The orange and the green

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Lyra, Beta Ray Bill

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Avengers Mansion Gymnasium

Two displaced Avengers get to know each other through combat.

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The vast Avengers gymnasium is empty save for a single figure today. Music plays, after a good while searching, Beta Ray Bill found something suitable...something that reminded him not of his own lost world, but of fabled Asgard...sort of. The symphonic metal of Nightwish doesn't blare, but is clearly heard as the orange-skinned alien has been working his original muscles hard. Laying over one of the benches with two imposigly large dumbbells by it is a wooden walking stick (actually the mighty Stormbreaker). He's gotten up and is currently doing one-armed pullups, breathing evenly, focused. He wears simple BDUs and a navy blue tank-top.

Lyra comes into the gym at that point in just a tank top and a pair of low cut shorts. She is humming a bit and stops as she hears the music and raises a brow. She listens curiously for a moment not having really heard it before and glances around to see whom might be playing it. She does spy the orange-skinned one. She moves over that way a bit, "Hello." she says, trying not to cause too much suprise.

The Korbinite's motions actually slow, his bulging left arm drawing to a halt through his upward motion and he holds himself at the apex of the pullup, turning his smoothly-featured head towards the greeting. He knew someone was here as she moved closer, but...well...he hasn't met this one. She's in the files, yes, and strangely displaced, even moreso than he himself is. He lowers himself smoothly before dropping the last few inches to the floor. Out of courtesy he takes up the towel he had nearby...but he does not sweat. It's nowhere near hot enough anywhere on Earth for that.
"Greetings-" he begins, before finding the name, "Lyra, is it not?"

Lyra nods, "Yeah, that is my name." she says and smiles a bit, "I don't think I have seen you around." she says softly, "I come down here to work out now and again. I can come back later though if I am interupting." She doesn't get that close though just watching.

Bill looks about the large room and seems somewhat perplexed by the offer to leave, "The space is more than adequate for a host of individuals. I am hardly territorial about such -" he adds, after a moment, "I am Beta Ray Bill. And no, I have been absent due to other responsibilities. But I did not wish to neglect my time with this august body."

Lyra nods and shrugs a bit, "Well everyone's a bit different and I am still learning customs." she shakes her head. She smiles, "A pleasure to meet you, I am a guest here at the mansion but you probably know that." she says softly.

Bill walks towards the bench as he speaks, not rudely, simply staying in motion, "I am not from Earth, and spent more time in a nearby realm than here, so I am also still learning the local customs to some extent." he explains. "I have read the files on all members, current and past - a daunting undertaking - and know that you are also...adrift, in some regard." he says this with a hint of sympathy.

Lyra shrugs, "YOu can say that a bit, though I never really fit in back where I came from so I am working on making this my new home." she says and she does mean it, "Just a lot to get through, men being the biggest." she shakes her head some. She stretches a little, "Well welcome to Earth." she says not sure really what to say there."

The alien soldier chuckles a bit at the greeting, "I have spent some time here afore, though not in the company of a human." there is a wistfulness there, for some reason. "Although I did find a great many things to enjoy here. It seemed...a good choice for a place to go when I had...but no, I needn't trouble you with my burdens, child." he shrugs the thoughts off with a bit of a smile, "I am unfamiliar with the precise nature of your branch of origin, though I am somewhat versed in temporal theory - and practice, the specifics of your culture elude me." he explains, "There was a -great- deal to read on the members alone."

Lyra shrugs a little and then nods as she listens, "Well I come alternate reality is the best explanation, I don't know if its just further along in the timeline than this one, or a different tangent completely. But my mother came from there and came here got DNA from my birth father and took it back. I was created in a lab. All people in my world are. Though unlike the others I had 2 genetic donors. The rest all had one." she smiles, "I was sent here on a mission but something went wrong and I am stranded. I don't mind though, wasn't all that into the mission in the first place." she shakes her head.

"You may find some enlightenment reading up on two entries." Bill offers, "One foe, one great friend. Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man, and Dargo Ktor. I have a great deal of personal experience with both. There is much to ponder on the nature of alternate and potential futures." As he reaches the bench he takes up the wooden walking stick and places it aside against a weight stack with a curious reverence for such a simple-looking thing.
"I did note one fascinating thing in your file. You are -truly- the scion of the monster known as the Hulk?" he sounds genuinely interested in that. He explains, "The Asgardians spoke of his boundless might and rage in equal parts awe and trepidation. Yet also spoke of how he was oft enemy and ally both."
Odd, if she isn't up on who and what he is, it may seem strange for this alien to mention the Asgardians.

Lyra cocks her head to the side and then nods, "If I am able to access the information I will look it up." she says and then cocks her head to the side eyeing the stick and then back to him. She nods her head, "Yes, he is my genetic father." she says and smiles a little, "His rage is well known." she adds and then glances around a moment, "I am pretty strong myself, though I don't need to get angry to be so." she isn't going to come out and say that anger makes her weaker. Especially not to a guy. She nods her head a bit, "The Asgardians?" she does ask after a moment, "And I don't change. I always look like this, unlike father and his cousin."

"I have found Earthlings come in a staggering variety." Bill says, and the fact seems to amuse him to some extent, "My own race is more homogenous with the passage of much time and engineering. We are robust, but I daresay as I am for the moment, nowhere near your might." after a moment he sits on the bench and takes up a 150lbs dumbbell in one four-fingered hand. By human standards, that would be extremely strong, and begins to do a series of slow curls, but his attention remains on you, "I can well imagine your distaste for your initial mission. Such a detail is -not- so easily forgotten." He himself seems to find the notion unpleasant on your behalf.

Lyra shrugs a bit, "Well I was willing to do it for my people." she shakes her head, "THough with no way to return, it has become pointless. And I really do not want the downtime of being pregnant." she shakes her head a bit. She looks at him and flushes a bit, "It makes some things rough, I have to be very careful since I am always this strong."

"I had a bit of a learning curve at one time as well in regards to handling great physical power." Bill says sympathetically, "The body you see before you is...well, there is a great deal I have been through. But this is the form I was born into, though not the one I am best known for." He pauses, setting the weight down and walking briskly to a rack of various weaponry on a nearby wall. His thin lips curve up in a smile as he selects two staves of metal, rather like those Mockingbird uses. "I enjoy the exercise of my original muscles and neural system. It is my belief it keeps me from depending on the additional power I may access." he tosses one in your direction, "I believe your file -also- stated something about an exceptional level of military training?" As a lifelong (and long-lived) soldier, he's curious, and openly so, as to your capabilities. "And do not imagine I shall neglect our conversation as we take each other's measure, child." There is something amused and challenging in his voice. Not in any sort of aggressive way, but more a 'let's see what you've got' manner.

Lyra cocks her head to the side as she listens and nods, "Yeah, its more learning not to break things, broke a gaming console upstairs, we didn't have that sort of thing back home." she says and then cocks her head to the side, "Other form?" she asks a little curiously and then does reach out and catches the staff. She smiles a little, "Trained from the time I could walk." she says and stretches a little and then spins the staff around her.

Bill watches her carefully, and you can tell he's watching how she moves, where her weight goes, her grip, all of it. "Delightful." he says simply, walking towards her. He's distinct. Not human. Center of gravity is different, more muscle in the upper body, subtly different attachment points, feet seem a touch wider spaced, hands have four fingers, no visible pupils to guide her as to where he's looking. And he holds the staff with a total ease and familiarity.
His first swing comes as he speaks, a fast but basic overhead strike, down from the upper left, though with his right hand foremost on the staff, it transcribes an arc above her as it does so.
"Yes." he says as casually as if he just passed her a cup of tea, "A twofold process, really. An augmentation by my own people in a time of dire need, then power wrested in fair combat from another source." As he says this he shuffles back then jabs the end of the staff at your her thigh. He's being a touch evasive in his explanation, to see if her curiosity may distract her.

Lyra seems almost to fall into a trained cadence as she blocks. Her eyes look at him, and she is looking maybe a little too deeply, seeing if her gamma enhanced sight shows a weakness. She spins to the left to avoid the jab after blocking the overhead strike. She smiles a little and seems to truly relax, for the first time since she walked into the room now that she is fighting. Her motions become more fluid, her body trained to react almost unconciously.

"Meditative battle trace." Bill says, watching her move, "Esoteric technique. Monastic in nature, bypassing conscious thought and allowing for net increase in reaction time." He steps back, letting Lyra come in, to take her measure on offense, "But -quieter-." he reminds her that she isn't speaking.

Lyra smiles, "I was checking something." she says, "You are wrll trained. I don't see any weakenesses really other than a couple visible ones." she smiles and cracks her knuckles and then whips the staff around as she spins and brings it in what would me a strike at his middle, but she doesn't stop there and keeps spinning dropping to a knee as she goes around the second time which would bring the staff in at his legs. "In trance enough, I can get stronger." she seems much calm and relaxed.

Bill's staff rings out as he stamps the butt end on the ground at a slight angle, not trying to evade the blow, intercepting the second strike, which -bends- his weapon slightly, "I am older than you might think." he says, "Moreso than the span of time between this present and your timeline, and I have been a soldier for most of that time."
He steps to the side, and his grip on the weapon changes, the bend is now being -used-, he holds the staff like a naginata, the bent section akin to the curved blade of such a weapon. He steps in, slashing with it several times, enjoying the change and apparently easily as familiar with that sort of weapon.
"You seem comfortable with this, but was such a lifestyle your -choice-, or one you came to accept?"

Lyra smiles a little, "I have heard of such things." she says and shakes her head a bit, she eyes the change and backs up a bit using her staff to block but more putting some distance between them as she watches the new style a little before she starts to compensate and moves in again, her own staff for a moment wielded like a polearm or a two handed sword. She nods her head, "I was trained from birth, it was the way of life it was all there was. There was no other way." she says and shakes her head.

"It suits you, which is, one supposes, fortunate." Bill intercepts the swordlike strike and slips it off the curve of his staff, aiming the riposte at your ankles, "But here and in the Golden Realm, I found time to explore other aspects of mine self. I would not change what I am for all the cosmos, but there is oft room for -more-." he advises. Again, Asgard.
Lyra leaps over the lower swing and puts her leaping over him to land behind him and whip another strike towards him. "Well I am hoping to be able to have to time to expand myself, and what is the Golden Realm?" she asks as she cocks her head to the side. She isn't too aggressive but maybe there is a reason for it.

"Asgard!" Bill calls out, as if a battle cry, "The Realm Eternal! My second home and much beloved." He ducks and raises his staff upwards to pass the blow over his crouched form...he notes her holding back and smiles at the girl, "Come now. I am old, but not aged. I battled the demon-breed 'cross the scattered remnants of the Burning Galaxy. I bested Mighty Thor in firey Skartheim." He did -what-?!
"My oath-brother would taunt me greatly if he saw how you coddle me so." He straightens up, the his 'blade' dips towards the floor, then whips upwards, aiming the tip towards you chin, "I imagine we have much in common, child. Tell me, are you one for games of strategy and tactics?"

Lyra nods her head, "Yes, though I haven't had much chance and I might need to be taught some rules. I was a leader and was given training in tactics and strategy, I haven't had much chance to put them to use since." she shakes her head, "It wasn't so much coddling." she says, "Maybe a hint of fear. You are still male, even though different from the males of the world I came to, and I wouldn't want to slip into a trance of remembering old battles." she shrugs a little, "More wary of myself than of hurting you I think." she says and nods her head, "What type of games?"

A few more exchanges, and Bill begins to get her level of skill, and seems pleased to have found a worthwhile sparring partner. His own ability is shocking, even despite the difference in strength, he handles the bout, "Ah, any sort. I could show you some from my lost homeworld, or mayhaps some the Asgardians play, or I have found several digital ones of some merit here."

Lyra nods, "I have to be careful with the computers. Maybe they can make a keyboard out of metal for me." she teases as she continues the spar and she does up the force she puts into it, not holding back as much, "Well I would be interested. Give me something to do." she shakes her head a bit. "Trying to find things to do isn't easy."

"I am well aware." Bill replies, "It took me some time and the aid of one much cherished to let myself be anything aught but a soldier." he does note, "Be aware that in this place, ones such as we, who stand out, may face difficulties. 'Tis a cause which has drawn me - the variant humans they call 'mutants'. 'Tis most unjust." As you hold back less he seems more pleased by it. His muscles have not ached in such a long time, it seems.

Lyra has moved completely into her fighting trance. She smiles, "Yeah I have run into that a bit. I am still trying to come to grips with it a bit." she shakes her head, "It will come with time." she says and then she sighs, "To an extent, don't see some things happening." she shrugs as she continues the spar, really enjoying it.

"There is only so much ones such as we can - I believe the phrase is 'loosen up'." Bill allows, "Nor is that a bad thing, in my opinion." He does not fall into a trance, but ages of training and muscle-memory come to the fore. She can notice him actually speeding up as it goes on, the fatigue ignored in the rush of the sparring match, and truth be told, his endurance is phenomenal for a 'mere mortal' being.
"Yes, we have much in common it seems. I am pleased to have finally met you, Lyra. Few here can truly understand the lot of such as we, though you are cast through time and I in...well...semi-voluntary exile, let us say."

Lyra nods her head, "Semi-voluntary?" she asks as she nods and then leaps backwards quite a bit and then pauses, "Thank that is probably enough for now." she says and then shakes her head for a moment, "Or did you want to continue." she nods her head, "Yeah, finding someone to spar with can be hard."

Bill seems as if he could go either way, but pauses, then lowers the end of his weapon to the floor, "As you wish." he says. Then pauses a moment, replacing the bent staff on the rack with an amused smile, then walking back to retrieve the walking stick he had left by the weight rack. Again, the way he handles such a simple thing is notable. "I shall make this brief. My people's cluster was annihilated by the dimensional incursion of a being called Surtur, a being known to the Asgardians. Lacking time, a fleet of armed and automated sleepships was created to transport us all away from the cataclysm. But champions were needed to battle the demon-breed which poured from the rift. I volunteered, as did many others. The tests were designed to be lethal, and most were left dead or insane from the trials. In the end, a few of us remained, our very souls to be transferred into engineered bodies of great power." And here, he is a bit quieter, somber, "I was the only one to survive. E'en my name was changed to represent that I belonged to all of us from then on. With my AI vessel and partner, Skuttlebutt, we traveled, seeking a new home. Much transpired, but suffice to say that I came across Thor Odinson, battled him, wrested Mjolnir from him, was drawn to Asgard, won the weapon in fair combat but-" and he smiles in remembrance, "Ah...I found I could not take what is all but a part of so noble a warrior. So Odin, in his wisdom and power had a second uru hammer crafted."
And here, he holds the stick up slightly, "Unprepossessing. Stormbreaker slumbers in this simple form for the nonce." He goes on, "After more hardships and battles, we found a new world. But...some decisions I made were questioned by our leadership. But I was most lauded by many. The Imperial Leader hit upon a compromise with me. I would remove myself for a time while they built a new home. Available in time of need, but...less of a distraction -" and here, his voice is stern, "I am -not- some object of worship, and some among us started to lean that way. They must seize their new destiny, not have it delivered unto them."
He then admits, with a shrug, "I had nowhere to go, naught that called to me. Asgard would be...too comfortable. I did not wish to be idle, but to find a noble cause. And thus, I am here."

Lyra nods her head a little, "I think I understand." she says and shakes her head a bit. "YOu have been through a lot." she nods her head and returns the staff as well. She takes a moment to take the bent one and straighten it before she turns and nods her head, "It is hard when we are different."

"I had grown to accept that I would ne'er return to my original body. The transfer was comprehensive, permanent. We had proven the existence of the soul some time ago." Bill notes, "And yet due to the actions of Odin and Thor, it was returned to me. Though I will admit-" and here he grows thoughtful, introspective, "The knowledge that I -can- do so, makes it far easier to accept my engineered body as mine own. Among the students at the Xavier Institute I am seldom as you see me here. They are most used to the other." and he speaks with obvious and great fondness of the place.

Lyra shakes her head, "Xavier...I think I read about it, if anything I would think they wouldn't mind whatever form you chose. You are who you are, whoever you choose to be." she says and shakes her head.

"I will admit. My new form had been the source of much torment to me...mayhaps though, you would not understand the reasons." Bill says, "Your unbringing was such that it may well be so."

Lyra cocks her head to the side for a moment, "a source of torment?" she asks and then adds, "My upbringing?" she is a bit curious.

Bill turns the walking stick over in his hands, looking along its surface as he turns over his memories, "Matters of the heart, 'twixt myself and an alien warrior I traveled the stars with. Though strange to each other's eyes, we found commonality, and my engineered form made matters difficult, for by my own people's standards it is monstrous, how much moreso to hers? So a solution was found, a gift most precious, the transference of an ability from Mjolnir to Stormbreaker."

Lyra cocks her head to the side and nods, "Oh." she says and then looks down, "I can understand that a bit. I...didn't fit in back home relationships were common amongst the sisterhood but not myself." she shakes her head and sighs a bit.

"It seems sometimes ne'er to be easy. But you are young yet, and time enough for you to find your footing in such matters." Bill says encouragingly, "As for myself...a friend did try and encourage me to think more on such things but...I cannot say if it is in me to do so currently."

Lyra nods, "Yeah well my biggest problem to such things....I would probably break anyone I got close to." she says and shakes her head a bit. She nods, "But as you said there is time."

The alien laughs at that, then adds, "My apologies. The imagery is most amusing...but worry not. This city abounds with strapping young people who could likely withstand such...affection." and he laughs again.

Lyra looks at him and then chuckles and shakes her head, "Not so sure about that." she says and then sighs a bit and shrugs, "But that is something for another time." she sighs.

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