The effing dragon

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The effing dragon

Phantasm, Rex, Scarlet Witch, Seth

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Central Park

He breathes fire. Someone should slay it.

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-----==[ Central Park - New York ]==------------------------------------------

Stretching half a mile wide down two and a half miles of the island, Central Park is the green heart of Manhattan. Despite an occasionally ugly reputation, fewer than a hundred crimes occurred in the entire park last year, and fewer than half of those were committed by strangers - the legendary Central Park mugger is a thing of the past. Instead, the park is a thriving place, filled with artificial lakes, footpaths, joggers, playgrounds, sculpture, children.

There are dozens of landmarks within the Park: the Great Lawn where open-air concerts and rallies are regularly held; Cleopatra's Needle, the obelisk donated to New York by Egypt; the Alice statue north of Conservatory Water, its giant mushroom usually swarmed by climbing kids; Belvedere Castle and Bethesda Terrace and Literary Walk and the Delacorte Theater and one of the last stands of American elms in the northeast - nearly two thousand trees protected from plague by their isolation.

Near the south end of the park, the Imagine mosaic in Strawberry Fields is frequently marked by flowers or candles left by visitors. Nearer the north end, the Reservoir covers a hundred and six acres, almost an eighth of the park's total space - though it no longer provides drinking water for New York residents, a decision that has cut down significantly on the number of supervillain attacks on the Park.

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It was a bright, sunny day in the park today - people were out enjoying it, as well as Rex. She had volunteered in her elfin way to jam in the series of musicians, currently sitting, wearing not the Phantom Mask outfit, but instead a white, poufy shirt, black leather vest and tight leather pants as she sat at a picnic table, waiting patiently for her turn, staring at the crowd with a smile.

Oh what a beautiful Mooooooorrrrr- No. Afternoon. But then again, is it really that beautiful? As far as Mike's concerned, the month has far been a pleasant one. Several weeks have passed since he's gotten the bad news regarding a friend and with no word since then, he's starting to wonder. What if? The ever present feeling of guilt is heavy upon him and there is no smile upon the musician's lips as he starts to cut across the park to get to where he wishes to go.

Rex Gregson spots what appears to be a familiar face across the way, and straightens. Her eyes widen gleefully as she stands, clambering over the table to jog to Mike. Halfway there though she stops, and steps back warily, uncertain, watching now after remembering the last incident.

Although not paying much notice to the surroundings initially, Rex's sudden movements to the side of his vision causes for his head to turn, his arms halt in the swaying motion from walking and instead lift slightly, reminscent of some creature awaiting attack. The pale eyes focus upon Rex, studying her for a few moments before his tense posture relaxes. The chin tilts upwards in acknowledgement of the pointy eared Rex.

She stares back, then starts to approach apprehensively, her ruffled shirt blowing up a little in the wind "... Uh, hey Mike." She remarks in her accented voice, not sure what his response will be.

Remaining still, Mike watches Rex's apprehensive approach, head tilting curiously to the behavior. He blinks several time before his stance straightens up more, "Hello Rex."

"Nice to see you here!" she notes with a warm smile, starting to relax as she steps up next to him "Lovely day eh? How are you doing? How is other-Mike? " she asks, curious.

"Other-" Mike pauses, shrugging, "I don't know. Haven't seen him since I got up." He glances to the scenery, apparently noticing the weather for the first time, "Weather's alright, I guess."

"Well, that's good. He was a... not a nice man." she remarks at that, looking quite happy "I'm glad you're okay though. Come and sit with me? I'm not on for another ten minutes!" she offers her hand.

Mike looks to the extended hand for a few moments. Visibly debating for a few moments before he sighs, "Alright." He reaches his hand out, taking the offered hand lightly, allowing her to just lead him over.

Rex Gregson smiles warmly, the Elfin one perhaps more interested in Mike than the regular one more visibly as they walked that way. "I'm doing a new set! This worlds... Its still confusing to understand, but this worlds' Tyrannosaur had a WAY different playstile than me. I'm sure she'd like it though!

At the mention of different play styles and different worlds, Mike looks over to Rex's ears, a brow lifting. "Oh right. You're a Loki worshiper, right?"

Rex Gregson beams quite a bit "I'm getting better at NOT being upset at folk for being surprised. EVERYONE knows that. Well, in my own world." she shook her head, then laughed.

"Hmm." Mike nods as they reach the picnic table, I'm, not exactly a fan of him. Caused a lot of problems for a friend of mine. Granted, not ALL intentional."

Rex Gregson states "I dont think many are. He called me names and refused to help you." She notes, appearing distressed as she sits again, offering him a soda. "I think you'll like these songs though! they're quite original! oh, I get to play in the Voodoo Lounge, do you know that one?"

Mike looks over to Rex, taking the offered soda. "If your life was cut short by another, and suddenly you found you had some extra time, would you want to spend that unguaranteed extra time in a room staring at a shell?" He opens up the soda, "Heard of it. Haven't played there. Lots of small venues. Can't hit them all."

Rex Gregson states "I dont know his backstory, but there's never a good excuse to be rude and unhelpful. He didnt have to sit by your side twenty-four seven. " she remarks "And I hardly expected him to." She slurps at the soda, then an attendant comes by "Miss Harrison, you're up next!" she grinned eagerly, her eyes glittering dangeorusly.

"Sure there is." Mike replies, "You just haven't come across the situation yet." Hearing Rex's last name, he tilts his head towards the speaker, "Knock 'em dead. Not, literally of course."

Rex Gregson snorts "Sorry, there's never an excuse to be a jerk." she states flatly. THen she laughs and stands "Knock their socks off? " she quipped instead as she stood, waving to him as she headed for the stage. IT was a light setup - drums, guitars and a keyboard and speakers and stuff plus microphones. There's cheers as she starts up to the stage.

Coming through the park, Seth is being chaperoned by one of the Xers in disguise. Talking to said chaperone, his attention shifts towards the stage. He frowns; hadn't heard of anything going on... Proceeding towards the gather of people, he starts to try to gather some info on who's playing.

What semblance of a smile was forming on Mike's face fades away. "Just never came across the situation," he murmurs. He frowns, glancing down to his soda and brings it up to his lips, opting to take advantage of the free drink.

Rex Gregson climbs onto the stage to wave to them, smiling as she bowed, turning and bowing again. After the introduction she takes a seat at the keyboard, tapping a few keys to ensure hte settings were correct then nodding as she grinned "Hello everyone! I'll skip the pleasantries and get right into it." As she began to play an inspiring style tune briskly, a hand interrupting a moment to wave to Seth as he approached.

"I think its time to Slay the dragon... I think its time to take a stand!

He's been eating all our babies, pretty girls and little old ladies and its time someone faced him like a man!

Someone skillfull and Courageous! Whom all you young ones can admire!

Someone's got to have the stones, to save our families and our homes...

Because that mother-effer breathes fire!"

and yes, she did censor it. There were kids present!

Seth offers a wave to Rex, quickly cut off to listening to the song being played. He takes up a pamphlet, and starts skimming the band names. In the meantime, he smirks as the lyrics are made heard; he imagines what poor Lockheed would think if he heard this song...

Slurp. Mike's listening to the music. Really he is. And it becomes all the more apparent as he spurtles out soda at Rex's censored tag line for the song. Lowering the can, he covers his mouth as he starts laughing.

It definitely got the crowd interested, and Mikes' spittake was not the only one. Cheers and laughter went up as the grinning Elf woman glanced about, straightening her back all promptly

"My Mount is mighty and majetic... I wield a long and rigid... LANCE!" she winked at Seth. "No warrior of our time has got a sword as great as mine! - and I have lucky fire-retardant slaying pants!

I was born and I was raised here (Aside) Well, kind of - I'd give my life to save this town. And since that Dragons' started raidin' we've been short on blushing maidens!

So my sword and I are taking him down!"

And back into the chorus, this time with a good group of folk singing along, especially on the last line.

Wanda walks through the park, then catches some of the latest lyrics, and can't help but laugh a little to herself. She slows her pace, changing course to join the group gathered.

Seth can't help but laugh at that piece of the song. "Oh, my god..." He can see a few D&D geeks applauding and celebrating to the sound of this. But let's continue listening!

Wiping soda from his mouth, Mike shakes his head as he joins in with singing along with the last line of the chorus. The can sets on the picnic table as he opts not to sip anymore while Rex is singing. Just in case.

Rising up the dramatics, Rex continued in a loud voice, hardly needing the microphones. Scarlet Witch, arriving, is given a wave as well "He flaps his wings and stirrs up windstorms! He's got more teeth than I've got hair! He's made meals of every knight who's tried to take him in a fight - but I dont care! "And then a little less powerfully

"I'll take him face to face with honor - with all my chivalry and tact! And if that doesnt do the trick, I've got a giant cork to stick into his throat - force the blast back down his tract!

I'm at the go... gorram lizards' doorstep! I'm wearing ninety pounds of steel! My good old squire's brought along a ladle and a pot - cause dragon Gumbo makes a mighty fine meal!"

And back into the chorus again. Some people, a little too excitedly, were saing the uncensored word during it, making the singer level them a look.

Scarlet Witch laughs softly, chuckling to herself as she waves back, in her civilian garb, though she's fairly distinct even without the costume. She takes a seat on a nearby bench, watching the performance with a content expression.

Seth just... has to pace towards the nearest tree, which brings him close to Wanda, enough that he greets her. "Heya, Ms. Maximoff..." And once he nears the tree, he leans against it, laughing and laughing at those lyrics.

At the mention of Gumbo, Mike finds himself imagining Gambit and Armand hanging around a pot, taking turns stirring. Damn stereotypes. Although, Armand probably WOULD do that. The smile he gets from the mental image dies away as he looks out into the crowd, spotting Wanda near Seth. Clearing his throat, he shifts to his feet.

"So I'm here to slay an effing dragon! He should be with us presently! " her eyes were still glinting as she guestures with one hand dramatically right towards Scarlet Witch "Cause I've brought along for bait, a pretty virgin on a stake! and I'm pretty sure she's coming home with me!"

"Someone's got to slay the dragon! Someone's got to take this test! He's been eating all our babies, pretty girls and little old ladies and deserves to be done in by the best! Someone handsome and courageous - whom all you young ones can admire! Someone's got to have the stones to save our families and our homes... because THAT..." she slows down severely, the crowd shouting along "Mother - EFFER... Breathes FIIiiiiire!"

Wandda glances up at Seth, "Good evening Seth..." And then, she blinks, and blushes rather brightly at the mention of being the virgin. She doesn't say something witty in response, coughing softly as she shakes her head in amusement.

SO the music ends, and Seth finally regains his everyday composure. "Ahem... Great song. Not bad at all." He looks back to Wanda. "So, what's up? Enjoying the Park air, and stumbled upon this show?" He finally notices Mike, and waves at him.

As Mike approaches Seth and Wanda, he lifts up his hand to give a wave of response to Seth's greeting. But, despite the enjoyable music, he's not smiling. Just how much more of a mood killer can he be?

Wanda smiles, "Something like that." She nods over towards Mike, before she glances back at Seth, "How have you been? Sadly, I haven't been able to come up and tutor the way that I would like." A slight shrug, as things have been a bit crazy for her, and the Avengers.

Bowing repeatedly to the cheers, Rex starts off the stage, her number done for now as she practically prances back to where Mike and the others are., but she's stopped halfway by several fans, having to stop and do the PR thing with them instead it seems.

Seth ehs, "We're on Spring break, so don't worry about it." He looks at Mike, "So, we gonna hear that drumset tonight?"

Mike glances over towards Seth, shaking his head. "I was just cutting through the park as well when Rex stopped me. Kind of still getting caught up on what I missed." The frown deepens as he looks over to Wanda, "I'm sorry to hear about Baker. I still find it difficult to believe."

Wanda nods, "Yes, I know. He was a valued member, even though he wasn't one for very long." She sighs and shakes her head a bit, "He will be missed, for certain."

Seth doesn't say anything about Sandman when his name is mentioned. "Yeah..." Is it just him, or has the mood meter just suffered a sudden drop?

"He's a good friend as well." Mike adds in, "A bit rough around the edges, but considering things, understandable." Mike Hannigan. Mood Killer extroidinaire at you service, Seth. The can crinkles as Mike's grip tightens on it, the liquid inside keeping it from denting much further. "So, considering the last time he fell apart, what's the likelyhood that, this time around might be like that time?"

Seth merely shrugs, this time. Yeah, Mike, you really got the words out of him this time.

Wanda smiles, "Possibly... one can only hope. There's enough times for death to be made an exception of... perhaps this is one of those as well."

Mike is quiet for a few moments as he considers Wanda's response. He gives a nod, his frown lightening a little. He then glances to the quiet Seth and the frown sets back, "Uh." He looks back to Wanda, "I probably should go."

And with that, Mike turns to continue on the path he originally took before Rex stopped him. On his way out of the park.


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