The medical device of dramatic timing

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The medical device of dramatic timing

Armand, Beast, Blindfold, Gambit, Jean Grey, Phantasm, Storm

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2010/04/08 15:00

Bellvue Hospital

Mike's awake! Okay reuni- oh what? We got to run out (time jump converted)

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-----==[ Bellvue Hospital - Midtown ]==---------------------------------------

This complex is the largest of the Manhattan Area. It offers health care to cover many needs. The broad field of this facility offers helipads, ambulance bays, as well as parking for many thousand within immense parking garages. Various buildings from this area are open to service the differing needs of the patient. Doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff can be seen throughout the area.


Ruth had poked mike in his head several times with not much effect aside from pestering him and them had proceeded to poke his body. Mike had been brought to the hospital for sleeping so long and appearing to be in a coma, thankfully all the poking had woken mike up....but not without making him grumpy! Beast and ruth had thought it a good idea to call jean to make sure ruth hadn't done anything that would have an effect.

Jean is dressed normally, the time-distortions leaving their effect on her. She smiles a bit, looking over at Mike, then glancing to Ruth, "So, what precisely happened?" Her smile is meant to be a comforting one, her head tilting a bit as she looks to Mike.

Mike is not a happy Mike. Having been ripped away from his first real, honest to God dream in years featuring his long dead mother and two of his dead friends, there's reason for that. But, he's also a bit surprised. Why is he in the hospital? He was just sleeping in a little. Geez. What on earth would they have done if he had actually been sick? He hasn't exactly been the most social of beings during the wait for Jean showing up. Instead, he is having a stare down with a giant stuffed bear that's been positioned across from his bed. That there are a few more piles of them have escaped his notice for the moment. Grumble. Grumble.

Ruth friends sadly "Sorry my apologies but I needed to wake you up even if that meant poking you mentally and then physically. Please understand, I didn't want to, you were so happy dreaming but you're been sleep since Genosha returned and realities began bleeding together, different versions of you, yes atleast three I've encountered personally but each one was ghost like, sorry. We have to get you out of here though, you were a sitting duck to be killed by the order if you stayed asleep here, yes my apologies. The only good news is? I know write slit about the order now and the war with the crazy naive american gods has ended, yes please don't be mad?"

Armand is in the room, yes. He's currently returned from taking time to heat up some soup and he selects some warm bread to set on the tray as he looks from Mike to Ruth and then he moves to take a bed tray, setting the soup and bread beside Mike's bed. "Are you reading to be eating yet? If you are not wanting the soup, I have the banana pudding with the cookies as well." He does eye Ruth for a moment before looking back to Mike.

Jean Grey steps away from the door, and nods towards Armand, looking over at Mike with some concern, "How /are/ you doing, actually? Ruth asked me to stop by, so... here I am." Short haircut and all!

Mike's stare down with the bear continues as Ruth more than makes up for her prolonged silence from earlier. His face twitches with mention of the reminder that it was her that took away the reunion and once more at mention of the order. "Yer not big on tha whole spoon feeding thing, are ya?" He mutters tiredly, the effects of quite possibly sleeping for too long. His head slumps back, shifting the pillow with the added weight of his head on it's thin center. "Tired. Pissed. And Hungry." The pale blue of the eyes set upon the soup and then towards Armand. There's a slight inclination of the head of acknowledgement to what the roomie has done before he reaches over to hook a finger on the underside of the bed tray's frame in an attempt to roll it closer.

Ruth grins nervously "Yes and no, just because I don't get it easy doesn't mean I can't try to make things easy for others, trust me there's more but we should get you out of here before I tell you, yes my apologies. Mr. Lebeau seems to really like you though if he was willing to try warning someone from the order off, yes thank you. Trust me if there weren't a that to your life here I would let you sleep, it was a very nice dream, so peaceful, but if you want I could try herding you the soup, I'm not sure you'd get much in your mouth though sorry yes"

Armand shakes his head and sighs. "It is like a diarrhea of the mouth of information when she starts going...but she means well." Is the young man's comment about the way Blindfold lays it all out at once and he sighs softly, pushing the bed tray closer and setting down the spoon and a napkin, lowering the tray a bit to make sure its at the right height. "Its a beef and potato soup, I was worried prolonged bed rest may cause you to have lost your curvy figure, must plump you back up." It is his way of joking of course, with a straight face.

"I'm in here for sleeping, not losing a limb." Mike replies, shaking his head. Moving his hand from the tray as Armand pushes it towards him. Resting his palms on the bed, he pushes, straightening his legs and causing for the device at the foot of the bed to shift before it kicks on, inflating the sleeves on his lower legs.


Jean glances wryly over at Ruth, "Sure I was needed here, Ruth?" She smiles a bit, looking over at Armand, "Though, you know, I did mean to talk to you about the school, at some point that is. This is obviously not the time for it."

Ruth smiles warmly toward jean "As good a time as any miss grey, yes sorry. If mike wouldn't mind please can you make sure I didn't do anything to have a lasting effect in mike's head please jean, if I might ask? I haven't told him yet about sandman or the members of the order I've met yet, yes sorry"

Mike glances up from staring at the machine at the mention of the school. "Oh no. Go ahead and talk to him about that. All you need to do is close the door." He grabs the spoon, "I got food here and dammed if I'm leaving here on an empty stomach. Plus Doctors make you wait forever." He glances over to Beast, finally noticing him, "Ah."

Armand nods slowly and then frowns as he looks over to where Jean is. "Did Ruth and the others let you know I am 18?" He wants to know, quirking an eyebrow. and then he looks to Mike. "Are you sure? I have a pie as well..." Then he looks back to Jean.

Jean smiles a bit, "I'm aware, and more to the point, there's some things that we teach that you don't exactly learn in a normal school." She shrugs, "It's entirely up to you, but we wouldn't hold it against you either way. It's an offer, not a demand."

Ruth nods "No manipulations either, and no bullying our discrimination allowed, best as it can be prevented, yes please, it's all very much on 'your choice'. mike...would you like to know about the order members, mr lebeau punched one in the face, yes thank you"

"You are still in need of finishing school. Getting things ready so you can try for culinary school later." Mike adds in between spoonfuls, looking over towards Armand, "And if they're willing to help, I'd go for it." The musician's head turns to look at Ruth, "He what? He knows him?"

Armand really can't keep up with Ruth at the best of times and he blinks owlishly before looking back to Jean, head tilting. "I want to get my GED or high school diploma, I need the diploma and such if I am going to be going to university." He agrees to what Mike is saying.

Jean looks back at Armand, and nods, "Which we can provide. Along with a few other things, of course." She smiles, "And probably a sterling recommendation to a very nice culinary school."

Ruth shakes her head "No sorry he doesn't know the person from the order but we were in a pizzeria with one of your ghost versions and the host you had a bad reaction to a man and I saw some things, then mr lebeau got up and punched the man in the face and gave him a warning, it was on the internet I think, yes sorry"

"And when you do that stress cooking, there won't be as much food that just goes to waste or my waist," Mike tosses in before looking back to Ruth quickly, "Internet?" A brow lifts, "Okay Ruth, I don't speak disjointed so you're going to have to humor me and explain things from the begining and SLOWLY."

Armand chuckles softly as he glances back to Mike and shrugs a shoulder before he falls silent looking between Ruth and Mike with a hint of a frown and then back to Jean. "I will need to know how to prepare for the curriculem, and when I can begin the studies for the tests."

Ruth had finally woken mike up but he was grumpy she had! Beast was there too and storm had brought ruth over so she was standing at the doorway so not to crowd the room which was already quite full of flowers and teddy bears and balloons. Ruth took a deep breath to arrange things in her head. Jean was finally getting to talk to armand about coming to the school. "Alright let's see, you remember how Genosha went missing in a weird way? Well shortly before the naive american gods who had been attacking were defeated genosha returned, yes please but not all was normal yet and it still isn't. With genosha's return had come other realities mixing with our own, people are not always as we remember them, you fell asleep and sleep for a very long time, almost a bit over a month maybe closer to a month and a half, yes sorry. With that sleeping other versions of you from other realities were encountered, one of which mr lebeau and I met in a pizzeria, yes thank you. Your host self reacted badly to a man, after a short bit I saw that he was the man who had done some very bad things to your other self, yes sorry. I also saw harpoon in the school hall throw a harpoon on energy at miss storm and pin her to the wall, regrettably I was a but disoriented but between seeing things about the man and who he was in the order and the visions of school, mr lebeau had gotten up and without warning punched the man in the face and cell phone cameras were snapping, it's on the internet I would imagine, yes sorry. The good news I know who there of the order are and one of them is why we need to get you out of here, yes thank you"

Jean Grey nods, "We'll send you over the material, Armand. It shouldn't be that difficult for you to catch up." She pauses, and then looks over at Blindfold, blinking a bit in surprise at the rather lengthy explanation.

Gambit had no idea that there would be so many people crowding into the little room. He had been out in the city, and realized that other than dealing with two non-Mike's he had yet to pay a visit to the "real" Mike. So it is in that spirit that he throws the door to the room open, revealing a six-pack of some exotic European beer from within his trench coat. "Salut," he declares, before noting everyone else in the room. He quickly stashes the contraband back into his coat and smile cordially to them all.

Mike stares at Ruth. Just stares at her as he quietly tries to follow her explanation for what happened. "Okay. What I got from all that was Genosha's back, I slept a lot longer than I thought, you saw a lot of weird shit at the pizza place, Lebeau slugged a guy and I should look it up on YouTube." His head turns as Gambit makes his entrance, "And speak of the devil..." He lifts up a hand in greeting. "Come on in annnd take a- Well, help yourself to some stuffed animals and flowers." There's got to be some fire code out there being violated right now just because of them.

Armand glances over to Gambit...before he does a double take and looks the man over with a lift of his eyebrow and a slow blink. Okay...this is the person he does not know and he's wary but at the same time he's asking in that thick accent of his. "Vous parlez fran├žais?" Its worth a try. Really. He did see a glimpse of that beer however and he smiles wryly to himself before nodding politely to Jean Grey and then just staring Blindfold for quite some time and then he pinches the bridge of his nose. "...are you to be telling me-" He cuts himself off and takes a deep breath...and then another deep breath before looking to Mike. "We have another donation of stuffed animals to be making soon, oui?"

Jean gets a wry look on her face at Remy's appearance, and the beer, as she simply says, "Logan might get a bit miffed if you're delving into the beer supplies, you realize." She grins a little, then looks over at Armand, "Um, yes, no beer for students, I'm sorry to say."

Ruth slowly rolls her head side to side. "Sort of yes thank you, the man killed the mike at the pizzeria in their world, married his wife and sold a book deal fire the story. So far I have been able to find out who st george, cadmus, and st michael are, thank you please" then turns her head toward gambit with a smile "hello me lebeau it's nice to meet you again this is armand a former student of the academy he helped save me when ballista kidnapped me, yes thank you" indicating armand with one hand

Gambit eyes Armand, his red pupils twinkling. "Nope," he says in a thick cajun accent, "Pas un mot de Francais." A cheshire grin crosses his lips, and he leaves it at that. Continuing the rounds on his way to the man in the bed, he bows his head to Jean. "Jean, a vision as always," he charms. In reference to the beer under his coat, he replies, "Ma own personal stash, none'a dat Canadian hogwash he be guzzlin' down." He winks to Ororo, and nods his head to Hank as he closes in on where Ruth and Mike are. "Ruth," he says somewhat sternly. "Why you be tellin' stories 'bout me? I neva punched a man in dat restaurant." His voice denotes legitimate confusion.

"Sure as hell don't have room in the apartment to keep them all." Mike responds in the affirmative to Armand's question, "Same deal as last time." He glances back to Ruth, "So, you know three of their people?"

Ruth smiles turning to give gambit a hug "my apologies me lebeau, forgive me, it must have been another rapidity of you who punched him, I simply commented about it as a matter of compliment at how protective you can be." Then nods toward mike "I do yes thank you. May I ask please if you will be keeping the three sock monkeys I made for you?"

Armand actually grins as he looks Gambit over once more, noting the accent and he hmms softly, tapping his chin and nodding. "Mike! Is finally another person who can appreciate how many tings can be done with fi'le and cajun spices..." He comments about Gambit to his friend before nodding slowly and then glancing back over to Ruth. "The sock monkeys are safe." He assures her before sighing softly.

With the cat out of the bag, Gambit sets the beers on the nightstand next to Mike. "A gift, mon ami," he offers. "Howeva, just say de word, an I get dese people outta 'ere so you can rest."

Mike glances around, looking towards the stuffed animals that a certain Armand had placed on the bed, towards the large pile in the corner that has served as a bed for Beast for awhile, and then to Armand, "Sock Monkeys?" When the beer is set on the nightstand, the rocker in him makes him look over, giving a bit of a half smile at the beer. Sorry Armand. Alky-hol. "Much as I'd like to, it seems Ruth's wanting me to high tail it out of here 'cause of something." He nods to the beer, "Thanks."

Ruth turns her head up to gambit with a firm shake "my apologies but no, we have to get him out of here, cadmus works here it's not safe for him, please thank you" nope that was a definite more of conviction in her voice, blind and shy she might be but this one thing she was holding firm on.

"I will...make sure your tings are packed." Armand offers with a bow of his head and then he takes a deep breath, eyeing the beer enviously and sighing softly before turning to look between Ruth and Gambit, eyebrow quirking and he turns his attention to starting to pack up food, beauty products...other things and bustling about.

Gambit holds his hands up in front of him in surrender. He looks to Beast, and then back to Ruth, realizing that he has no hope of winning this battle. "Den, you got a plan, petite," he asks. "Man's just outta coma, an you wanna make a quick getaway wit 'im? Hospital's usually like a lil more formality when ya check out, non?"

Mike nods, tilting his head toward Remy, "What he said. 'Sides, Cadmus would be having some serious balls to come in here causing trouble with big and blue over there." He lifts a halfhazard wave over towards the color coded doctor, "And it's not like I have some power that can carry all of this stuff to the apartment in a flash."

Ruth fidgets with her cane "Regrettably I'm sorry to say that st micheal from the order is around here as well. But cadmus is the one that wants you dead mike, yes sorry, and he's a doctor here. Is there anyway we can get you signed out our transferred, if I may ask please? Mr mccoy had been nice enough to stay watching you all this time somber my first visit when I found st micheal coming out of your room, yes sorry"

"You know...English is my second language but I still feel as though if I even did learn English first, I'd be confused. However, if we seem to be in such a haste, usually people know something is wrong...delays are put in place, it takes longer to get him out. He was in a coma for a long time that was sleep. It is a miracle we have not all been thrown out yet." Armand zips up a duffle bag before moving to a small backpack. "I am shoving random tings into this bag from your are going to be wearing pants, oui? We will stress that you have a discomfort in the hospital and would like to rest at home, you'll allow monitoring equipment for a couple of days but for the security of an individual like will use your own private doctor." He nods towards Beast. "But it must not look like a rush job...I cannot fight worth a crap and your legs had weird things on them for a couple of days."

Gambit shakes his head and smiles. As Armand and Ruth both discuss what needs to be done, Remy quietly slips out of the room. Moments later, he returns with a young and very attractive nurse fawning at his side. "So you see, chere, ifn' we coul' just get a wheelchair for mon ami, ici," he speaks to her in a smooth voice. "We take 'im down ta de courtyard, fresh air an' all dat." He brushes a loose strand of hair from her eyes, and smiles at her. The young nurse blushes and nods, willing to do whatever the Cajun would ask her, so long as he kept looking at her like that. As she walks out of the room, he turns to the others. "You got 'bout two minutes," he says humorlessly.

With the news that someone from the order was hanging out in his room while he was sleeping, Mike mutters a curse. "What the bleedin' hell is wrong with these mentalers?" He sighs before nodding, "Can't really protest much if I'm still getting medical attention. Though, kind of odd to cut out so quickly if they're probably going to just discharge ya the next day." At the mention of the 'weird things' Mike glances down to his legs, lifting the bed sheet to look at the leg sleeves. "Noisy little feckers aren't they?"


And with a good sense of dramatic timing too.

Mike sighs, working on getting the leg sleeves unplugged from the device. "So, the dramatic exit it is then..."

Ruth nods toward armand "Sounds like a good plan, yes thank you, mike can have a phobia our something about hospitals. At least st michael still has some sense of right and wrong, but two of the order in the hospital looking to get into your room mike, just sounds like trouble to me, yes sorry, thankfully st george wasn't one of them. St micheal though is a police officer, yes sorry"

Armand watches Gambit with a tilt of his head still moving to set a sweatshirt down beside Mike and pair of sweatpants and then moving to assist with the leg sleeve unplugging when the Cajun returns with the news of them having two minutes. He does pause to look at Ruth. "When I am finding me another English coach, perhaps you should come as well...I keep hearing yes and please and sorry but I am not understanding why they are being used. It could be fun and I will make cookies." Then he has a hard job ahead. He is super packer.

Gambit sighs. "Howsbout we just leave de sneakin' a man outta de hospital ta de master t'ief in de room, non?" he offers. "Kids stay 'ere. I'll take Mike for a stroll. Give us ten minutes and den Ruth you leave. Ten minutes after dat, Armand you leave." He moves over to Mike's bedside. "Ready for dis, mon ami," he asks as if Mike has a choice.

Ruth grins a tad embarrassed with a slight unwitting blush to her pale cheeks "Could be fun, yes thank you" then turns her head toward remy and nods "yes mr lebeau, thank you"

Mike snerks at the suggestion of him faking a phobia as he gets out of bed to move on his feet, "Yeah right, if there were frequent flyer miles given for hospital visits, I would have gotten a friggen tv by the time I was fifteen. Phobia? No." His mood darkens as Ruth brings up St. Michael's occupation. "Very funny. I see what he did there." He looks around, before glancing under the bed to retrieve a bag of clothes which he was wearing in to the hospital. Yaaay, a solitary pair of sweatpants. Shaking his head, he tugs them on. Better that than wandering around in a paper gown. He looks to Gambit, "Sooner we get out, the sooner I catch some Zs without getting prodded? Hell yeah."

The attractive young nurse returns, wheelchair in tow. She blushes as she looks to Gambit, and whispers something in his ear. A piece of paper, which likely details her phone number is passed along to the X-Man with the wheelchair. "Merci, ma chere," Gambit croons. He reaches to offer Mike assistance getting into the chair. "Le's do dis, den," he says.

Wheelchair present, Mike gladly takes his seat as he finds that the leg sleeve things are very slippery. But, being he's lacking any shoes, the bottoms will do for foot protection should he need to walk on anything that's NOT slippery hospital floor with low traction. He tilts his head, looking all the more like a sleepy patient wanting to get fresh air instead of one planning a premature discharge from the hospital.

Gambit moves behind the wheelchair and pushes it towards the door. "We'll be back in a few," he says over his shoulder to those still left in the room.

They ttly aren't


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