The Alien behind the Curtain

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Alien Behind the Curtain

Spiral, Dagger, Shatterstar

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11/13/12 18:00

The Bronx

The Penultimate Chapter! The Villain Revealed!

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-----==[ Bronx - New York ]==-------------------------------------------------

The Bronx is the third largest borough of New York City, as well as being the third most populous. Heavy industrial areas lie besides residential districts in this borough. Because of this, the sky is usually grey above this section of New York, giving it an ominous feeling. Trees seem not to grow here, and if they do, their leaves are dried and dark. Shae stadium is located within this area.

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[8B] - 8-Ball Willie's - Bronx [AB] - Main Floor - Abandoned Glass F
[AT] - Abandoned Tenament Building - [DP] - Deadpool's Palace of Funk - Br
[EP] - Edge, P.I. - Bronx [JY] - Junk Yard - Bronx
[KP] - King's Park Shelter - Bronx [MD] - Mel's Diner - Bronx
[S] - Queens - New York [SU] - Subway System - New York
[SW] - El Barrio - New York [VI] - Vulcan Ironworks - Bronx
[W] - East River - New York [WH] - Warehouse - Bronx
[YS] - Yankee Stadium - Bronx [YT] - Yankee Tavern - Bronx

It has been decided that perhaps it would be best to visit Jake late at night, presumably because there's more chance he'll actually be in then. So Grice drives Shatterstar and Dagger over to a city tenement block, quite poor, at around midnight, and after parking up out the front, looks pensively at the other two.
Licking his lips nervously, he says, "I'm not so sure I can be much help on this one. Perhaps I should stay here?" he offers, fishing around in his pocket for a piece of card, which he holds out. "I got the guys address written down here.".

Shatterstar nods easily to Grice. He's grown quite used to leaving the police officer behind while Dagger and Shatterstar go to ask the questions and potentially confront criminals. Although in truth, Shatterstar woudln't have it any other way. He's seen the way Grice handles himself for long enough now to draw a few conclusions - namely that Grice would only slow them down. Stepping out of the car he accepts the card, memorizes the address and then hands it to Dagger. "Are you ready?"

Dagger nods with a smile to grice "Alright, not sure we'd find your car in one piece if you left it anyway and I would hate to add a shooting to the current list" tindy may be naive and think the best of people but things happened in bad neighborhood and she knew that. Stepping out of the car she nodded to shatterstar "ready as I'll ever be"

SYS: Dagger rolls an intuition FEAT. Result: 93 -- Yellow

SYS: Shatterstar rolls an intuition FEAT. Result: 89 -- Yellow

You pass by a number of surly inhabitants in the building before you get to where you want to be; needless to say none of the locals, even those more inclined to cause trouble, stay well out of the way.
Until you find yourself in a long corridor, doors to apartments on either side. There must be well over a dozen, big place. A tattered red carpet, faded almost to grey, is just about the only decoration, and there's a faint scent of rot in the background.
Quiet though it may be, you both feel a faint stab of paranoia. It feels like you're being watched somehow... and not only that, but while Grice has always seemed the nervous sort - perhaps a little unusual given his job - perhaps he seemed particularly nervous just now?
Your reverie is disturbed though when one of the door bursts open, to reveal an extremely formidable looking old woman, who glares at the two of you. "Who the hell are you?" she snarls. Apparently having lain in wait here for passersby!

Shatterstar sizes the old woman up. Not too much of a threat in combat, he decides...but then looks can be deceiving. "We're to see someone," Shatterstar says, searching his memory for the name. "He is likely..." Shatterstar trails off as he seems to think of something, then turns towards Dagger. So far she's had better luck than he has every single time they've had to talk to anyone. No reason to think this time will be any different.

Dagger looks to shatterstar "our friend didn't like something about this particular neighborhood. He might know something he's too afraid to tell us" them the old lady snarls from her door "We're just looking for someone. We're not here to cause trouble, we're just looking into an incident. We're trying to help that's all ma'am"

The old woman is unrelentingly suspicious - especially about funnily dressed people in her hallway. "Yeah? Well I don't like people loitering around outside my door, walking up and down, playing hide and seek. So beat it, before I call the cops. What are you here for anyway?". She eyes Dagger and especially Shatterstar's choice of attire.

Dagger smiles, a soft warm smile to the old woman "We apologize for disturbing you ma'am, your heating hasn't aged a bit, it's remarkable. I only hope my senses are stol as keen when I grow older. We're looking for a man, Jake? Do you know him?"

Shatterstar looks at his own costume and then Dagger's as he listens. Once Dagger finishes with her questions he can't help but add, "We are here with the police."

"You're with the cops? Jesus, what sort of uniform is that?" she wonders, only more suspicious. "I don't believe you. And Jake, yeah, he lives over there." she says, pointing at the door opposite. "Maybe you /are/ with the cops, as I been phoning the cops up plenty to get someone over here to shut him up." she tells Shatterstar, perking up a bit. "Plus it sounds like he's wrecking the place over there, I don't want a gas fire in the apartment opposite or anything like that. Maybe you should go sort him out.".
Now she seems a bit more interested!

Dagger has reconnected.

Shatterstar nods eagerly. "We'd be happy to." He's already headed in that direction before he pauses and calls back over his shoulder, "And rest assured, my power profile and combat training will ensure that if any trouble should arise property damage and battle noise will be kept to a minimum." He gives Dagger a quick glance in case she wants to add any similar reassurances before he knocks on the door.

Dagger smiles to the woman "thank you ma'am, we'll do our best to keep the noise down. Thank you for your help" then looks to shatterstar "let's not storm the place ok? He was beat up afterall" honey vs vinrgar and all that, if you asked dagger she'd recommend honey everytime

The old woman closes the door reluctantly, leaving the two of you alone in the corridor once more, though there is still that vague feeling of being watched.
The corridor is all very quiet, Jake's door unassuming compared to the others.

Shatterstar taps lightly on the door. "Jake? Jake, please open the door." He flashes a knowing look at Dagger and then adds, "We just want to talk."

There's nothing from within at first. Then there is the sound of movement, of stuff being moved out of the way, of ... the crunching of broken glass? Someone is in there. Not someone planning on answering the door though.
Now you're loitering by the door, the smell of rot is quite intense, perhaps it was here that the smell was originating from. That, and a sort of animal smell. Musky, and not very pleasant.

Dagger wrinkles her nose "i think we found the smell around here and all the noise. But what kind of animal can understand human speech and move things like that?" And if anyone said a purple mini dragon she still wouldn't beleive it.

Shatterstar grimaces. "Whatever it could be attacking Jake right now!" He raises a knee it's almost touching his own chest, then sends the foot slamming forward at the door in a super-powered kick!
(at the door)

Dagger looks at him dryly "very subtle...and just an idea but if it were attacking him, we would have heard him screaming" quickly turning to enter the room now that they just broke in, literally.

The door is an ordinary door, so it goes flying. Makes quite a loud noise too; presumably the old woman opposite will be most displeased.
The first thing you notice about the room beyond is that it's very dark, with only the light from the corridor to light it up. The second thing you notice is that it's a tip; there's trash all over the place. Broken furniture, what looks like a vase by the door on the floor smashed, photos smashed in their frames, plates and cutlery all over the place. And the third thing is the smell. It's fair to say this place hasn't been cleaned in a while.
You're looking into the living room area, such as you can given the dim light - there's a flicker of movement, and a humanoid figure flees from the living room into what you presume is a bedroom or bathroom. Looking about six foot tall, glowing red eyes, apparently enormously muscled - there was the glint of viciously hooked claws as well.

Shatterstar pulls out his batons with obvious relish and goes charging after the creature. "Finally! Enough talking!" Despite his words and his attitude he stops at the doorway and looks inside, possibly heeding Dagger's words and wanting to understand what's happening - or maybe just unwilling to get his guts clawed out in an ambush. With Shatterstar you never can tell.

Dagger edges in around shatterstar, as the C on her cheek and..well she herself glowed with a white pure light, a sheild appearing on one arm "Hello? Jake? Are you home we came to ask some questions"

The creature in here is clearly human (perhaps no more), given that he's wearing jeans, and a sweater which has practically disintegrated, revealing a supermuscled torso beneath. He pauses in his fleeing, not far away from Shatterstar given he was running towards him - holding onto the wall and shaking his head as he apparently attempts to control himself.
"...get... out..." he manages to grind out, not looking at the two intruders. Now he's not running around you can see what was glinting - he has metallic claws in place of fingers, a seam between metal and flesh as if it's been grafted on. Hooked wickedly, like a huge bear claw.

Shatterstar takes the words as a warning the creature is giving them for their own good, and he heeds it about as well as any hero would. Which is to say, not at all. He steps carefully towards the thing, holding his batons against each other and suddenly he's holding a staff instead. Just the thing for keeping a crazed animal at a distance. "Who are you?" he demands. "And what have you done with Jake?"

Dagger blinks "I'm Dagger...whatever it is we can help. Shatterstar is a super hero. Are you jake? Please calm down, just slow ready breaths. Please...I'd really like to know what happened and how you got this way. Won't you tell me?" How on earth could this happen to a person? "Shatterstar...i think..that IS jake"

Well, as Shatterstar moves up to the creature, he apparently loses control. As he suddenly leaps for the superhero, claws out, snarling, some drool hanging from his open mouth. Though his teeth remain normal, it's apparently the claws he's planning on using.
Apparently unskilled in any formal combat art, but making up for it with inhuman speed and ferocity, claws slashing wildly in Shatterstar's direction.

SYS: Spiral rolls for Excellent: 75 (Yellow)

SYS: Shatterstar rolls for STUN. Result: 34 -- Stunned 5 Rounds

SYS: Shatterstar has damaged you for 10 points. Current Health: 125/135
SYS: You damage Shatterstar for 10 points. Shatterstar's Current Health: 125/135

Shatterstar is slashed by the attack. His protective uniform keeps it from drawing blood, but the sheer impact still hurts him - and knocks his wind out. Shatterstar stumbles backwards, unable to respond. Now it's all up to Dagger!

Dagger sighs sadly "I'm sorry jake forgive me, we're just trying to help you and everyone else. I don't want to hurt you" four knives of light appear in her non sheild weilding hand and she throws them at the clawed human monster thing

It looks like Shatterstar being in the way, milling around stunned, doesn't help, as the creature ducks behind him using some sort of feral cunning, causing the light knives zip through the air where he once was standing and lodge briefly into the wall before fading.
And then he's stabbing and hacking at Shatterstar some more while he's stunned, all the while trying to keep his body between Dagger and himself.

SYS: Spiral rolls for Excellent: 46 (Green)

And his steel claws scrape against Shatterstar's armour yet again, leaving a mark.

SYS: Shatterstar has damaged you for 10 points. Current Health: 115/135
SYS: You damage Shatterstar for 10 points. Shatterstar's Current Health: 115/135

Shatterstar takes another hit. A part of his mind thinks to himself, better me than the unarmored Dagger. But the other part just thinks he should have known better than to ask questions first. Next time he'll let his swords do the talking.

Dagger grimaces as her knives miss. "jake please..calm down.. You're on there somewhere...please don't do this, he's a superhero. You know they only want to do the right thing. I know you know this. And I just want to help, please you have to stop this and calm down" trying to use her tumbling ton help her get an opening on him as she lets fly another for knives

SYS: Dagger rolls an agility FEAT. Result: 82 -- Yellow
SYS: Spiral rolls for Poor: 46 (White)

This time the daggers do not miss; and also it seems that Jake must have a rather low opinion of himself, or be truly evil or corrupted, as there is a bright flash and he falls to the floor in a heap, twitching and spasming - a little like Shatterstar, really!

Shatterstar can't do much except groan but luckily he's able to shift his eyes enough to catch sight of Dagger literally lighting up the creature formerly known as Jake.

Dagger sighs, releived "I'm so sorry jake...please forgive me but you have me no choice" moving over to shatterstar she checks on him "you ok? Can you focus on me? Is anything hurt?"

Shatterstar grates something about warrior's pride.

Shatterstar's ego is probably the most hurt part of him it seems - he's got a cut, but it's more cosmetic than life threatening. His tailor will be disappointed, though.
And then... *BOOM*! The peace and quiet of the post-fight silence is shattered by the blast of a shotgun.
Turns out that the target was the unfortunate Jake, who lying on the ground stunned couldn't do a whole lot about it and takes the full force. And the wielder - turns out to be Grice. The detective is standing at the door, shotgun in hand, eyes wide, looking almost as stunned as Shatterstar. He licks his lips. "That was the guy..." he gets out.

Dagger gasps jumping and handspringing her way to put herself in the way of fire between grice and jake "No!.don't shoot! That's jake!" Turning around she disipates.her sheild and throws eight healing daggers at jake

Shatterstar grits his teeth, starting to get back feeling in his lower limbs. He'll be on his feet and chopping up the creature formerly known as Jake in no time. If there's anything left to chop up, that is. But something about Grice For that matter he's seemed a little odd all night. Struggling to stand, using the staff to brace himself, Shatterstar looks between the good detective and Jake. "If that was 'the guy'...shouldn't you be placing him under arrest?"

The healing daggers probably do more good than even Dagger realises, as whatever chemical it was that was clouding his mind seems to dissipate, and Jake, lying there in the trash, suddenly seems a lot more lucid - the feral look about him fading away, leaving only a misshapen, somehow rather pitiable lump of muscle and flesh lying on the floor of his trashed apartment. The wounds from the shotgun blast close up, at least partially - enough that he won't die.
And Jake looks at Grice with a knowing look, as he lifts himself painfully up on one elbow. "He must have met /her/ as well..." he gets out.
Grice, for his part, pales. Plan ruined. Script wrecked. "He was getting up!" he protests. In fact... "He still is!" he adds, pointing the gun at Jake.

Dagger moves over to jake to sheild him "A normal prison ain't hold make anymore, shatterstar. Her? Her who jake?" Then turns her head to grice "no. He wasn't grice, I'd knocked him out, and he's not going anywhere while still wounded. What's really going on here grice?" Suspecting something is wrong here.

Shatterstar looks between Dagger and Grice, then reaches out and uses his staff to push the barrel of the Shotgun down so that it's pointing at the floor.

"The six armed freak..." Jake mutters from the floor, still in great pain. "She said she'd help me deal with those scum gangers...". Grice shakes his head, suddenly terrified, though not entirely for his own skin. "She said she'd cure my daughter if I went along with it all...".

And then... *blip*. None other than Spiral appears, beyond the doorway out in the corridor. Behind Grice. And she's angry. "CUT! I don't believe it." she mutters, two hands on hips, and two more pointing accusingly at Shatterstar and Dagger. "You ruined the climax! Weeks of work!". Now she knows why Mojo is so surly.


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