The Fixer Broke It

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Black Panther Mirage Sandman The Fixer Firelord Human Torch Invisible Woman The Thing Mr Fantastic

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03/22/13 22:13

Oscorp Tower Roof

The heroes kick the Fixer's butt and send Firelord packing.

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-----==[ Rooftop - Osborn Industries - New York ]==---------------------------

The roof of the Osborn Industries, Inc. building is square, and nearly empty across its gritty, grey-tiled expanse. The elevator open to a wooden door, which in turn leads directly out onto the roof. Diagonally opposite the small shack that surrounds the elevator at its peak is a massive steel beast, a long tube with large round discs at either end, which throbs with a low rumble at all times, operating all of the heating, air-conditioning, and safety fans in the building's offices and labs. Around the edge of the roof, the walls of the building rise to a two-foot wall, roughly one foot in thickness, intended to keep maintenance and survey crews who use the roof from falling. Atop the shack which houses the elevator are a series of antennas, bound together by a series of wires and cables which descend down the side of the elevator shaft.


While using one of the flying cars, Mirage is on her way back to the X-Factor Tower when SHIP indicates, "Mirage, I am detecting strange energy patterns atop the Osborn Tower. Would you be able to investigate?"

"I'm on it. On route now." Mirage replies to Ship as she turns the vehicle in the dirction she needs to head and guns it as she increases her altitude. She isn't sure about landing on a building that has strange energy signatures coming from it so she will circle above it a few times to do a visual scan as well as whatever scans that the flying car is capable of doing.

It's close, such that the HUD identifies the rooftop from 2 miles out and triangulates the vector. It also provides a magnification of the rooftop with low light enhancement (due to it being night).

What Mirage is able to see through the telescopic view are two men standing atop the very high tech looking rooftop. One is in black whom SHIP identifies as Black Panther, the other is unrecognized. The second man is donned in peacemeal cybernetic armor and seated within a hovering chair. The hovering chair is linked into the rooftop's circuitry and there's arcing electricity all about. Also around the chair is a force field.

The Panther and the unidentified individual seem to be at odds and the Panther is battle ready, yet interfacing with something on his left wrist, a console of sorts - perhaps trying to hack into the unknown's system.

[OOC] Black Panther says, ""

Not wanting to make her prescence known, Mirage will go dark with the lights on and in the flying car and land on an adjacent building out of LOS of the unknown figure. "Ship can I get an audio on what is going on over there? Patch it through to my comm please." she will then leave the vehicle, taking the binoculors from the storage compartment and moves over to the ledge cloest to the altercation.

Audio is captured as Mirage takes her stealthy position some 100+ yards away.

"Fixer, you have no idea what you're doing." notes the Panther.

"On the contrary, Panther, I know exactly what I'm doing. Through the tech within the Oscorp Building, I am tapping into the global satellite network and will tap into the power cosmic. Through it, I will gain ultimate power and then crush you like an insect."

Hero protocol prevents her from just shooting a psiarrow into the bad guys back and ending the altercation, and Mirage doesn't want to step on the Avenger's figuarative toes. She can make it known that she is in the area and can be counted on for backup "Ship can you tap into Panther's comm unit? If so tell him I'm here for backup and slide me to the following location." she will give distance and direction so that she is on the roof but behind Fixer "Then try to isolate the signal satellite signal that cyberguy is hacking into and shut it down."

SHIP relays, "Connecting to Panther now. Please be aware, bodyslide will be bumpy due to the amount of energy and force fields being used in the immediate area. Further, I am unable to connect to the system the Fixer is accessing, it is secure and isolated."

"Noted." Mirage says, doubting that a bumpy bodyslide couldn't be any worse than the naseauting expereince Nightcrawler's teleports are, that's the hope at least. The alternative is to jump across the buildings, but not only would that remove her element of surprise, she could miss. At least with bumpy there is still a chance her arrival will be unnoticed, especially with all the energy crackling around, and Fixer focused on Panther. It's worth a shot.

The bodyslide is just that, bumpy and rending. As if she was pushed through a 1 foot diameter hole, even though she is a bit wider than 1 foot.

Coming out on the other side of the Fixer, Mirage will note that the force field is like a diving bell that arcs over him and settles into the rooftop beneath his hovering chair (where all the technical connections are).

The Panther does not incline toward responding to Mirage as he doesn't wish to give away her presence. He continues typing onto his wrist as he speaks, "It does not quite work that way, Fixer. The overall values you're working with do not account for the space-time phase flux that will cause a cascade effect and ultimately be destructive to not only yourself, but everyone in the city."

Well at least she isn't throwing up, though feeling that she was just pulled through a straw isn't something Mirage wants to repeat. She would point out to Ship that 'bumpy ride' was a bit of an understatment but that would be giving herself away.

It takes a few moments for her to recover, so she is only vaguely able to pay attention to the conversation going back and forth, not that she would be able to fully understand it beyond the fact that whatever the cyberguy is trying to do is going to mess up things bad if he isn't stopped. What little she does hear is enough to cause her to focus on the situation and not what she is feeling so the bow comes out, the normal mundane one.

"One thing you fail to understand, Panther, is that you are too late..." and with that the Fixer pushes the 'big red button' that triggers the effect. There's a surge of power, a bright white beam that shoots up into the power, and then a shockwave that emits from the force field knocking the Panther back several yards (of which he rolls out of).

Leaping to his feet, the Panther withdraws a hand held, red, glowing vibranium triangle from his belt pouch and throws it into the beam. "Late is perspective, and flawed, just like your calculations."

The shockwave throws Mirage back causing her to land hard on the rooftop and slide back a few feet and into the ledge, had it not been there she would have went over. Her bow goes flying, but that is hardly needed in her case. She shakes off the impact with the ground and ledge in time to see Panther leap to his feet and shout at Fixer. She doesn't bother getting up completely, just goes through the motions of aiming and drawing, the psibow and arrow manifesting which she fires off at the Fixer.

The arrow slices through the air in route to the force field. Striking the field, the arrow seems to be stripped down to the core as slivers of psychic energy are stripped from its sides. The arrow continues just as the Fixer turns to look back and spy the arrow with a partial hint of surprise. He's struck in the forehead, his one revealed eye closes and his red optic flashes. He flenches and reaching upward toward his head he mutters, "Ach... not at all expected. Well played, Mirage of X-Factor - well played. But you are out of your league, mutant. Your gifts do not work on the likes of me, especially with the ability to adapt to your every attack."

The white beam flashes once again and turns the same hue as the thrown vibranium blade. The red hue is cast upward into the night sky and deep into space at the speed of light.

The Panther states, "Don't underestimate the mutants, Fixer, they are a force to be reckoned with. Especially the females."

Mirage has no doubt that Fixer has a certain amount of adaptability to a number of mutant abilities, but she is no run-of-the-mill street level mutant hero, and has been trained by some of the best in the hero business. And even if he can adapt she won't know that unless she tries. "Especially this female." she says aloud as she stabs into his mind with her own to seek out his greatest fear and show it to him. Hopefully his mind isn't all technostuff, or else she will have to improvise.

The bell shaped force shield has already adapted to resist mental assaults - combined with the power he's pulling from Oscorp, his abilities are maxed out.

It's like walking through thick mud as Mirage pushes through the barrier and then reaches into his mind which is a complex mess of circuitry and logic systems. Fear within him is 'loss of control'. Which is already happening (unbeknownst to himself and all those around). The effects of her assault will take a round or two to be processed through all the firewalls and other safety protocols that are designed to keep telepaths from affecting him. He hates Mentallo and Psycho Man.

Another flash of energy is seen descending from the heavens in the color of yellow/orange and bulbos. It streaks down toward the Fixer's location.

Mirage hasn't moved from where she was flung by the shockwave at least not by much. She stares hard at Fixer as she fights her way through the maze of circuitry and gray matter that makes up his mind. This is why she doesn't like cyborgs and robots, they are hard to work with.

The Fixer is distracted by the incoming pulse from above. He's panicked and clicking virtual keys as quickly as he can. The yellow/orange pulse strikes the apex of the bell. The force-field cracks like webbing.

From her left, the Black Panther will leap and attempt to grab Mirage and pull them both off the rooftop. "We should depart." is stated in a polite, yet directed tone - for her own safety. If she goes with him, he will carry her off the side of the roof with the intention to recover during the freefall.

In her sitting position, leaning against the ledge wall, Mirage really wasn't really able to resist being grabbed and flung over the edge. The way she winces as she is moved it seems there was a reason she stayed where she was. She probably was injured when she was flung back and hit the wall. As she falls in the grasp of Black Panther, she doesn't panic as some would, though she doesn't seem pleased by her change of circumstances "Today is not a good day to die!" she exclaims, not sure it a bodyslide would be enough to save either of them.

Having his own reasons for having been in the area, the Avenger known as Sandman, had been moving from roof to roof. Using his sand form to move from building to building relatively easily. He happens upon the unusual sight of two people flinging off the roof of Oscorp. "Crap." Upon the edge of the roof of Oscorp, he attempts to move quickly elongating his sand body to stretch out in an attempt to grab the falling Panther and Mirage.

The energy backlash that decimated the bell shaped force field creates a massive shockwave in all directions atop the roof of the Oscorp Tower. A blinding flash and echoing explosion is seen and heard for miles.

Maintaining his grip of Mirage, the Panther intended to cast a 'Panther-line' and swing them both to safety. However, he spies the helping hand of Sandman and notes, "Good timing, Sandman. I however recommend we spend a few more seconds below the epicenter of the explosion to avoid bodily harm."

While Mirage may not know Sandman all that well, she is familiar enough with the man from thier brief encounters at Xavier's to not to alarmed by the sudden arm of sand that wraps around the pair to stop thier freefall to the pavement below. The stop isn't as sudden as it would have been if they hit the ground, it's still enough to cause another wince of pain "I second that, Sandman." she follows Panther's cue in using is codename.

"You got it, BP. Sup, Mirage." Lowering them further with his body stretching to its limit to avoid the explosion and remain away from the epicenter and any possible fallout. Sandman attempts to posit them on a ledge away from the roof.

The flash fades leaving a yellow/orange glow emitting from the rooftop. Finding a good vantage, Sandman will be able to place themselves nearby so that they can view what transpires.

Seen is a large man in orange and yellow carring what could be considered a flaming q-tip for a staff. Before him, still within his floating chair, is the Fixer who seems to be offering an explanation for why he summoned the cosmic being.

The Black Panther identifies the newcomer as, "Firelord." Then further instructs "Sandman. Though this encounter will not prove pleasurable, our presence is required to prevent further destruction and possible loss of life. Firelord is a former herald of Galactus. I assertain, Fixer's quest for the Power Cosmic drew a being which wields such an energy, and that Being, Firelord, is not to be very pleased." he then addresses Mirage, "Young Mirage, you are welcome to accompany us, however be warned, that being is far more powerful than any you have ever faced."

Mirage has been facing a lot of heavy hitters lately, to the point that some of her abilities are truly out of whack, but those particular ones aren't going to make a bit of difference with this particular personage "Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll just take it all out on your cyborg friend and then go away." she raps her knuckles on the wall of the building.

"Firelord. . .great. . .Well, Panther. What's the plan?" Sandman seems slightly grunpy at the prospect of facing a cosmic level fire-wielder. But alas, an Avenger and whatnot. He looks to Mirage, "From your lips to God's ears."

Firelord does not look pleased. His flame tipped stick flashes reflecting his annoyance as he cites in an alien language all his grievences toward that of the Fixer. The Fixer seems to be backpeddling in the conversation - however for those who know him they will realize it's only a ploy to bring his systems to bare and secure an advantage.

"We take down the Fixer, showing Firelord that we're on /his side/ and hopefully that will not draw his temper and unwanted attention." answers the Panther with a side of, "Let's move." and will leave it to Sandman to get them across to the roof in question.

Mirage looks like she is already to go kick butt and take names but when she steps forward her ankle gives out on her and she goes to a knee a hiss of pain escaping her lips. She must have broken something when the first shockwave hit. She curses in her native tongue, she knows that if she can't stand she isn't much good in a fight. Using the rail of the balcony she gets back to her feet..or foot, she doesn't seem to be able to put any weight on the injured one "Go ahead. I'll call Code Blue and have them on standby to pick up Fixer and lend any other assistance you need.

"Ok, best to leave this to Avengers, anyhow. Mirage." With that Sandman extends his hand to appear like a giant hand. Grabbing Black Panther, he hoists and then tosses the African Avengers fastball style towards The Fixer, while himself extending the rest of his form to cross over towards Fixer.

Nodding, the Panther understands Mirage's situation and accepts. He's then grabbed and hurled through the air to cross the gulf between buildings. He rolls, bringing his feet to bare, he makes contact with the Fixer, catching him off guard and shieldless. Strikes are performed as they both roll and skid across the rooftop before breaking apart finding the Panther on his feet and greeting Firelord, "Welcome to Earth, Firelord."

Firelord leans forward, watching the intial strike and multiple engagements between the Fixer and the Black Panther. The Firelord snarls and then glances back over his shoulder to see the approaching Sandman. Eyes sharp, Firelord is on the verge of attacking before being addressed by the Panther.

Making his way across courtesy of a stretch and using a little bit of wind to carry his sandform over, "Yes, we come in peace, Firelord." With that, Sandmand is already attempting to punch the Fixer with a large sandfist hopefully catching him off guard after Panther's strike.

The Fixer is caught off guard as he's smashed by the sandy hand assault. Knocked off kilter, the Fixer slams into the side of a large AC unit and dents the side. He rolls to his left and grabs his right wrist. He gives it a turn and exclaims, "You may have won this time, Panther, but I'll be back!" and then disappears in a flash that appears as energetic light of teleportation.

The Panther is not pleased with the flight of the Fixer, but he's larger threats to address - what will Firelord do?

Firelord eyes the two Avengers and wears the mix of frustration and anger about his alien face. His voice carries a mix of alien vocals and phonics that seem impossible to express, and fully untranslateable.

Pleased with defeating the escaping Fixer, Sandman smiles smugly, but that smile vanishes when Firelord starts his alien vocal tirade. "Hey. . .dude. Relax. We just smacked the guy who did this."

The Panther begins to approach cautiously with open hands. "As my companion so elloquiently states; it would be in all of our best interests to find a peaceful solution to your imposition. Let it be known, that we want no conflict with you, Firelord and it was a regretful situation with which you were brought here. Please, accept our apologies and accept our offer to stay so that we may converse and share stories of adventure."

His words in English now, the Firelord states, "I've more important matters to attend than to spend amongst the filth and squaller of humanity. Know this, Earthlings, if I am summoned again, I will lay waste to your pathetic planet."

Then before responses can be uttered, the Firelord leaps into the air and streaks away leaving a trail of flame.

Shaking his head, "What a little bitch." Sandman shakes his head and turns to Black Panther, "We could have taken him." He hmmmns, "Well. . .at least. . .delayed him anyway."

Another voice calls out from behind Sandman, "No, you couldn't have..." (Human Torch)

Which is accompanied by another voice (the Thing), "But we coulda. It woulda been ah glorious smackdown. Whyd ya hav-ta run him off. Twas bout to be a leagendary clobberin time and now I got nuffin."

Turning to see the new arrivals, the Thing is within the flying sectional bathtub called the Fantasticar along with Reed and Sue. Johnny is flying nearby.

Reed states to Ben and Johnny, "Calm down you two, there will be other times in which we will be needed to face such a threat."

Sue will also list, "And don't be offensive to our Avenger friends. It's very likely that the Panther and Sandman would have been able to quench the fire of the Firelord."

A giant sand hand extends out giving the middle finger to Human Torch. "Benjy! Sue! Sup." Sandman smiles. "We still on for the March Madness games, Ben! I'll round up the usual!" He lets the nerds chat as he discuss sports and other lower intellect subjects with Ben.

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