The Mystic and the Witch

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Black Crow and Scarlet Witch

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02/02/13 23:40

Parking Area - Avengers Mansion

Black Crow arrives at Avengers mansion seeking help.

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Ironic that the witching hour draws near as a crow black as night swoops over the Avengers Mansion. It perches itself on a tree and peers at the various windows. It studies the home of Earth’s Greatest heroes and though in its mind, it could easily gain access. Perhaps, that is not the wisest way to enter. And so, the bird flies out over the fence surrounding the mansion and suddenly shifts its form from bird to human as Black Crow literally falls from the sky and lands on their doorstep. The mansion alarm’s are off and the security sensors are already at play. Metal tentacles ensnare the Native American mystic and with his natural strength, he merely flexes and two come undo, but more snake towards him.

The door opens, and the Scarlet Witch is standing there in her current costume, hex energy glowing green on her hands as she points them towards the intruder, "Halt and... wait, I know you, I think." Her eyes narrow a little, as she doesn't lower her hands, but looks more defensive than "ready to blast the intruder into the next time zone."

As the Scarlet Witch arrives, Black Crow continues to struggle against the defense systems, “Yes, I am an ally of Captain America.” The defenses seemingly come to end, courtesy of Jarvis who monitors from the monitor room. “Ah, much better.” The mystic adjusts himself as he is freed from the tentacles. “I feel as though I know you as well. You are the Scarlet Witch. And though I have not personally met you. I have sensed that you are . . .close to Steve.” He makes no mention of the extent as he does not peruse the Captain’s mind often. “Fair madam, I am Black Crow.”

Scarlet Witch nods slightly, "Yes, I know. Or rather, I know about you, anyway." She does blush slightly at the mention of being 'close' to Captain America, and signals through her combadge, "Jarvis, you can stand down the defenses here." Her eyes focus on Black Crow, and then she tilts her head, "What can I do for you?"

“While I would go to the good Captain. It is actually you who would be more useful. But I fear the entire roster of Avengers may not be enough.” The Black Crow seems sullen and somber a moment. “You and some of your allies recently engaged Hotamintanio, the Anasazi god of war in Central Park.” He sighs, “It seems that was but one battle in the events to come. While through your abilities you were able to send him away. He and the rest of the Pantheon seek vengeance.”

Wanda sighs a little, "I'm guessing this has something to do with us taking all of your land and engaging in a systemic genocide against your people for three hundred years. Which, admittedly, I'm somewhat sympathetic with." Being Jewish and raised by Gypsies will do that to a person. She then looks over at Black Crow, "The other gods are going to be coming soon, then?"

“So far it is just Nanabozho and Hotamintanio. But I believe Calumet has fallen to them. I and some allies of my people have been attempting to hold it off. There are others who I have warned recently. The spirit known as Phantasm and the Indian mystic, Topaz. She has made mention of the Voodoo Lounge where she and others of our mystical abilities meet. Perhaps we can deter the events that are coming. For I fear the Avengers themselves may not be able to defeat the Anasazi, whom Nanabozho and Hotamintanio are always trying to recruit to their side.” Black Crow lets out a sigh, “Clearly tired. Red Wolf, Puma, and I have been doing our part. We are attempting to recruit others of our kind against this. Perhaps if we supplicate the gods, then they shall be appeased.”

Wanda nods slightly, "What would they need for supplication, though? Is it possible to reason with them? I mean, I really do understand the anger and pain they have... but this isn't going to make anything better." She hmms a bit, "I need to swing by the lounge, I haven't been there in a little while."

“The matters of supplication are always different. This is not the first time this has happened.” He tilts his head as he looks over the witch, “Has Steve shared with you how we met?” He lowers his head a bit in shame. “The evening that Bernie had propo. . .an evening in which the Captain was supposed to particularly enjoy. I had to fight him on behalf of the Earth Spirit. And I nearly killed the Captain. Has he not surrendered and knelt in defeat. . .well. . .he appeased the gods. For I represent the spirit of the old Americas, Captain America represents the spirit of this age.” He hmmmns, “ I do not feel such a show of surrender from the captain would appease them this time. And I have tried to keep him out of this.”

Wanda smiles faintly, "He's not exactly mystically inclined, no... but if they actually tried to hurt him, I think they'd realize that Hell hath no fury." Her eyes harden a bit, as she does look pretty protective of Captain America. "So, we would need to think of something else to supplicate them... I'll be honest in that I'm not exactly sure what they are looking for."

Almost shrugging, but not quite the mystic ponders, “I feat Nanabozho would have been quieted when he transformed the Statue of Liberty into something more akin to my people. But he was quiet by a young warrior, Mirage. But her words quelled him. Perhaps my original mission to kill Captain America would please them.” Black Crow pauses and then continues, “But I will not kill my friend. I shall consult with Topaz and her allies. I have tried to reach Dr. Strange, but his Sorcerer Supreme duties have kept him outworld for some time.”

Scarlet Witch arches a brow, "You know about Mirage? She's currently with the X-Men, and I can talk to her about a few things." She considers, "And frankly, you would not be able to kill Captain America." Her lips quirk a bit, "/I/ would not permit it, but as you say, it's a moot point. We need to find something they'd accept, and offer it to them."

Black Crow would raise an eyebrow. He came extremely close to killing the Captain when they fought. But as he studies the witch and from what he has heard and seen, he knows her words to be true and nods in agreement. “I know Mirage, not formally. But I am aware of all the defenders of my people. She being one of the greatest.” He smiles, “Well for now, it is best to warn those who defend this nation. My understanding is that Phantasm has contacted one of your teammates already. Perhaps those of your team with the great minds can formulate some appeasement. At this Voodoo Lounge we can attempt a mystical plan. For now the Avengers can simply prepare. I fear words will not win this, but I can pray that they do.”

Wanda nods slightly, "I'll contact Mirage, I believe she's still with X-Factor, but I'm not entirely sure." She hmms softly, "The rest of the Avengers will be alerted, of course, and we can work out some sort of mystical plan to deal with this." Her eyes narrow a little as she thinks about possible strategies, "But yes, brute force isn't going to win this."

“Well, thank you for your assistance, Scarlet Witch. As always the Avengers prove themselves the truest of heroes.” Black Crow bows his head, “And also. Thank you for making my friend happy. Admittedly, I have not been present in Steve’s life as much as I had been. Our friendship always seemed to come about through life-altering events. However, I can sense he is genuinely pleased.”

“Very well then, Wanda.” He bows, “In another more frail form, I am Jesse Black Crow. In this form, I am Black Crow.” With the talk of forms, his suddenly shifts to that of the original black crow bird. His wings flap and he flies off, cawing her name as he does.

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