The Answers is Blindfolds

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Emma Frost and Mirage

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Dining Hall - Xavier's Institute

The two chat after lunch duty

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It's mid-day and lunch just ended and with it the crowd of students are making there way out of the cafeteria and on to thier afternoon classes, so it isn't long before the area is pretty much empty, save a few stragglers that may have a free period after the noon meal.

Several faculty sit or stand around to supervise, making sure there is no trouble caused during one of the rowdier times of day. Amoung them is Dani, leaning against the end of a now empty table, watching as the cafeteria becomes an ocean of calm once more.

Emma Frost, having finished her own meal a short while ago, lingers near one of the doors, keeping a careful eye on the departing students. A few students noticeably change course for other exits rather than walk past her, whether for her forbiddingly icy gaze or her reputation. Either way, her area is nearly as quiet as the exit hall of a funeral parlor.

Eventually, the last few students not lingering for free periods straggle out, and Emma glances out beyond her appointed door, then returns to the table she had vacated earlier to collect her briefcase. By coincidence, it is the table Dani is leaning against. "Surprisingly well-behaved for such a rambunctious crowd," she observes softly as she stoops to retrieve the case beside her vacated chair.

Of all the staff of Xavier's Dani has been the least vocal on the hiring of Emma. With how crazy her life has been the hiring almost flew under the radar. "Have you had lunch duty on a Friday yet?" Dani inquires, skipping the plesantries for the moment and going straight for the topic at hand, "I avoid lunch duty on Fridays if I can help it." which is actually pretty easy for her since she has a hand in setting the schedule.

"A bad time here, I take it?" Emma asks, arcing an eyebrow as she straightens. Her tone is thoughtful. "Due to the proximity of the weekend break, perhaps? That would be my first guess."

"It can get pretty rowdy. I've only had to break up one fight so far this year. After that the students are reluctant to cause to much trouble when I am around." her eyes move to the section that Emma was covering though there is no one there currently then back to Emma, "I have a feeling it will be the same with you.

"Perhaps so. Time will tell. It may be an advantage, to be feared. But it cuts both ways. Trust and fear don't live in the same house willingly, if at all." Emma looks over at a few lingering students as she speaks, her eyes thoughtful.

Dani nods at her words, knowing she speaks the truth, "Well in my case they just don't want to have to go change." she gestures upward toward the ceiling, "I had Bishop set off the fire sprinklers, and Ororo punished the two girls, with cleaning up the mess it caused.

"Ah... Miss Munroe chose quite a just punishment." Emma smirks. "A good idea you had, though I'll ask that you please let me know first, so I can vacate the dining hall in good order? I'd be very appreciative of the courtesy... I don't always have spare clothes to change into."

"I did what I had to." Dani lifts a shoulder, to her it wasn't to big of a deal, "Paige and Roxanne are still a bit hostile to one another, so they need to be watched." with the warning of the two troublemakers given she will switch to what she probably should have opened with, "Has the outrage at your hiring settled down?" but she probably shouldn't have phrased it that way, but that's just how she is.

Emma's smirk widens just faintly. "Most of it, I think... the outright, shouting sort of hostility has cooled down, so now I'm mostly left with the simmering variety that shows itself much later, in more interesting ways."

Dani's pretty much got to the point where she isn't festering about it anymore though she hasn't quite reached ambivalence yet, "From what Jean tells me you only heard the half of it. The other day she seemed as if the next person that brought it up would be brain fried." she gives her own smirk but it quickly fades "From my understanding you were teaching here before and the place didn't go to hell.

"And I thought I was having a rough go of things... I certainly will have to thank her for putting up with all that rubbish. Really... hire a telepath with a bad reputation, and the next thing you know, everyone's up in arms. It'd be silly if it wasn't so understandable." Emma chuckles softly. "You'd think more people would remember that, instead of acting like poor Miss Gray has taken full leave of her facilities."

"Well she did propose to Scott. So that part is still up for debate." Dani is joking about that of course, "I guess it is like airplanes, everyone remembers the crashes." after that comment its probably best to move on to other topics before her own personal feelings are called into question, "I'm curious as to how you and Captain America are dividing up the teaching time.

"As equitably as we can, mostly. The Captain is a busy man, so sometimes he has to leave a class on urgent business. I don't have so many emergencies to call me away, so I take over when he's got to dash. That's about the only imbalance so far." Emma shrugs. "I'd say it's going rather well, honestly. Though sometimes I do wish some of the male students wouldn't stare so. It's obvious what they're paying attention to, and it's not the lecture."

Dani can't help but cover a amused chuckle at the last bit of the comment. It's the first time in the whole conversation that she has shown some animation, "Well you know how to fix that right?" she pauses a beat, "Blindfolds." she deadpans. Sure she could have went for the cover yourself up routine, but she has to assume that's a dead horse topic so goes for levity instead.

Emma chuckles softly at that. "I may have to go that route, at this rate. Know where I can find a few stray blindfolds in need of a good home?" she asks semi-impishly, glancing at her dainty wristwatch bracelet. "Hold that thought... almost time for my next class. Got to run. Thanks for the loan of your ears." She gives Dani a hint of a smile before turning and stepping out through the door she'd been watching earlier.

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