The Order Part V: Painful Pizza

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Painful Pizza

Armand, Wade Shaw

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2010/05/08 19:00

Tate Apartments

Armand and Wade are attacked by the pizza man. There's no Pizza. :( (time jump converted)

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-----==[ Mike's Apt - Tate Apt Bldg - New York ]==----------------------------

This studio apartment is quite simple. To the right of the entryway is the kitchen and bathroom, to the left a closet and a washer/dryer. Straight ahead, the Living/Dining Room combo. Walk to there and there's a sleeping alcove to the right. As far as furniture there are five notable pieces of furniture. Two futons in the alcove, two more futons in the living /dining room area, and a rather beaten, and likely salvaged from a street corner on trash day, coffee table. Resting on the table is an old TV and converter box.

It is unsure to what is sadder. The minimalism of the furniture, or that four guys pooled their money for this and this is all they did. But factoring the amount of sound proof paneling around the place along with the drumset, guitars, keyboard, recorder, and practice drum pads scattered about there's likely a good reason why the furniture count stopped where it did. With just two people sharing the apartment now, this quasi-two room, quasi-kitchen, one bathroom apartment seems quite spacious. Although, the occupants would prefer it much more if the other two former occupants were still there.

Obvious Exits:
[O] - Tate Apt Bldg - Chelsea

With Mike out of the apartment for some evening activities and with it being the middle of the week, there is an odd anomaly going on this evening. Instead of it being just Armand and Mike, it is Armand and Wade. With there not being a full group of folks to cook for, Wade has ordered pizza to give the longest haired roomie a rest from the kitchen. It certainly couldn't be to give Armand a chance to study up or anything like that, could it? Naaaaah.
So as they wait for pizza, Wade is busying himself with his laptop. Catching up on work while taking advantage of the futon nearest the door to relax. Stinky socks rubbing against Mike's pillow as he rests on it stomach down. Revenge for the invasion of the stuffed animals that got piled up on his bed last night.

He doesn't have to cook! Armand would usually be offended at the idea of /ordering/ pizza when he had a deliciously awesome new pizza sauce he had wanted to try to make but...he's exhausted. Some new type of exercising to old jazz music class has left him tired so he's currently sitting on the floor in front of a futon, toes separated by pieces of cotton as his dark green nail polish is drying and all that damn hair pulled out of his face in a messy ponytail as he's flipping through the pamphlets he's gotten from a variety of different culinary schools. "Are you being /sure/ you do not want me to make at least a cookies? Cookies could be nice...with the pizza..." He takes a sip of his liter of sprite (yes, it is all his) and then blows on his still wet rainbow painted fingernails before going back to flipping through his pamphlet.

"Relax." Wade murmurs in reply, glancing up a little before turning his head to look at Armand, "With the breadsticks, the cinnasticks, and the cake side we ordered with the pizza, I think we're covered on the sweet stuff." His feet shift, rubbing all over Mike's pillow. Rub rub rub. PUT that stink in that cover! MWAH HA HA HA!

Armand squints over towards Wade and tilts his head to the side before setting a pamphlet aside and picking up a highlighter to cross something off on his notepad. "Very well..." A pause. "Are you secretly being in love with Mike and wanting to leave your horrid stench on his pillows so he thinks of you?"

"Hush or your pillow will be next." Wade replies, his tone is clear. That WAS a threat. Rub. Rub. Rub. "And let this be a lesson. If you're going to prank. Be prepared for the retaliation."

"..." Armand quirks an eyebrow and snorts softly before blowing on his nails and rolling his eyes. "I love you too Monsieur Wade. I will be flattered if I turn and inhale the scene of your corn drenched toxic waste soaked feet."

Wade's head turns to look to Armand quickly. Eyes wide as he grows quiet. The feet stop rubbing.

Armand smiles innocently at Wade before blowing on his nails and chuckling to himself. "I was homeless for a long never know what scents are flattering to me." He sticks out his tongue and just laughs softly, coughing and looking back down to narrowing down his school choices.

Wade is, speechless. Simply staring at Armand quietly for a few minutes before he shakes his head, closing the lid of his laptop and getting up. Upon his feet, he looks over to the footified pillow and smirks, picking it up and walking over to Armand, "Well, if it'll make you feel better..."

Armand eyes Wade warily for a moment, eyebrows raising as he slooowly scoots backwards. "I am just doing my nails. Don't you dare!" He even climbs up on the futon behind him and holds out his hands in a placating manner.

But you said that you LIKED the smell." Wade reminds, looking over towards Armand, feigning a shocked look, "Don't tell, you were LYING?! Oh Armand! What are we ever going to do with you?" He lowers Mike's pillow towards Armand's.

"Yes, but if you do that I may fall in love with you! Its why Mike cannot get rid of me, I smelled him before a bath! You do not know what you are doing!" Armand protests, throwing himself over his pillow.

"Too late! The ruse is done with. You've been found out! HA HA HA!" With the gleeful laugh, Wade starts to noogie Armand with the pillow.

Armand gives a little screetchgiggle and falls over, pushing at the Pillow and biting his lip as he keeps control over all that hair before swatting at Wade. "You have smudged my passion purple pinkie! I will have to do it again Captain Stink!"

"What does that even mean?" Wade asks, pausing in the pillow attack to pose the question, but not waiting for the answer as he swings the pillow at Armand's face. "Have a whiff!"

"Is my purple nail polish you..." Armand's quite proficient at swearing, even playfully, in French as he snatchs up his own pillow to swing at Wade, oofing as he is smacked in the face and his nose wrinkles. "Mon Dieu...that is eu de garbarge...and sticky corn..." He swings his pillow at Wade. "I swear, you will wake up tied to the futon and I will give you a complete makeover with the powerdered face and the chin mole!"

"Do that and you'll wake up with a moe-hawk!"

Armand freezes for a moment at the mtnion of a moe-hawk, expression paling before he clears his throat and swats at the man again. "I am going to tell Mike!"

"Go ahead!" Wade continues, still swatting, "If he complains, I'll give him one too!"

Knock knock.

Swat! - Swat! "You...are...a..." Armand lapses into French but he's laughing before there's that knock knock and he blinks. "Oh...okies, well. You go and get it. I need to get the cotton from my toes and pull my hair back."

Armand gets a few swats in as the blonde bassist looks towards the door. "Yeah..." He turns, flinging Mike's pillow into Armand's face, hard, before walking towards the door. "Who is it?"


"I have some money for the tip!" Armand calls out as he's untucked the cotton from his toes and scurries towards the kitchen, pulling his hair back into a ponytail and waving around some dollar bills.

While Armand comes running with the bills, Wade unlocks the door and swings it open only to get something swung into his stomach as a result. Giving an 'Oof!', Wade hunches over in pain while the figure at the door tries rushing in, already reaching into his pocket as he does so. This is likely bringing back BAD memories for Wade.

"Did they bring the brea-" Armand stops short as he sees Wade hunching over and hears him and he freezes for a split second before rushing towards the door, hair fading from the dark brown to a jet black. "Hey!" He reaches towards Wade's back in an effort to tug him back.

As Wade's pulled back, the largest obstruction to the attacker's entrance is removed. Moving forward, the intruder looks down on Armand, thin but far from being considered scrawny, the wide corpse-like eyes is not a resassuring sight. There's a second of hesitation before a flash of metal can be seen coming out of the pocket.

Wade wheezes, trying to recover, but finding it hard to get on his feet as he's being pulled back. This leaves him looking towards the man, eyes widening. "No-"

"...okay, not the pizza man..." Armand is quickly trying to step in front of the weird looking...intruder and he sees the flash of metal, hair growing a bit longer as he quickly looks between Wade and the THING. He doesn't quiet understand what's going on but he does try to keep his body in front of Wade's. Damn his pajamas not having a pocket for his cell phone.

I'm sure Ben would be quite insulted Armand could make such a case of mistaken identity.

The attacker's attention does not follow Wade and instead seems entirely focused on Armand. He sucks in a bit of air before he starts running at Armand, swinging the blade in an attempt to get a part of the body that's NOT hair.

"No..." Wade starts fighting against the hair. Not quite sure how so much of it got in here, much less why it's acting like hands, nor does he care. He just wants OUT of it. "Let go!"

Armand releases Wade from his hair, taking a deep breath. "Wade...r-run...just go!" He shrieks as there's a blade swinging at him and is not that fast when he's trying to defend another person, so yay...guess who gets cut in his arm, hair lashing out towards the creaturemanattacker in an attempt to wrap tendrils around his wrist...if it even has a wrist. This is not pizza!

By now the attacker has caught on that the hair is a threat and is also working to stop it's movements. He starts cutting at the hair. Quite a spry sort he is. Indeed. Movement for him is a blessing.

Wade's not quite running but he does get to his feet, hobbling towards the door. Upon reaching the door, he raises his voice, "HELP!"

Armand is focussed on the attacker, watching him closely and his hair fades from the jet black to the ROYGBIV rainbow color scheme as he just stares at the attacker, distracted by Wade's cry for help momentarily in time to turn back to the attack and feel that blade against the sensitive locks and he winces and then lets out a shrill scream as the blade manages to somehow cut through one of those tendrils of hair and he retracts some tendrils of hair, others lengthening to do his best to distract the man, even if he is crying and breathing hard.

Wade's head turns, hearing Armand's scream. Eyes narrowing and perhaps stirred by the sound he gets to his feet and runs right at the attacker, hitting him from behind in an attempt to tackle him.

The slashing motions of the attacker halts as he finds himself being tackled from behind. The two elder men start rolling away from Armand, blade and all.

Armand takes a deep breath and stumbles back a bit, breathing hard as he shakily moves a hand to his head and he watches with wide eyes, running for the futon he was sitting in front of to snatch up his cellphone, dialing 911 and then he carefully selects a knife from the kitchen, exhaling softly and then running back to where things are going, yelling and muttering in French and English on the phone. Important words 'Help!' and 'Blade' and 'HELP'.

As the operator on the other end of the line works to calm Armand down in order to get an address, the two men are still rolling about the floor, the thrashing motion of the two indicative of struggle between them. Wade lets out a scream of his own merged with a growl as he suddenly twists and lurches. Corpse eyes lets out a scream of his own before things between the two become less violent. The attacker already moving to his feet to run for the door. Wade remains lying on the floor, gasping.

The address is given in broken English but it is given after a few moments and Armand's widen as he notices hears Wade's scream and then the other scream and he runs towards where Wade is, kneeling beside him and reaching towards him carefully. "Wade, wade...mon ami...Wade, can you hear me? I have called the 911..." He watches the attacker leave, hair snapping out towards the man as he exits but his attention is on Wade.

It's at this point the appearance of Wade's attire seems important. There's nothing special about it in particular. Other than it was a solid color shirt before and red was NOT the color. The roomie is already pressing his hands over the wound, trying to put pressure on it.

The attacker doesn't continue his attack upon the pair but continues running, creating his own morbid version of the Family Circus dotted line trail where he goes. At the doorway, there is the flutter of a postcard falling towards the floor as he disappears around the corner.

Armand stares at Wade for a moment, looking to where there's red spreading and he pales, phone dropping and he's already using his own knife to cut at his shirt and remove some of the fabric in an effort to give Wade more to press against his wound as he leans towards the man trying to see where he might be stabbed or sliced. "Wade..." He takes a deep breath. "H-hang in there, I called the...the police oh merde why is there the bleeding..." A frown. "You silly stink should've r-ran you know..."

The hands are pressed to the side as Wade hisses in pain, trying to roll himself on the non-stabbed side, raising the wound up higher. Wade gives a forced laugh, "If I left you, Mike'd kill me. Then again, he might kill me for getting stabbed again." There's another laugh, choked out as his skin gets goosebumps. A shiver.

Off in the distance... sirens.

Armand moves to try to make sure Wade has th eroom he needs to get rolled over and he tears up, wiping at his eyes with a torn sleeve before looking back to Wave. "Shush, no talk of killing mon petite...when the people get here, we will go to hospital and I will bake you delicious things...I told you pizza could not be trusted. A cake with brownies and oreos on several layers, hmm...lots of cream and no stinkyness but in the shape of a giant foot, non?" He takes a deep breath. "The most delicious cake and then Mike will tsk at us...I will find the fanfiction pics to put on his beer for you as you recover. I have several bookmarked."

Wade's brow lifts at the last sentence. "You are one odd kid."

There is a knock upon the open door as a woman in a pixie cut peers in cautiously, "Is it safe to come in? I'm a nurse."

A wry twist of his lips. "Oui, I love you too Wade." Armand can only agree teasingly before his attention is caught by the woman with the pixie cut who he eyes suspiciously. "A nurse? Ah...oui...come in, come in...but do not move him yet the abulance I hope is coming, we need warm water and cloths maybe. OH no, that is baby...I..." A pause. "Are you sure you are a nurse?" He takes a deep breath and then another. "Come!"

The woman looks over towards Wade and frowns. "Oh my." She looks over to Armand, "Get him a blanket." She starts to go over to kneel next to Wade. "Are you alright Wade?"

Wade gives a slight smirk, "Other than not looking my best for you, Sarah?" Oh great. They 'know' each other. That'll help with the objective thinking.

The sirens get much louder and then stop. There is the sight of dancing lights reflecting off the building across the street.

Armand nods slowly, moving to get a blanket as instructed, returning rather quickly to shake it out and try to drape where directed to drape it over the man and he blinks several times, looking between Sarah and Wade and then breathing a sigh of relief when he hears the sirens.

Sarah adjusts the blanket a bit more before resting her hands over Wade's helping with keeping pressure on the wound. "Any towels you can grab?"

From the open doorway, the sound of the elevator dinging can be heard.

Obedient little lad that he is, Armand is skittering off to get the stack of towels from where they are kept and he makes his way back beside Sarah and Wade, kneeling down and setting the stack down beside him. He glances towards the door at the sound of the ding.

The first thing that comes into sight is a police officer, gun drawn and held ready. Upon looking in the studio apartment and basically seeing all there is to offer, he glances to the doorway of the restroom before holstering his gun. He looks out the doorway down the hallway giving a nod before stepping in. A pair of paramedics soon follow, carting their gear and a stretcher along.

Sarah looks over towards the paramedics and starts to go into an authorative tone, "I am a nurse."

"And I am a paramedic. Move." Exchanging places with the dumbstruck nurse, the paramedic starts to look over Wade and gets help from his partner to get Wade stabalized and prepped for transport.

Armand, discreetly steals a towel to place over his own arm cut and he watches the people with wide eyes, getting to his feet and trying to stabalize his breathing, hair faded back to is normal brown for the time being and he blinks slowly. "Help him...sil vous plait..." He offers the paramedics and the police officer and such and he exhales shakily. "...Sil vous plait."

The paramedics do not reply to Armand as they focus on the higher priority of the two injuries. With nothing else to do, Sarah moves towards the leftovers of the emergency medical glory. "Here, let me help with that..." She is a nurse. After all.

While the medical folks do their thing, the two officers collect around the doorway, looking down at the post card. "You don't think..." One of them looks towards Wade and then Armand curiously.

Armand holds out his arm to Sarah for a moment. "Hm? is just a cut. It...its just a..." He looks back to the officers with a squint, shakily making his way towards them probably frustrating Sarah as he moves. Then he pauses to look back to his arm and just holds still for Sarah. "A cut...I need to call, need to..." He frowns and moves a hand to his head. Hair still hurts.

Sarah looks to the retreating Armand, "Were you hit on the head?" Oh no! A concussion COULD be serious... Why does her voice have a tinge of hopefulness behind that question?

Wade is finding himself being moved onto the stretcher, being positioned on his side, basically mirroring the position he took initially but with more things being put to the sides of him to keep him in the position. "One. Two. Thr-" The two medics lift up the stretcher. A task that is made much easier with the drop of the wheels underneath.

The officers ignore Armand's approach as one of them picks up his radio and starts speaking into it, "...looks like they're moving into Chelsea ..."

"The he-non, I mean..." He looks back at Sarah. "Something like that, oui." Armand finally agrees before he looks between the officers with some concern and then turns his attention to watching the paramedics handle Wade.

He's up! And now, he's rolling. "Moving on out," the paramedic states, pausing to look over towards Armand, looking to the arm, and then to the over eager nurse. He sighs, tilting his head in indication to the door, "Come on. We've got room for you too."

Armand exhales softly and nods. "Oh merci..." And he scoots and scurries after the paramedics. "I am never ordering pizza again."


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