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Krista & Exodus

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Coney Island

Exodus assist Krista with her powers and wardrobe modification/malfunction.

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-----==[ Coney Island - New York ]==------------------------------------------

A true island until a creek silted up, Coney Island was once one of the most famous amusement parks in the country. Though it has hit hard times since its glory days of the 1930s and 1940s, it is still alive today as a popular tourist attraction. Primarily, this attraction is the beach, where on a good day over a half a million people can be found, swimming in the ocean.

The amusement parks which used to dominate the island are pretty much closed now. Only a few places remain open. Primary among these is the Boardwalk, the walkway of fast-food joints and arcades. Made of wooden beams, it is always crowded during the day with tourists sampling the original corn dogs and ice cream. The boardwalk is eight feet above the ground, and true to the song, the underneath section of the Boardwalk is a quiet place for those romantically inclined.

Brighton Beach lies to the north.


The many piers of Coney Island are often littered with fishermen casting their lines (and sometimes nets) into the waters below. Today is like any other, except for the distinct lack of fishermen at the far end of one white-washed walk. Instead of a dozen or so fishermen, there is but one man standing with his back to the shore looking out over the ocean. The man wears a purple and blue costume with a long golden cloak that is partially caught in the wind. His hair is long and black and his skin is of a reddish hue (not Native American, mutant reddish hue). His hands are rested upon the guardrail of the pier and he seems to stand alone - a depiction of his mental state.

Having a day off is nice and what better way to spend it then outside while the weather is still nice enough to enjoy it. Since the Coney Island Boardwalk is not only a great place to people watch but also has built in entertainment, the dimuntive Krista has chosed it as her distraction of the day. She walks down the wood walkway after having finished up a succesful round of skeeball, resulting in the winning at a stuffed animal that is almost the same size she is.

Aware of those around him, Exodus finds interest in the approach of the smaller woman. He senses her approach and then does a passive scan through her mind to recognize that she is a mutant. He will remain quiet and allow her to approach, if she dare.

The man by the railing is hard to miss, and while the cloak and outfit screams magician to her she isn't about to assume anything. Krista sets the large stuffed animal against the rail, and climbs up onto the lower beam so she can see over the top railing. It creaks under her height. "Oh, I missed the tide coming in." she says out loud.

Without looking over, Exodus will note, "The only thing you missed was the smell that accompanied it. And it was not at all pleasureable."

The young woman seems to find the response amusing and she gives a laugh, "Yes, I suppose you are right. Though I like to take pictures of the waves as they crash against the walkway pillars." there is a subtle lift of shoulders as if it is really no big deal that she didn't get the chance.

Exodus turns to face her and will leave a hand upon the railing while the other is consumed by the cloak as it drapes forward over his shoulder. His eyes possess a purple tint to them as he asks in the form of a statement, "You do not fear me as the others do. Yet your ability is nothing more than becoming smaller - which appears as if you have yet to grasp the means of restoring your normal height. Why is this?"

Admittedly Krista is pretty gutsy, but that has limits and those limits were reached quickly. Dropping of the railing, she lands on the walkway with a thud, causing it to give shake a bit. It's not necessarily fear she is feeling though, its more alarm at the man's knowledge, along with a healthy dose of confusion "How do you..." she starts but then changes her question midsentence "What do you mean normal height?" she truly has no clue what he is talking about.

Exodus' eyes narrow some and he seems to understand a bit more about her very nature - especially after the solid thud of her landing, "You see, my dear, you are able to shrink. I gleem that you are unaware of the consequences of such a feat. Perhaps it was blocked from your consciousness due to traumatic onset - that I cannot discern in a passive examination. Yet, your current stature is due to your ability being always on. Shutting it off will allow you to be restored to your optimum genetic height."

Krista's mismatched eyes stare at him as he explains, the left one unblinking, then she glances down at herself, "So I am not supposed to be like this?" its softly spoken more of a rhetorical question "And how do I fix it?

A moment, or several pass; all the while Exodus stares into the mind of the young woman and finds the right switch. Flipping it, he will turn off her 'always on' ability so that she may find her height. It's likely a temporary fix and one that will be reset between sleep cycles or if she uses her power again.

Exodus will then pull out of her mind and speak clearly as she grows to her normal height, "Like that."

The results are immediate, Krista shoots up so fast that she looses balance and nearly falls over. Her clothes are now several sizes to small. Her pants now more like long shorts and her shirt and hoodie not more like crop tops. She is quite stunned by the sudden change, and stares at her hands, arms and legs in disbelief. The boards of the walkway creak in protest at the sudden height change.

"Now we must do something about your increased density." Exodus smiles as he enjoys her reaction as well as taking steps in the direction that Magneto would desire - the aid of his own kind over that of anyone else.

OOC Notes:
[OOC] Krista hrms "I'll go with a temp fix for now, until I can buy off the flaw at least.
[OOC] Exodus says, "Exodus would further help reduce the density (if that's possible) and inform her that it is only a temporary fix until she's able to learn to control it, but he will be glad to aid her in these things and in days to come."
+roll used

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