The Difference between Humans and Korbinites

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Beta Ray Bill, Blindfold, Sandman, and Showstopper

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11/13/12 06:00

Dining Hall - Xavier Mansion

Beta Ray Bill, Blindfold, Sandman, and Showstopper discuss New Korbin.

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6am is indeed early. But for a being that needs all but no sleep, that matters little. Having recently returned from seeing his ship, Skuttlebutt, safely "home" to New Korbin for a retrofit in drydock after the regrettable incident with Ultron's nanomachines and after a series of increasingly uncomfortable meetings with the priest-caste and the Imperial Leader (who, though very sympathetic, was nonetheless firm) he has returned to Earth.

His duties as an Avenger have been refreshingly light the past week, and so he has come here, to check on the mutants - their plight a cause his noble nature could not ignore, especially in light of the kindnesses they have shown him.

Though his "Thor-form" need not eat, it -is- pleasurable to do so, and honestly...forgetting most would be asleep, it is something to do

6am is too early for Sandman, but since he was here at the school late working with some students. He opted to spend the night and now he is up early. Making his way into the Dining Hall to hopefully get some breakfast before he heads back to New York City. To his surprise his namesake and fellow Avenger is here. Sandman hmmmns and gets a devious grin for something to early in the morning. He remains int he back of the hall and drops small granules of sand which snake under a table and remain hidden.

Blindfold came walking tapping her way along the floor as she sniffed the air "Hmm am I late for breakfast again?" Yup that trouble with keeping track of time.

Eggs. Some races would be horrified at the concept of eating them. Fortunately this is not the case, and he hasn't eaten in...his muzzle creases down in a slight frown as he can't recall the last time he ate, even if only for pleasure...he nods to the server, "My thanks...and you have the spiced red sauce? The name escapes me, I am afraid." He sighs softly as he adds hash browns, and a small pile of toast...making up for lost time, maybe. But the fact that he's been so distracted does weigh on him a bit, as he goes over some recent conversations with his leader in his mind. Distracted indeed.

With his teammate distracted, BIll grins. Suddenly the snaking grains of sand make their way toward Beta Ray Bill and jump up in attempt to smack the alien in the back of the head and knock his skullcap off, Sandman remains hidden in theback but continues to giggle to himself.

Blindfold smirks at something to herself "Hmm even the other teams let loose more and then, yes thank you?" She asks quietly oh what some students would give to know even the grown ups poked at each other.

A warrior with ages of experience is seldom taken off-guard...and yet, here we are. As his head is knocked forward, his shining helm falls to the metal rails before the serving counter, one long wing wedging in-between them.

His response is, perhaps, predictable - "Who dares?!" the words come almost unbidden to his voice as Beta Ray Bill turns, the tray fortunately having been sitting on the counter (else it would be rocketing across the room), now with one metal wing of his helm laying haphazardly across it, and one hand seeks the shining weapon at his side...

Only for the rising tide of ferocity to immediately drain away as his eyes find the giggling man across the room...and he stands there, a bit unsure...not that he's without humour, but to be taken off guard is...humiliating.

Continuing to giggle except for small moment when the “Who dares?” is heard. Sandman catches sight of Beta and then resumes laughing, but claps as he walks forward towards his ally. “I dare, Bill. Consider it a welcome prank. It is good to see you. Welcome back to Earth. How was your visit to New Korbin?” The mirth on his fce is genuine as he makes his way to the counter and pats his friend firmly and strongly on the back but to Beta Ray Bill it may feel more like a fly or ant.

Blindfold covers her mouth to keep from giggling herself and adding salt to the wound. No reason to add to the noble warrior's mortification. Ruth tilts her head "Sandman up to old pranks...kurt would like such, yes thank you. Bill..."a smile lightening her face "you're back, it is to have you here again, yes thank you. If you don't mind please, how was the trip home?"

Beta Ray Bill turns, honestly - so as not to look at either of his friends who asks this...uncomfortable question, but as he retrieves his helmet and takes up a napkin to wipe tabasco sauce and egg from between the sculpted metal feathers, it is clear in the set of his broad shoulders that all was not entirely well, "Skuttlebutt will be well." he says evenly, "Though the engineers had much to say to me about the uses to which I put their technology." he hesitates as he turns back, and his mein does lighten a bit as he looks to Ruth, he has missed the unique 'little seer'.

The conversion of the world goes well." he speaks of more pleasant things he had experienced, "The local environment has been made suitable, warmer still. I hesitate to say but...there is a statue commemorating our journey. I am...a not insignificant presence in it." he notes, a bit more humbly than he sometimes is.

But he then adds, honestly, "My Imperial Leader was...understanding of things. But we thought it best I remain away for a time, unless needed." But he adds, "It is good to see you, little seer. I have missed you."

Nodding as he empathizes what Bill has to say, “Well then it is good that things are well on New Korbin. They do us the honor of having one of their greatest warriors here, so if the favor need be returned, please let your Imperial Leader know that the Avengers are allies and will provide assistance at any time.” That is all Sandman adds regarding that and then smiles at Blindfold, ‘“Ruthie. . .great to see you. How are you doing?”

Blindfold smiles as she approaches bill to offer a hug "I've missed you too, out is good to have you back again, yes thank you. Things have been interesting round here, you will see, yes. Over all you were no small part of what led your people to their new home, it if only fitting you should be no small part in a statue immortalizing such a journey, yes you're welcome. But...they are destroying an entire ecosystem to remake what they once had? Forgive me bill, please."

Blindfold then smiles toward the other bill "I have been doing well, thank you yes. Well side from a brief problem with being kidnapped but that is why we students need chaperones, yes thank you"

Bill's mighty arms gently and warmly return the hug. This one always seems to lift his spirits, "You must tell me of that." he says with only vague concern, as she is obviously fine now, and such is life for these mutants, it seems.

To the Sandman he says, "You needn't be so formal, friend Bill. It sometimes ill-suits you." it isn't an accusation, just a note.

Ah-" he begins at Ruth's question, "You must understand, though we tended to stay clear of galactic affairs, we are not an insignificant power. As we do not absorb and expand to the extent the three major powers do, we have become very attuned to our own needs. We would not settle 'pon a world with an extant civilization, but truth is, oftimes life must prey 'pon life to continue. Some will be preserved...for interest's sake. But our needs must be paramount. And 'tis not as if the world will be ill-used. But...changed."

Making note to speak more himself, “Fair enough, Bill. But Ruthie’s right. Nothin’ against the Korbinites and I get what you are saying about puttin’ your need first and stuff....but still what your doin’ is understandable, but not so nice.” Sandman shrugs and then asks the counter lady for a bowl, milk, and a box of Frosted Flakes.

Blindfold nods trying wrap her head around it, there was some right in it. It's why nature and the wild didn't come into buildings, bugs and posts and wildlife came into dwellings and it died there. Nature could survive long as it stayed outside people's homes, once it crossed that line, nature signed it's death certificate. "I will tell you all you want to know about it, yes I promise. I'm sorry, forgive me, I'm still trying to wrap my head around it, you say changing but it sounds like destroying and replacing. Would it not be better to merge? Or preserve what was there before, even if it was in zoos, so it could continue to exist and be remembered? Survival of the fittest I understand yes, your people have to make their own niche, carve it out from scratch, rebuild their home. I'm sorry, my apologies I guess we younger humans would approach it differently, then again..we might not have survived what your people went through"

Beta Ray Bill moves to seat himself and actually -eat- what he was easy to forget sometimes, and the thought seems to amuse him somewhat. He answers, and there is no accusation in his tone. Indeed, he seems a bit more like his old self - interested in this exchange, "You are indeed young. And you are aware that you are not utilizing your world efficiently. Though you have a desire to preserve much of it, you have not the finesse nor do -enough- of you desire it yet." He contunues after shoveling some eggs into his muzzle, "Mmm...I detect cheese here. I have seen worlds entirely converted for industrial use. The Kree, in particular, care not for -any- niceities in that respect. I will admit, after our losses and our journey, we are perhaps, less gentle than we might have been. More concerned with our survival and needs. It was discussed, and our decision was made."

He shrugs slightly, "I will agree, it -does- seem harsh. But integration was deemed too resource and time-intensive. We are not conqueres, but we -are- warriors, as a culture, and viewed the issue in those terms. The losses we suffered...under my watch, I might add," he says evenly, "Made us more concerned with establishing as safe and familiar a new home as we could. The moons will be next. And I daresay you might not approve of what is intended for those lifeless orbs."

“Well, I don’t know too much about all that. I get the Darwin thing, but I don’t know, Bill. I would think since you contact with humanity and even some of the Asgardians. You’d be a bit more. . .sensitive to the worlds around you and stuff.” Sandman bites into his Frosted Flakes and spits some out as he continues, “Isn’t there a way for the Korbinites to either co-habitat or find a world or dimension that doesn’t already have something on it?”

Blindfold nods trying to wrap get head around it. There was some logical truth to it, survival of the fittest but it was such a harsh way, so alien to the way humans viewed things. "Hopefully we young humans can learn to preserve efficiently and survive as well. We may need help to learn how quicker though, yes thank you. Survival of the fittest, it's something we humans partcipate in and don't realize it, whenever nature invades our homes and buildings. It signs it's death certiicate, bit of some darwinism I suppose"

Blindfold says, "Truthfully, as resilient as we humans are, and as much as we trends to persevere, I am not sure we would survive what your people have been thru, so it really is not fair of us to judge, yes, my apologies. And if I haven't said yet, I promise I will tell you all you wish to know about what happened when I got kidnapped" sniffing the air again at the scent of syrup but not wanting to be impolite our leave the wonderful discussion."

It's /way/ too early to be up. Really! But classes start soon and all. Big whoop-si-daisy. Looking as tired as she feels, Chenda Gray is coming in from the dorms, pushing her still-damp hair behind one ear and collecting a tray from the stack. She flicks the water from it in a well-practiced motion and begins making her way through the line, blinking to try and rid her head of sleepiness.

Bill explains, "Remember also, for my people, no time passed 'twixt their exodus and their awakening, to discover much had transpired during their slumber. Learning of the loss of many to Surtur's demons, to Ego, the Living Planet, to my...misjudgments, to the changes wrought in me - the instability awakened many older instincts. Instincts we have striven to maintain. Less 'civlized' ones.

He goes on, and there is not a hint of regret or bitterness in it, "For example, when your culture's champion was chosen, you did not expect Captain American to be tested lethally a'fore undergoing the process. We did. And we were." And for a moment, despite his innate nobility and goodness, Beta Ray Bill might seem truly alien, e'en to his friends.

Sighing loudly and ready to interject, Sandman notes the arrival of Chenda, who is only half awake. “I could totally prank her . . .but it wouldn’t be teacher-like.” He sighs again and then loudly shouts out, “Chenda! Hey CHENDA! RICHEND GRAY!” Students in the dining hall all look up and look right at her.

Blindfold smiles "We young humans always expect from each other what strive for in ourselves, we have yet to learn to also expect the worst in each other as well. We are always surprised when we are betrayed and hurt yet history has shown it to happen time and again. I suppose it goes to prove we as a species are still on our childhood, yes thank you" then smirks toward the other bill "And pranking a colleague is? Then again these grounds have seen a history of pranking, yes thank you" turning her head toward where chenda was going to be in a second she waves "Good morning early bird, Richenda" she calls

Today's tour guide is tomorrow's unwitting sideshow, it seems. Chenda grimaces and glances up from what must've been some really fascinating sausage gravy, finding some guy with stripey hair yelling at her. Some familiar guy, actually. Looks like a teacher for a school for superheroes. And it looks like Ruth and a certain Bill are with him... well, so much for the worry about where to sit! She manages a quick wave and turns back to gathering her breakfast: scrambled eggs, french toast, sausage, sausage gravy, three biscuits... no, four. Will that all /fit/ inside her?

Whether it will or not, she carries it over to join the odd trio. "Morning, Ruth, Bill, other Bill," she says, nodding to Blindfold, Beta Ray Bill, and Sandman in turn. "Mind if I join you?"

As Chenda comes over, Bill offers, “It’s fine. . .” Suddenly two alarms go off as both Bills look at each other, “Well, ladies. It seems there is an Avengers issue.” With that, both heroes head off.

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