The Office

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Cyclops, Hepzibah, and Seth

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07/01/12 19:48

Scott's Office - Xavier Mansion

Scott meets with Seth and then Hepzibah stops by.

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Seated at his desk, the X-Men leader and current co-headmaster of the Xavier Institute, Scott Summers dressed in his Cyclops uniform is hidden by a large series of folders and files on the various students within the Institute. He is attempting a series of one on one meetings with each of the students. And next on his list is Seth Garland. Wherever, Seth is within the Institute, he will find himself receiving a telepathic summons from Jean Grey asking him to come to Cyclops’ office.

There's a knock on the door not long after that summons.
With Jean informing Scott that is Seth. Scott speaks loudly, “Enter.” The door opens automatically on its own, courtesy of Jean’s telekinesis, even though she is not in the room presently. Scott looks up as his visor momentarily flashes red, “Radiance, come in. Have a seat, please.” Clearing off some of the files from his desk, Scott folds his hand and smiles when Seth enters.

"You wanted to see me, Sir?", Seth asks as he enters the room. With him, he carries a ledger with a few sheets of paper attached to it, which are also scribbled and drawn over.

“Yes, thank you for coming so quickly, Seth.” Scott stands up and walks towards Seth extending his hand to shake, “I am meeting with all the students to see how things are going.” He smiles and gestures for Seth to have a seat.

Seth does shake the X-leader's hand, and takes a seat. "Well, so far so good..." He smiles a little. "I'm still surviving the experience." He looks at his ledger for a moment, then lets it rest on his lap for the time being.

Nodding his head and then moving to the desk, “Well, that is good. Survival is one of this things we hope to teach you here.” Scott chuckles, “So I am glad to see things are going well, then. What have you thought of the other students? Have you made any friends? How are things with your roommate, David?” Scott sits at desk dressed in his X-Men uniform. The door to his office is open.

Hepzibah pads by Scott's office, booted heels clomping lightly as she passes. Pausing when she sees the door open, the Mephistoid pauses with tail swishing to take a look inside before approaching further. Apparently not terribly familiar with the Earth etiquette involving eavesdropping, she lingers there in the doorway for a moment.

"Believe it or not, I haven't met him yet", Seth replies. "Schedules must be quite off-track, because I don't find him in the room that often, and when I find do him in the room, he's sound asleep. Or it could be the opposite, when I'm asleep." He shrugs. "I'll catch him, eventually." He looks towards the door, attention lured by the sound of the clicking heels which suddenly stopped.

He nods, “That is always the case, schedules are very different, but I have met David and recruited him myself. He is a good guy and you two will hopefully get along.” Smiling as Scott receives a telepathic summons from Jean alerting him to Hepzibah’s presence, he ahems, “Hepzibah, please join us. It is alright for you to enter. I have an open door policy with the students, with the X-Men, and with all the residents of the Institute.”

Hepzibah paces in slowly, tail swishing to add unnatural grace to her walk. "And with staff. Hepzibah staff now." she replies. With Scott at the desk and Seth sitting in one of the chairs, Hep leans against the other chair. "Not interrupt, I. Keep talking." She flashes a toothy grin to Seth as well.

Seth nods in agreement to Scott, then looks at the ledger on his lap again. "I was sorta curious... about the Danger Room. I mean, any scenario can be simulated, right?"

Smiling and nodding to Hepzibah, “AS a staff member, if there is anything you want to contribute or ask, feel free, Hepzibah. Have you met Seth Garland yet? He will be going by the codename Radiance.” Scott then looks to Seth, “Yes, it can create any scenario and environment.”

Hepzibah nods slowly, studying the young man more closely. Nostrils flare... and is she sniffing? "Met before, yes." she replies. "Not tried Danger Room, I. Test first, then learn to use. Get fat on milkshakes, otherwise."

Scott suddenly received a telepathic message from Jean alerting him to a situation. Scott stands up, “Excuse me. . . I have to take care of something.” His visor flashes red as he makes his way hurriedly out of his office.

Seth hmms, "And what would happen, if one was to lose in the simulation... or, to put it simply, 'die'...?" And he watches Scott leaving before his question can be answered.

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