The Affliction of Quicksilver Part 4

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Mirage, Havok, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Moondragon, Mantis, Drax the Destroyer, Silver Surfer, Kree Soldiers, Deathbird (in name only)

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09/06/12 05:14

Kree Space

The team, now prisoners, are rescued.

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The team is 'processed' (which is cleaned and examined). They're identified as X-Men and 'enemies of the empire'. The empire belonging to Deathbird.

Information obtained will be basically that Deathbird controls Hala and many nearby systems. Her empire is a 3rd of what the actual empire of Kree used to be (the whole of the Greater Magellanic Cloud). The rest of the former empire is loyal to the Shi'ar or neutral and therefore major conflicts are taking place. The Shi'ar forces have yet to be rallied to a fullest extend and nefarious incidents are taking place within the Shi'ar Empire that prevent a full assault. Also in the mix are the Skrull who have been making runs at remote Kree and Shi'ar systems trying to weaken the overall infrastructure.

The four members of X-Factor have been sequestered together within a holding cell that neutralizes their powers. They also wear collars that do the same as a backup and for when they are being transferred from one area to the next. They await a transport which will take them to have an audience with Deathbird herself (apparently for gloating purposes) and subsequently the M'ugraia mines where they will be tasked to dig Ubrotoum ore until death.

Alex pulls everyone together and says quietly, "I've got about 4 hours until I overload. The cosmic shielding on this ship is weaker than the planet and other ships?. If I overload, it's going to vaporize this collar and a hole several floors down not to mention a significant wave of energy will be dispersed - so you all will need to clear out when I tell you."

Ever since the group has been locked up, Dani has spent most of the time pacing the confines of the cell. While the collar may neutralize her mutant abilities, its does nothing to inhibit the mystical valkyrie abilities she possesses. Occasionally the etheral image of a spear appears in her hand, though it disappears quickly in her agitation, since it is pretty useless against the Kree enemy.

When Alex brings them together to share his predictament she can't help but glance around, but doesn't ask the obvious question as to where are they supposed to clear off too if they are locked up in a cell...or are they not locked in it?

"Well, that's good news," responds Kurt to Alex's prediction of how long until he obliterates everything around him. "Bad news is, no powers to slip out easily into the dark night ..." So he looks around, room, forcefield door, kree outside. He looks to see if their looking, while also looking for makeshift items to destablize the collars at the least. Not much good he would do for that, that's Kitty's realm really. That doesn't mean he can look for other objects that could serve normal skills not related to being a mutant. Like someplace to get a makeshift sword from the walls, the objects (if any) in the room (chairs, slab benches/beds, etc.). If he has to go full prison shank, he's going to find it, from parts in a toilet to coils in a matress, he's measuring it all up while the contemplate Alex going cosmic bomb.

Ok they were locked up and no powers, that didn't mean shadowcat was going to give up. She'd been looking around the rom studying everything but her gaze kept going back to mirage and that spear that kept appearing. When alex piled them all together she nodded tugging at her collar. "Just aim for the middle of the ship for the most damage ok? Mirage....what is that spear made of? It might actually be useful after all"

An hour will pass before the heroes are approached by several soldiers. A blue skinned Kree stands in the center of the force field doorway and states. "You are to be taken before Deathbird. Make peace with your gods for the Empress does not suffer enemies of the empire to live."

The team is transferred to a shuttle that will transport them from the prison ship to the flagship where they will be addressed by Deathbird.

In route: The transport is as large as one of the V troop transport crafts (city bus) and the four are positioned in the back of the craft in seats the line the walls. They are seated (and strapped in with their hands bound in front of them) opposite one another (Kurt/Alex on one side, Dani/Kitty on the other). Several seats down are soldiers. Lockheed is in a cage (much like a cat carrier) and he's muzzled so he cannot breathe fire.

Havok starts to fidget. He gets that worried look on his face indicating that the time just got escalated because they're in a craft that has less shielding than the prison transport. He says, "Uh guys?"

"It's useless in this situation." Dani replies to the question "It's mystical in nature." the only reason she was manifesting it was to see exactly what the collars were capable of. It's all moot anyway since they are soon taken away from the cell and being transported elsewhere.

True to her nature she does put up somewhat of a struggle against her bindings but that too is pointless. "Count down just count shorter?" Dani asks when Alex gets there attention.

Well, strapped in, hopefully, waiting for Alex to blow up, hoping he get's lucky and can melt the collar ... isn't a brite future. Kurt decides its time for a distraction to hopefully get the guards to confused and possibly to a situation of moving them at least so they aren't chained to the chairs. "Ach, guards!," he calls, "He's gonna kill us all! Get me out of here now!" He struggles fruitlessly against the restraints.

Nodding Kitty looks to Dani "Well least you're totally locked down" looking around the transport as she studies their bindings and exchanges a look with Lockheed, poor lil guy. Then looks at Havok "How much time?" before following Kurt's lead "You gotta help us, please?! Havok has gone crazy!"

Alex nods nervously indicating that Dani is correct in her assessment of his timeline being reduced. He fidgets more.

The guards that are in the same area as the team, unstrap and notice that Alex's eyes are starting to glow. In addition to his glowing eyes, his skin starts to radiate heat and a feint light that will grow brighter over time. One of the guards hits the alarm while the other radios up to the flight deck that something is going on that looks bad. They're waiting for confirmation that they're able to do something before actually doing it. Guards are well trained.

Alex relays, "Seconds? Guards, you have to get them out of here, I'm going to explode!"

Dani pulls against the bindings as she looks up to stare (or more like through) at the guards. To her everyone is glowing at this point "We will all die if you don't do something." her tone is one of finality, certainly not the panic that everyone else has. "Does this ship have escape pods of any sort? If so either us or him needs to use it, Now.

Keeping the panic himself, Kurt glares at Dani, "No, forget him! Take us, take me!" He struggles a little more.

Shadowcat winces, seconds was bad! "You have to take his collar off! It's the only chance you have if you don't want to lose a prisoner and have a hole melted thru this thing"

The guards seem to get the affirmation that they're allowed to do something. But it's not exactly what the team was going for. They move forward, grab Alex, uncouple his restraints and forcefully move him toward the rear of the ship. They pass through a doorway and into another section where they are unseen.

Pausing in her struggle against her bonds, Dani focues her attention on the straps that keep her down and looks for a way to get free of them, even to the point of looking for anything in her vicinity that she can grab, even if it is with her feet to assist in getting free. If she has to kick at the other seats to knock something loose, so be it.

Once the guards have taken Alex out, Kurt will calm down. Seeing Dani struggling and moving her feet - and only if there is enough room between them - he will suggest she kick for any of his restraints if the quarters are that close. Otherwise, he'll conduct the same, checking whatever restraints are on his tail for extra leverage.

Shadowcat switches off the panic like it never happened and starts trying to find a way out of her restraints, grinning as Lockheed starts rocking and scrabbling in his lil cage in an attempt to get free "No telling what they did to alex or how long they'll be gone.."

Kicking, struggling, and other movements do not assist in escape. It is a prison transport of an advanced alien society. It's not like the Prison bus seen in the movies where the prisoners always seem to be able to escape.

There's a yell from Alex's voice heard through the cabin as he yells, "YOU SON OF A BITCH!". Another alarm sounds and states, "Airlock open." seconds later, both alarms cease and things become quiet. The two soldiers move forward from the aft of the craft and state, "Your companion no longer poses a threat."

Another alarm sounds, the flight deck announces, "Proximity alert, hostile inbound. Brace for impact!"

Bound, Dani can't struggle, she can only hope Alex blows up, shoots the ship, and they get free at this point. She looks away from everyone else, pondering Alex free floating in space.

Kurt does the same, jaw dropped in silence.

Kitty stares in disbeleif at the gaurds before hr eyes tear up "" she says softly before she glares daggers at the gaurds "You monsters!" she nearly growls. Oh yeah kitty was pissed! Lockheed making an angry rumbling from his lil cage.

The ship is suddenly struck, but it doesn't cause a shift or list, just a horrendous noise of something scraping along the roof from the front to the back. The pilot does turn the ship trying to avoid something after the fact) and that does cause some minor G forces to act upon the occupants.

The soldiers look concerned; they hold on initially and then expect nothing to happen. Those expectations are misplaced as the ship is suddenly struck again (in the rear). Then the sounds of rending metal are heard, alarms sound and the soldiers are ordered (by the flight deck to investigate). They are both reticent, but press on as good soldiers do. They move to the door that leads to the aft cargo area.

The power fluctuates, and the control collars power down and fall off.

The soldiers have their backs to the team, they're about to open the door to the aft compartment.

Dani is moving to try and get out already.

Bypassing the wait, Nightcrawler ports immediately to grab Kitty, "We're getting Alex." As if it needs to be said. Doesn't matter what's happening, they need to get to space. Kurt will teleport as needed in conjunction with Kitty phasing to hopefully get to space and Alex.

Nodding to Kurt, Kitty puts an arm around him "Mirage get lockheed loose, we'll back in a flash. Lock, be a good boy and help Mirage ok? I'm sorry Lockheed, but Havok needs my help more" and with that she was taking a deep breath to ready for space.

Space is silent, massive, beautiful, frightening.

Kurt and Kitty find themselves floating in the vastness of planetary space. They can see the nearby binary star system (yellow & blue), they can see a few dots that could be planets and then a nearby planet where they could have recently been. They see the Kree Armada all around them at varying distances (hundreds to thousands of miles from one another, in formation). They see the ship that they just teleported out of flying off at high speed and will be out of range in 2 rounds. The ship has a hole ripped in the left rear part and atmosphere is being vented out.

Kitty and Kurt then spot a silver man on what appears to be a surfboard 'surfing' away from the transport. Atop the board, crouched down - and holding on for dear life, appears to be Havok.

Dani is left alone with the Kree guards who turn around to face her. The door they stand in front of is opened, suddenly atmosphere is being sucked out. On the other side of the door a monstrous green 'man' wearing purple and gold is presented. - He reaches through, grabs the Kree before they have time to react. He throws them both behind him and steps through the door allowing it to close behind him (sealing the compartment and allowing the air to regenerate). He announces, "I am Drax. You are prisoner of Kree, we here to help."

Well Mirage has her powers back at least and with the seat straps releasing she is able to stand, and she does so. She to is looking quite pissed and slams into one of the guards minds but then she has more to worry about, like the suction caused bf the door opening. Grabbing onto one of the seats she stares at the man who is suddenly there in suprise, which she quickly recovers from "Us or them?" she asks dubiously.

Once back on the transport vessel she rushes straight for lockheed's cage. "We were too late..I'm sorry" but guilt trips and apologies would have to wait as kurt's exclamation caught her attention on her rush to lockheed's cage. Kitty turns around to see what's caught kurt's attention "This guy isn't here on our side is he? What are we the universe's trophy holy grail? Prize goes to who can keep us?"

A bald woman steps from behind Drax with significant grace. "Fear not, young one. Drax will not harm you. Nor will I. We are here to render aide."

"What do you mean you were to late?" Mirage asks of Kitty as she holds her /still/ bound hands out to the young woman "A little help here." assuming Kitty will phase the bindings away or something she addresses Drax and the woman behind him "Great," she indicates the door behind her "we need to secure this vessel, there are still at least two more Kree piloting, and find our missing team member, assuming he is still alive."

Looking about, Kurt addresses the skantly clad woman with visual recognition and a nod, then turns to Mirage. "The Silver Surfer seemed to have Alex on his board, it was hard to discern at such a distance."

Perhaps it was foolhardy to trust so quick but...they were in a pinch and Kitty wanted to beleive there was some good in all this "Asilver man on a silver surfboard took our friend, we need to get him back. Will you please help us? Our vessel crashed on a planet after glancing off a ship. We can't go home without our friend even if we had transportation....which sadly we don't, our small ship was too badly damaged" relaxing some she went to lockheed's cage and phased him out of the carrier to give a kiss on his head "You ok Lockheed" then with a hug for the lil dragon she let him climb up onto her shoulder. then looks sheepishly at Mirage "Sure thing" and moving to Dani she put a hand on each cuff and phased them off and down before dropping them.

Moondragon states, "The Kree pilot and navigator are under my control. They follow the Surfer who has your companion. Soon the Surfer will open a rift into hyperspace and this ship will be piloted into it. Thus allowing escape from your oppressors. That will then allow us time to learn why you four mutants are so far away from home."

Learning that the other Kree taking care of piloting the ship are being dealt with Mirage doesn't go through with storming the cockpit. Instead she begins to search the cabin for weaponry. She doubts of course she will find anything that belonged to the group, but one of the soldier's energy weapons would do just as well. "We are on a mission to find an alien plant." she starts to explain to Moondragon "It is needed to create an antidote for an illness an aquintance has contracted.

Nodding in agreement to what Mirage says she helps to search "Cockpit might have something useful for us?" then turns toward Moondragon "We appreciate all the help and are grateful. Our readings indicated the plant grew on a planet in this area. If we could get that plant then we can return home and make the needed medicine"

Looking confused, Kurt asks, "Not to look ze gifthorse in ze mouth, but vhy are you here and helpink us?"

There aren't any weapons in this particular area of the ship. Likely in the aft compartment (that's been vented into space) and on the flight deck with the pilot/navigator.

Both Moondragon and Drax have small gemstones imbedded in their foreheads. Hers is pink, his is red.

Moonstone states, "The Surfer sensed your friend's impending energy release. He though it prudent to investigate. Ergo, we discovered you all - and considering that you, like myself and Drax, are from Earth, we though assistance would be the prudent thing to do. As for the plant, Mantis will search for what you desire."

Kitty nods again with a smile to drax and moondragon "Forgive us, it's been abit uncertain for us who's on which side of things. Is the surfer working with you then? Thank you for coming when you did, we certainly appreicate all your help. Who won the battle we saw last night?" just cuz new kree soldiers scanned the planet they'd crashed on didn't mean the new kree won the battle just meant they'd survived enough to do some clean up of the battlefeild.

Mirage is a tad suspicious, even after the explanation, "Thank you, your help is appreciated." she gives a nod to what Kitty has said "We don't," mostly Kurt and herself it seems "mean to sound ungrateful, it's just been a rough few days." she drops into one of the seats in the cabin, since they will be there a bit longer.

Hyperspace is entered. The Surfer 'tows' the transport to safer areas and away from the Kree armada.

Moondragon states, "I understand the human condition and that of those who oft times enter conflict willingly or not. But I can assure you that our intentions are altruistic. The Infinity Watch; myself, Drax, Pip, Gamora, Maxam and Adam Warlock; strive to keep the universe safe from the evils that would destroy life as we know it. The Silver Surfer, as well as Mantis work alongside the Watch when we require aid or vice-versa."

She then changes the topic, "The Mantis has found the plant you seek.

Listens taking a seat and nodding at appropriate times, before she kicked Lockheed's muzzle awaay with her foot in distate, scritching the little dragon like some lapdog. News that they had found the plant already made her perk up "But how did you know? we hadn't said what plant we were looking for"

Well that is more good news "Great, that means we can collect it and go home." finally something to smile about, though it is brief, if even there "Where will we be meeting Mantis and collecting Havok so we can do that quickly?" after the last 48 hours space travel has lost its luster to her for awhile. "Kitty, if she can mentally control the pilot and navigator, figuring out what plant we want would be pretty much pie.

Kurt agrees, "Yah. Mental abilities are quite impressive."

Moondragon nods to Dani and Kurt's assessments, "My talents are in the realms of the telepathic. Now, if you all would care to sit, this jaunt will be over shortly and we will see about getting you back on track."

At that, Kitty turned pink with membarasment "Oh. Right..sorry" feeling like a bit of an idiot which didn't happen often! "Just...didn't want to make any assumtions..."

Having already been seated, Dani straps herself in. Considering the condition of the ship, and the damage it has taken, it could be a bumpy ride.

Kitty had already sat down but she scotted back in the seat and patted her lap for Lockheed to climb down onto before she strapped in. Then looked to Kurt to see what the fuzzy elf would do.

Kurt also straps himself in and the short jaunt through hyperspace begins.

Drax moves to the forward cabin to secure the Kree and Moondragon will also set herself in and enter into a meditative state.

It isn't long before the team drops out of hyperspace above the particular planet in question and the ship will follow the Surfer down to planetside.

Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, and Mirage found themselves touched down upon a richly forested planet which possesses a breathable atmosphere. Their new companions, Moondragon and Drax (the Destroyer) lead them out of the ship onto the forest floor where they will be able to see the Surfer and Havok.

The silvery surf board of the Surfer hovers a foot off of the ground. Standing upon it is the Surfer. Crouched down, one knee to the board and both hands and feet solidly upon it is Havok. A moment or three passes as the Surfer's right hand is focused on the crouched Havok. A detectable energy is seen being transferred between the Surfers hand and Havok's back. Then, a few moments later, Havok stands and looks around as if he's just woken up, steps from the board and walks toward his team.

Kitty says, "We thought you were dead!" Lockheed snorts in agreement.

Havok says with a smile, "I knew I wasn't going to die. I kept waiting for my life to flash before my eyes... and all I got were reruns of "Mr. Belvedere"."

"At least he didn't say Mr. Ed ... Belvedere is slightly more contemporary," says the blue elf that enjoys watching Errol Flynn. Then mutters somewhat under his breath, "Geweiht Hölle ...." Still he shakes his head, and then Kurt lets out with a wide canine-toothed grin, as if he knew it would all turn at Ok just the same. Ya, mutants and x-men/factor specifically, probably need a lot of conseling for all the bottled up stuff they store away for later and joke about it to put the cork on that bottle.

Mirage knew from the start who was going to be living to see another day and who wasn't. That's one of her things now, but she doesn't bother to correct Kitty "And better than Jersey Shore certainly." her gaze passes along the gathering "Though for everyone's sake we can do without a repeat performance."

Havok says, "I totally had the upper hand. I was just about to blast the crap out of them when all of a sudden there was?"

He is interrupted by the appearance of Mantis who steps from the forest holding a plant whose roots are encased in a few cups of soil. "X-Factor, this is the plant in which you seek."

Moondragon states, "If there is nothing else, we will see your return to Earth. We have business with the Avengers and you've business with the Inhumans."

"Danke," offers Kurt to everything that is said, including Alex full handle of the situation before the team was rescued (foiled) by the others. "Are we allowed to propagate this stuff so when Pietro goes crazy again ..." Its rhetoric, more directed at the group in a quick jest.

Quiet as stories and explanations continue, Mirage moves to Mantis to take the plant from her "Thank you." she quickly examines the plant in question "Anything we should know about this plant? Like does it spray toxins or have a special dietary need. We aren't going to have to feed it flesh and blood are we?" she holds it away from herself at the thought.

Mantis smiles at Dani's querful words and says, "Water is fine. The Inhumans will know how to cultivate and nurture it."

Alex shakes his head at the remark of Kurt regarding the insanity of QS and the potential outcomes involved. But says nothing.

Moondragon will say, "Let us depart. Surfer, lead the way." and the team will be placed back onto the Kree transport. The Kree Soldiers are left on the planet with a homing beacon and supplies. They will leave the planet, enter hyperspace, and the flight home will take far less time than their original flight out.

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