The New Student

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Thimble, Mirage, ShowStopper, Shatterstar

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Xaviers School

The new student - Thimble - gets her introduction to Xavier's

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Thimble had somewhat settled in... well, as far as you can call it settled in when you just have the set of pyjamas you came in and some handed down T-Shirts and trousters that were on stock somewhere besides the small backpack of her belogings. That backpack was with her even at this time as she sat on one of the chairs in the sitting room, tucked against it with her leg. Cautiously she hadn't used her powers to fix that the trousers were a bit wide and were a bit too long on her legs, and she hadn't dared to speak with the other students more than a couple of words...

Her voice can be heard outside the room, offering greetings to students as she passes down the hallway. Dani, or Ms. Moonstar, as she students call her, steps into the room shortly thereafter and glances around "Oh, hi Jane. I was looking for you." she carries a garment bag over her arm "How are you settling in?"

At first the chinese girl does not glance up, but as she notices noone else is in the room her eyes drift to the teacher. "Here is no Jane, Ma'am. Only me... Janie." she replies nearly silent, as if she fears to speak up really. "I am not sure..."

"Janie then." Mirage says with a nod. Draping the garment bag over the armchair flanking the sofa she sits "I understand, it's not easy adjusting to this place. I certainly had problems with I came here as a student." she speaks sincerely as she leans one elbow on the chair arm "Do you like your room at least? You are one of the few who doesn't have a room mate. Though that wouldn't last for long."

With a shrug Janie replies to the question "bigger than Westport..." she adds eventually as she sees that a shrug is not an elaborate answer. Still she presses the packpack against the armchair she sits on, as if she wants to protect it. She wouldn't have allowed anyone to peek into it or even search it, fearing they might take her stash. Even as the most dangerous item in it was that butterfly knife, it was all her possesions.

Mirage gestures behind her to the garment bag "This is your training uniform. To be worn during training sessions. You haven't been assigned to a group yet, but once you get to know some people, you can give me an idea on who's you would like to be in." she cants her head at Janie, reading the young woman's body language "Would you be more comfortable if your room could be locked?"

A glance is cast to the bag "training uniform?" Janie asks. She was not sure what she would need such for... sports? She wasn't a good sportswoman. Good enough to escape some times, but not a real sportswoman. locking her room however... "why?" She just... hadn't had time to hollow out her mattress yet to store her stash in it.
Actually she wasn't even sure what type of school or orphanage she landed into. "Uhm... where can I... see the house rules?" she eventually adds carefully, trying not to anger her - last time she asked for those she got beaten.

"Part of the curriculum is training in both the use of your powers as well as self-defense and other hand-to hand combat and enduarance training." Mirage answers the first question as succintly as possible before going to the other "I doubt you got much in the way of privacy at Westport. That can be rectified here. Not that you need a locked room. None of the students would dare enter without permission, but if it makes you more comfortable it can be arranged."

Janie's eyes narrow together as she hears powers... "I am not special..." she mutters "I mean, they are not even useful." she adds quickly, hoping it will keep her from facing anger. Not that there was much in the records about them - ok, there was a formal note in her official file, that she reshaped cotton, but even in Westport they didn't tried to find out the limits.

"No more special than anyone else here, no." Mirage will agree to that, since with a few exceptions everyone here has powers of some sort "But there usefullness, that is where you are wrong." she leans back in the chair "One of my former team mates had powers similiar to yours, and I counted her as friend as well. She saved my life once or twice thanks to her powers." she gives an assuring smile "With the right training and practice I think you will find your powers aren't all that useless."

"But..." Janie tries to speak up, remembering something and falling silent suddenly. Not good to speak up against something said by a teacher. "I... I am not sure I can do that..." she eventually tries to sooth her, even if there is no need to do so.

Mirage keeps her distance, though if this were another student that she knew better there would probably be a comforting touch to the arm or hand "There will be no immediate pressure to perform. We will deal with that when it comes up." she waves a dismissing hand on that "So is there any hobbies or activities you like? You will find that there are plenty of things to do either on campus or in Salem." she gives a thoughtful pause "You are old enough so you are free to go into Salem or even Manhattan without chaperone, just let us know when you are leaving and plan to be back."

Janie seems shocked by the idea of being allowed to go to town. or is it just surprise? "I... I sew." she stumbles eventually on the question on her hobbies. "No tracking device? no need to call where you are?" she then asks carefully on the allowance. that was something... so unfamiliar to her.

Mirage gives a brief smile "I don't know if we have any sewing equipment on the grounds, but I'll add that to my list of things to purchase." when Janie asks her followup question a frown comes to her face, "They made you wear a tracking device?" its obvious her frown isn't for anything the girl has done, but for the situation she was in "No tracking devices no. You will be supplied with a cellphone for your personal use. No need to call unless you are going to be late getting back or need some help. We will supply you with a stipend for the first few months of your stay, to purchase clothes and other necessities, but you may want to look into a job, either here and the school, or in Salem."

Janie's eyes go a bit wide. She never had handled with own cash, or even earned some. All cash she ever had was stolen, pickpocked or gathered from pawning stolen goods during her escapes. "Doesn't that need a signiture of... uhm... my guardian?" she asks concernign the job. She was underage after all... "I... I mean... that's... Westport..."

To get a job, no. Though Westport is no longer your legal guardian. Paperwork has been filed to make Xavier your guardian, which will only by until your 18th birthday. It will take a few days to go through." Mirage shifts in the chair to lean on the over arm "You will be pleased to know that Westport is undergoing a thorough investigation by the state and federal government. And the two girls that we brought with you have been placed in foster homes in Salem. Ms. Grey made sure that the homes the girls will be well cared for by thier foster parents. Now your question about house rules, stop by my office later and I will provide you with the school hand book. It's all in there."

Janie eyes Mirage carefully "seriously?" she eventually asks after a longer pause. She wouldn't believe it without a written note still, but... that seemed so... uhm... unexpectable. "Why... Why I get all this?" she eventually asks, still very careful about the whole situation.

Stifling a chuckle she gestures to indicate the school as a whole, "You are a student here. All the students here get equal treatment. No matter of background or powers." Mirage is sitting in an armchair that flanks the sofa on which Janie is sitting. She is dressed in her normal teaching wear, not the XF uniform.

It's a comfortable room, but it's too nice to get a lot of use. Which is why the sound of voices conversing in the sitting room draws Richenda Gray's attention as she's going through the main foyer.
Blinking in surprise, the gypsy girl pauses in midstride, slipping on quiet feet over to the side of the door of the room. She knows Dani's voice, but the other... she'd swear she's heard it before, but can't quite place it. Cautiously, she edges an eye around the side of the doorjamb, peeking into the room to see who it is.
Her eyes widen, including the one looking into the room, and she quickly (but quietly) claps a hand over her mouth to keep from exclaiming her surprise. It's the girl from the subway!

"I am sorry, but... Why I am a student here now? I mean..." Janie tries to get an answer together "Why I am here and the otheres somewhere else?" she asks in her nearly quiet voice. Even if this place seems safe it needn't to be safe really.

Shatterstar looms behind Richenda. "Is there a problem here?" He asks, looking over her and into the sitting room. Not seeing anything particularly unusual, he focuses his attention on Richenda again. "Why are you watching from here?" He asks her. Then his expression lights up as if something just came to him. "Are you spying?" He says loudly.

Because right now, this is the safest place for you." Mirage hasn't noticed 'Cenda in the doorway yet as she speaks to Thimble that is until Shatterstar says something, at that her attention goes to the two in the doorway and the gears in her brain begin to wind. "Well don't just loiter there and block in the doorway. Come meet our newest student." Mirage will greet them both and make the proper introductions to Thimble "Richenda you are in the same grade as Janie, would you act as a mentor figure for her until she gets the hang of the place?" she glances at Thimble to see how the girl takes that.

Chenda, pulling back from the doorjamb, gives a muffled yelp as someone suddenly appears behind her! She glances sheepishly back at the doorway, then glares at Shatterstar. "There wasn't 'til /you/ came along," she ripostes. "And if you want to get anything answered, you can stop asking long enough for somebody else to talk!"
She's about to give him more of the piece of her mind she started on, but someone else speaks up first. Dani. Busted. Fudgesicles. She sighs and steps around the doorsill. "Hi, Ms. Moonstar. Hi, Janie," she says, offering a hand to the new girl. "I guess I'll be showing you around the place after we're done here. Have you seen the dorm yet?"

Shatterstar gives Chenda a bemused look, then turns towards Thimble. "Greetings. My name's Shatterstar. I've recently joined the X-Men. Here at the school I will be helping with security - this facility is attacked regularly." He adds this last part matter-of-factly, then takes a few steps inside the sitting room, passing by Richenda. "What's the nature of your mutation, Janie?"

With a slow nod Janie follows the introductions, remembering Richenda from the subway. However she does not take the hand, instead eying her carefully. "Hi... uhm... attacked regulary? why is it safe then?" she asks almost silent, ignoring the question on the mutation. She does not think about herself as having a mutation. after all... uhm... those strange feet are mutations. deformed head. something like that...

Mirage covers her face with a hand when Shatterstar mentions that despite her assurances Xavier's isn't quite as safe as she made it out to be "It's not as bad as it sounds, it's usually just minor things, no lasting damage or serious injury." she thinks it best not to mention what happened over the summer "Because the faculty here is trained to deal with such things. You will be too, as part of that training we spoke or earlier."

"And we students protect each other," Chenda adds quietly, summoning up a smile for Janie. "It's not /perfectly/ safe here, but no place is. It's just a lot safer than most places, if you're a mutant, and that's worth a lot by itself." She settles on the edge of a nearby chair, facing Thimble still. "How've you been since that time on the subway, Janie?" she asks, genuinely concerned.

Shatterstar looks between the girls as they talk, then turns back to Thimble again. "It's true - despite the level and frequency of battle that's taken place here, the number of casualties have been extremely low. Many mutants suffer violent death outside of organizations such as this," he adds in what he hopes is a comforting tone.

"Grounded." is all she answers, pressing her backpack with all her belongings against the sofa she sits on to protect the little she owns. Her mind swirls about if she shouldn't just use the opportunity or run away. Attacks on the compounds? The streets were at least equally safe. At least if you are there a week or so. "I... I am not a fighter..." she remarks eventually.

"You are not alone. A lot of the student body is the same way. As a student you will not be called on to protect the school grounds. That's the job of security," she gestures to Shatterstar "and faculty. There are protocols in place for attacks." Mirage once more gives the girl a reassuring smile "You are safe here Janie, safer than you would on the streets and certainly safer than at Westport."

Chenda nods, agreeing with Mirage. "I was sitting where you are now a while back, Janie," she says, seeing the girl's restive nervousness, knowing the protective gesture with her backpack for what it is. She's used it, too. "I can't tell you to stay, and I won't try. But I'll offer some advice: See the place before you decide. It's a warm bed and three squares a day, and I know people who aren't getting that. One of them was me, before I came here," she adds quietly.

Shatterstar nods in agreement with Mirage. Then when there's a lull in the conversation, he tilts his head slightly. "Grounded," he muses. "That means you were confined to your quarters, right? With limited access to leisure activities?"

Access to leisure activites were not given normally too, but Janie nods. confined to the quaters if not needed to go to school. The assuring of all those three seemed to her a bit... like a try to make her believe this place was heaven "where is the hook in all this?" she eventually asks nearly silent. There must be one. There always was one...

It takes a moment for Mirage to figure out exactly what she is asking "The catch? This is a school for mutants. We only require one major thing that normal boarding schools don't. You don't give away our secret. The general public thinks this is a school for perfectly normal teens that are just super smart. We strive hard to keep it that way. That's the catch." she gestures to 'Chenda "Richenda can give you the rest.

With a small nod Janie eventually stands up, pulling her backpack close. "I see... then... I can go now?" she asks silently. not go meant like leaving but like getting to know what Richenda shall show her.

"Well, she can show you where everything is and tell you a little about the place, anyway," Chenda says, smiling ruefully and standing. Just her luck to end up as the orientation guidebook with feet. "Let's go see some campus real estate, shall we?"

Mirage nods to the two girls and makes sure Janie takes the garment bag with her "Remember to stop by later to pick up the handbook." she says to Janie as she departs.

Shatterstar watches the girls leave and then muses, "I still wonder what her mutation is..."

"She is a textile telekinetic of some sort." Mirage lets out a sigh "She will be a hard shell to crack. She is traumatized by what has been done to her. I haven't been able to get much more from her. She doesn't trust anyone it seems.

Shatterstar turns to look at Mirage. "Is that so...? Then how do you plan to gain her trust?" He seems genuinely interested in the answer - and perhaps not thinking strictly about Thimble. "How do you question one about things they don't want to discuss?"

Her shoulders lift into a shrug "By letting her get used to this place at her own pace." Mirage gets up from the armchair and paces a few steps. She would have probably been doing that earlier but she didn't want to make the girl anymore anxious than she already was "It will take time and patience. I will probably ask Rahne to speak to her. Their histories are not to different, and they are much closer in age.

"I see," Shatterstar says. "And if you didn't have the time?" He considers and then goes on. "I should explain - I wanted to ask members of a gang some questions. I believed they had witnessed a crime and sought to learn more from someone who had seen it. But they didn't cooperate...they didn't trust me. How would you have handled such a situation?"

Mirage stops her pacing and turns to look thoughtfully at Shatterstar "It's not so much trust in situation like that but incentive. You just have to give the gang members incentive to tell you what you want to know. There are a lot of ways to to give them that, both easy and hard." she gives a breif grin "Though given the time, nothing builds trust faster with those types than free drinks at their favorite bar.

Shatterstar's eyes widen briefly in surprise. "I hadn't thought of that. Oddly enough, we may have been at their favorite bar. Ah well, I'll keep it in mind." He waves briefly and then turns to head out.

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