The Indians Return

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Mirage, Thimble

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03/14/13 18:00

Western Grounds - Xaviers

Mirage comes back after a few days of camping

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Another relatively warm day has enveloped the school this early spring day. It's later in the afternoon so most of the classes are over for the day. This means that students and faculty are spread all over the campus, inside and out doing whatever it is they do in their free time.

Little has been seen of Dani since the incident with the Native American gods; she's pretty much avoided the student body and took a few days off to recover. She is back from where ever it was she was hiding now though, apparently quite recently returned in fact. She walks across the ground, a well used backpack slung across her shoulders. Following close behind her is a startling white horse that even from a distance doesn't look quite like your standard horse; it has wings, currently folded against its body. The Pegasus is free of saddle or reins though it does have saddle bags and a rolled up sleeping bag and/or small tent is secured to them.

Janie is wearing her New Mutants Uniform, something like a bag folded in front of her chest as she walks over the grounds. As she sees someone heading roughly her direction, she stops, eying over to her. Classes are out and she is not exactly having any kind of allowance to wear her uniform outside of a training mission that is not scheduled at the moment. Whatever she carries with her seems to be mostly black, and she did have added some pockets to the legs of her uniform just recently - even if that was not done by her power.

Dani is making her way to the stables in a general fashion, not exactly taking the path that leads there but heading in that direction. Her clothes (longsleeve flannel over a t-shirt, jeans and fringed moc boots) are a bit crumbled, like one would expect after spending a couple of days camping. She isn't paying any particular attention to anything around her, or doesn't seem to at least, sometimes with her it is hard to tell.

Thimble did speed up to meet whoever was returning from the camping there with a horse, the bundle of fabric pressed to her chest as she run. "Who's there?" she asked, just loud enough to be mentionable, the black and Yellow of her uniform slightly reflecting the light.

Both Dani and the pegasus look in Janie's direction simultaneously. There is no telling which set of eyes she is looking through, but Thimble may not know about that aspect of her powers "It's just me Janie." she replies in a weary voice as she continues forward, though altering her path slightly to walk toward the young woman.

Janie stops a moment, then speeds a bit up "Miss Moonstar... Are you allright again?" she asks as she joins her walk, still pressing the fabric bundle to her chest. Now on a closer look it closses silky, and ther is a bit of yellow on it. "Miss Grey said you were being controlled..."

Dani is thoughtful a moment as the pegasus stretches her neck out to sniff at the new person "Physically I'm alright. I honestly don't remember much Janie. I remember fighting but I couldn't tell you who I was figthing against. I couldn't even tell you how long I was in that state. I remember the encounter in the woods and the next thing after that is feeling the presence of Rahne, a fight of some sort, but not like the one that was described to me, and then stabbing Owayo." and hand comes up to rub the back of her neck "Apparently I tried to kill you. Sorry about that.”

"Yes, but you were pretty bad at it. People actually hit me before. You did not manage a scratch," Janie remarks, stating a fact. Well, but that she wasn't hit was not entirely her own work. "What matters is, that we kicked their butt. Big scale."

"That's one of the problems with mind control, at least for people that aren't particularly skilled at it. The controlee has a harder time making quick second decisions based on past experience. In this case I couldn't access my sword fighting experience to utilize the weapon in the best possible manner." a half grin comes to her face "Lucky for you.

Shuddering a bit, Janie checked if her teacher had a sword with her, sighing in relief as she can't find one. "I hope I don't need to be lucky again." she muttered, realizing that Mirage had that psychic bow in their defense. "I blueballed their Dogman before you snickersnackered him."

Apparently both Dani and the Pegasus find that funny. Dani laughs, while the winged steed makes a laugh like neighing noise and lifts her head up and down. "I doubt you least not when it comes to me. Owaya is a powerful deity, neither of those will stop him for long, but maybe he will think twice before trying to come after us again.”

Janie snorts a bit as she opens that parcel like folded piece of fabric she carried "Next time he can say goodbye to his eggs and pissing his name into the snow." she claimed, throwing the cape she just unfolded over her shoulders. A black cape of silk, embodied with black and yellow on the whole area, forming a yellow X over it. "His pants will be his most worthy enemy."

An eyebrow goes up as Janie unfurls the cape and wraps it around her shoulders "Okay, I can understand the logic behind the cape, considering your powers, but you may want to anchor the ends to another part of your uniform to it can't be used against you.”

Janie ponders a bit "I can't work with the uniform really. It seems not to be something I can work with. Like metal threads." she contemplates, closing the ribbon of the cape. "How should they use it against me?"

Debates quickly if she should demonstrate or just tell her. After the recent events, Dani goes with telling her "Grapping the back and wrapping it around your head, blinding you, neck, choking you, or body, binding you, for a starters."

Thimble smirks a bit as she concentrates just enough to let the cloak fold itself together on her back. No science there, just folding it to a tight sort of backpack. "Like that?" she eventually asks, tying a small ribbon on the inside of the package

"That's a start." Dani says as the is nudged by the Pegasus "If you open it up in a fight though be careful not to let anyone get their hands on it." she gives another half grin "On the other hand you can let them do so and turn the tables on them, by using your powers to make it engulf them, instead of the other way.

"It's a reservoir of approximately 10 kilometers of silk yarn stitched into it." Janie gives in, looking skywards a bit "There's a crow heading south." she remarked, but it could be a normal crow as much as anything else.

Dani nods, "Good choice of materials. It's light but is still strong, espcially if woven together." her gaze looks up and follows the crow a few seconds. If her recent experience with crows lately wasn't so harrowing she would probably take a second to find out where its heading, but now she just doesn't want to know "They do that sometimes.

Janie nods "I had to ask Miss Grey for the stuff. It's not so cheap." she mutter eventually. "And it looks good."

Dani makes a gesture in the direction of the stables as the Pegasus nudges her again. Apparently the steed is anxious to get the saddlebags and equipment off "I'm sure Ms. Grey had no problem getting it for you." she starts heading to the stables again "Come on Janie, how about you help me with Brightwind while we continue this conversation."

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