The Magic of Musicals

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The Magic of Musicals

Leyu Yashida, Sybil Dvorak

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06/01/12 20:00

Savage Land Campsite

Leyu and Sybil finish their medical rounds together, and talk a bit about hobbies and musical tastes.

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After about an hour and a half, Leyu has finished surveying the population of the village and tending to their injuries. As she leads the way towards the water, ready to clean her hands - again! - she offers a smile to Sybil. "Thank you for your help, Sybil. I greatly appreciate it. You did not have to give up your time to help me."

"I do not mind." Sybil says. Of course, she does not need to wash her hands. Her hands never touched the patients. She provided supplies but Leyu performed the actual actions. "What type of music do you enjoy, Leyu?"

Leyu washes her hands thoroughly, then brushes her hair back over her ears with her wet hands. "Mmm? I enjoy many kinds of music. Stereotypical as it may be, I do enjoy J-Pop. I also like both Western and Eastern classical musical styles. Jazz. But I have recently started listening to and enjoying a good deal of 'heavy metal'." Ecclectic and adorable, isn't she?

"Heavy metal? A wild side in you, then." Sybil says with delight. She watches as Leyu washes her hands. "Excellent. I do enjoy primal rhythms. Pounding beats. Something running through you, making your bones vibrate. Suggesting action until all you can do is burst into dance."

Leyu cannot help but shake her head, smiling with amusement. "Somehow I imagine that is quite true. It totally seems like your sort of thing." And of course, it wouldn't seem at all like Leyu's sort of thing. Not on the surface, anyway. "My latest appreciation has been for an American band. Metallica. But I have been experimenting a bit with several others as well." Her MP3 player must be a whole lot of fun.

Sybil thinks just that. "I shall have to borrow your MP3 player, sometime." She reaches out and waves form in the water. "Liquids. I never could get the hang of liquids. They aren't like metals or woods. They don't hurt. But I cannot hold them."

Leyu smiles, and extends her hand to brush her fingers through the water in the midst of the waves forming from Sybil's extended power. "Most telekinetics find control of liquids difficult. Most who are not specifically attuned to liquids seem to get by using constructs of telekinetic force to mimic what they might do with physical liquid containers." Leyu does specialize in studying genetics. That roughly equates to studying mutant powers, so she can be quite the authority on such things - and find it fascinating to discuss. "What does leather feel like, to your power?"

"I don't." Sybil explains. "I don't create... force fields. I have seen footage of the New Warrior... Marvel Boy? He makes purple fields. I don't do that. I manipulate the fibers directly." She looks up to the sky, "Leather is odd. Leather, soft rubber, vinyl, ballistic fibers... they are... neutral. I feel no pleasure from touching them. No pain either. It is like... food. One day, a dish may be delicious. By another chef, the dish may simply be edible. Something to sate hunger but provide no joy."

"I know you don't." Leyu offers, smiling. "The difference between psychokinesis and telekinesis, in their usual uses in the literature." Yet honestly, Leyu finds it interesting and a bit odd that leather comes off so neutral to Sybil. She almost would have expected, given the other woman's hedonistic and sensual affectations, that leather would play a rather larger part in her wardrobe choices. "So your preference, so far, are things like my hand-crafted kimono?"

"Leather is not fiber." Sybil touches the cloth of her own costume with a gloved hand. "That is where my affinities lay. There are very complicated, mystic reasons behind it according to my people. They don't make sense in any language but that of the Roma." She smiles. "Yes. I adore hand crafting over machine stitching. Silk is delightful."

Leyu glances up at Sybil, wondering if the other woman can feel the brush of her fingers through the field of her attempt to touch and manipulate the water with her power, but she says nothing. That would bias the trial, after all. "Unfortunately, I do not know the Roma language." She withdraws her hand, drying them off with a small towel, and then stands. "Could you say something to me, in your language? Just a bit, so that I can hear it?"

If Sybil feels it, she shows no sign of that. She simply stands there, watching as Leyu finally finishes her hand washing. "In my language? Hmm." She leans down and whispers into Leyu's ear. Something soft and rich and musical. Suggestive but, perhaps, that is just the tone.

Leyu lets Sybil lean close, and whisper, just like that, in her ear. It's very much in her personal space, but these two have already started to make exceptions for such things. Or at least Leyu has started making exceptions to her own personal space ffor Sybil. She smiles, warmly. "That's ... so beautiful. Almost musical. It almost makes me not want to ask you what it meant." Honestly, though, a reason she hasn't asked what it meant is that she has been learning that Sybil would be the sort to use this as a opening to say something very, very embarrassing.

"I told you that we are currently in a place called the Savage Land." Sybil says with a laugh. "Our language can be quite musical, yes. I find Japanese an interesting language. So fast. Much more so than Spanish. As if there's a race to say as much as possible in as little time as possible."

The young Japanese woman laughs richly at Sybil's characterization of her language. "It's true. There is a definite pace to my native tongue, especially when spoken excitedly. We can take our time. But we often do not. I think it has not a little to do with the fact that a single symbol - a single dipthong, or spoken language element - can represent an entire word, or even an entire phrase." And they are a people who prize efficiency.

"Every language has its own pace." Sybil motions and vines from a nearby tree loop and weave until they form a swing hanging from a branch. She perches upon it. A comfortable enough seat for the moment. "Tell me of your hobbies. What does the daughter of a noble Japanese family do for recreation? Besides listen to heavy metal and J-pop."

Leyu makes a little 'hummm' sound and turns, settling back on the grass, pulling her knees up to her chest as she rests her back against a largish stone. "Well. My biggest 'hobby' was being a good student. But I did have a few hobbies. Reading literature, for one. My favorites tended to be romantic adventures. I have especially enjoyed American modern paranormal adventures." They often have strong female heroines, which is probably a big part of that. "Painting, and calligraphy. And martial arts. And writing."

"Calligraphy. Which you do, I am sure, in a kimono. With your face painted white. While some sort of stringed instrument is strummed in the background." Sybil smiles. "Very... poetic. Are there fans involved? Or perhaps three little girls from school?"

Leyu chuckles with wry amusement, shaking her head. "I have done so, of course. But no, I do not regularly do so in such a fashion. And it has nothing to do with three little girls from school. Just one, Sybil. Just me." But she does understand that it is such a traditional pasttime that it must seem woefully boring and conformist to the hedonistic wild-child in Sybil.

Sybil swings, slowly, on her vine seat. "You need to watch a little Gilbert and Sullivan. Nothing is so amusing as to watch how other cultures take the very shallow surface of your culture and turn it into entertainment. It happens to both our cultures in the West."

The young Japanese woman smiles at that, and nods. "Well then, perhaps you will have to take me to see one of these 'Gilbert and Sillivan' shows, yes? Then we can enjoy ourselves, watching this together." Wait. Did Leyu just try to ask Sybil out on a date?

Sybil considers this. Slowly, she smiles. Like the cat who caught the canary. Hell, like the cat who didn't know the canary was there until it hopped into her mouth and screamed 'digest me!'. "Very well. When we return, I will find a show and we shall go."

Leyu smiles at that, and then nods. "Very well. I will look forward to it." It's just that simple. She doesn't seem like she has accidentally boxed herself into anything. "Is there another show, then, that we should see? That we might see your culture as well? I admit, I am not very familiar with 'Gilbert and Sullivan'." Understatement, much?

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