The Interview and Tour of Keith Griffin

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The Interview and Tour of Keith Griffin

Keith Griffin, Leyu Yashida

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08/17/12 11:00

Salem Center, then Xavier Mansion

Keith is contacted by the staff of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and gets his interview, and his tour of the school. Then they make him an offer he can't refuse. No horse's head required.

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The cellphone Keith was given by the strange, gruff man rings. The ringtone is nothing exceptional or special. The number dialing in does not appear on the phone. Instead, a name appears: Dr. Yashida.

Meanwhile, in an office in the sub-basement levels of Xavier's Mansion, Leyu Yashida looks at herself critically in the mirror, cellphone Bluetooth (tm) headset in place. She has never done this, but since Jean and Scott are apparently busy, she has agreed to do her best. Now all she can do is hope she doesn't screw it up.

Assuming the phone is answered, a soft feminine soprano voice speaking clear, largely unaccented English offers, "Hello. Mister Griffin?"

Keith wrestles the phone out of his bag slung over his torso. Looking at the phone it appears he has no idea who's calling on the other end. He however does pick it up and answers, "Hello?" His fairly distinguished Irish accent rings back at the professor before a chuckle can be heard. "This is he. Is there something I can help you with?" He sounds strangely formal for a teenager, though maybe it's just a polite act? Either way, Keith seems to be quite keen on being presentable over the phone.

The voice on that other end does sound like the sample in the file. Leyu nods to herself, though of course that does not help Keith at all. "I believe, Mister Griffin, we may have that a bit backwards? I believe I may be able to help you. My name is Doctor Yashida. Doctor Leyu Yashida. I represent a very exclusive education establishment that may be of some interest to you. Do you have time to discuss this opportunity, Mister Griffin? Or would there be a better time to call back?"

Keith looks around almost in shock as he listens to the other voice. It's only when they finish their offer that Keith quietly, but noticeable, squeals with a soft excitement. He then immediately says, "Yes, yes! ... I mean, yes. I would love to talk about this opportunity further. I would be glad to meet where it is most suitable for the both of us. I'm staying at a hotel in Salem right now. So I could certainly meet up with you or a representative from the school."

"That would be fine, Mister Griffin. Perhaps we could meet this afternoon?" Leyu offers, glancing down at her notes carefully. "In Salem, if I recall correctly, there is a music center there, just off the square. It has several small meeting rooms available, and benches out front. I could meet you there in ... three hours, if that would be acceptable?"

Keith chuckles before saying, "That would be fine Professor. And you can call me Keith. No need to be completely formal as I find being politely aquainted to be quite more benefitting." He then can be heard moving about his hotel room gathering a few things as he replies, "Oh yes, that would be perfect. I'll bring another copy of my records? Just in case the school has already filed away the copies I sent earlier?" It sounds like a nervous offer to ensure he's ready for any and all questions for the interview process.

"If you would like to bring a copy for your own reference, Mister Griffin -- pardon me, 'Keith' -- that would be fine." Leyu responds. She'll have all of his records available to her through the secure portal app on her phone, but no need to explain that to him right now. "I will see you then. Have a nice day, Mister Griffin." Yeah. Sorry. Habits of a lifetime don't disappear in an instant. She doesn't correct him on the 'professor' part just yet. Soon enough they'll meet in person and she can explain.

Keith softly sighs as though he's having a hard time keeping professional over the phone. "Yes, quite. I will bring a copy for my reference then." He then laughs politely as he replies, "Good day, Professor." He then politely falls silent await so clearly for the other party to hang-up first.

As arranged, three hours later, Leyu Yashida is in one of the Mansion sedans, sitting back as the Shi'ar techology guides the vehicle to her pre-programmed destination. It even parks the car for her, which is a good thing since Leyu cannot drive. The car appears to be a late model common sedan in silvery grey. The woman who emerges as the door opens is of about average height and moderate weight, with modest but reasonable curves. Her silky black hair is currently a collar-length professional swept-do. Her attire of choice is a lovely charcoal grey skirtsuit with a crisp white poplin blouse and a scarlet silk scarf tie. The jacket has an embroidered crest on the pocket, with a X nestled amongst the 'flowering' shapes. She locks the car with a gesture and turns to walk towards the benches in front of the music center, looking around for anyone matching the images she has seen of Keith.

Keith walks directly into sight just as the woman from the school gestures toward her car. He reaches down straightening his red suit vest and fixes his white collar dress shirt. He then reaches down ensuring his khaki pants are presentable before striding confidently toward Leyu. He quickly adjusts his bag strap before extending a hand in greeting toward the woman. "Doctor Yashida? I'm Keith Griffin. You are the one expecting me for the meeting yes?" He looks around politely as though he didn't already know the Doctor is exactly who he expected.

Perhaps not expecting to be recognized merely on the license plate of the car, Leyu still approaches confidently, having identified Keith from his pictures in her files. "Mister Griffin. A pleasure to meet you." she offers, extending her hand to meet his, as she bows her head just a bit in a gesture of acknowledgement due in her own culture. "I am Doctor Leyu Yashida.." She produces a card and extends it towards him. A glance will reveal a series of letters following her name, including 'MS', 'MD', and 'PhD' It also notes that she is the 'On-Site Doctor, Biology and Anatomy Teacher'. "Thank you for meeting me. Shall we go inside and find a good place to talk?" she offers, gesturing towards the Music Center.

Keith lights up looks at Leyu with a broad smile. "It's an honor to meet you as well." He then mirrors the head gesture bowing his a touch further in some vague attempt to show he finds her to be a respectful elder. "Oh wow, very impressive Doctor. I had no idea the school had such well cultured teachers on staff." He then looks toward the Music Center and nods his head. "Most certainly, let us find a seat and enjoy ourselves." His accent bleeding slowly into his speech as he gestures respectfully to allow the Doctor lead the way.

Leyu leads the way inside, follows a hallway to a series of practice rooms, and opens one whose door is already ajar. She motions Keith inside and then closes the door, its soft 'whoosh' proving that it will seal firmly and contain all sound within. Interesting choice for a place to meet and talk like this, yes?

Inside the room is a table, a piano against one wall, and a few chairs. Leyu nudges one of these closer to the table and then turns to sit in it, facing the door and Keith. "Please, Mister Griffin, sit." She pulls out her phone and sets it on the table, pressing her thumb to the surface. After a moment it lights up, then its screen hold releases. A few gestures, and she brings up an app that then fades to reveal the image of Keith's records, starting with his picture.

"So, you prefer Keith, yes?" Leyu begins. "I am curious, Keith. Your records leave the reasons for your departures from several other schools rather ... open-ended. Is that anything you would like to discuss?"

Keith enters the practice room with a nervous expression on his face. He certainly wasn't expecting to be lead to a sealed room for a common interview. Though he should have known the mysterious man from the mall wasn't the only one who knew of the agenda. "Sure, it'd be my pleasure." He then reaches out slowly pulling out his own chair before facing the Doctor with his back to the door. He then watches in wonder as the woman navigates to a picture of him and a digital copy of his files. "Um, yes Doctor. I do prefer Keith." He then coughs lightly as the woman asks about his unexpected departures. "Oh, those... well I can explain. I mean, I hope I can explain." His expression moves to being slightly nervous, but he goes onward. "I have been asked to leave a few schools and as my records might show I've always been ask to vacate my position at more than a few." He looks around timidly before saying, "A number of my moving dealt with my family being informed that I was involved in a few school yard fights. The rest were... social difference."

Leyu watches Keith carefully, as her finger flicks, navigating the app, pulling up some of the records of those departures. "Schoolyard fights? So you may be a discipline problem, Keith?" she inquires. "What were these social differences? Obviously, we need to be able to be aware of such problems, so that we can do our best to assure those same problems will not repeat with our student body. That's the kind of incident we must avoid."

Keith looks shocked at Leyu before shaking his head vigoriously. "No, no. Not at all! If you look at my record none of the times I was in fights is there any report of me severly hurting anyone. Quite the opposite actually, I've only defended myself. Even when ganged up upon..." He then nods at the Doctor's inquiring about his social difference. "Well if we're being honest. My parents sent me off to boarding schools in America to ensure their family name was not tarnished. You see I have a tendancy to like and involve myself with people some might find... unsuitable." He sighs looking down at his lap and begins fidding with his hands. "I will be honest, most of my fights were because in one way or another my peers found out I pine after other men." He looks up at the Doctor with a guilty expression. "I've been a multiple victim of common school yard brawls over me liking one of my male peers."

Leyu raises a hand, a calming gensture towards Keith, encouraging him not to get so worked up. "I did not accuse you of hurting anyone, Keith. But that /is/ what happens in a fight. Someone gets hurt. I think it is only fair we ascertain why you would be getting into fights, and either put a stop to that, or pass on bringing that conflict into our own school. Don't you think so?"

She listens, Leyu never judging. She is calm, almost impassive and yet undefinably empathetic, a listener without investment or animus of her own. Finally, Keith admits the reason why he has had problems, and she nods slowly. "I see." Leyu offers, waiting for Keith to calm down and relax. A difficult revelation, that. "So you have experienced discrimination both verbal and at times physical, linked to your sexual preference and others' inability to accept that?" Leyu seems to consider this for a few moments. Then she asks, "Have there been any other reasons for these conflicts? Anything else we should address? It would best if we knew everything, of course." As if somehow being a gay teenaged male isn't enough.

Keith slowly nods in agreement with the Doctor before saying, "Yes Doctor. I promise I will be attempting to avoid conflict at all possible. I'm really a non-confrontational person. It's just my misfortune that fights and strange happenings always seem to sprout around me." He then quickly put a hand over his mouth like he might have said something incriminating before saying, "Excuse me, that was rude. I just meant I assure you I will not make trouble." He then looks a bit relieved before saying, "Well there were the two or three boarding schools that I left. Those were the ones that asked me to leave without detailed notes of reasoning." He then looks around slowly before saying, "Lets say, for imagination sake, that I were to admit to being a little more than the normal human. Lets expand this, strict hypothetical, and way I was to say I'm exhibit qualities one might expect from a mutant. Would that be unacceptable for your school's acceptance policy?"

Leyu listens just as impassively, allowing Keith all the rope he can use to hang himself, as it were. "Really? Misfortune? Fights and strange happenings? What sorts of strange happenings, Keith?" she pounces verbally.

When Keith gets around to the mutant question, Leyu shows no reaction whatsoever. Instead, she just gazes resolutely at him ... as her fingers flick over that phone screen again. A soft voice intones, "Remote scan complete. Confirmed." It came from the phone.

Leyu raises that hand again, gently but imperiously cutting off further questions or aggression. "For the sake of this hypothetical, Keith, I can assure you that our institution does not discriminate on the basis of gender, disability, sexual identity, or genetic disposition. So long as a good faith effort is undertaken to maintain proper safety for the sake of others, there would be aboslutely no reason for us to allow someone's mutant status to negatively affect their application status to the school."

Keith clear is well trained on using rope to hang himself, though clearly also as skillful at not killing himself all too quickly. "Yeah, I know strange happening always catches the eye..." He then looks over jumping up out of his seat for a moment. "Scan complete? What is going on here?!" He then looks extermely interested in what Leyu has to say about mutants before he clutches his chest. "O'Lord, thanks God!" He sighs finally seeming completely comfortable. "I will then warn you, and please don't make this public, but I am unregistered as of this moment. My parents already sent me off to boarding school for being too close to my best friend. They'd murder me if they found out I was so clearly a mutant."

"Please, Keith, remain calm." Dr. Yashida offers when he gets highly agitated. Sure, the portable Cerebro unit has him unnerved, and well it should. But she does have to do her job, and do it right. More lives than just Keith's are at stake.

Something flashes in Leyu's eyes, and the temperature in the room spikes by several degrees. when he speaks of his family and his mutant status. Her voice, when she speaks, is ... hard. Implacable. "No. They. Will. Not." She is not messing around, here. "Your parents may be upset. They may object. But they absolutely /will not/ threaten your safety." It's just a categorical imperative. That simple.

"It is to be expected, Keith, that you would be unregistered. You are not an American citizen, raised in this country with its laws." Leyu explains, as she continues. "We have no intention of making your status public. That would be rather anathema to our entire mission statement." Hunh?

"Very well, Mister Griffin. If you are amenable, I believe we can step out and move to my car. I can take you to the school, and give you a tour of our grounds. I should then be able to get you a meeting with the Headmaster and Headmistress of the school." Leyu offers, as she scoops up the phone, taps to secure its screen once again, and then slips it back into the pocket from whence it came. "Would that be acceptable?"

Keith looks surprised as Leyu speaks of him needing to calm and the sudden authority in her voice does prompt Keith to sit in his seat once more. "Yes Ma'am." He then nods assured as Doctor Yashida explains the acceptable status of being unregistered. "Well that is relieving." He then quirks a brow as the woman speaks of mission. "Your mission? You're mission meaning you have more than a few mutants at your school?" He then stands promptly as the Doctor indicates he passed the first interview. "Wonderful! I would most certainly love a tour and a meeting with the Headmaster or Mistress. I look forward to actually seeing this school that I've heard about briefly."

"I said 'mission statement', Keith. Most schools and businesses have them, encapsulating what they stand for, what the goals of their institution are and some of the spirit of ow they will be pursued. Have you truly never heard of one?" Leyu seems quite astounded by this fact. She also heads off any speculation. "I think, Mister Griffin, the best that can be said is that if I were to affirm that answer to you, I would violate to you the same trust I have asked you to place in me regarding your own genetic identity. I would assume that is the last thing you would want to happen. So obviously, that is not a question you have ever asked. Yes?"

Keith waves a hand before chuckling at himself. "Sorry, you have my apology. I'm getting a little socially anxious. I most certainly jumped to a wrong end." He then nods agreeing whole heartedly. "Oh most certainly, thank you Doctor. I will surely not press this matter again. I see that this establishment is the exact kind I have been searching to attending for a long while now. I must thank you again for the chance to attend such a fine school."

"Don't thank me yet, Keith. All I can promise you at this moment is that you have earned a tour, and a chance to meet the Headmaster and Headmistress. Your acceptance is their decision. I will, naturally, make my recommendation. But the choice will still be theirs." That said, Leyu stands and pushes back her chair, coming around the table to open the door, escorting Keith from the practice room back down the hallway towards the exit. She'll lead Keith to her car, which she opens with another gesture, motioning Keith forward. "Shall we, then?"

Keith nods in agreement with the Doctor. "Yes, I will ensure I keep those facts in mind. Though most clear my secrets are now laid out on the table. So there's really nothing I should be worrying about from here. Well minus the anti-mutant movement. Though everyone has their problems, right?" He then follows promptly in toe with his interviwer before nodding politely climbing into the car. "Mose certainly, lets depart."

Leyu climbs in beside Keith, buttons up the car, and starts the engine. She rests her hands on the steering wheel, and seems to drive the car. It is possible, however, that Keith might at some point realize that Leyu is not, in act, driving the car; she's just holding onto the steering wheel, while the car drives itself.

It takes about an hour for them to drive across town and then out along Greymalkin Lane, until they reach the safely nestled gates clearly labelled for Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. The car apparently has a transponder, for with a beep and a light lit on the dash, the gates begin to scroll open to admit them, and close after they pass. A short trip up the driveway, and they will follow the loop around and stop in front of the rather large (and recently completely rebuilt) Xavier Mansion, home to the school in question.

Once the car parks, Leyu climbs out and comes around to let Keith out. She then leads the young man on a guided tour of the rather impressive grounds and the Mansion itself, though she never once hints at the presence of anything of any more significant than a wine cellar below ground. Nevertheless, Keith will see more than enough to demonstrate that this is a truly exceptional school facility, the like of which even he - a frequentor of quite a few private schools and academies - has never truly seen before. Included in the tour, Keith will get the chance to meet several of the students and other faculty at the school, including likely those who already know Keith, either in passing or better than that.

Eventually, Dr. Leyu Yashida will lead Keith to offices on the first floor, where they will meet with the Headmaster and Headmistress of the school. It is here that Keith will finally be let in on the secret that the school is in fact explicitly intended to gather and train young mutants, all aimed towards the eventual goal of fostering peace and cooperation between mutants and non-mutnt humanity. And Keith will be offered his chance to join that program.

Keith falls silent within the car not really ready to make small talk quite yet. His expression does change briefly as he periodically looks over at Doctor Yashida as though wondering something. Though after the first couple times it's clear Keith is not willing to ask any questions. It's when they finally arrive at the front of the mansion that Keith's mouth falls gap. "Wow, this place is impressive! Especially impressive after hearing 'bout the place crumbling for a short time." He then exits the car with a certain movement of grace about himself. On the tour it's clear Keith is captivated by the whole grounds. Only asking a few questions before following excitedly behind his guide. It's finally after the tour and explaination of the intent of the school that Keith sits back in the chair he so comfortably has settling himself into before saying, "Wow! Impressive school, an offer to train my ability, and all the while getting an impressive school on my transcript. I can't think of a reason I'd say no... well you guys do have a gym where I can practice my gymnastics right? Maybe even an active gymnastics team?"

Of course there is a gymnasium - quite a large and impressive one, and Keith has already seen it. But given everything he has seen, maybe it just slipped his mind. "We may not have a competition gymnastics squad, but you can rest assured that we have some of the world's best gymnasts living and working here, and we will make sure you train with them."

Keith claps in excitement as he says, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" He then lightly bites his bottom lip looking around the office. "You don't know how much this means to me. Finally somewhere I can belong and not have to worry every second thinking I'm going to get jumped or beaten up." He sets his arms firmly onto the arms of his chair before looking directly at Leyu. "I'll ensure you all won't regret giving me this amazing chance, I promise!"

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