The Apology

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The Apology

Hawkeye & Mockingbird

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12/26/12 12:00

Avengers Mansion--Gym

Hawkeye comes back after time away to apologize to his wife.

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The Avengers' gym is nearly empty, but far from silent right now. Its lone occupant is doing her level best to make up in sound volume for the lack of exercisers. Bobbi is wearing a tanktop along with shorts, blonde hair pulled back. In the martial area of the gym, the sweaty woman is working on a punching bag with her fighting staves. And for every *thwack* of metal on canvas she lets loose with a loud 'KAI-YA!'

Clint hit the road for a while, hey it happens. Guy has left and rejoined the Avengers more than anyone it seems, and well he decided to come back and rejoin them. But while on the road Clint realized one very important thing about himself. Because of that, and even before he rejoins the Avengers, Clint has something very important to do. So he came to the mansion, asked Jarvis where his wife is, and came on down to the gym. Once there he watches her for a moment, cause well who wouldn't watch the hot blonde lady. Then he just does a little throat clearing to get her attention.

*thwack* *thwack-thwack* Back to center, Bobbi is just drawing a cleansing breath when she hears the throat clearing. Exhaling slowly, she turns her head and glances over at the source. And that's when all sense of calm leaves her, to be replaced by a myriad of emotions. With most people, her response would be casual and even flippant. But Clint knows her much better than that. No, he watches the emotions flicker over her expression in a quick parade before settling on pain. And she comes up with something clever to say. "Been a long time, Sport. You get lost or something?"

Clint just watches his wife as she finally turns to look at him, "Well you know I used one of those new StarkTech GPS devices. And well I ended up in like the middle of nowhere Canada. It got too cold so I came back here. Plus I missed you." At least this one is starting out better than their last conversation, "But do you have time? I really would like to talk to you."

Bobbi blinks, but she manages not to drop her sticks at least. Chest heaving from more than the workout, she replays his words back through her brain to check for translation errors. StarkTech GPS... Canada... too cold... I missed you. Rewind on that. Yes, he definitely said 'I missed you'. Her mouth twitches in an attempted smile before managing one as she approaches him. "Sure, I've got time. Just finishing up here, anyway."

Wow she's breathing heavy, that's good, means there will be less breath when she starts yelling at him, see everything is coming up Hawkeye. He does look at the smile, and well blinks, okay not her usual smile but at least she's trying. "Good." He says that carefully, fighting the urge to make a joke about her needing a shower. "I have to get one thing out before I say anything else. I'm sorry."

Sticks clutched in one hand, Bobbi tilts her head and looks up at him when he apologizes. The smile becomes more genuine, if still sarcastic, and she reaches up to lightly ruffle the front of his hair with her fingers. Just like old times. "You sure your -brain- didn't get frozen up there in Canada, Sport?" she teases. Thinking better of it, she drops the banter for a moment and adds quickly. "Thanks..."

"If it did, the cold helped it function better. While away I realized how stupid I was, and how much of a jerk I was. You went through something horrible, and instead of comforting you I turned on you. I know no matter what I do will ever make up for that." He glances at her some more, and actually does smile when she ruffles his hair. "No need for the thanks. I'm doing what I should have done a long time ago."

Annnd that's enough to melt the ice. At least for the moment. Bobbi's lower lip quivers a bit at his admission, and then her sticks DO clatter to the ground. As the source of the sound is registering in his brain, however, he has other things to think about. Bobbi wraps her arms tightly around his neck in a breathtaking hug, sweaty clothes be damned. Burying her face in the hollow of his shoulder, she whispers softly. "I never signed the papers, Clint. Never could manage to bring myself to do it."

Haha, Hawkeye wins, flawless victorym or something like that. Once Bobbi gives him the hug Clint does have to give her a hug back. Cause well dang it he needs a sweaty hug or something like that. "Awww, so we don't get to go out and redo the Honeymoon then?" Clint is content with just holding his wife close though.

Bobbi actually chuckles at that, giving the hug a parting squeeze. Right before she smacks him in the back of the head with the heel of her hand. Stars are still dancing in his vision when she draws back enough to look at his face. "You big jerk." she replies fondly. "I'm all for a do-over, but I don't think we should start with a marathon love-fest in the Poconos." Shrugging, she adds. "Besides which, I'm not so sure they'll even let us back into that resort again."

A hand rubs the back of his head on instinct on that one, "Owwie." He smiles at her though the memories of that time flashing through his mind. "Oh comeone that Hot Tub was perfect fine after they sterilized it." He smiles at her though, "So okay no Poconos, how about dinner and dancing, you get to pick the place." Wait clint is offering to Dance, see he's totally serious!

Bobbi's smile is actually fond, this time, not to mention warm and natural. "Dinner sounds like a great start to me, Sport, but I won't make you dance if you don't want to." A fingertip comes to rest lightly on his lips to silence any protest as she continues in a softer voice. "We have a lot of talking to do, Clint. We've both said, and done, things that were wrong. Things that hurt. We can't jump back into this without at least a few ground rules, or everything's going to explode."

Clint does blink a little at that, "Wait you expect me to follow rules? You know I was never one to actually do that." He does look at her though, "So what type of rules are we talking about?" His smile fades a little, cause he knows he's not going to like this part.

She can't help herself, so Bobbi ruffles his hair again. But at least she keeps on smiling. "Well the first one that comes to mind is on keeping score." The smile fades a little and she shakes her head. "I don't want to do that. If we're going to have a fresh start, I don't want either of us to be looking back over our shoulders. I know I've got skeletons in my closet, Clint..." Cough-cough-Phantom-Rider-cough. "... and you probably do, too. We're going to have enough to argue about already."

He nods at that one, "Well we all have them. We just can't let them get to us. And of course we have to be forgiving of things others have done." Heck one of the things that made him realize how much of a jerk he was, was that he remembered being the cause of Egghead's death. So hey stuff happens. "Arguing is okay I guess, making up is even better though."

Bobbi tilts her head and looks up at Clint again, arms tightening enough to press herself fully against him. "I always liked that part, myself." she admits, her smile becoming a sheepish grin. Raising up onto tiptoe, then, she kisses him. For as long as they've been married, there's still some hesitation as their lips meet. Light, almost tentative, it's as if she's still expecting to be rejected after all his words.

No rejection not this time. But after a small time he does break it off. "Well that also brings back memories. But I have some things I need to do. And you need to go and hit the showers or something." Hey he lasted this long give the guy some credit! "But I'll see you soon, we need to setup the time for the date." And he doesn't wait for the retalation as he heads on out of the gym.

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