The Dance Master

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Spiral, Ares

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The Thunderbolt's secret underground lair

Spiral and Ares have a brief chat

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The base is usually quiet, the work crews having departed for the most part. A few final options are being implemented, but today things are almost empty. So when she's walking down that corridor she most likely expects to be left alone with her thoughts. Unfortunately today that is not the case.
It's not that he advances quietly, perhaps it's more just the acoustics of the base. Whatever the case, there is little noise to herald Ares' arrival. When he does, however, he announces his presence with lifted voice and uttering one of her names. "Spiral,"
The god is there at the corridor branch behind her somewhat. Lifting his head he gives her a visual once-over, then adds a few more words. "I had meant to have words with you."
Spiral half turns, glowing eyes looking over Ares standing there. And after a moment of thought, she turns and walks up to him. While still she can't really remember that much of her life as Spiral, certainly her winning personality has largely returned, though... and part of that is a rather rebellious nature.
"Well here I am, boss." she says, spreading her arms, and eying Ares curiously, as if for the first time. At least he's not fat. "The dance brought me back to the roost today. And I see it's more of a roost now, than a hole in the ground.".

There's a brief glance around his surroundings, as if Ares were gauging them for the first time, but then those dark eyes meet hers again and he offers a non-commital grunt. "It'll serve." Is all he offers as judgement about their new base of operations, but then he turns and starts to walk down the hallway with the multi-dimensional woman at his side.
"Matters progress and I need to know how well you have mastered the dance of late." His brow furrows, faintly crimson eyes gleaming as his eyes distance. "There is a place we may need to be soon and I would use you for such."
Spiral shrugs. "I am cursed to dance through all the eternities, until time finally catches up with me - if it even can. It is not a case of remembering, as it is something forced upon me. Though perhaps a lack of experience counts for something." she concedes.
She tilts her head, wondering just what it is he's thinking of, and then declares, "Dancing through space is simple enough, so if it is merely being somewhere that is wanted, that is easily within my powers.".

A short precise nod is given as he walks with her. He considers her askance as they move down the way, his hands at his sides and his stride easy. "We will need precision in execution. If you are not sufficiently in command of your abilities then it will be very dangerous." There's a small pause there as he considers her, the moment lingering as if he were about to say something else, but then he looks back down the hall and adds nothing more to that thought.
Instead he shifts pace and asks her simply, "And you? How are matters progressing for you? When last we spoke you were a creature in flux."
Spiral finds that a little amusing, and smiles a sardonic sort of smirk. "I am always a creature in flux. Even your own files say that much." she points out to him. "And they were an interesting read - thank you." she says, a little grudgingly perhaps.
"I remember little that is concrete. But I remember that fat slug Mojo, and I know enough to know that I am not who I thought I was a month ago when I arrived here. That was all just a dream." she lies. Really, she remembers rather more about Rita, at least, but really, she'd rather not remember some things. Too much pain, too much hate, it suffocates her. In some ways, amnesia is a blessing.

A rough and calloused hand lifts, then gestures to the side, as if dismissing her thanks as nothing more than what was needed. He continues the walk down the hallway, their footsteps making faintly metallic clicks upon the floor as they move. "It was part of our bargain. If you have any other requirements you are to let me know." Though he half-assumes when he says such a thing that most individuals are intimidated by his presence to take him up on it. The secrets of management!
At a crossroads he pauses and turns to look fully upon her, the weight of his regard falling heavily upon her. "Did you have any further questions for me now that you are more yourself?"
Spiral is, for her part, an odd mix of self sufficient loner and follower - she tends to assume the only really reliable person around is herself. And a problem shared is not always a problem halved, depending on what the problem is... So she's hardly likely to be the sort who invites others into her business.
"Maybe one." Spiral says with a slight smile. "I have met Firebrand, I have met Elektra. I have met another woman, who likes her masks and her secrecy. Who is she?" she asks.

"Arachne," Ares stops walking and stands there, arms folded over his chest as he considers the smaller woman. His head tilts slightly to the side as if gauging exactly what angle Spiral might be playing, or he could be just giving her his full attention. "She has her talents, much like yourself." There's a faint smirk, barely there as a subtle glimmer touches his eyes. "Everyone has something to contribute and their secrets are their own. We all have our own after all."
"Ah. I read about her in my file." Spiral replies. "She seemed remarkably coy given our previous productive relationship." she says - presumably ironically!
"Secrets, all the multiverse is secrets at root." she adds with another noncommittal shrug. "This very team is a secret, as I understand. And presumably the likes of the Avengers wouldn't be very supportive of it. I do not care. This planet is interesting enough to stay on for now at least, perhaps I will go elsewhere if it becomes too intolerable.".

There's a small nod given to her in agreement as Ares turns back. His hands slide into the pockets of his jeans as he moves and his gaze distances for a moment with thought. He murmurs aside towards her as he moves, "If you maintain control of your abilities, then I will seek to make your presence here as tolerable as possible." He looks towards her and says simply, levelly. "If you begin to grow bored or mispleased, then speak to me and I shall resolve matters. Your skillset is important and I would have you remain."
Watch System Arachne has disconnected.
Spiral arches a brow, actually surprised. "You will?". And she blinks. Clearly the style of command here is not the same as in the Mojoverse, where 'Dance, Spiral! /Now/.' is the remembered norm.
"This place is as tolerable as any other, with some amusing people to talk to." she says, recovering her poise with a thin smile. "I suppose it depends on what the work is like, but that is in the future, and I can't remember my own future.".

"Ah well good." His lip curls into a smirk as he turns away and begins to move down another corridor, most likely this one leading towards some of the still unfinished facilities as he seems to be making rounds as if checking on matters. "It is so important that we keep you amused." And as he says this she might detect a faint edge of his own amusement to the words, though in some ways he's actually serious. He lifts his hand as if signalling his departure as he waves towards her, "If you need anything further, Spiral. Contact me at your leisure."
"Alright, boss." Spiral replies, a little jauntily. "I will be waiting." she promises. "Hopefully some X-Men will be object of our business. That seems to have been enjoyable in the past at least." she smiles, remembering those files Ares handed over with something approaching glee.
And with that she waves, before turning and returning to the corridor where he found her, to continue her slow wander through the base.

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