The Madripoor Situation

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Night Thrasher, Firestar, Cloak, Dagger and Krista

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Soverign Hotel - Madripoor

Night Thrasher catches up Krista and Firestar about what is going on in Madripoor

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-----==[ Sovereign Hotel -- Midtown -- Madripoor ]==--------------------------

It was a busy night for Night Thrasher. The Founder and Leader of the New Warriors only just recently returned to their makeshift base of operations in an upper level suite of the Sovereign Hotel. Thrasher is still in armor and helmet as he sits at a dining table with a couple of laptops open and a hand on each of their keyboards. There's some jazz playing from somewhere in the room and aside from the music the only other sound is of Dwayne's fingers clicking and clacking away on the laptops' keyboards.

It's maybe been a little over 24 hours since Krista was removed against her will from the streets of Mutant Town in Manhattan and dropped into the posh hotel that the team calls thier temporary home. She's adapting well and word is that Nova and her have or are planning to investigate the ship he has been working on. For now though she is returning from her raid of the hotel gift shop. She wasn't given the chance to pack anything, not even a toothbrush so was in desperate need of a few items.

There is a click of the door unlocking preceded by her entrance. She is a good 10 inches taller than the last time she was seen, she is actually an average height for a woman now. As she moves further into the room she notes that she isn't alone, "Oh hi." she says dropping her couple of bags on the sofa "I charged it all to the room, figured you wouldn't mind considering how I got here.

While the New Warriors were on assignment in Madripoor for a while now, Firestar who still had her high school commitments outside of superheroing was late to check in. A swooping sound from outside the balcony suggests she finally arrived, and sure enough she soon walks in from the balcony, giving a bit of an awkward wave, "so...I had this major essay to work on, sorry I'm late, did I miss anything important?"

Thrasher looks up from his laptops at the sound of the door's locking mechanism unlatching. When Krista enters, Thrasher raises a hand and waves dismissively, "I do not mind. On that topic; I want to apologize for the necessity of grabbing you like that. It was unfair and I hope we are not putting you out by 'abducting' you. We are just down a member of the team and we need what help we can muster." Unseen to Krista would be the frown forming on Dwayne's face behind his helmet's faceplate. he asks, "I can arrange to get some more stuff for you, if you haven't managed to get most of what you need already?"
At the arrival of Firestar, Thrasher turns his head towards the balcony, "Firestar; Glad to see you. The team is working on a few things. Namorita is missing."

Leaning against the counter, Krista does nothing more than lift a shoulder "Not putting me out. I was wondering what I was going to do with my vacation time from work." a glance is sent out the window "Though Madripoor wouldn't have been my first choice." she is still looking out the window when Firestar land there. She stiffens sligtly not sure if this is an expected visitor or not, but when greetings are exchanged she relaxes listening to the exchange for a moment "Namorita, she's the one I've been brought in to cover for?

Firestar catches tidbits of the conversation, and looking from Krista back to Night Thrasher, she frowns, "Night Thrasher, are you back to the same recruitment system you tried on me? I really hope we could use something friendlier that, you know, would actually make people want to join us...?" She offers with a trace of displeasure in her tone of voice, though she doesn't outright start an argument aside from making her comment. At the news that Namorita is missing, she takes on a more serious tone, "I really hope this has something to do with Atlantis, and not something bad happening," she looks over at Night Thrasher for a moment and then quips, "I feel like it's probably the latter though, huh?" Moving over towards Krista, she offers her hand, "hi, I'm Firestar..."

Thrasher looks back to Krista and shrugs his shoulders, "Yeah, Madripoor isn't on many peoples' short list of vacation destinations. So, sorry about that. I hope we will not be here that much longer." He glances back to Firestar but returns his attention to Krista, "Yes; With us down Namorita, I thought you would be a good addition to help pick up her slack. When this is over; You have an open invitation to remain with the team."

Now Thrasher looks back to Firestar, "I had Cloak grab her off the street... so more of the same recruitment methods. You know me, Firestar. I am rather direct in my approach." Thrasher looks back to his computers and explains things a bit for both of their benefits, "We're here working on a few things. Nova is doing some sort of thing at the docks. I'm working on rooting out a black market of Atlantean artifacts. Marvel Boy and Namorita were assisting me in my investigation when Namorita split off from Marvel Boy. She was reporting back about their investigation and her comm line was interrupted. Turns out she was attacked by unknown assailants and taken away. We haven't been able to find her yet."

"Well it's a lot warmer than New York was, and the local flora and fauna, and she doesn't mean the actual plants and animal life, are quite..colorful." Krista does give a half smile at that, which is probably the most smile anyone ever sees from her.

Currently Night Thrasher is sitting at the table, laptop open in front of him, Krista and Firestar standing nearby. The three seem to be talking, Night Thrasher bring to two new arrivals up to speed on the situation the team is dealing with.

"And her comm unit has either been disabled or she has been taken out of range so you can't ping it to pin point her location?" Krista asks, not wanting to assume anything at this point.

Firestar smirks at Night Thrasher, "you realize you were very lucky the White Queen's training didn't maintain hold on me, I could have very well killed you for the way you recruited me." After a short pause, she adds, "but I'm glad I didn't, some of the creeps out there deserve to run into someone like you." Hearing the update, Firestar soon prods, "is Marvel Boy okay?"

Thrasher arches an eyebrow, which can be seen through the faceplate of the Warrior, at Firestar, "Honestly? I'm supremely lucky the whole lot of you didn't pound me into the dirt for many things that I have done. I am glad things worked out the way they did, all things considered." Thrasher answers her question, "Marvel Boy is fine. Namorita split up from Marvel Boy and she was attacked while she was alone. He's been trying to locate her ever since. I think he feels guilty for letting her go off on her own." Thrasher looks over to Krista and nods, "Either her comm is non-functional or she's held in a place where the signal can not reach us. It can never be too easy, huh?"

As the two discuss things that were before her time Krista gets herself a bottle of water, listening, but not participating in that line of the conversation. "And with the criminal element, at various as it is, there is no telling who took, her where." she opens the water setting the cap on the counter "You have leads though, this Atlantis thing? What's that about?

Firestar grins at Night Thrasher's words, "glad to learn you're aware of it at least, that's a good sign." Firestar looks visibly pleased to hear Marvel Boy is fine, concern for Namorita aside. "He would feel guilty, but if I had my guess, Namorita didn't put it up for debate...though I still think it's a bad decision for them to split in the first place." She then turns to look at Krista, "so, Krista, what is it that you can do? I guess my name makes my ability fairly obvious."

There is more clicking and clacking at one of the laptops infront of Thrasher. He then reaches for the top of the screen and then spins the device around on the table so that the screen is visible to the others. On it is a picture of the little-known villain Sea Urchin. Thrasher explains, "A couple of months ago Ultragirl and I stopped this guy; Sea Urchin. He's a salvager; Deals in sea salvage. His usual M.O. is to salvage things illegally such as military ship wrecks or stealing from sea ports. This time he was shipping some illegally obtained Atlantean artifacts. Trinkets and whatnot, but certainly not something meant for consumption or trade outside of Atlantis. Turns out that the shipment was linked to an entire Black Market. I couldn't locate a source of the goods in New York, so we're checking Madripoor. I've found some Atlantean objects... so I think Madripoor is the right track for this investigation."

Krista stares at the screen for a moment, taking note of his appearance and reading whatever pertinent information is on the screen. "And the locals are exactly the cooperative sort, I get it. It's hard to shake up criminals for information when they got the backup and firepower to shake back." Not having a clue who Namorita is, Krista's next question may be a bit obvious to the others, but not so to her "And what is her connection to Atlantis? Is she some Atlantean artifact expert?"

"Sounds good to me, this Sea Urchin gives the impression of a creep who should be behind bars. You know how important Atlantean artifacts are to Namorita's people, they should not be used for profit." Firestar gives her two cent, though Night Thrasher might have worse ideas for whoever is behind Namorita's disappearance. Turning to look back at Krista, Firestar explains, "she is actually an Atlantean!"

Thrasher tilts his head to one side and then the other, stretching out his neck. He raises a hand to remove his helmet and he grumbles under his breath as he removes it, "I have to remember to take this off." He places the helmet down and runs a hand through his short hair. He then gestures to Firestar and confirms what she says, "Yeah, Namorita is Atlantean. She's a cousin to Namor, the Sub-Mariner." He then looks at the two of them in turn, "I don't think Sea Urchin is involved, unless he escaped from the police in New York. That's who we, Ultragirl and I, left him with months ago. It's my belief that Sea Urchin was hired to move the Atlantean cargo." He shrugs his shoulders and twists the computer back around, "I placed a tracking bug on a cargo truck that I caught shuttling artifacts. So far it hasn't turned up any particular depot of artifacts. I'm continuing to monitor its signal, though."

"I think it's because you look menacing with that helmet on, Night Thrasher, and you love looking menacing...bonus points for scaring kids into behaving?" Firestar teases, before nodding at the briefing, "so at this point we're waiting for the signal to show up so we can swoop down on the evildoers, right?"

"What better artifact to try to sell to a collector, than an actual Atlantean." Krista states, eyeing the helmet as it is removed and placed on the table, "How are these artifacts sold? I doubt this guy was collecting them for himself just for the fun of it?" she takes a sip of her water using the pause to think a moment "Private auction would be my guess. There are probably a lot of private auctions for illegal contraband on this island. Maybe we should check into a few...or have you done that already.

Thrasher casts a glance with accompanying raised eyebrow at Firestar in response to her comment. He shakes his head but then answers her, "That's one tactic I am taking, yes. While I wait; I've been hitting the streets and, er, hitting street thugs for information." He looks to Krista and nods, "I toyed with that idea, too. It is conceivable that who ever is behind this will try to use her to gain a profit from a 'collector'. I am also uncertain if actual auctions are being done here or if this is where items are being stored." he pauses and adds, "I intend to find out. I don't want our team member being bartered like property."

And with that suggestion Firestar loses all playfulness as she looks very grave and serious for once, "if someone is trying to sell Namorita off in an auction, I will burn him and whatever place he happens to be to cinders and ashes."

"Well, with my abilities I can get into places undetected that the rest of you probably couldn't." even though Krista doesn't know the abducted girl she certainly doesn't like the fact that she is missing and is potentially in danger "Is there any places that are highly suspect I can get into an investigate?

Firestar turns to look curiously at Krista, "what are your abilities, Krista? If you don't mind me sharing."

Thrasher smiles slightly at what Firestar says, "And see? I'm rubbing off on you. That's pretty brutal." He lightheartedly teases. He lowers his hands back down to his laptops and starts clicking and clacking away. He looks back up at Krista and her question, "Well. The dock area. The industrial district and warehouses are all good places to snoop around in. That's where I have focused my attention. I had Namorita and Marvel Boy poking around the Bazaar and Commercial areas. I honestly think we do not need to consider anywhere but Lowtown for the moment." He pauses and looks at the screen of one of his laptops, "I've got some business as my civilian persona to take care of. Nominally, Dwayne Taylor is in Madripoor to oversee some Taylor Foundation endeavors. If you two would excuse me." Thrasher stands and walks towards one of the bedrooms of the suite.

Krista lifts a hand to give a semblance of a parting wave "G'Night." she hops onto the counter top, taking a seat there after giving the chairs around the table a dubious look. "Size change, myself, others, objects. Smaller, not taller." she picks up the bottle cap and closes the water, holding it in her lap "I guess fire if your thing?

Firestar smirks at Night Thrasher, "well, you do have a tendency to do that...over time. But I've had my own moments." Firestar waves at Night Thrasher when he leaves, "have a good business meeting, Mr. Taylor," she winks and then turns to look at Krista, "so, you're like Alice in Wonderland?" The red head asks curiously, musing over what it must be like to wield such a power. "Me? Yes, you could say that...but if you want to be more precise, microwaves, so if you ever need to make a microwaveable meal, I can lend a hand."

"Only I don't have a pastry or drink that will make me grow any taller than this. Though like her I do get stuck on occassion. Once for almost two years." an almost paniced look comes to Krista's face at the mention of microwaves and a hand starts to lift to her face, but quickly drops "How does that effect cybernetics?

"Don't worry, I try to control myself at all times, I've had some years of experience, so it's not like when I was just a rookie..." for a moment Firestar's visage darkens, as if there is a bitter memory somewhere that she tries to forget, "I can disrupt technology, if that's what you mean...I sometimes kill my cellphone without meaning to and stuff like that, television set here and there...why? Do you have cybernetics on you?"

Krista once more lifts her hand to her face, moving the long bangs that cover her scarred metallic eye (the left one) "I lost my eye in some kind of accident. It was a prototype that needed testing, and I needed my hospital bills paid, I felt it was a fair exchange." once her explanation is done she drops her hand and lets the bangs fall into place to cover it back up.

"Oh my, I'm so sorry," Firestar murmurs as if she had anything to do with it at all, "I'll make sure to be extra careful around you, I promise!"

"Please do, I don't think the warranty covers uncontrolled poweruse of team mates." Krista does seem nervous about it despite the reassurance and her levity is probably due to that. From where she sits on the countertop she eyes the window which Firestar entered in awhile ago, though she is now near the table which is not longer occupied, except perhaps my NT's forgotten helmet(?), it's just the two girls "Did you fly all the way here from the States?

There is suddenly a small pop sound and the tiniest black circle appears until it explodes open and unfurls showing the cloak of Cloak. He appears hovering a few feet off the floor and looks about the room. His eyes go from Krista to Firestar. They rest on Firestar, when he finally speaks it is in a voice that almost echoes through the room, "Ladies."and bows his head.

Noting Krista's discomfort, Firestar moves away from her to create a more comfortable distance between them. "Don't worry, I know I'm young, but I promise you I have years of experience that belie my age, I won't hurt you. But just to be on the safe side, I'll try to keep some distance, if it helps..." Firestar's words are cut from her mouth when Cloak makes his entrance, causing her to stumble back and fall onto the couch, "wow! Cloak, I heard about you joining forces with us...didn't expect how intimidating of a presence you do have! It's not the same in person...sorry."

If there was going to be any response to Firestar it is interrupted by Cloak's sudden appearance, Krista start in surprise, cracking the back of her head on the cabinet behind her, if it hurt her there is no indication of it, but it seems to have hurt the cabinet door, there is now a crack running up the middle of it "Well if it isn't tall, dark and" she eyes the swirling cloak and with the echoing voice she has to make the comparation, "Vaderish."

Cloak would laugh, but he does not and simply offers in retort to Firestar, "Wait til you see what is under the cloak." He then chuckles in a somewhat heightened sinister type laugh. "Nice to meet you as well, Firestar." He looks to Krista, "And how are you adjusting to life as a New Warrior, Krista? Have you chosen some sort of codename and costume?"

Firestar blushes faintly as she's quick to point out, "I'm not sure I really want to find out, Cloak, but thanks for the offer." Shifting a bit to save face, Firestar now sits in a partially reclined posture, as if she somehow intended to do that in the first place when she fell on the couch from how startled she got by Cloak.

"You don't." Krista is quick to point out and considering that is how she got here, she would know "I get a costume?" her face brightens but there is no smile "You have some machine that just pops them out on an as needed basis?" she slides off the counter ready to go look for this thing if the answer is yes "I guess you could say Krista is my codename, I don't know my real one.

Cloak hmmmns loudly as he thinks, "Well, we may not have a costume machine. Mine sorta is me, but perhaps Night Thrasher can come up something or use his funds to provide you with something." He then looks the mutant over, "Krista works, but perhaps something more suited to your abilities. . .and as for your identity, I suggest a telepath may be of assistance."

"I could help in designing your costume, if you like," Firestar offers, before adding, "I am a bit of an artist," her voice sinks a bit as she tends to not flaunt her real life hobbies when around the New Warriors, it just seems fitting to offer to help the new girl.

Sighing, "I do not have much choice with mine." He looks over to a small table with various photos of the team. One showing himself and Dagger. His cloak animates and whips out snatching the picture, "Perhaps, Dagger may like a new costume. Our costumes should reveal who we are in some way. Dagger's costume is not revealing." He shows them the picture ( "Would you agree? Krista, perhaps you could wear one of Dagger's in the meantime?" he asks.

With no hidden machine to hunt down, Krista goes back to leaning against the counter. "I've gotten that advice before, but I don't know. What if I don't like who I was. What if I was some mean girl and knowing it all makes me that person again?" obvoiusly it is something she has thought of and is on the fence about. She makes a motion with her head, flipping the bangs from her cybernetic eye so she can focus better on the picture "I think that costume reveals plenty. Certainly a lot more than I would be comfortable revealing." she crosses her arms over her chest at the thought. "I don't need anything fancy. I already pretty impervious so most normal forms of damage and I am able to shrink my clothing with me.

Firestar looks at the picture and stays silent for a moment, before eventually murmuring, "Dagger isn't a shy girl, is she?" Hearing Krista say the same a bit more blatantly, Firestar grins nervously and murmurs to Cloak, "of course to each their own, I certainly won't tell Dagger what to wear." She then turns to look at Krista and stresses out, "you are what you are, not what other people say, nobody can change you. It's your decision. Trust me, I know."

Noting their reactions to the picture, Cloak looks at it again confused, "The costume reveals nothing of her personality. If anything it is restrictive. She shows nothing about her powers or her inner beauty." He looks back over the women and nods his head, "Well, you may not like who you were, but you will not be complete until you know for sure."

"Ohhhh! Oh my! I totally misunderstood you, Cloak...I thought you meant, well, revealing as in how guys talk about revealing..." Firestar seems a bit sheepish to admit the misunderstanding, but then it is a very easily understandable mistake. "Well, if Dagger would like, I could run some concepts with her on a sketchpad."

Krista does tend to say things a little less tactfully than she should. It obvious that she was thinking the same as Firestar but she isn't embarassed my her goof, perhaps because she is older. She then returns to Firestar's comment about people changing others, "But in this case it wouldn't be someone else saying who I am, it would be me.

"Oh, I see." Cloak pauses looking at the picture, "Well, to each his own or her own. It is better than what the Submariner wears." He sighs, "As for who you are, I suppose the advantage is that you can't be weighed down by any bad things that may have happened to you or you may have caused. Guilt is a horrible thing."

Nodding in agreement at the Submariner's choice of costume is Krista's only response to that. Her exposure in the past to heros and thier choice of attire has been severaly limited, but she is getting the feeling that may change "Guilt about what I may have done in the past no. But I have guilt all the same. I have to assume I have family out there somewhere, who probably thing I am dead or at best never coming home. That's not exactly a comforting thought.

Each of the New Warriors is gathered in the living room of the luxurious hotel they have used as a makeshift headquarters. Cloak offers, "Does that guilt outweigh your fear of knowing who you are? We allies in the Avengers and X-Men who can definitely help? Perhaps, Night Thrasher with his wealth. Perhaps money can help where telepathy cannot?"

"I'm sorry guys, but I just received a call from Night Thrasher, something is going out there and I can help, catch up with you later!" Firestar calls out and immediately lifts in the air before flying out the balcony, being curteous enough to only leave a streak of flame after she's gone out.

Dagger steps in and comes to cloak's side "We all carry the burden of guilt but sadly sometimes family isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sometimes when you look for family they lash out rather then embracing you, just because you're different. Sometimes it's better not to look, I'm sorry...I shouldn't talk like that" she was still upset with her own family, it was a lesson hard learned

As Firestar exits, "Yes, at times, Night Thrasher will summon us to go for assistance. Part of the life of a team. Just like I was asked to get you. Myself and the flyers on the team will just go out regularly, but it is for a good reason, oft times." Cloak offers when Dagger walks in and he embraces her with his cloak, "Well, you've seen her picture, but meet her in person. Dagger, Krista. Krista, Dagger."

"I don't..." Krista hmmms to herself its not something she has really thought of how one feeling effects the other "Well I never thought about it in those terms." as Firestar heads off and leaps from the balcony, she is quick to back away, not wanting to be in range of the girls possible microwave emissions. She still isn't convinced that they won't effect her cybernetics. As Dagger comes in her gaze goes to the picture she was recently shown then back to Dagger "I agree. I'll stick to the family I create for now and when I figure out completely who this new person I am becoming is maybe I'll take you up on the offer of help." she offers a hand out "Hi there.

Dagger smiles as though she's known krista forever "I'm sorry I said those horrible things, it was a lesson that still hurts and one that made me run away and search for a new family but I find family in the friends I make. I hope cloak didn't give you too rough a ride here" giving her partner a hug after she shakes krista's hand "what do you need help with? if telepathy hasn't worked, maybe light will" of this she is most optimistic, light can heal everything.

"Oh, yes. Stab her with a light dagger." Cloak nods in agreement with Dagger as he looks to Krista, "Hey light abilities can do amazing things. If not, then maybe we can reach out to the Avengers or the X-Men."

Krista holds up a hand, basically saying no non-verbally, "I appreciate the offer and perhaps in the future, either near or far I will go down that road." the hand drops to her side, "For now though I think your missing team mate, Namorita, takes prescedence over my broken brain.

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