The Bet

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Havok, Nightcrawler and Aurora

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East Village, Manhattan

Alex and Kurt go out on the town. Run into Aurora

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Having been kicked out of Scores, Alex and Kurt find themselves mostly inebriated and seated at a local diner in the East Village. It's just past midnight, yet the diner is still at half capacity. The two wayward members of X-Factor are seated comfortably in a high backed booth with waters in front of them. Food and other drinks have been ordered. There was a brief quiet which is interrupted by Alex saying, "Dude, I totally can't believe they kicked us out. I mean damn. She was all up in my lap, it was totally all her. Just cause I grabbed a boob? seriously, isn't that what boobs are there for?"

Laughing and shaking his head, Kurt responds, "Well, that and more, but if they didn't want your hand there, I'm sure the rest would of been enough to call the police." He chuckles more just the same. He is image induced to help blend in, not so much Errol Flynn but more contemporary regular guy for now. "Like our money wasn't good. Besides after a bite to eat, we'll have to find some girls that really want their boobs grabbed."

Alex laughs and shakes his head, "Damn, that just sounded prostitute wrong." then he does larry the letch voice, "Hey baby, you want your bewbs grabbed?" then does a female voice, "Sure, but that'll be 39.95 plus shipping and handling."

Shaking his head, Kurt says, "You're mind is in the gutter fruend. We need to get you inebriated more. Its no different than a girl saying we boys only wanted our teil grabbed." Then to drop the confusion of teil and tail, he explains, "Our male part -- I mean, if some girl said, I'm looking to grab your part ... would you be offended?"

"Hell no. But you say that to a girl and expect to get slapped, at least 6 out 7 times." Alex answers with a grin and then the waitress walks up with food. He then looks up to her and says, "If a guy, hypothetically speaking, were to walk up to you and say....."

Shaking his head, "No, I'd say not interested," grins Kurt. "I mean, if the guy was persistant, I'd leave, so would you. Doesn't mean you'd be inclined to deck him. And with the girl, its words, you don't just say it. You tease it, like an utter ... I mean the conversation, not the boob. They know its on your mind, but you talk about something else all night and indirectly jump in the bed when the bouncer calls last call."

"I have never seen eyes as amazing as yours," interjects Kurt before Alex finishes it. Least Alex confirm 6 out of 7, "Would he stand a chance of meeting you after work?" He smiles, knowing full well she knows its two inebraited men talking. "Just hypothetical of course, because if it were me, I'd probably be more enamored with your legs in all honesty ... you'd probably have to slap me to get me to stop looking."

The waitress stops, considers and says, "Don't get me wrong guys, but even though Mr Summers here is a dreamboat, there's no way I'd date someone like him."

His face has been in the news, in the papers, and on the web. He's pretty much screwed.

Alex smiles, "6 of the 7 with a bias."

Kurt laughs a moment, then offers to Alex, "Image inducer, its your friend. That just means there probably is a niche out there that would date you." Then he looks at her legs, "What about me though, I'm definately not Summers material?"

The waitress smiles and walks away, leaving the conversation to the drunk boys.

Alex laughs, "Dude, if she knew you were all blue and fuzzy, you'd have totally scored."

Leaning over, Kurt drunk whispers, "Its all about the fuzz, ladies love it. I think that's why every dude in the 70s had chest hair and big beards. Honestly, is the only way I can even begin to explain Logan's luck with the women at all."

"Nah bro, it's like those fuzzy posters we had back in the day. You know the ones that would glow under the black light?" Alex says revealing all. "That and they love the feeling of a soft fluffy sweater against their skin - or kitties and bunnies."

"Don't ruin my game," says Kurt, "I'm trying to make it sound macho. And we didn't have fuzzy posters in the circus. We had wooden toys and dirt to play with, and we liked it. I think you're getting ready for old age - aren't you like 35 yet?"

"What does old age have to do with it? I've got more game than you or Errol Flynn." Alex retorts with a grin. "I mean I realize that the strippers were totally into you.. or at least you thought they were cause it's their job to make you think that. But here in the real world, piff."

"Ach, so more game is it?" Kurt considers that, "Its a challenge then Mr. Summers of internet fame. Lets put what little money we have left, sans government paychecks, where our mouthes are and see who has the most game?"

"What do you propose?" asks Alex as he leans back, eyes indicating that he's curious about the game.

"We choose two women of equivilant enough stature," ponders Kurt, "Either first one to get a kiss, or last one turned down would be the winner." A shrug, "We'd need an intermediary who is unbiased and it would have to be two women, I'm not going Sheakespeare and trying to go after the same woman, too demeaning, even amongst fellow boob grabbers."

"Two women of equivalent stature? Someone we know or not know? I mean, it's sort of hard to just pick someone and go with it. Normally it's a game of numbers - how many can you sleep with in a given period." Alex notes trying to understand Kurt's pitch.

Nodding, Kurt replies "Numbers would be different, I mean we could easily target lonely women with self doubt issues. But I don't play that game. Thus, two woman of similar stature - two bank tellers, two models, two olympic athletes. About the same in self awareness and confidence as beauty. I cannot claim to say I would place two women as being equal in all regards, every person being unique, but in fairness to determine who has more game, the playing field should be level."

Shifting to the corner of the booth where the wall meets the seat back, Alex nods while pondering the situation. "What about image inducers? I mean you can go around faceless unknown whereas I'm known all over the whole damn planet."

"True, I believe that would be fair, the same image," grins Kurt, "Or I go blue fuzzy and you go poster child for the mutant resistance, we walk into an anti mutant rally and see who picks up the first girl?" The later a joke, the same image more serious.

"Ok." Alex replies accepting the terms. "There's a lot of personality as well as history/baggage variables in the individual. But. You pick the girls and is it a race to see who kisses their target first? Or do we have time to swoon?"

"Its a race to see which girl makes the first move to kiss us," smiles Kurt, "I mean, we could kiss a girl easily enough even if she doesn't want us to make that move."

"Hang on... I know this won't sound right coming out of my mouth, but aren't we planning to mess with a chick's emotional state? Say we do draw what ever girl's attention that we're trying to land and then suddenly say, "oh sorry babe, you're not my type" or worse, actually like her for more than just a mark. Fuck dude, I'm starting to sound like a girl."

Alex Summers and an unknown male are seated within a booth opposite one another. Dressed in casual clothing, both wreak of strippers and the stench of such a club. The diner is a little under half occupied and it's pushing midnight thirty. They seem to be enjoying themselves and discussing /important/ boy things regarding girls. Then again, what else do guys have to talk about unless it's building or tearing down something.

Alex just finished discussing his concerns about a given situation and the other male is about to speak.

Shaking his head, the nondiscript, yet handsome man of comly appearance responds, "Regardless, it has to wait until we're both sober, its not a contest to see who gets slap first. I already know you'd win that one." Laughing more, Kurt goes more silent as the waitress brings refills to the men. Then he ponders, "And wasn't there something the way you move your hips?"

Aurora just so happens to step inside on a whim, and she first heads to the bar counter, before spotting Alex and turning to head over towards his booth instead. The way she's dressed, it's look like she's been doing some clubbing of her own. "Alex! Good to see you alive and well, who's your friend?" She looks over the unfamiliar man sitting opposite Alex, studying him quite closely.

Interrupted, and liking it, Alex will look up to the arrival of Aurora. He smiles and says, "Hey baby." in a welcoming tone. He'll reach up with his left hand to offer for her to join his side of the booth. He'll glance over and say, "That's Kurt. Y'all have met."

With a slight flick towards the inducer, Kurt's yellow eyes shine through a moment as he smiles. "Good to see you too," he offers to Aurora, "Alex is picking up the tab, we should grab you something to eat too. Get whatever you don't want, we'll put it in a to go box for starving orphans or something, I'm sure plenty charities are collecting tonight." A grin as the takes a drink.

"Kurt! You're always surprising when you're out and about, wish I had that versatility in my wardrobe," Aurora beams a radiant smile, extending her hand towards Kurt, "pleased to meet you, nicest German in the world." Reaching to rub Alex's shoulder amicably, Aurora tsks at Kurt, "I won't do that to Alex, but I'll definitely get me some cinnamon french toast, with a white russian to complement it."

Alex says nothing about a diner having white russians, maybe it's part of the slave trade in the back room (behind the kitchen).

Alex's shoulders are soothed and he leans forward to give her more freedom of movement. "Hey Kurt, I win." he says with a grin and says nothing more.

Looking a bit confused, Aurora turns her eyes from Alex to Kurt, "was there some kind of bet I wasn't aware of?" She cues the waitress in the meantime, and orders herself just what she said, granted a white russian may not be of desireable quality in a diner, she'll take what she can get. "Oh, is that it?" Aurora laughs and pushed Alex a bit deeper in the booth, "why don't you move on over here then? I bet we can fit three in the same side, and I wouldn't mind having a nice looking guy on each side," she says with a playful wink.

Alex laughs and denies, "Oh I'm good on this side. Kurt can find his own babe." and will remain on the side he sits. But will make room for her if she so desires. Room enough so that she's up against his side. He avoids the cheating and remarks about betting. He's a guy, what else do they do?

Grinning, Kurt shakes his head, but further comments, "Nein, that might ruin Alex's game. But it would be cheating just the same. I am a man of honor, even if of ill-intent." Then he leaves it hanging there, there was little harm in the bet, and he never got around to answering Alex on the morality of their wager.

"Cheating? What are you guys on about?" Aurora insists, looking inquisitively into Kurt's eyes, and then Alex's, seeking which one will be the first to elaborate. "I never knew ill-intent to have anything to do with you Kurt, come on, you're an angel, admit it."

Alex smiles broadly and admits, "We were at a strip club. It was all about who got a girl to sit in their lap first - without provocation or monies offered. Well, I'd totally offer you my lap if we weren't in a booth."

"That's a silly bet, you know girls will gladly slip in your lap for a chance at more pay, I know," Aurora says, shaking her head and laughing at the idea of such a bet, and at Alex's flippant remark she just says, "a booth would make it way too uncomfortable."

"That was totally the wager," says Kurt, deadpanning to Aurora, as she would probably know that wasn't what the elf would normally seek in such a gentelmanly wager. Regardless, they're pondering laps and booths and he's turning from wingman to wheelman. The third wheel looks around again, pondering other possibilities, his eyes straying. Another life reflection moment, saying he should probably refresh his alcohol levels.

Alex will remain quiet, smiling and relaxed. He's got quite a bit of beer in him, but the food has really helped. In this regard he's close to the nap taking time of the evening.

"Oh, Kurt, Kurt, we can't have you like that," Aurora chides as she sees in Kurt's expression he's feeling abit left out, which brings her to lift off her seat, bend over the table and reach over to grab him by the collar, pulling him towards her with the full intent to kiss him unless he'll try and escape her.

Kurt doesn't back from the kiss, but lets her give what she will. Likewise he doesn't take more as well, she does hav His lips will curl to a smirk and when the kiss is finished, Kurt will look slowly from Aurora to look at Alex, "Who won the wager?" A chuckle then, "You're right, we can't have me like this. We need a club and some music, you two can grind the night away and I can find other ladies as charming as you."

A broad grin will cross Alex's face as he leans back against the booth and then chuckles while shaking his head. When another club is mentioned, he seems to wake more and adds, "Let's see whereelse we can get thrown out of."

Aurora has herself some fun, taking her sweet time kissing Kurt, perhaps a fair bit more passionately than one would expect from what is essentially just friends. Once the kiss breaks, Aurora frowns, "again with the wagers? Come on! Grow up," she then signals a 'no-no' with her finger to Kurt, "no chance you find a lady as charming as me." She then settles back in the seat and turns to look at Alex in surprise, "oh you have to be kidding, you guys got thrown out of a club? What in the world did you two do?"

Holding up a hand, Kurt offers, "I'm the wingman tonight, I'll agree with whatever Alex says is the reason we were kicked out of the club." Leaving it at that he looks for food on the table, last bite or whatever, simply to occupy his mouth while Alex explains that story.

Alex says, "ooh you know. Strippers. They want to touch you, but you can't touch them.". That's the skinny of the matter, and he's quite pleased of the result.

"Oh, is that it? Too embarrassed to tell me the truth?" Aurora sounds feignly offended, before turning to look at Alex and batting her eyes all cutely, "come on, Alex, you can tell me..." but when she hears Alex's reply, she just bursts out laughing, "everybody knows you look but don't touch!"

Looking away again, but listening in, Kurt laughs on cue to what Aurora says. Very true indeed, words of wisdom. "It was the primer anyways, we viewed, we fed ... now time to mingle ...."

Alex will hip bump Aurora with the intention of sliding them both out, "Let's roll, babe, there's got to be a club ready to receive us."

"I'm welcome wherever I go," Aurora quips as with Alex's subtle cue she slides out of the booth, allowing him to get out as well. "Be funny to see you get in trouble in person."

Alex will pay and then everyone will be out of the diner and walking down the streets of the East Village seeking a club. They're easy to find and easy to get within. There the three of them can enjoy what the club has to offer.

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