The Capture of Flint Marko

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Brief Title:
Pocahontas and the Scarlet Bitch

Mirage, Sandman, and the Scarlet Witch

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IC Date:

Chinatown and Little Italy - New York

Flint Marko kills a homeless man and Mirage and Scarlet Witch take him down.

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New Year’s Day. New Yorkers are in bed after having celebrated the arrival of 2011. Unfortunately, one loud, drink, belligerent, Flint Marko wanders out of Alphonzo's Bar. A few bums outside approach Sandman, still believing him to be the hero he was as Bill Baker. One elderly looking old man extends his hand, “Avenger. . .can you offer someone down on his plight some help?” Two other homeless men stand behind him, looking similarly needy.

Flint stops in his tracks. “What did you call me?” Flint thinks this is not a good way to start the year as he has done all he can to try to undo all the good works that Bill Baker had done. He scowls to himself as he turns. “Yeah, man, I can give you some help. Help you outta the fucken misery of your life.” Two hand grow forming into large sandy mallets. And quickly lash out at the old homeless man smashing upon him repeatedly.

The two other homeless men grasp and fend for themselves running off and screaming for help on the somewhat desolate street.

And Flint's work has certainly payed off. In fact several people have been tagged from various teams to find the bad guy, turned good guy and turned bad guy again. One of these people is former New Mutant and X-Factor member, the government remembers the quick work she made of Sabretooth quite awhile back and they are hoping she can make a repeat performance. She has been hanging around back alleys and other locations that Marko has been seen ever since.

Currently she has parked herself on a rooftop near Alphonso bar having heard it was a possbile hot spot for her target. When she sees him come out she quickly radios it in to the other people who have been tasked for the job "Marko spotted. Outside Alphonso's bar roughing up some homeless guys. Any backup near by or do I get all the credit for this one?" she says into her comm device.

A voice crackles in the comlink, "This is Scarlet Witch, I'm en route. Not sure what exactly is going on with him, though..." If there's any strain in her voice from the situation, she's masking it well as she flies into view, "Though I do have my suspicions." The last is said out loud, as she lands on the roof next to Mirage.

Unaware of the two mutant heroines arriving onto the scene. Sandman continues to pound away with his massive strength onto the victim. Blood stains the sand mallets as it is clear the homeless man is dead. Flint shouts as he still smashes the body, “Baker is dead! Avengers are dead!” He lets out a loud yell as his pounding is now causing cracks onto the sidewalk itself.

Looking back at the familiar voice Mirage just gives a nod of acknowledgment "Wanda." she says in greeting, she would say more but considering the circumstances below she gets straight to business "Suspicions will have to wait, and so will warnings. We have civilians in danger." she gestures to the streets below as she climbs onto the ledge "Shoot first ask questions later." she quips as her psychic bow manifests along with the arrow, which she lets fly at Sandman.

Wanda flies off the roof, gesturing to the nearby fire hydrant. It immediately sprays out a gust of water, far more than it really should as it flows directly at Sandman. "Stop right now, Sandman. Make it easy on yourself!" Keeping her emotions in check as she tries to stop him for now, and will deal with the other issues later.

The psychic blast from Sandman misses its mark. Most likely due to Sandman’s flaying wildly into the ground and the all but smushed body of the bum. The firehydrant suddenly comes loose, quickly getting the pssamic man’s attention and easily shifting his body as the stream of water pours out. Thankfully not a lot.

Looking up, He spots Wanda flying off the roof and Dani up there as well. “Oh look, It’s the Pocahontas and the Scarlet Bitch. . .” Flint laughs as his body begins to disassemble, grains of sand circle about and then zoom upwards towards Wanda and Dani in the form of a sandstorm.

Being on the ledge above Wanda, Mirage ends up being on the periphary of the Sandmanstorm attack. She shades her eyes to keep the worst of the sand from getting in them and covers her moth and nose with the other hand. She can't very well shoot arrows, psychic or otherwise into a whirlwind of sand so instead she reaches out mentally, reaching into the mind she knows is there and pulls out greatest fear for everyone's viewing pleasure.

Well hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Make that two women. Make that two mystic mutant women. And so while in the form of the sandstorm, Flint Marko is able to knock Wanda around. He laughs, but suddenly grimaces. He is struck hard by the mental attack by Mirage. Quickly taking a humanoid form, his very fear comes to life.

An identical replica of Sandman appears before him. The only difference slightly less dark in color of sand. The illusionary Sandman appearing would be recognizable to the women, clearly Bill Baker. The two Sandmen engage in a struggle, seemingly even out. Then Wanda adds her Chaos Magic. This incantation infuses the illusion of Bill Baker, and even though an illusion is seems to look back at Wanda for the quickest of glances, a familiar expression of thanks. The illusion of Bill heats up and slams into Flint Marko.

The explosion of chaos magic and sand forms a cloud and as it settles, the now solidified glass form of Flint with an expression of fear and almost sadness glistens in the sun of the New Year’s Day.

An eyebrow quirks upward when Sandman's fear turns out to be his alterego, but she figures it does make sense. She taps the comm device in her ear "Sandman's down. Send in retrieval unit. I think certain someone's owe Wanda and I a beer...a few beers!" their must have been some friendly betting going on between the members of the assigned group.

Wanda, meanwhile, picks herself up slowly from the ground and walks to the crystalline statue of Sandman. She shakes her head, lightly placing a hand on the immobile figure's chest as she whispers, "I'm sorry, Bill." With that, she turns and nods to Mirage, raising her voice to actually be heard, "I could definitely use that drink. Or several drinks."

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