The Order - part 2

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The Order - part 2

Blindfold, Empath, Phantasm, Radiance

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2010/04/28 13:00

Hell's Kitchen

An Apartment Fire Heats up a Sunday Afternoon (time jump converted)

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-----==[ Wrapbon Apartments - RP Suite #1 ]==---------------------------------

Although obviously a building created awhile back, there are signs of renovation that has occurred rather recently making this structure a bit more up to date. Although the exterior of the building appears to have older brick to it, the windows are definitely much newer with a few of the windows still boasting the brand name on the sticker affixed to the side of one of the panes. The brick immediately surrounding them also appear to have a slightly different color to them, a bit darker, drawing even more attention to the windows. An old building but there is likely a lot of care being given it by the residents.

On the fourth floor, a window is open, curtains fluttering in the breeze of the cool Sunday afternoon day while there is the scent of a fire burning in a fireplace somewhere nearby. Oh what a pleasant day! All we need now are some birds chirping.


Some birds CHIRPING.


Ok, well we'll make do with the cool breeze and scent of a fire then.

In the vestibule of the Wrapbon Building, is a young Spaniard, familiar to some but himself a relative newcomer to the reality. Manuel de la Rocha, on his home demense referred to as Helper, loiters in the building. While it is a nice day, this mutant has been homeless for the past few weeks, ever since arriving in this reality. Wearing the remnants of a New Mutants costume, keeping his warm and a tattered trenchcoat, he sits on stairs leading further into building. His stomach grumbles. He hungers.

As Empath loiters inside, the evidence of maintenance are present in there as well. There is still a freshly painted smell in the lobby which overcomes any scent of must that may come from the extremely dated looking wallpaper on what is likely considered an 'accent wall' now.

Locked letterboxes rest to the side of the doorway, indicative of there being just 8 apartments in this building. Other than that, the lobby is quite barren, save for a potted plant, a narrow but long runner rug and a kitchen chair that seems to have been restained in the past few months to repurpose it for the lobby. Nothing to write home about, but it's evident that the residents are taking some care to improve their home in what way they can afford.

Steps echo down the lobby as a thinset man steps down. Collar tugged up and hat pulled on, covering up most of his features. It looks as though he's not looking forward to the chill on the other side of the lobby door. He gives Empath just the quickest of curious glances, growing extremely agitated and, perhaps a bit concerned by the young man's presence. "No loitering. Get out." He snaps at him, not even skipping a beat as he exits out of the building purposefully.

Looking over at the man, Manuel frowns. Had he been this reality's Empath, he probably would have had the man run into oncoming traffic. He sigh loudly as he should leave. But he takes a few minutes to walk towards the kitchen chair in the lobby. He decides to get off his feet, if only for a few seconds before he has to leave.

With the exception of the man who just left, Manuel isn't approached by any other person as he rests on the chair. The seat is rather pleasantly placed, seated near a vent to get the benefits of whatever the lobby's temperature is set to. Whoever it is that set it must be extremely cold natured as the seat turns out to be a bit of a hot seat. But still, it's pleasant-ish. It even smells like he's near a fireplace with the heat. Quite relaxing... If it wasn't for the mood of a couple people somewhere upstairs turning into the very frightend type of mood.

And, walking around this part of town, is Seth. Yes, Seth, one of the youngest New Mutants, and not very far off is the chaperone. He's coming to Hell's Kitche because he saw at a music store a device for his guitar playing he'd very much like to try out. As soon as Empath falls into view as he passes by the apartment building, looking at him through a big window, he frowns. 'Oh, shit!', is what immediately comes to mind. But then, he looks at what's left of the uniform, and tries to figure that out. Pretty soon, he slaps his forehead. "Oh, right... dimension hopping. Silly me."

The rude man passes by Seth, muttering something below his breath before he stops, flicking a card at the front door of the apartment building before walking down the sidewalk quickly. Outside, the pleasant tendrils of smoke rising shifts black in color.

His eyes closed, Manuel promises to only take a second long nap, but the emotional upheaval broadcast nearby quickly awakens him. "Damn it!" He shouts. He notes the heat and the smell, but notes no fireplace. "Fire!" He quickly heads to the stairwell yelling fire and trying to get as many people√Ęs attention to get out of the building.

As Manuel starts yelling, he's greeted with nothing in terms of response. The panicked emotions are still present as they grow stronger. Hysterical. As he looks up the stairs, he will see a cast of red, orange, and yellow tones of light flickering from several flights above.

Moments later, the shout of 'Fire!' can be heard through the open window on the fourth floor of the building. Climbing out of the window onto the fire escape, a woman works to hold on to the railing while carrying her cordless phone with her.

Ruth came along with storm by her side and tilts her head when she heard the crackling of flames "Empath, manny! He's trapped, and five others, yes sorry. Seth, please if you would, beak the glades and please get manny down"

Storm spread her arms and rose into the sky as her eyes glowed white "A cool rain to quench the thirst of this fire!" As clouds gathered and rain started to fall

As the fire is now seen, Manuel is grateful that the New Mutants uniform is flame resistant. Unfortunately his hair is not. Covering his head, he continues up the stairs and onto the second floor, ever vigilant of the fire and flames. He shouts "Fire!" and uses his empathy to catch a trace of where people by be. Who needs sonar or radar when you have empathy.

At the shout of 'Fire!', Seth immediately takes flight towards the woman trapped on the fourth floor, extending a hand off to her. "Quickly, lady! Grab my hand!" Hopefully, the apartment building's structure won't decide to collapse...

Stopping short of a door, Manuel pauses a moment to slowly reach the handle to see if it is hot. Before he does, the door is flung off his hinges and strikes the mutant empath. Knocking him out, standing behind the door, is Selene, Black Queen of the Hellfire Club with two mercenaries. "Quickly, grab him! It is time to reclaim him for the Inner Circle." The two mercenaries grab him and they and Selene are suddenly gone. A quick teleportation spell freeing them from the burning building.

With the unscheduled rains coming down upon the building, the flames near the exterior of the building do die back, but as for what fire is within the shelter of the building itself, it continues on it's path of destruction.

The woman blinks as she sees Seth fly up to her and hesitates for all of a second before the reminder of the fire behind her causes for her to take him up on his offer. Grabbing him with one hand while trying to dial with the cordless phone in the other.

Empath lucks out in that all of the emotion, barring the one Seth is assising are located off to one apartment. That makes things easy. What doesn't make things easy is the wall of fire, and likely the starting point of it, blocking that doorway. But no matter. Manuel got taken away. Sucks for that family though.


With storm trying to manage the fire. Ruth rushes toward the building, as fast as a blind girl can rush "gotta get to that family, they'll burn alive if we don't, yes sorry"

"There's more people trapped inside!", Seth shouts, "I can hear the screaming! I'm on it!" And the best way he sees it to enter and help people evacuate is to cut a hole around the window area, where the flames are (hopefully) not as advanced - gotta watch out for backdrafts, right? "Anyone inside?", he warns, "Stay away from the windows! I'm cutting through!" And he starts doing so...

The fire is moving rather quickly despite it's small beginings, spreading upon the ceiling. As Ruth gets to the third floor level, there is a groan of the wood as it starts to give way a floor beneath her.

Despite being airlifted to safety by one arm as her apartment starts to burn, the woman shows herself to have some sort of grasp of how to handle emergencies as she calmly speaks into the cordless phone. "Hello, I'm at the Wrapbon Apartments over in Hell's Kitchen and it's on fi-" She pauses, expression growing irritated, "That bitch hung up on me!"

Ruth does her best to pick up her pace and shouts "Seth if you could please wet must hurry! The building is collapsing from below!" Trying to make her way to that one room "Those poor people, it's like they were purposely trapped inside their room...who could do such a thing, yes sorry" even when talking half to herself she was still overly polite, as she tried to find her way tapping along toward the room on fire.

"As Seth cuts open the window, he is greeted with a great wall of - nothing. The fire is not in the apartment which leads to the scared family to look even more confused at Seth. But the promise of rescue does lead to the parents pushing their children towards Seth to retrieve first.

The fire is much more intense outside of the apartment than inside, which puts Blindfold in a worse situation as she taps her way towards the wall of fire where the door is, a window in the stairwell behind her breaks with a loud crash. Bits of glass land on the floor but not close enough to cause problems for her. But then she is scooped up over something and is carried, heading towards the window. "Goddamnit Ruth..."

Ruth helps as she's scooped up and struggles briefly "But there's a family in that apartment, they need our help, please yes, seth can't take them all in one trip" yup the difference between heroes and civilians, civilians run from a burning building and heros run into it. Ruth still needs lessons on doing it smartly though.

Seth notices the confused looks in the families, and he warns. "My apologies for intruding like this, but I'm here to help. I'm gonna come back as soon as I drop your kids to safety. The building is on fire, and starting to come down. Stay underneath a door; the structure is stronger there." And he carries off the kids, assuring them, "I'll get your mommy and daddy when I go back there, okay?" As he drops them off to safety, he flies back to the open apartment, to get the parents.

The kids cling tightly as they get flown off, one of them squeezing their eyes shut until they are set on the ground. When Seth gets back to the apartment, the female parent approaches him next.

"And how is KILLING yourself going to help them?!" The doubly unseen being asks as he takes Ruth through the broken window, jumping over to a nearby fire escape. There is a stumbling motion by the rescuer but he recovers enough to set Blindfold on her feet and guide her towards the ladder. "Climb down."

"Sorry my apologies, I was not intent on dieing myself only in helping to rescue the family" but obligingly Ruth stats to climb down "Thank you yes, I'm grateful for your help, please if you would help my friend save the others, I will be ok, thank you yes"

The glowing kid grabs the mother, and he extends an arm off to the man. "If you grab onto my waist, I can carry you both down. It'll be hard, and not as soft a landing as you'd like, but it's better than staying behind waiting."

The husband looks over to the wife, and then over to Radiance giving a hesitant nod before moving towards him, grabbing his waist.

The unseen watcher with Blindfold sighs, "He's fine. It's just the one apartment."

Ruth smiles with a relieved sigh and reaches over to her unseen rescuer to give him a hug "That is good yes thank you"

Seth carries the remaining members of the family down, firming his feet as dampeners once he reaches the ground. He lets the parents go and head off to meet their kids. Now, he turns to the building. "Any more people trapped in there?"

Ruth ends up coming into contact with nothing. "Keep climbing down." He instructs. Tone unamused with the situation as the sounds of the firetruck approaching becomes audible.

Having made their bumpy way to the ground courtousey of Air Radiance, the parents scurry over to scoop up their kids, the siutation causing for them to forget their thank yous as they're busy hugging each other.

As the firetruck pulls up and firefighters scurry about to get ready to fight the fire, another family approaches the building in their Sunday best. The mother of that family goes limp and tumbles to the ground.

Ruth had a momentary look of confusion before climbing downward again as she calls to seth "Up here radiance! That was the last of the survivors, yes thank you!" and on down she climbs, one hand and foot after another

As Ruth makes her way to the ground and the firefighters work to save what's left of the building, there's not much left for the heroes to do around here. Off in the distance, the sound of police and ambulance sirens announce their eventual arrival.

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