The Line Between Good and Evil

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Shatterstar, Spiral, Firestar

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08/25/12 03:25

NYC Subway

Firestar goes after Shatterstar to see why the police are looking for him, on the way, the two run across Spiral

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Shatterstar runs down the stairs into the subway, taking three at a time leaping the last five altogether to land on the ground. He looks about quickly to get his bearings, then vaults over the turnstyle (without paying) and darts inside.

Spiral in the subways, oh my. She's looking rather suspicious as well, loitering in a dim spot, though her glowing eyes make her stand out quite clearly against the darkness. Passersby are giving her a wide berth, just in case. Six armed, glowing eyed women are to be avoided, if not actively rioted against. For her part, she seems to be waiting for something, or just watching.

Having heard from police conversation that they're looking for Shatterstar for some questioning, having lost him in the area, Firestar ventures into the subway just in case the culprit might be in the area. She's not being too subtle about it either, as she calls out, "Shatterstar...are you here? I just want to talk."

Shatterstar is looking around, trying to determine the best direction to run. He spots a train coming in and visions of leaping between trains Bourne-style run through his mind...until someone calls his name. Incredulously, he turns and looks in the direction he just came.

Spiral is evidently attracted by the sound of something interesting. So the poor victims/passersby are left alone for now, as she strolls through the subway towards the sound of someone called Shatterstar. Hardly a boring name, it implies someone of significance.

Eventually she strolls into view along the platform, most people getting out of the way around her. She's /that/ popular. But she hardens her heart against all these people who no doubt think that she's a freak, and focuses on Shatterstar. Aha! She's met him before! But someone else is calling her name, so she waits for now, wondering if this third party will make her appearance.

Firestar is walking directly towards Shatterstar when he turns, putting on a disarming smile, "I just want to talk, I'm not going to hurt you..." but then her attention turns towards Spiral, who for some reason looks much more threatening than Shatterstar, "is she your friend?" Firestar asks casually.

Shatterstar eyes Firestar, casts a glance up the stairs towards the subway entrance, then looks over towards Spiral when Firestar mentions friend. At the sight of Spiral his eyes widen slightly, and he shakes his head. "Not exactly," he replies.

Spiral does recognise Shatterstar even in her amnesiac state, because she met him a couple of weeks ago. She shakes her head at Firestar. "Our paths have crossed at at least one point in time; but I am not here because of him. The two of us being here is just a coincidence.".

She tilts her head slightly, her somewhat odd looking helmet accentuating the motion. "As you seem to be chasing him I doubt you are his friend, either." she observes, a little amused. It makes a change from people having a go at her good self at least!

"Oh," Firestar is caught off guard by that as she turns to consider Spiral more careful, this could be a tricker situation than it needs to be, "I see...well, do you mind if I have word with Shatterstar?" Smirking, Firestar doesn't look to appreciate Spiral's interpertation of her actions, "I'm not exactly chasing him, I just wanted a word with him."

Shatterstar doesn't take his eyes off of Spiral. "Whoever you can probably wait," the way he turns his slightly towards Firestar indicates he might be addressing that to her. Then he turns it back so that he's looking squarely at Spiral. "I thought I recongized you before...but I couldn't be sure. Spiral."

Spiral frowns thunderously. And she thought they were going to have at it or something and now suddenly everybody is looking daggers at her. Her lower hands go to her hips, one of her upper ones points accusing at Shatterstar. "You know my name. Something even I did not know for the last couple of weeks. Someone has been playing with my mind, more fool them, and I have still not fully recovered. But why are you both looking at me? Your business is with each other.".

She smiles her most pleasant smile at Firestar, which is to say, not very pleasant at all. "Of course not.". And one of her other hands gestures, inviting Firestar to walk over to Shatterstar with a sweeping motion. Not that Spiral herself evidently plans on leaving, not just yet anyway.

Shatterstar continues looking at Spiral, then finally when she makes the gesture he tears his gaze away and looks at Firestar again. "Judging by your attire, you must surely be a super-hero...does that mean we should fight first and then talk?" He seems completely sincere. "Feral claims that is how it is done."

"You've been attacked by a telepath?" Firestar asks Spiral, which is her first thought when she hears about someone being unable to recall their own name all of a sudden. Firestar turns to look back at Shatterstar, surprised at his directness, and choice of words. "Do you consider yourself a villain?" Firestar asks, not really knowing much about Shatterstar, admittedly, "because I don't see a reason to fight when we can just talk."

Spiral shrugs at Firestar. "Not that I remember, but I remember little, and everything is always so confusing even when I do remember. I remember different times, different places, different versions of people, the same events seen from different eyes, or with different outcomes." she tells her, truthfully enough, but apparently rather noncommittal. She's almost learning to just run with this crazy, crazy multiverse after a couple of weeks of it.

She does pout a bit at the 'no reason to fight' part, and heads over to settle down on one of the benches, looking all casual as she sprawls all her arms out.

Shatterstar shakes his head to Firestar. "Not a villain. It's...complicated. We fight villains. But then heroes try to stop us." Shatterstar shakes his head and then shrugs. "I'm mostly just here for the fighting. It's good practice." Now he glances back at Spiral, as if that should mean something to the six-armed lady. Or maybe he just doesn't feel comfortable looking away from her for too long.

Crossing her arms, Firestar nods at Shatterstar, "I see, well, you sound like you'd be a good guy. I'm with the New Warriors, ever heard about us? We fight crime, and we can do it without adults telling us what to do, we're responsible enough."

Turning to look at Spiral, Firestar offers, "we might be able to help you too, that is, if you want help. I think you need to see a telepath."

"Oh, that would be fun for the telepath, they probably would like what they would find in here." Spiral says with a grin, one hand pointing to her skull. She shakes her head. "The last offer of help soon turned sour, I think I will make do on my own. I am recovering, anyway, but thank you for your concern.". There is a faint trace of sarcasm in her voice that she is unable to suppress - after being stared at by the two of them, and Shatterstar in particular, she assumes, as always, the worst.

And she smiles a fake smile at Shatterstar. "I am not the one who chased you. Why do you keep staring at me?" she asks, voice hardening, not liking all this attention. She feels odd enough and freaky enough as it is. "Is it the arms?".

Shatterstar shakes his head now. "It is not the arms..." he corrects, tone grim. "It's the feet. The dancing." He turns towards Firestar now, then remarks, "I don't think she's here to harm me...or us," he ventures. "But I doubt she needs your help." He seems to debate what to do, clearly a bit uncertain in situations like this. Finally he decides to follow up on something else that was said. "New Warriors? Excellent, this world seems to have too few. And fighting crime is an excellent way to hone your skill." He adds knowingly.

Firestar seems surprised by the enthusiasm shown at the mention of New Warriors, "so you have heard about us? Great..., well, then you'd know I don't just pick fights for no reason. Now, Shatterstar, outside there are some cops looking for you. Do you know why the cops are after you?" She is being as polite and chill as she can be, not wanting to introduce any unpleasantness, wanting to keep it a friendly discussion. Peering towards Spiral, she's not quite sure whether she should offer any more help or not, but Spiral definitely doesn't seem the friendly sort. She gives the impression of a bully somehow.

Spiral has quite a few negative traits, and bully may well be one of them, though hardly the most defining. But while she has enough hatred in her for several lifetimes, she's forgotten most of that so by her standards is actually relatively friendly for a change! And Longshot is nowhere near.

But the two-armed folks are all still staring at her, cagey and suspicious, and that definitely doesn't bring out her best side. "Is it any wonder I find myself eternally annoyed, when you all stare at me with such ill disguised loathing behind your eyes." she gets out, with a theatrical sigh. "And all for the crime of waiting for a train in here." she adds, innocently. "And ah, the dance. You really do know me well!" she says to Shatterstar, becoming curious. "We should have a talk when you are free. I would know more of what you know of me.".

"I believe it was because I've been spotted fighting in public at least three times." Shatterstar remarks casually. "Against super-villains," he adds after a bit, almost as an afterthought. "None were killed or severely injured. They weren't even worthy contests, but since X-Force hasn't been on a mission for weeks now, I worry that I may grow rusty." He does indeed continue to watch Spiral, and every time she moves seems to make him tense a bit, ready to do...something. Fight, or dodge. React. However one of the few things he was told when he mentioned he would be prowling the streets of New York was 'don't start anything'. Which seemed to be pretty vague and prone to misinterpretation, but in this instance would seem to suggest keep talking. "I'd be happy to...speak further," he nods to Spiral. "Perhaps in a less crowded location."

Shatterstar he glances at the entrance again, remembering who's out there waiting for him. "But not right now," he quickly amends.

"What!? I've done no such thing! I never bear ill will to anyone," Firestar lies a little bit, because there's a whole world of pain she wishes on Emma Frost at one point, and perhaps still does if to a lesser extent. "Well, if you are with X-Force, I suggest you talk to Havok about the police being after you...because right now, you're headed on the path to becoming a villain. I suggest you even go to the police station and explain the situation to them, if you're brave enough..." Firestar leaves the challenge for him to do the right thing at that, and then floats a little bit in the air, as she looks towards Spiral, "I'll help you if you ever want my help...but unless you do something bad, I'm not going to be your enemy, or thinkg of you badly just because of looks. That's not me."

"Never ever?" Spiral asks Firestar, glowing eyes widening. "I don't need to be a telepath to sense a liar, if only because what you say is surely an impossibility.". She hops up from the bench, shaking her head. "Noble words, perhaps you consciously strain against your unconscious dislikes." she says, spreading all six hands. "I've not done anything bad, really." she says mildly. Well, aside from the baby murdering thing but nobody really knows about that anymore. "But I am always being told what to do. 'Dance, Spiral!'" she mutters drily. Told what to do, and hating every second of it it seems.

And glancing over to Shatterstar, she notes, "If you want to go to a less crowded location, I'm sure I can arrange that.".

Shatterstar turns his gaze on Firestar. Never bear any ill will to anyone? Pursing his lips for a bit, he nods. "Perhaps she's one of those emotionless fighting machine types who remain cool and collected at all times," he remarks. "For some, defeating enemies is never's just what they do." His clinical description makes it seem like he doesn't count himself among that group. "They rarely rise to fame, but they tend to have very successful records."

"I'm not a liar," Firestar sas at Spiral's accusation, "maybe I wanted to hurt one or two people, ok? But they were outright evil...twisted evil. You can't even understand how evil they were." Funny she should say that to Spiral of all people, but then she really has no clue about who the woman is and what she's been through. She casts one final look at Shatterstar, "well, it's not about the fight, it's about helping others...I'm sorry but I have to go now, do try and do the right thing!" And with that she flies out of the subway station, rushing to whatever it is she has on her schedule.

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