softly, tugging his sleeve back down.


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