The Affliction of Quicksilver Part 3

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Havok, Mirage, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Shatterax, Kree Soldiers

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09/05/12 08:32

Kree Space

The team encounters a space battle, gets shot down, then taken prisoner.

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The small starcraft is situated within a partial clearing (at the terminal end of a path of destruction). All around the clearing are tall jungle like trees. The temperature (at dusk) is 92 degrees F. The jungle is initially quiet due to the disruption and destructive forces of the crash landing. However, it quickly comes back to life with all sorts of hidden animal life.

The starcraft is wrecked. Initial assessments say that she will never fly again. Broke like a joke.

Kurt and Alex manage to get all the necessary items out of the ship, suppress any fires that may have broken out, and also get some parameter setup as well as an encampment established. Dani was just knocked about, no serious damage, rendered unconscious and she's just waking to the smells of field rations.

It's night. The sky reveals stars; however the space battle can also be seen as distant tiny specks of light moving about.

Alex notes, "Looks like we're stuck here." in reference to the ship situation and the very nature of what transpired.

Pushing herself up onto her elbows Dani looks around, a slightly confused expression on her face, "What the..." then she sees the wrecked spacecraft, "Oh yeah." wincing slightly she sits up completly, "How screwed are we?

Moving to finally sit down and ponder the sky above them, Kurt nods around as being stuck and realization come to Dani. "Good news, we can breathe in the atmosphere here. Bad news, I think we should keep our eyes up there, when the battle dies down, they might sweep for survivors - and we don't know if the winner up there is going to care for us either way." A shrug.

Lockheed could always smell food and even feild rations have the dragon chirping as he comes out of the space craft to perch near Kurt, his yellow eyes gleaming in the dwindling light.

Looking to Lockheed, Alex asks in a quiet voice, "What's the good news, buddy? Can Kitty get the coms working?" asking the tiny dragon about Kitty who will hopefully emerge with the good news. Though things are broke like a joke, so fixing the subspace or regular space coms will likely take a week or more.

Glancing back to Kurt then Dani, "Kurt's right, we better hope friendlies win the battle up there."

Emerging from the ship smudged with grease and soot Kitty comes walking toward the campfire, wiuping a smudge across her forehead "Well good news we atleast have a bathroom, bad news? A several of the systems are badly damaged and components need to be replaced, mostly wires and circuits though. Real trouble is windsheild, we don't have a spare and the hyperdrive system to toast. I'll have to rebuild things when we get home" always the optimist Kitty held out hope that they'd get home safe.

Dani gets to her feet, and goes to where the supplies have been place to look for the medkit "Rescue is rescue. Unless we want to stay on this rock for a god knows how long we will have to go with who ever the winner is, friendly or not." finding the medkit she rummages through it "Right now I'm more worried about what is out there," she points to the jungle "that wants us for dinner.

Looking innocently at Dani, Kurt wonders, "So, you're saying we shouldn't make camp by the smoldering ruins of our ship because it might attract attention?" He's about to let that settle then an idea strikes him and he sits up where he was starting to rest. "Kat and Dani are onto something," he begins, even if he may have started part of the topic, "We don't have to wait for the winner per say, we just have to watch for other falling objects. We can scrap other ships, borrow as we need or make cause with someone who lands in a more spaceworthy ship. I mean, we can watch what falls, head for a close one in the morning, look for space plant on the way there ... Krach! We win, everyone lives ..."

"Not to be a downer, but let's be realistic. Last I checked, this planet was around 10,000 miles in diameter. So what, 31 thousand miles around and the area will be like 80 million miles? Not to mention we rotate, so the battle will not stay above us for much longer. You're the only one who ports. What, 3 miles at a time? You could take us, but we'll be puking a lot." Alex throws a wet blanket on the subject.

Kitty startsa doing the mental calculations and sighs "To make matters worse from my readings of the atmosphere the upper levels make local comms and interplanetary transmissions null. Nothing gets in or out"

"Wie sie ist ... we are stuck, I claim all the land from our ship to the horizon in this direction," Kurt holds up his hand in a random direction. Not knowing the poles or the readouts of the planet size or any fun stuff, it really is a random meaningless direction. He didn't watch the sun to establish east west all day, he was working. "As citizens of my kindgon, I propose a tax, we'll start with 50 percent of the resources you find, but I expect you all to develop a system of sustenance - Dani is in charge of food stuff, Alex is in charge of lumber and building materials, Kat will be my Queen. I shall be Kurt the Bold, first of his line." Big dreams are allowed, "Or, we could ponder looking for the flower and scouring the planet. Who knows, maybe there are some intelligent species around that we can trade with for some bubble gum and duct tape?"

Having found something in the medkit to deal with her aching head, Dani gathers her bow and arrows and straps them in place, "As long as I'm not wearing a red shirt." she comments. She was probably only half paying attention to the conversation around her. She wanders over to the jungles edge glancing over her shoulder at Kurt when he mentions intelligent species on the planet. "I may be able to help with that one at least." that is if her powers will work on alien life forms.

Alex gets a worried blank look on his face and mutters, "Crap.". He then explains, "That's why I don't feel the charge." He looks up, "I'm guessing that atmospheric stuff is keeping the cosmic rays from powering me. Which means, I've got enough of a charge to go full blast about 10 times then I'm out. There definitely will not be any chopping down of trees, the easy way." Then he adds another wet blanket, "By the way, this isn't the planet with the plant we're looking for." He stands from his rock and will walk to stand beside Dani. His eyes peer into the darkness of the jungle beyond. There are many hidden things that peer back.

Smiling amusedly at Kurt, Kitty asks "do we get crowns?" then nods solemnly to Alex "Bingo, this atmosphere also filters out all cosmic rays and I don't have a geographical map of it. Good news is, you won't be driving home. We'll need take shifts to keep watch though"

"But, this is the correct galaxy at least right," ponders Kurt to Alex's comment about this not being the planet they came to find even. Then a grin at Kat, "Of course we do, with all the jewels, that's our first law, needed resources our peasants may keep 50 percent of, the rest will be taxed, but luxury items all belong to the crown, including jewels. So, we'll have awesome crowns."

Glancing up at Alex as he comes to stand near her she lifts a shoulder "What's the worst that can happen?" then she shakes her head "Don't answer that." she can very well imagine the worst. She turns her attention back to the jungle and the creatures that she can hear and get brief glimpses of through the foiliage. She tentatively reaches out empathically to one of them. At the least she will be able to feel it mentally, though she may not be able to do more.

Dani gets nothing from the Animal Communication. Perhaps they're too alien for her to communicate with them.

The atmosphere being ~32 percent oxygen, their minds will be a little sharper, their bodies a little more enduring. But, the increased O2 does have detriments; such as possible headaches, long term fatigue after overtaxing muscles, need for reduced respiration otherwise hyperoxia occurs. And then there's the 1.5x gravity. So everyone is a little weaker d/t increased gravity. So lifting things and strenuous activity will tax more rapidly.

Alex says quietly to Dani, "A lot.". He will then turn to look back and regard what Kitty said, "Kitty's right, we need to set up a rotation and get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be busy. I'll take first watch. "

"Beds in the ships will be more comfortable then out here exposed on the ground, ship is more defensible I think. Tomorrow we'll have to be careful what native plants and animals we eat if we hunt and forage. I'll see what I can cobble together from the ship parts for what we'll need in the morning once we have light enough to see again" Then Kitty starts mentally calculating the length of day to night based on the circumference of the planet

It takes a little bit but Kitty finally comes up with some numbers "Based on circumference and a few other things, my guess in we're in for long days and nights. Least we'll get some extra sleep, if I'm right the nights are 15hrs round about long same with the days"

"In that case, I'm grabbing a bed, I'll take 2nd watch," Kurt says to the group, "Also, lets hope the intelligent life sleeps during the night too, or that 15 hour night is going to get longer." Grinning and eyeing Kitty a moment, he smiles then heads to claim a cot in the ship for himself, leaving Alex to his thoughts about what he's actually watching for in the alien environment alongside Dani who is most likely pondering who will be psi-arrowed first if it comes down to it for food source.

Dani doesn't seem to surprised at the result, or lack there of, at trying to read the alien creatures mind. "Well thankfully a lot didn't happen." she turns and heads back to what is left of the ship, doubting she will be able to get any sleep considering she did just wake up. "It's all yours Alex." she follows the others into what is left of the ship to at least lay down until the pain in her head clears up.

Rising and stretching up to her finger tips, Kitty nods "I'll take third watch, if we're unlucky I'll have breakfast ready when you all wake up" then she grins as lockheed yawns and stretches before she scoops him up. Wake us if there's any trouble ok? Be careful"

No animals attack. Sleep will seem to pass through everyone's shift until the final shift when a sonic boom will wake those sleeping in the wee morning hours of the buttcrack of dawn. Dani is the first to know as she spotted the craft entering the atmosphere seconds prior. It is on a controlled descent and flies out of sight still miles up. Another sonic boom follows. With no ship in sight, Dani will only know that they went <thattaway>.

Alex stirs and sits up rapidly. He bumps his head on the ceiling and says, "What the hell was that?"

Before the boom fully registers to Kurt, he swats at the air, "Nein, das war nicht mein Schweif in der Keksdose," he moans some more. Then he sits up more slowly, rolling from the bed. Flopping onto the floor, with some semblance of grace at least, "Something has happened, ja?" He looks around the dark a moment.

Waking up, Kitty sat up quickly rubbing her eyes with a purple dragon curled on her head complaining at her. Though she wasn't the only one in that cot, atleast not until Kurt flopped out of bed "Not an earthquake"

Dani is immediately on alert as soon as she sees the ship, her call to wake the others is drowned out by the boom, "A ship, breaking into the atmosphere." she quickly responds as she grabs the hi-tech binoculars from where she set them nearby. "It disappeared to the," she glances around and then points the direction. "I couldn't see any indentifiers." she begins to climb up to the top of the wreck, hoping the height will give her a line of sight with the binoculars.

Then suddenly without warning, the ship flies overhead at tremendous speed and at an altitude of just 1000 feet. A shockwave resonates over the area and the craft disappears again over the trees. Dani will then be able to recognize the ship's markings, Kree Empire. The ship was slightly larger than their own (a transport of sorts) and knows exactly where the team is.

Alex rolls off onto the floor, steadies himself and then emerges from the ship too late to see the flyover. He starts moving toward the supplies, there are hand held blasters - and he suspects he'll need one. "Let's get moving, they'll probably be here in less than 10 minutes."

Kurt grins back at Kitty in agreement with not an earthquake, "Ja, a wake up call, who ordered this?" Then the second ship is passing over on the heels of Dani's initial assessment and Alex saying to get moving. He's out the door with the others then, "Good news - whether they came specifically for us or have an outpost on the surface, we have a way off the planet - we just have to make that way happen."

Crouching down on top of the ship to keep from being blown over by the flyover of the other ship, "It's a Kree ship!" Dani shouts down, then quickly climbs from the top "Though we can't assume that Kree are in control of it." she begins to gather up necessary belongs "My suggestion is we hide in the jungle until we can determine whether its actually the Kree or not.

With lockheed flying on his own he wasn't grumbling anymore but making it for the door with Kitty right behind as she grabbed necessary things..for gadgety person..."Kree we might be able to deal with, Skrull though, there's just no talking to skrulls. Kinda like brood huh Lockheed?" to which the dragon rumbled in distataste at the mention of brood and nodded his purple head

It takes a moment for everyone to gather up their things and Alex notes, "It's an advanced tech, hiding is probably not an option they have scanners." Alex starts moving the direction that Dani indicated, "We need to take it to them head on and secure their ship. Then somebody else is gonna fly it."

If there are blasters in supplies, Kurt is helping himself just the same and then getting in order to follow Alex. "You need advance eyes on the situation, or you more comfortable with keeping the group together?" Either could be in order and its not his call, so he defers the choice rather than make it. "Either case, I think statistics favor us gaining a ship from this."

Adjusting her sensor as she slowly waves it around the air Kitty grins with a nod "Well atleast their energy signature leaves a trail my sensors can pick up. But they probably can cover ground more quickly then we can"

Dani does some rearranging of personal effects on her person in order to be able to carry a backpack of supplies. With quiver on hip, bow in hand and her other usual weapons in their usual places she takes the rear guard position on this march to locate this other ship, where ever it may be.

Suddenly the jungle is disturbed and emerging from the dense wooded area presents with a flying being in an exoskeleton of alien metal. It flies overhead (30ft up) and a string of flash/bang like grenades are dropped from its hands. They all fall. As they strike the ground, in and around the team, they begin to explode. Loud explosions, bright flashes. The assailant flies across the clearing and into the jungle on the other side.

At the back of the group Dani keeps a watchful eye on the jungle itself, not particulary the skies above it. As the large alien thing soars overhead and begins to drop grenades she does the logical thing, ducks and covers. As she loud bangs and flashes go on around her shedoesn't bother attacking it in return, even if she could, arrows would probably be useless against the thing.

Second in line Kitty had her eyes on her sensor as she picked up strange readings and was trying to figure them out when the large thing flew over. Kitty partially phased instinctively and grabbed lockheed in her arms as she dropped to the ground. Attack? naah too far away to attack.

Emerging from the jungle on three of the four sides are 6 Kree soldiers wearing armor and carrying heavy rifles (that are pointed at X-Factor). The metallic form emerges again and comes to a hover 30ft up and 30 yards away from the core of the team. The ranking Kree soldier who seems to be in charge says in English, "Stand down, X-Men." Indicating that they know who the team is (or at least by association). He follows with, "You are now prisoners of the New Kree Empire and the magistrix, Deathbird."

Havok suspects that everyone else was effected the same way he was so he takes a step forward and tries to stall by stammering through a few lines, "Hey, you're the super cool Kree we've heard about. I mean we really love you guys and Deathbird, she's like our favorite villainess ever. I'm amazed and thrilled to hear that she's taken over your empire, cause that dude with the tentacles out of his head was a freakazoid." He then comes down to it as he raises both hands, palms up <which has been seen on several occasions as a setup to blast> and then looks back to the team with a half smile and back to the guy to say, "Thanks for the offer, but naaaah."

FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM - it was a yellow result, still cobwebby and needed a red to hit. But he essentially clipped the metal guy seconds before he breaks into a run toward his nearest Kree soldier wanting to engage him in the next round. Hoping that the rest of the team follows suit.

Havok's response is enough for Nightcrawler, he'll spring to action himself by teleporting to the nearest armored Kree and then making a grab for him. Whether he hits or misses, that's about all he can do while slightly disoriented, but if he gets hold, next round he can port the armor off, or take the guy for a happy fun ride and remind him what he had for dinner the night before.

Tighening her grip on the bow in her hand, Dani watches the Kree soilders come forward and address the team. She certainly isn't about to stand down on the orders of some unknown person, especially after said person says they are in league with the criminal known as Deathbird. Having been around long enough she knows the cues when she sees them so as soon as Havok and NC go into action she isn't far behind. In an instant her bow is up and she fires off one of her psiarrows at a Kree soilder.

Kurt finds himself face to face against a Kree. That Kree uses the butt of his gun against Kurt's face. (20 points of damage - 10 physical = 10 damage)

The Kree soldier targeted by Dani is dropped. One shot wonder does it again.

Havok rushes toward the head Kree and is subsequently kicked in the head by the same soldier (20 points of damage - 10 physical = 10 damage).

The Kree that Kitty tried to take the gun from misses Kitty's face with the butt of his rifle.

The other two Kree target Dani, both hit. (10-6=4x2=8 points of damage - energy).

The flying robot guy blasts the crap out of Havok from the rear. Havok drops for 7 rounds.

Taking the butt to the face (the gun butt), Kurt is determined to take his man out for the now. As the gap is closed, he will reach to try and grab the man - teleporting away if he grabs him - otherwise making another attempt to grab him.

The energy blasts sting like an SOB but it isn't enough to keep Mirage from retaliating in kind "Shadowcat, disable big and shiny." she is unsure at this point whether big and shiney is a person/alien or a robot, so will let the person who has more experience in that department deal with him. She targets the Kree soldier that decided to use Havok as a soccer ball with another psiarrow.

Phasing, Kitty lunges for the Kree soldier that tried to hit her face. Grabbing the gun she phased it out of his hands "Uh uh! Now I'm taking your toy away. Didn't anyone teach you not to play with guns? that's why I play with knives"

Havok is down.

Kurt continues to dance with his opponent. The Kree Soldier tries to nail Kurt with the rifle stock again, misses.

Mirage takes down the Kree Soldier that kicked Havok.

Kitty managed to grab one of the Kree weapons, desolidifies it and herself. The Kree soldier standing in front of her swings and his fist passes right through her.

The flying metal Kree elevates 50 himself to 50 feet above the combat, he launches a rubbery ball looking object toward Mirage, misses and it bounces off the jungle floor and rolls several yards away. The metal Kree then calls down to his soldiers, "Take down the woman with the weapon!"

The remaining/free 2 Kree soldiers target Mirage, fire their energy rifles. One hits doing (4) damage. They both stand in a V formation around the combat (30-40 feet from Mirage).

Nightcrawler remains focused on the guys he's trying to grapple with, hopefully now that his mind is less foggy, he'll be able to grab and port the guy into a stupor. He'll make up to three attacks to grab the guy, then use remaining actions to teleport him around to hopefully make him sick.

Realizing that Shadowcat is phased, the Kree soldier leaps back and draws a smaller energy weapon from his belt - did not even look like a weapon, then fires an energy beam through Kitty. It strikes and does damage to her.

A glob of rubbery like material is emitted from the flying metal Kree's right hand. It strikes Mirage's area and expands rapidly to 6' then will contract to envelop her in a rubbery, highly resistant floating globe of transparent material (like a 3' diameter yellow glowing bubble). This bubble will be constrictive about Mirage's form, forcing her to crouch and have limited range of motion.

Havok is still down (for another 3 rounds).

Kurt is dropping a Kree off somewhere in the jungle to be eaten by an alien T-Rex.

The other Kree soldiers (2) draw down on Kitty and begin to fire. Both hitting her in her phased form.

While engaging in the battle with the Kree, Mirage has done her best to keep mobile. A static target is an easy target and that is something she certainly doesn't want to be. A grimace of pain crosses her face as the energy pulses hit her.

She is not surprised when Big&Shiney orders his men to focus on her. She is about to make a run for cover when the orb expands, surrounding her and preventing the use of her physical weapon. Not sure if firing a gun would be entirely safe inthe bubble she has to rely on her other mental abilities and focuses on Big&Shiney, pulling his fears from his mind and projecting them for his viewing pleasure.

Shadowcat is visibly affected by the energy blasts, her phasing in and out as if not in control her self and randomly affected now by her own ability. With several kree firing repeatedly on her, she's not want to simply take it. She'll swing her rifle at the nearest, if he's close enough to bat at, and then attempt to run away. She'll pull her shoot, not to cause less damage, but to try and not hit his head - considering her phasing is erratic, she doesn't want to phase the rifle accidently into his brains. She just wants to distract and try to retreat.

Havok is still down, drooling in the dirt.

Leaving the man behind him, Kurt makes a teleport back to get sight on the kree, then he'll reach for a loose branch or forest type object and use another teleport to try and place the branch into the man's flying suit to damage it, then teleport away (teleport, find item, teleport/attack, teleport?).

Mirage's attack is fruitless. The metallic kree is too much cybernetic and not enough man to fall prey to her attack. The stick's material strength isn't enough to do anything to his battle armor and wooden splinters fly everywhere. The globe around Mirage begins to spin violently with a slight wobble which will in turn, spin her around like a really bad ride at a carnival.

Kitty slugs the Kree soldier with the rifle and takes off running. He adjusts the setting on his hand held blaster and then fires. The blaster explodes and he is blasted a few yards back.

The lone Kree soldier adjusts the setting on his rifle, targets Kitty, and fires. Kitty is not stunned, but it hurts like a MF.

The flying metallic Kree targets Kitty and will blast her. It too hurts like a bitch.

If Mirage could like robots and cyber beings any less she probably would after her failed attempt at the psychic attack.

When the orb she is in begins to spin and move, Mirage braces her against the sides, lifting her arms out above her head and strechting her legs out as much as she can, so she isn't bounced around inside it. This does little to help the jostling of her stomach though and it isn't a pretty sight.

Taking the rifle Shadowcat gives it a look over and runs. Grunting as she pauses momentarily in pain as she's shot but keeps running. Cats always do land on their feet after all, such resilient creatures. Then Shadowcat gets shot again which falters her gait but no keeping this kitty down!

Havok is down for another 2 rounds.

The metallic Kree announces loudly, in English, "Surrender or the spinning girl will be crushed!"

Kurt comes out and holds his hands up, surrendering as requested, not wanting to gamble with Dani's life.

Hearing his words, Kitty turns and sighs, she too surrenders and starts moving back toward the conflict.

The metallic Kree will then stun Kurt, then Kitty and re-stun Havok. Everyone is then taken into custody with power dampening bindings. They will be taken to the Kree transport, lifted off the planet, and taken into space where the team will then take note of the scene.

A massive Kree armada of over 100 ships has arrived and crushed the Shi'ar and Skrull forces. Many destroyed ships float dead (most ripped apart) within space. The Kree flagship is seen and alongside it is an equally massive destroyer class Kree ship that seems like it was built around a huge energy weapon that projects from its front.

The metallic Kree states, "You will be processed and sent to the slave mines of M'ugraia where you will dig for the glorious Kree empire until your wretched deaths."

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