The Devil You Say

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Hellstrom & Aurora

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10/29/12 18:44

A Catholic Church in the city

Hellstrom runs into Jeanne-Marie, isn't that convenient?

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It is early evening, and Jeanne-Marie is right now in her local chapel, kneeling at the altar in offering of a personal prayer. She is on her own, reverent devotion set on her face as she mumurs the words of her prayer quietly, in French. Her hands held together at her chest, while she kneels with her head bowed down.

From outside, through the narthex into the nave, a /man/ wearing a flowing red cloak, shirtless, with dark maroon pants and boots, marches in. Upon his chest is an inverted pentagram and within his left hand is a pitchfork of gold. His eyes are dark and brooding while he passes through the center isle toward the transept.

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At first Jeanne-Marie is far too focused on her prayer to realize another is approaching, but soon she starts to get this strange feeling she is being watched. Slowly turning around and opening her eyes, the words of the prayers get cut out of her mouth as she exclaims in horror "le diable!" Quickly she crosses herself, and then renews her prayer in paniced tones, only this time she prays for protection. Her eyes open wide, staring in developing horror at the approach of Daimon.

Seeing the girl turn, Hellstrom initially pays her little attention while striding toward the altar. Though when crosses and starts praying, he smirks and with a slight shake of his head rolls his eyes. He will pass her without molestation and step upon the raised area of the transept. Glance about and then proceed to the altar where he intends to look through the items upon it.

"Zis eez zee 'ouse of god!" Jeanne-Marie snaps after Daimon Hellstrom walks by her, "you are not welcome 'ere, demon! In zee name of Jesus Christ, be gone!" Jeanne-Marie tries to force Daimon away using the only manner she knows, reaching for her cross pendant and clutching it tightly in her clenched hand.

Distracted a moment longer, Daimon takes a vial of holy oil and then turns to face JM. He smiles, a very wicked smile, and then says, "You're doing it wrong." in a suggestive tone that her 'exorcism' or 'expulsion' practices are off.

"You cannot touch zat!" Jeanne-Marie says in bewilderment as she watches Daimon casually reach for a vial of holy oil, wondering how a devil can touch such a holy artifact blessed by god. "W'at?" Jeanne-Marie is caught by surprise when Daimon simply tells her she's doing it wrong, "'ow would you know? You're no follower of god..."

Pulling the glass cork from the vial of holy oil as he walks toward JM, Hellstrom says in a contrary tone, "Because that is my job. Though, tell me, girl, since you are all knowing; Who do I follow?"

"Y-y-your job?" Jeanne-Marie appears stunned at the words, how can a demon focus on exorcising demons, it doesn't seem to make sense to her. "You look like you are wit' zee devil!"

"But which /devil/? There are countless demons, devils, and arch feinds of which mortal man only knows a handfull of names." says Hellstrom before sniffing the oil, placing his fingertip upon the opening, inverting it to gather a drop of the substance upon that finger then righting it. "You see, girl, though a part of my heritage is infernal in nature, I am not wholly such. I work against that which would harm the innocent - perhaps you have heard of me; my name is Daimon Hellstrom of the Defenders."

Jeanne-Marie looks a little bit confused when introduced to the possibility of more than one devil, and she doesn't seem too happy either. "You mean Satan?" Jeanne-Marie tries, before blinking in shock as Daimon presents himself as a protector of the innocent. "B-but you look like a demon! 'ow can you protaict zee innocent? I am not telling you my name, you will not 'ave me!"

His finger is removed from the vial, the glass cap is replaced and he will reach to touch the forehead of JM with the drop of holy oil. "Far, far more than just he. And in retrospect, he's not even the most powerful. Now, upon your forehead I will place a blessing and then teach you how to expel demons."

Jeanne-Marie looks about ready to faint when Daimon reaches to dub her forehead with the drop of holy oil, she starts murmuring a prayer quietly, but other than that doesn't budge. Rather, she looks at Daimon like a deer caught in the headlights.

Drawing the cross upon her forehead, he then moves to her lips and draws it again. Withdrawing his hand, he says, "Repeat after me:" then starts feeding her single lines of a demon banishment ritual. There are 7 lines in all and he assures her that they will banish most demons.

Once she hears the words, and should they not sound demonic or evil in nature, Jeanne-Marie would actually follow the words. If only because she's astounded by what seems to be a demon doing what is more aligned with angel work.

Once they get all the way through, Hellstrom states, "I would recommend doing actual research into books beyond the singular one that was mistranslated scores of times and was only designed to control the masses and make money. Then, when you're ready, call me." he pulls a business card from the pocket of his slacks and slips it into her breast pocket of her jacket. He adds, "We'll go to dinner and I'll show you things unimaginable, yet rewarding."

"I am not looking for rewards, and I do not keep the company of strange men," Jeanne-Marie says adamantly, unsure just now if she's being tempted, or whether Daimon is not quite a demon like she thought, and he is actually offering her genuine knowledge that would help her come closer to god. "I am willing to listen, but please, in some better suited environment than a restaurant."

Hellstrom smiles and turning on his heel he states while striding away, "I'm sure we will think of something. Good evening, miss."

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