The Order Part IX: Like Flies

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Like Flies

Rex Gregson, Mike Hannigan, Detective Lawson, Wade Shaw

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Bellvue Hospital

Rex talks with Mike. Detective Lawson interrupts with bad news for Mike. (time jump converted)

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-----==[ Bellvue Hospital - Midtown ]==---------------------------------------

This complex is the largest of the Manhattan Area. It offers health care to cover many needs. The broad field of this facility offers helipads, ambulance bays, as well as parking for many thousand within immense parking garages. Various buildings from this area are open to service the differing needs of the patient. Doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff can be seen throughout the area.


With the chaos of the week throwing several people out of their usual routines. There's been some changes about. Home locked up, Mike has sought shelter elsewhere. But for now, he's in a darkened hospital room. Sitting on a vacant bed, he is quiet, looking to the muted tv in the room scrolling through the closed captioning. In a bed next to him, Wade sleeps. The excitment apparently catching up with him. Or it could be the complications that've come up. Either way, Wade is out cold.

Footsteps approach the door and there's a very gentle tappity tap there before it opens a bit "... Mike? : it was the Tyrannosaur.

Pale eyes look away from the TV and over to the doorway. Mike studies her quietly before eventually speaking, "Yeah?"

Rex Gregson slips into the room, closing it behind her. She pauses to wait for her eyes to adjust, and then says "I came to see you two . How are you doing?" she asked.

Mike glances down to his leg and then over to Wade. "We're just relaxing... Watching tv." When Wade gives off a snore, he smirks. "Ok, maybe I'm the only one watching the tv. But. Yeah."

Rex Gregson giggles softly as she looks for a chair "That's good, Relaxing is good. My shoulder feels better. I was referred to a physiotherapist too." she pauses and sighs "I wanted to get you a get well present, but flowers seemed awkward after what happened.

"That's alright," Mike replies, "Ruth took care of the flowers bit. And, I'm kind of getting tired of get well flowers anyways." Turning, he pushes himself off of the bed. "Looks like it's just Wade staying here now."

"What about flowers made of bacon? I hear that's a real thing." admits the rocker as she looks over "I guess so. He got it worse didnt he? How could anyone do such a thing??"

"It's what happens when you don't bother checking the location of the knife before you start rolling around with the mentaler carrying it." Mike replies, "But, I hear their attacker got off even worse than ours." He frowns, looking to Wade. "There, are a lot of cruel people out there."

Rex Gregson sighs and rubs her forehead "I never had this much trouble in England. It almost makes me want to move back if it werent for my friends..." she admits to Mike softly. "Maybe I do need a quick trip home to see Mom and Dad before the next tour though. Have you found a safe place? I got an offer from Golem for a bodyguard."

Mike's brows lift at the mention of Golem's offer. "They have? What's the catch?"

Rex Gregson admits "I have to pay for it. That's the only one."

When Rex provides the answer, he lets out a sigh of relief. "Ah. How much?"

Rex Gregson smiles "Affordable. And I read ALL the fine print on contracts. Should I be wary?"

Mike looks over towards Wade, "Well. It's a complicated group. They did give Wade a job when his hands got stabbed. They say why they're offering?"

Rex Gregson shrugs "Not really. I guess they were just concerned? They did mention it may have been because of my relation with one of their own musicians." She levelled a gaze at Mike at that

Feeling the gaze burning into him. Mike grimaces and starts to look away. "Ah. Yeah... Sorry about that." He frowns, "You know, it's probably is a good idea to visit your parents. I doubt they'd be following you over there to cause problems."

Rex Gregson laughs softly "Oh I'm not angry at you. Its not YOUR fault." she admits quietly, reaching over to pat his shoulder "And I definitely dont dislike you."

"That's, good to know considering you've been wanting to do that tour thing. Although, if this is still going on at that point, you might want to look into some backup choices." He tilts his head, "But yeah, go visit your parents. That should be good."

Rex Gregson nods "I'll make sure that there's an understudy. I do hope you are still able to though." she smiles "You know, the Tabloids think we have a thing going all secret like."

Rex Gregson says, "Did you want to go to England too??""

"Really now?" Mike asks, "Guess they're running low on photos for the bromance themes they've been doing. If they're moving on to actual romance."

There's a knock at the doorway. Looking over there, the view of Detective Lawson waiting there becomes apparent. He, does not appear at all amused by the antics of those inside and instead sets a gaze over towards Mike, "I would like a word with you."

Rex Gregson looks up in surprise at that, and she nods to the Detective respectfully. A frown though, and she looks at Mike inquisitively.

Mike looks a bit surprised as well but he moves towards the door. "Okay..."

As Mike approaches, Detective Lawson lifts up a hand, turning as Mike comes close, resting a hand on the musician's shoulder as he lowers his voice, whispering to him. Mike's head turns, blinking at the Detective, frown deepening.

Rex Gregson remains quiet, folding her hands. She checks her phone, then sighs and rubs at her face a little bit, waiting patientlyl

Mike moves away from the Detective, shaking his head before turning, exiting the room quickly without so much as a goodbye to Rex.

Detective Lawson looks to the door but doesn't follow.

Rex Gregson blinks at this and stands, moving over towards the Detective "Is everrything okay?" she asked, concerned.

Detective Lawson looks over towards Rex and then towards the sleeping Wade. "His aunt was found today."

Rex Gregson pauses at that, looking confused... and then she paled "Oh... 'found' found..." she put a hand over her mouth and inhaled shakil.

Lawson nods, frown still in place as he offers an arm for comfort should she need it. It's not an entirely comforting but more of a 'here's something to latch on to' type offer. "I would recommend that for the time being you keep your distance from Mr. Hannigan."

She waves it off, and with a deep inhalation, finds enough of herself to calm down. "... He's my friend. I'll stay in touch at least with him." she promises "And I've got some more protection now. Its a bit of a shock... I never needed all of this trouble in Britain." she frowned. "Watch him for me then?"

"Protection is good." Lawson agrees, "But it's your proximity to him which is likely causing for the need for it." He glances over towards the doorway. "We will get the one responsible for all of this."

"Good." she says, stepping away again "PRoximity, you mean emotionally or literally? " she asked, suddenly unsure

"Literally." Lawson replies, "People just, drop like flies around him." He looks over towards Wade, "I'm kind of surprised he's still breathing."

Rex Gregson sighs "Okay. I just worry about him. Thank you for your help."

The Detective nods, stepping back, "Sorry for all the trouble." He turns for the door.

"Its not your fault. HAve a good day. And watch your own back maybe." she remarks.

"There's a bit of a snerk, but no explanation is given. "Good advice." He leaves.


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