The Fly Who Got Away

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Spiderman Meets Elektra

Elektra, Spiderman

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New York City

Spiderman interrupts Elektra on a job

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Northernmost Manhattan - Rooftops - New York

The north section of Manhattan is where things a bit more calm, but can still be dangerous if one's not careful. Harlem is down below and capable of exploding into angry fits at random intervals. With blocks of residential areas around, rooftop travel here is a bit low on the height factor, but can still provide an interesting challenge.

The Northern side of the city doesn't get a whole lot of superhero action for the most part. It could be for a variety of reasons. One being that the real money is on the other side of the city, so when big crimes break out or super villains go to town they choose to go to where they'll get the biggest haul or the biggest press coverage. Up here near Harlem there's definitely still crime, though it's not quite as high profile.

There's one other reason why at least one particular wall-crawler doesn't get along well in the north side. No sky scrapers.

Darting across a rooftop, Spidey dashes over a three story building, leaping across the slim alley between the two smaller apartment buildings. He's still able to keep a good pace, running, leaping, with the occasional zip-line fired from a web shooter with a /thwip!/. He gets to where he's going without too much ado. He perches atop one of those buildings, being mindful to be more cautious since he's a bit more conspicuous out here. He peeks over the side to look across the way at the 'social club' that he'd gotten word about for the crime family's meet.

What greets his gaze is curious. The handful of the gangster's cars are still there, but there's no music coming from within and the guy standing guard at the front door seems to be slouching most peculiarly.
From afar, Spider-Man figures we can incorporate your crime family attack thing into it, and Spidey investigates and voila.

He's just a few moments too late to witness the shot, and as Spidey reaches the rooftop the assassin is already lowering the rifle. It's a high-end German piece with full optics and a large suppressor. Unregistered and meticulously free of fingerprints, Elektra leaves the rifle casually behind as she drops rapidly along the fire escape.

Shooting the door guard was just a diversion, really. Flush the game. Elektra moves in the shadows, seeming to move -between- them like a ghost trailing white streamers. She's not heading for the front door, but for the back entrance. After all, that's where everyone will run once they see the body slouching out front.

There wasn't even a tingle, no warning as he'd arrived. But right now his spider-sense is blaring, a terribly intent warning that this situation is wild and up in the air. And, curiously enough, the focal point seems to be that woman in white.

There's no hesitation in him, no hint of concern for his own safety. One moment he's on the rooftop, the next he's in the air swinging. A webline /thwips!/ to snare an electric pole and he swings around it to launch himself forward at speed. Hurtling through the air it lets him keep pace, then catch up to the woman in a parallel course. He lands atop the roof of that gentleman's club just as the back door is thrown open by a huge guy holding a heavy pistol.

Elektra doesn't move -quite- as fast as Spidey, but she's definitely faster than a 'normal' human should be. She's still moving in when the back door is slammed open. There's a flash of metal an instant before the bruiser cries out, his gun hand stapled neatly to the wall by the thrown sai. A second sai is readied, held by the point as she approaches him. "You're not the one I want." she declares. And that's when she pauses, cocking her head as some internal warning of her own goes off.

It's just enough of a warning as she'll hear the /thwip!/ moments before a gob of webbing is sent hurtling towards her hand almost as if trying to pin her down against a nearby street lamp in much the same way as she just pinned the goon, though without the ouchiness.

Landing even as he fires, he perches there on the hood of an old Honda Civic and lifts his voice, "Hold up, Elektra!" Recognition dawning abruptly, but then he adds even as he tries to cover her with both his web-shooters, middle and ring fingers held back by his thumb as he keeps a bead on her. "I know these guys probably told you that you weren't allowed into their little club here, but there's no reason to over-react."

Elektra's precognition serves her well this time, and the glob of webbing is a near miss. A deft turn by the assassin and the web blob splats against the wall, bringing her around to face him. With a casual gesture, she flips the heavy pistol away using the point of her sai as she wrenches the blooded one free of the goon's wrist. "Go now." she instructs him simply, attention back on the Spider.

Hearing the name, the bruiser clutches his injured wrist with wide eyes. He practically RUNS back into the club, where all hell breaks loose. There loud yelling in Italian, furniture crashing as the criminals trip over themselves to escape out the front. The dead body in the doorway doesn't help matters, either. Elektra purses her lips and sighs. "You realize that you just ruined an evening's work."

"Alright, in this situation you totally do /not/ get to lecture me."

Spider-Man flips forward and moves to cover the door as well as her, though he shifts one hand to the side. He crouches there and glances to the corpse, then frowns behind the mask. Looking back at her he says, "First off, I thought you were dead. Secondly. If you think you're killing anyone else tonight you're even crazier than everyone tells me and lady that's quite the benchmark."

His brow knits and then he focuses on her. "And you know I can't let you go, I mean I know Daredevil will probably be super-mad but still."

Of course as this discussion is going on outside the club, there are raised voices from inside. Loud voices shouting.

"The hell is it!"

"It's Elektra, man! And the Spider. We gotta get the hell outta here!"

"Who the hell is Elektra-Man?"

"No, not... just shut up and run!"

Then, as if to punctuate the chaos from inside there's the sound
of several gunshots as a few rounds are fired through the windows, shattering them even as the rest of the thugs beat a hasty retreat and leaving these errant bullets as parting gifts.

Elektra just stands there, faced off with Spiderman. A sai in either hand, one bloodied and one not, the former is pointed towards him and held so remarkably still that the blood from the goon's wrist begins to slowly collect on the tip. Blue eyes narrow and she grits her teeth. "You would do well to keep Daredevil out of the conversation. And you have no -evidence- of my involvement in any killing tonight. I know your precious -system- requires that."

"Yeah, I'm a more live in the now kinda guy, we'll let the lawyers figure that other stuff out." And as quick as that, the chatty portion of the evening is over. She can see the decision made in his mind through evidence of his body language. There's a slight tension in his arms, he hunkers down subtly with his knees bending, and then the web-shooters come around and he fires a pair of globs at her even as he /leaps/ to the right, almost starting to cart-wheel up the side of the wall.

It's not much of a telegraphed intent, but it's enough. The webbing splats against the wall as the woman leaps to her -left-, closing the distance between them. Landing with a graceful shoulder-roll, steel sparks on brick in a wide arc as Spidey cartwheels -up- instead of over. "Lawyers are a waste of breath." she hisses back, ignoring the blood stain left behind by her sai. The assassin twists into a series of back handsprings, slipping her sais away as she moves rapidly away now. After three handsprings, she lets fly a double trio of shuriken at the Spidey, in case he's still on the wall.

A few more /THWAPS!/ of webbing follow after her as the two vigilantes stage their own shoot out, though their movements are almost faster than the eye can follow. Little grey gobs kick up dust as they smack into the ground inches from her feet as she flips backwards. Then there's a flicker of movement and those blades slice across the air straight at him.

The shuriken make him move, launching off the wall and twisting in mid-air. It's almost as if he lets himself go limp, rolling through the movement as the small blades whisper past, one slipping under his arm, behind his shoulder, between his legs. None quite connecting, but coming close enough to leave goosebumps.

Landing in a three-point stance, snaps his head up, "So the whole being dead thing? What happened with that?"

Taking advantage of the shuriken distraction, Elektra vaults over a dumpster to land lightly on the other side; a shield from further webbing for the moment. "I was. But I'm not anymore." she replies simply. There's a pause, and when she continues her voice comes from shadows across the alley. "The Hand wanted to resurrect me. The Chaste wanted it more."

"You'd imagine someone who'd been dead wouldn't, you know, kill folks too much." Spider-Man keeps up the patter even as he hops forward, thumping onto the hood of a car and using the bounce of the chocks to help him leap up to perch high atop a street lamp, crouching there and looking down upon the shadowy alleyway. His eyes narrow behind the mask and his senses are keenly on high alert, half-expecting her to press the attack. "Well things haven't changed that much since you've been gone. Yankees fans are still jerks, the #5 Green line is always five minutes late, and oh yeah I don't let folks murder each other."

"I do not kill indiscriminately." comes the reply, from yet another shadow this time. "If you knew the men inside the club, you would understand." Understand, perhaps, but likely still not approve. The alley goes unusually quiet for a few heartbeats, and then he gets the familiar tingle just in time to preceed another small cloud of shuriken. She's playing with him.

"Oh so long as you discriminate with your killing. I suppose that's ok." Perhaps he'd just been waiting for that sort of thing as when the shuriken fire he ducks forward, rolling across the distance partially and coming up in a half-crouch with hand snapping into position splay-fingered as a large net of webbing washes forward as if trying to trap her from where she fires from. It's in that instant that he hopefully has snared her that he darts forward into the shadows of the alley, almost with a 'Ha-ha!' clear in his body language as he seeks to trap her.

Spidey succeeds in trapping... a very annoyed alleycat. The assassin disappeared with that last spray of shuriken, melting into the night. The rifle is left behind, even. Unregistered, without serial number, and meticulously devoid of fingerprints. Between pauses in the alleycat's hissing, he can almost hear her laughing at him in the silence.

On the other hand, she didn't SERIOUSLY attack him. Perhaps she is actually reforming...

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