The Call

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The Call

Gambit, Blindfold

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Transatlantic Phone Call

Ruth calls Remy to fill him in on Mike's fate, and to ask him to come home

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Novosibirsk, Russia. January 3rd, 2013. Remy LeBeau sits in a small cafe in the busy Russian city. It's early morning for him as he sips at his coffee, a bagel sits on his plate getting cold and stale. The Cajun is worn out. The last week has been a trying one for him, especially if you count his run in with a cult in a New Jersey warehouse. He takes a sip of his coffee and rubs at his eyes when his cellphone rings. Bleary eyed, he looks at the caller ID before holding the phone to his ear. "Hello, petite," he greets in a tired voice.
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Ruth sounds worried "Forgive me Mr Lebeau, please sound exhausted. It's good to hear your voice though yes thank you"

A soft little chuckle is given as Ruth says "Wouldn't be the first time, Mr Lebeau, likely won't be the last, yes thank you, your concern and advice is appreciated." she was fairly good at scrubbing floors by now. "Sides, it's trouble I'd gladly get into if it helped, yes please. I know you don't consider it of yourself and yes you have a checkered past...and present, but you aren't a bad person, you're a good man Mr Lebeau, yes please. I hope you will return 'home' yes thank you, you would be a lot of help here"

"Ain't one'a your teachas anymore, petite," Remy says, "You don't needta call me Mr. Lebeau. Remy's fine." He pauses for a painful moment, opting to glaze over her offer to return to the X-Men. That's not an option for him right now, if it ever will be again. "Look, petite," he finally speaks, "I'm sorry."

Ruth nods to herself while holding her phone to her ear "Of course yes, Remy then, I rather like the name, thank you yes but please note, you might not be my teacher anymore but you are still a friend, always will be. The door will be open when you decide to come knock, please yes, it's not too late and you could make a difference, you are missed"

Gambit closes his eyes on his side of the line. She doesn't get it. "Give up on dat hope, Ruth. I won't be comin' back. Dat's not what I'm sorry bout, petite." Again, a long pause, he really didn't want to have this conversation. With everything that has happened recently, letting Ruth down is probably the least of his sins, but it still is one he's struggling with. "Is Mike, Ruth. I wasn't able ta save him. Not really sure what happened, mais, when I came to, he was gone an de altar he been on was covered in blood. Je suis desole"

Ruth sighs on her line, she had hope for him but he had to want it for it to happen "Doesn't matter what side you're on, I know which side is just have to reach for it cuz you ARE my friend no matter what, yes thank you" then smiles at his confession and the guilt and sorrow she hears "That was the other thing I called about Remy, you didn't fail...Mike is alive and well, a little worse for wear physically but he's well, yes thank you. You gave him time... if I had to guess I would say it sounds like he's back to 'full' again, he's in a private hospital" tilting her head in a familiar way of hers "Savio...checking in on mike...not happy...talking with someone else outside the room...then leaves Letting out a soft mmf "Sorry, my apologies, I saw Mike's dad visit him in the hospital, thank goodness it wasn't the same one cadmus worked at, he had a scowl on his face at all the wounds and was talking to someone in the hallway then he left, yes thank you"

A slight smile crosses Remy's lips at the news that Mike is ok, at least comparatively speaking. "Sérieusement," he asks rhetorically. "Dat's good news, petite." His voice sounds a little more rejuvenated, but there is still an underlying weariness to it. At least Mike is alive, there's not much more Remy can do to help him right now, but he'll have to check in on him when he's able.

Ruth smiles hearing her friend's voice improve "You might be death now and then Remy but you're still good, if you weren't you wouldn't have saved mike, and you wouldn't have been so worried about him or so glad that he's ok, yes thank you. I wish I could give you a hug but please yes if you would think on this: everyone comes 'home' to learn control, you're struggling with it and you'll continue to struggle with it but the struggle is easier with friends and training to gain control is what 'home' is here for, yes please. There's a way out of everything even this, yes I do believe it and I'll continue to believe, thank you, death is not what you are, it has not consumed /are/ Remy Lebeau, among another name, things are always easier when you're not alone"

Another sigh from the former X-Man. Ruth's not going to let it drop. He doesn't have the time or the patience for this conversation right now. "Look, petite, 'ppreciate de call an lettin' me know Mike's alright. Kinda in de middle o' somet'in 'ere right now. Next time I'm around, we figure a way to get together, non?"

Inwardly Ruth sighed, some people just didn't want to reach for out stretched hand and she couldn't force him, it was his choice but damn it hurt that he wouldn't come back. She had a feeling he was lying but she didn't call him on it "You are very welcome Remy, I will hold you to that visit, yes thank you, and if you need anything..please don't hesitate, maybe you can teach me to play pool" he had promised after all to teach her but they always got side tracked.

Gambit chuckles lightly inwardly. "Take care o' yo'self, petite. Stay outta trouble, an' pr'olly best if'n you loose dis numba," he says sincerely. He likes Ruth, and would hate to see her get mixed up in his world right now. He will call her one day, but not before he feels it's safe for her.

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