The Hostess Gang Strikes Again

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Arachne, Ant-Man II, Black Panther, The Hostess Gang

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11/19/12 11:16

Birchson's Bakehouse - Tribeca

The heroes are confronted with angry members of the Hostess gang as they pass out Hostess pastries

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-----==[ Birchson's Bakehouse - SoHo and Tribeca ]==--------------------------

This is a large, single spacious room made from red brick. The floor is hardwood with various throw rugs, and a fireplace on the far side of the room. To the left of those entering the room is the counter, where a number of pies, cakes, and other baked goods are displayed by the cash register. Tables and chairs set up in conference-style rows fill the room between its wooden columns, and seem to provide a rather cozy setting. The decor is sparse but pleasant, as though the owner didn't want to overdecorate. The most notable sensation one will find here is the strong aroma of home cooking. From the smell, it's some of the best there is.


Found on the patio of the bakehouse, T'Challa is in his normal guise. He's seated at a small table for three and basking in the warm rays of the sun which stream through the branches of a nearby tree. Before him, upon the table, is a cup of tea, a device that appears to be a cell phone, and a plate with a pastry upon it.

Seated with T'Challa is Scott Lang, who was invited to the brunch to discuss technical aspects of refitting and updating the Avengers Mansion with new and improved Wakandan Technology. They've been covering the various subjects, benefits and the time frame.

Other patrons are located about the patio also having tea and pastries. The patio is blocked off by an iron fence that is no more than 3' high.

Not invited to the gathering, but in the neighborhood is the lovely Julia Carpenter also in street attire out doing her normal daily routine. Though she has not seen T'Challa or Scott just yet.

As Julia walks in front of the patio fence, she is first to see a gang of guys jumping out of the back of an old, two tone El Camino that just screeched up to the sidewalk. In their hands are shopping bags filled with delicious Hostess treats. Three of the five leap the iron fence as they're yelling, "It's cause of bakeries like this one that Hostess is going out of business!", "Here; try one of the delicious pastries - far better than anything you can get here!", "Try a Twinkie, it'll stay fresh forever!"

One of the five stops in front of Julia with a lecherous smile on his face, he says, "Well hello there, babe, want to try one of my delicious fruit pies?"

Julia has seen a lot of things in her years as a crime fighter, but nothing has prepared her for snack cake toting bandits. It's almost like some weird dream. Giving the thug before her a distasteful look up and down she moves to walk around him "Thank you, but no." she tells him firmly, though in the back of her mind is a doubt that he will accept that as an answer.

Standing, T'Challa will eye the thugs, note the girl being accosted, and then state clearly to all involved, "Public spectacles such as these are not welcome. I recommend the lot of you depart before measures to remove you become physical in nature."

The thug in front of Julia turns to look at T'Challa and smirks, "Looks like we got us a Hostess Hater. Come on boys, let's get outta here before he whines and calls the coppers."

The thugs will desist and take what delicious treats are left over - some patrons did accept the free packaged pastries.

Glad that the strange thugs have decided not to stand up to T'Challa, Julia pauses to watch the thugs depart with their goods. Once they are getting back into thier vehicle she will turn her attention to the cafe and its occupants. Recognizing one or maybe two of them she will approach the fence that divides the al fresco dining area from the sidewalk "That certainly was strange."

Looking up from whatever he was pouring over as they worked on updating Mansion security and tech, Scott Lang chimes in finally. "Yes, Hostess out of business, the city is in an uproar. I imagine its a ploy to cell current stocks, drop stock prices, resell the company and products to a good friend. Next year we'll get a re-release of Hostess products under a new brand name." He was ready to stand when T'Challa got up, but didn't move as he had waited to see what might happen.

The thugs jump back into the El Camino and speed away to spread their Hostess goodness in other parts of the city. "Quite strange, yes." remarks T'Challa to Julia while offering her a place at the table, "Though I would not speculate on the reformation of the Hostess company and their possible reformation; I will remark that it will be a loss to the American palate.

Once again, our have saved the day from the Hostess Gang - and though the Hostess company may be going out of business and their delicious pastries may never be seen within the pages of the comics, it's True Believers such as yourselves that allow Hostess greats such as Twinkie-the-Kid to live on in infamy.

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