The Morning After

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July 5th Morning

Blindfold, Cyclops, Manifold, Rex Gregson, Seth, and Vaughn

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07/05/12 08:00

Mutant Town - New York

Blindfold, Cyclops, Manifold, Rex Gregson, Seth, and Vaughn all encounter each other outside a Mutant Town Bodega

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Last evening, Cyclops had to abruptly leave Mutant Town to attend to an issue at the Xavier Institute. Having left, David in the care of Franky and his family, Scott dressed in a black polo shirt and jeans with red ruby quartz sunglasses has returned to Mutant Town to pick up David. With him is David’s roommate at the Institute, Seth Garland. As they have not officially met yet, Scott thought this would be an opportune moment. Pulling up outside a bodega, Scott exits his rather expensive looking and well-maintained sports car, “Come on, Seth. Time to meet your roommate.”

David spots the car pulling up and looks at Franky, who nods. He rushes out, "Hi, Mr. Summers," he says.

Apparently, the last delivery of the previous night was to the home of a young mutant pick-pocket, whose mother called the restaurant when she discovered that her son had "acquired" an mp3 player from the Chinese food delivery boy. Vaughn is on his way from having picked up his lost mp3 player and decided to see if the little bodego happened to be open this morning. The teenager pulls up to the curb on a moped. He pauses slightly there, as he unfastens the strap from the helmet and stows it away in the seat compartment. He pauses as an after thought and just double checks to make sure that the contents of his pockets are in fact still there, like his wallet.

Seth exits the car, not having said much of anything for the whole trip to Mutant Town. Yesterday, it was the 4th of July, and it was one of the memorable days he used to spend with his dad. But this year, it wasn't the case. He looks about, to Franky and then to David. But he doesn't say a word yet; but he does wave to Franky.

Blindfold smiled as she just happened to come down the sidewalk tapping her cane as she went. Dressed in blue jeans and a hoodie, her eyes covered in a strip of cloth wrapped around her head. Hearing David speak Scott's name brought a soft smile to her face. "Hmm now where is Vaughn" she quietly wonders to herself as she comes down the sidewalk toward the bodega.
Then smiles as she hears the distinctive sound of Vaughn's moped.

the last time she was in Mutant Town, she got spit on by an acidic mutant. So the fact she was back here perhaps goest o prove Rex is either stupid or trusting of other mutants. This time she was keeping it more low key as she walks down the street in the other directino, distracted by her phone, looking quite intent about something, almost excited as one hand taps rapidly on her hip impatiently. Her head turns slightly at the sound of the moped, smiling a little bit more as she saw it and offered a small wave before she presses the phone closer "Do you have it?? Really?"

“Well it seems this is quite the popular meeting spot.” Scott laughs and smiles as it seems everyone is up bright and early. He goes first to Franky to shake his hand, “Thank you for keeping an eye on him last night. Sorry I had to abruptly leave.” He smiles and then gestures for Seth to come forward, “David, meet Seth. Seth, meet David.” He then continues along, “Hi Ruth.” He waves to Vaughn, recognizing him from last night, but not having gotten his name, but when Ruth identifies him by name, Scott nods to him. He has not noted Rex yet. Franky goes back in to open the store.

David nods, "Yeah, this little bodega's probably the most popular spot in Mutant town," David says. He spots Rex, and says, "Hey!" waving excitedly.

Having arrived only a minute before David headed up to the roof and Scott left, Vaughn doesn't really notice the two of them so much other than as two of three guys hanging out by a car together. He sits back on the seat of the moped as he sees the bodega isn't quite opened up yet. He grins slightly as Rex walks past talking to the phone. Shaking his head slightly, "Whatever it is, I promise I got it." He cocks his head, as he sees the blind girl walking down the sidewalk. He says softly to himself, "Why is it that I feel my headache coming back?"

And now, enters the awkward moment where you find the new element you'll be sharing your room with, complete stranger level. Seth gives David a look, and starts evaluating him. "Uhm, hi." He extends the roomie a hand for the shake.

Rex looks towards Vaughn in puzzlement at his comment, about to reply when she hears someone shout at her, Rex glances over in surprise and waves distractedly to David. She turns to walk that way instead, her eyes widening in delight as she holds a finger up to pause david "You got them?? Really?? AWESOME! How much?? You, my friend, are a genius. or a miracle worker! I'll be in tomorrow to sign the papers!" she looked positively puppy-squirmingly excited as she clicks the phone off and looks up at the others.

"I have LASERS!"

And then she pauses, going a bit pink cheeked before composing herself, nodding politely to Scott, and the unknown others.

Blindfold chuckles softly "Only place I know so far in mutant town" then she turns her head to David him a knowing smile "Told you" waving in the direction of Vaughn in greeting. But then there is two voices she doesn't know as she walks up to the group infront of the bodega "Hello again"

Watching David wave to Rex, Scott ponders who that is, since he is slowly getting to know the people of Mutant Town. He is not too familiar with modern music and so he does not recognize her as a star or anything, but he nods politefully and looks to everyone gathered, but primarily focuses on David and Seth to see how the two interact, noting their body language.

David regards Seth warily, but in the end he shrugs, and shakes his hand, firmly, but not in the crushing manner that a bully would do. "I'm David," he says, by way of introduction. He looks back at Scott then nods to Rex. "That's the girl I saved from muggers."

Vaughn shakes his head slightly at Blindfold's remark. "Yeah, yeah, yeah... Good guess..." Though the young man doesn't sound completely sure that it was just that, considering where he is. He remains on the seat of the moped until the 'open' sign is flipped.

A pleasant smile comes over Rex' face as she recovers from her enthused declaration of being in possession of lasers, and offers a hand to Scott, then the others "hello! I'm the girl David saved from muggers. I /still/ owe him dinner for that." she remarks with a smile towards the young man. And then to the blindfolded person. A pause, a bit of a surprised one, then she smiles and ofers her hand to that one too "Rex Harrison, by th eway. A pleasure to meet ALL of you."

Seth perks his head up as he notices Rex's immediate outburst considering lasers. Given he has no idea the context in what she's saying that, he comments to her. "Uhm, congratz, and welcome to our world. Just keep that to yourself, and if at all possible, avoid the MRA. Just don't out yourself out there, otherwise your in for a world of shit." He looks at David. "I'm Seth."

Looking over to Rex and smiling and walks over to her, “Well, I am glad that David was able to help you.” When he hears her name, Scott blinks, “Like the actor from My Fair Lady, Rex Harrison?” He smirks at that and offers his own hand to shake hers, “I am Scott.” When Seth offers his input, Scott looks to him and hmmmns and then stares at everyone present, pondering thoughts on each of those present as they are in Mutant Town, fair thought to presume they are all mutants. He watches them all and then stops at Blindfold with a thought. He smirks and suddenly very loud in his mind shouts, <Ruth? If you can hear my thoughts, tap your cane on the street three times.> as he tests an idea having been around so many telepaths.

Vaughn quirks an eyebrow at Blindfold's curious speech pattern. "You're welcome." Though it ends more like a question than a statement really. "New Warriors? That some kind of street gang or something?"

"Thanks! I've been wanting lasers for aages! Oh, and dont worry, i will have all the permits by the time I aquire them." jokes Rex to Seth with a huge, almost wicked grin " But out myself here? I should be welcome here, of all places." she continues. And then she helps Blindfold find her hand "Ruth. A pleasure Ruth. And... you are welcome? And you Scott! And no... if I looked like him though I wouldnt mind terribly. He WAS a looker in his day."

David nudges Seth, "Umm... She's not a mutant, Seth," he says quietly, nodding towards Rex.

Blindfold turns her head in the direction of Scott with a slight tilt and taps her cane on the ground three times rapidly. Turning her head to Vaughn she shakes her head "Noo, sorry, the New Warriors, unless I'm mistaken are independent group of crime fighting super heros, not government backed"

"Yes, if I open my eyes, I'll be lighting up the whole place in my sleep", Seth replies with a smirk to David. "But no, pretty much standard, quiet roomie... for the most part." He takes David's account on Rex, and then it flashes up in his head. "OH! Oh! Oh, sorry... You mean lasers /for a show/! Oh, okay. Cool!" Back to David, "Your music?"

Smiling as he hears the taps nods and looks back to Rex, “You are a musician? What kind of music? I don’t listen to much modern stuff. But if you are doing a show with lasers, I presume you are a celebrity of sorts?” Scott shrugs, “Only modern stuff I listen to is Alison Blaire and Lila Cheney.”

Vaughn gives a slight chin-up nod in response to Blindfold's explanation. "Ah." The conversation turning to music does draw his attention though.

"You'll..." trails off Rex, somewhat surprised. While openly a mutant supporter, the vast variety they came in still caught her off guard. Then she beams at the mention, liking the attention
"Yes. Show lasers. Although I may still see if I can get some sharks for the next show." she joked to Seth "My stage name is Sombre Tyrannosaur." she nods at Scott then "Rock, mostly. Its the most popular, followed by Heavy metal and classical. I have a concept album out too with Jazz, and I've done covers of everything from Queen, to TSO." she explains, with no lack of pride.

“Well, Rex. I’ll have to listen to you play some time.” With that he smiles and heads towards the bodega as it opens, “I’m going to go talk to Franky for a bit.” He waves to everyone and enters the bodega.

Blindfold can't see Scott smiling but she gives him a small nod, then turns to the others to listen to all the talk of music and a concert.

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