The Affliction of Quicksilver Part 5

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Havok, Mirage, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Silver Surfer, Crystal, Lockjaw

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09/06/12 18:34

Space then X-Factor HQ

The team gets the plant and comes home.

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The Surfer guides the Kree ship into the X-Factor tower hangar where it is sat down. Once the team is out of the craft, he will offer a human 'wave' and say, "Good luck in your journeys.". He will then 'surf' out of the hangar to join his companions in their business.

Ship will ask, "Welcome home. I gather you all had many adventures and Havok wrecked another vehicle."

Alex says, "Yeah?" and leaves it at that as he walks toward the lift.

Dani chuckles as she follows with the plant, still carrying it carefully away from her despite what Mantis said about it. "Thank you ship and could you please contact Crystal and let her know we have what she requested." she is assuming that since it has been awhile, that Crystal didn't sit around and wait for them.

Kurt follows along, glad to be back on Earth for the moment. The feeling probably won't last long and he'll want more space adventure soon enough, but now its good to be back 'home.' "Did you miss me?" He asks ship, or holographic AI, rhetorically, if any of them are even listening.

Ship answers Dani first, "Notifying her presently.... she will arrive in five minutes, within the lounge." The team enters the elevator and Alex says, "Guess that means we don't have time to shower."

A smirk comes to Dani's face as she looks up from the plant in her hand to Alex "Well maybe you don't, but we don't /all/ have to be there to hand over this thing." despite saying that she isn't handing the thing over so someone else can do it.

With a shrug, Kurt throws in, "Besides, its just handing the plant over in five minutes, how long do you think that's going to take really?" Which is to say, what else can happen after all this anyways.

The elevator doors open to the penthouse level. Standing near to the seating area are Crystal Lockjaw . She looks hopeful, Lockjaw doesn't seem to have much of an expression other than curiousity. She says, "You were able to obtain it?" with a growing excitement in her voice.

"I certainly hope this is the plant you were wanting." Dani says after leaving the elevator and crossing over where Crystal and her canine wait "And yes, before you ask, it was a lot of trouble." apparently her diplomacy is broken today.

Kitty walked in on the heels of Dani, with Lockheed in her arms "It wasn't easy and going back will be almost impossible. I hope this is the right plant" Lockheed eyed the Lockjaw but stayed where he was in her arms.

Crystal's eyes reflect her words as she apologizes, "I am sorry for the troubles that you faced. Yet, my gratitude is undying for you have just saved the man I love."

Alex states, "Glad we could help. Just make sure Pietro gets better; and over what ever he's going through."

Lockjaw gruffs. Possibly an affirmation of the request.

Crystal will gladly receive the plant when Dani is ready to hand it over.

Dani happily hands the plant over, glad that with the passing of the thing the teams mission is officially over.

Kitty nods "I hope he gets better and back his old self. It may not have been the easiest thing we did but I'm glad we did. Take good care of him, Crystal"

Crystal takes the plant, moves back to Lockjaw and says, "I will. Thank you again." then Lockjaw will gruff one more time and they'll disappear in a flash of light.

Alex takes a seat on the lounge chair and puts his head back. Sunlight comes through the windows and skylights of the penthouse level. He mutters, "Home again, home again, la te da."

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