Team Wipe

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Mirage, Sunpyre, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Havok, Box, Crystal, Blob, Quicksilver, Avalanche, Pyro, Toad

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IC Date:
08/29/12 22:43

Greenwich Village, Manhattan

X-Factor vs the Brotherhood

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What is a quiet evening in Manhattan? No one alive today knows or can recall. It's not been quiet in Manhattan since the industrial revolution and the invention of the motor car. And while some days may have less disruption and discord than others, it's never quiet.

Tonight is no different than any other night, except for maybe a tiny little explosion beneath Greenwich Village that blew a few manhole covers off and caused a trembling of the streets.

It was just past 9:42pm when the initial explosion happened. Subsequent explosive rumblings occurred shortly thereafter which eventually resulted in the bubbling of Matheson Street. That bubble turned red hot and melted the asphalt causing it to become sludgy.

Spectators all around seemed to stop and watch, listen, and expect the impending doom of their night. Scattered around sidewalks and in parked vehicles, spectators seem frozen in time. Perfectly still, some holding video phones, others poised and ready to run, while others are awe struck hoping to see their favorite super hero or heroine.

Most are disappointed when the bubbled street breaks open in an eruptive explosion that casts a red and silver metallic figure from its depths.

That figure; known to all Canadians and few Americans, is called Box (AKA Madison Jeffries - publically known). The clatter of shattering glass and rending steel follows his impact several yards away as the robotic body of the Box collides with various vehicles, skipping off one and into the back of a moving truck.

Many scream, many are still in awe, some flee. And Police start to arrive on the scene (on foot).

Emerging from the hole is Toad, he leaps out and onto the side of another large moving van. He surveys the area and reports back, "He's down, and on his back!"

A large hand reaches up out of the hole, grabs the solid side and pulls himself out - the Blob makes an appearance as he chides, "That was fun, I'm gonna hit him again!"

Behind the Blob, as the hole is several yards wide, emerges Pyro as he notes, "Not if I get to em first, mate."

The rumblings beneath the street are sensed by Ship, members of X-Factor alerted and those available respond. Not so much a concern if it were normal tremblings perhaps from the earth's crust, but considering the history of tunnels beneath the city, its something that bares investigation. From one of the high floors of Ship emerges a flying vehicle en route to the scene, it includes Nightcrawler behind the wheel (proverbial). How close this arrival is to Box's emergence from below, followed by members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants remains to be scene.

After the alert goes up Mirage has already had Ship open the sky roof and put in a mental call for her pegasus. If this is truely an earthquake she doesn't want to be on the ground risking having the ground open up under her. She does keep in comm contact open so if she gets there first she can report back to the others. Once mounted she wastes no time in speeding to the scene of the trouble.

Still at work at the medical clinic, Dr. Leyu Yashida has been doing all she can to keep herself very busy of late. A new position at Xavier's school as an assistant dean, and taking work at the Mutant Town medical clinic have certainly fit the bill. But when her X-Force communicator sounds, Leyu is not in the middle of surgery or something else that can't be interrupted. So she turns over the closing of the clinic to others, peels off her lab coat and takes flight, slinging her very large and quite heavy backpack onto her shoulders as she heads for the intercept coordinates provided. "Sunpyre, inbound with my medical kit." There could be injuries, after all.

Repose for Leyu: Still at work at the medical clinic, Dr. Leyu Yashida has been doing all she can to keep herself very busy of late. A new position at Xavier's school as an assistant dean, and taking work at the Mutant Town medical clinic have certainly fit the bill. But when her X-Force communicator sounds, Leyu is not in the middle of surgery or something else that can't be interrupted. So she turns over the closing of the clinic to others, peels off her lab coat and takes flight, slinging her very large and quite heavy backpack onto her shoulders as she heads for the intercept coordinates provided. "Sunpyre, inbound with my medical kit." There could be injuries, after all.

The Blob takes a few steps toward the downed Box - still 30 yards away. He lumbers on, not fast, but he doesn't have to be, he's big and strong.

Pyro is in a military jog, a pace that a warrior can maintain for hours, toward the Box. However he fans wide and left to get a good cross fire angle.

Toad leaps from vehicle to vehicle toward Box.

Another voice comes from the hole as Avalanche emerges, pulling himself up, "Dammit, Blob, why'd you have to knock him out onto the street where we have to friggin climb to get to him?"

Blob states, "Quit yer whinin', slacker."

The Box armor comes to life as it sits up and looks at the approaching attackers. Madison Jeffries is cycling through threat levels on his HUD and raises Box's right arm as he announces, "Stand down, or someone's going to get hurt!"

Blob announces, "Yeah, you!"

Pyro releases his fiery blast engulfing the Box in flame. This will do no damage to the robot, but will serve to distract him and make him uncomfortable.

The Blob closes the distance and grabs Box by the ankles with a grunting noise and hoists him up, twists at his hips and then slams Box into the side of the moving van.

"Glad to have you here Leyu," calls Kurt into the comsys, "Dani, if you get first, let me know where I need to park this thing so I can get to ground zero without much trouble." He keeps piloting whatever object Ship gave him to fly today.

Quickly arriving on the scene, Mirage lands Brightwind on a building over looking the area where the robot person is being attacked. While she doesn't care much for robots persay her distaste for Blob, Pyro and the others greatly outweighs that. "Any rooftop will do. Plenty of free parking." she says over the comm to NC as she pulls her bow. She gives no warning, she doubts she would get the same curtesy. She just pulls back and lets fly her glowing arrow of stundom at Blob (Rank 30).

Sunpyre toddles along as quickly as she can manage with the hefty load on her back. She cannot immolate while carrying that gear, or she'll slag it. So for now, her only defense is her lightly 'armored' uniform, and she is still badly bruised in the shoulder from the bullet the night before. Grimacing, she makes her way towards not the rooftops but the ground level, taking an overflight as she looks for injuried civilians in need. Still, she'll be a while closing on the site of the actual fight.

The Blob continues to use Box as a beating stick until he's shot from on high by Mirage. He stops the swinging and looks up with a grimace. "Avalanche, take her down!"

Box is laying on the ground, feet up and in Blob's hands. He's a little dazed and confused but knows to hit the zap button. He does and Blob's hands are electrically charged.

Blob laughs and says, "That tickles!"

Avalanche spies his target, curls back his hands and then thrusts them out targeting the building beneath Mirage's feet. The building itself is 3 floors tall (typical for Greenwich) and it suddenly comes to life with shaking and quaking. The area she stands upon (part of the roof) gives way as a slab of it breaks into bite sized pieces and crumbles down toward the street. Avalanche is far enough away not to have debris fall upon him.

Pyro looks up at Mirage and will call upon his own faux-Phoenix shaped flame and send the bird toward her. It screams its fiery wrath and will soar trying to do a move through on Dani.

Toad yells, "Ohohoh, I want her. Wonder if she'll go out with me? Is that Mirage? No way, she's totally hawt. Let's kiss, baby!" and starts bounding toward her area clinging to the vertical surfaces inbetween.

Over the X-Factor Com, Havok announces, "I'm in route, ETA, 4 minutes."

Getting the vehicle in, Kurt lands it on another roof, "Show might be over by then boss, I'm inbound right now." While the Brotherhood is starting to converge on Dani, and making more of a showing, he's hoping he'll get in unnoticed. Even as the vehicle is skidding lightly on the roof, he'll bamf such that the forward momentum sets him in a leap for the buildings ledge, so he can assess the situation. He'll assess the situation this round, sighting as many members of the brotherhood he can while sticking to the shadows of the rooftop.

Thankfully Mirage never left the saddle of her flying mount so the roof giving way is more of a minor annoyance then anything. The fall is a slight one and with a few wing beats Brightwind and her rider are airborne. It's not enough though to prevent being caught up in the flame as Pyro sends is on attack after her. She and Brightwind are looking appropiately singed after that and it will take a moment to recover enough from that.

Since a survey flight over the scene reveals no injured civilians in need of assistance, Sunpyre comms in as she performs an S-turn, coming back over the site. "Are you alright, Mirage?" She saw that fiery attack, and was regretting being out of position, unable to block for her teammate. She looks for a good spot and drops off the big, heavy backpack of medical supplies, and then heads for the fight ready to block the /next/ time Pyro tries something. (OOC: Holding my action until the next time Pyro tries to attack, intending to interpose my fire-immune self in the way.)

Toad bounds and leaps after the phoenix flame and takes advantage of the potential blinding or disrupting effect of Pyro's attack. He spits. His spittle is a large blob of entangling goo that will hold up to one ton of strength. It's also very sticky and like webbing. It's aimed for Dani's center mass hoping to entangle her bow and chest together.

Avalanche yells, "We got company." Noting the spy (Kurt) assessing the situation. It's Nightcrawler!"

Pyro turns toward the Elf's position and will watch for the line of sight and the teleport. He's holding his turn and will attack the area that he suspects Kurt is going to teleport into. A ring of fire around Blob, a ring around Avalanche /OR/ even around himself. He's using his own tactical roll to determine the assault point.

The Blob releases Box's legs and steps back. Box rolls to his side and has tapped into X-Factor's com to announce, "X-Factor; Cover your ears." Then suddenly the area is engulfed in a shrilling, annoyingly painful sound that will cause disorientation and a feeling of nausea.

Whether or not he sees Pryo calculating where he might appear at next, Kurt forgoes the ground and instead he ports towards Dani's building. More precisely, he attempts to port behind Toad, grab for him, then port above the Blob, to release Toad, then port away. If he misses Toad for any reason, he'll still port away for the time.

Well Toad hits Mirage/Brightwind but they are moving targets so its not dead on, but enough to make one arm useless as it is stuck to her side now. Not being able to use the bow for the moment, she hooks it to the saddle and narrows her eyes at Toad. She watches a moment as NC bamfs in and out with toad and turns her attention to Pyro who if a few seconds will be living out his worse fears as she taps into his mind and wraps them into illusion for him.

A ring of flame appears around the Blob, but Pyro was too late and incorrect on his tactic.

Seeing that apparently Pyro is not ready to attack any of her teammates right now, Sunpyre redirects her efforts, heading for the not vocally responsive Mirage to see what she can do to help. Perhaps she can dry out and help shatter that goo on Dani to set her teammate free? When she hears the warning over the comms, she slaps her hands pretty uselessly over her ears and keeps on flying towards Danielle - who cannot cover herself, or poor Brightwind either.

The Blob is the first to react; he grabs his head trying to cover his ears. He screams in pain, "ARG!!" and will lean forward and lose his lunch (all of it, likely 40lbs of hamburgers and fries).

Pyro turns away and tries to run while covering his ears, he hits the side of a car, twists, falls and rolls around on the ground. In addition to the sound, his brain is suddenly assaulted by the imagery of drowning (which all can see him underneath illusionary water). He gasps, trying to catch his breath, chokes down gallons of illusionary water - starts to drown.

Avalanche is a little farther away from the noise, but he too will suffer its effects. He backs up, stumbles and falls into the hole that he recently emerged from

Toad is blindsided by Kurt, grabbed and ported (too distracted to resist) and deposited into the pile of icky disgusting regurgitation produced by Blob; "EEEEWWWWW!"

The crowds beyond the immediate battle also suffer the effects of the sound. They cover their ears and do what they can to avoid hurling. Many scatter.

Box remains steadfast in his emitting of the sonic assault. He knows it's for the safety of the crowds and X-Factor as a team. He scans the area for other combatants.

On channel, Havok asks, "Who was that?" and then is suddenly forced to remove his ear piece as the sound is conveyed across the signal. He's still somewhere over Queens. But piloting the flying car as quickly as it will go.

In his hidey area somewhere, Kurt's ears are uncovered and he must spend time recovering from the ear blast maneuver of Box.

Phasing partially up from the ground, Kitty nearly loses her lunch at the disgusting puddle made by Blob. Grabbing his ankles she phases him into the street half way up his calves. down below in the city tunnels she holds a hand over her motuh and one on her abs trying not to lose her lunch from all the noise.

Flames, sticky spit and sonic assualts, the last few minutes have not been very good for Mirage, but a least she has managed to take Pyro down. Hopefully it is enough to keep him down for awhile since the sonic attack and its disoreinting effects break her concentration and with it the drowning illusion. Brightwind also being effected by the sonics beats its wings as she goes in for a rough landing. Mirage's tight handed grip and the fact that some of Toad's spit also got on her leg is the only thing keeping her in the saddle.

Sunpyre reaches the rough-landed pegasus and her rider, and uses her solar plasma to cut her friend free of the Toad-goo encasing her, jaws clamped firmly shut as she fights to stay upright long enough to finish before she then is dropped to her knees from Box's continuing sonic attack.

Already disoriented, assaulted, and out of combat, the Blob is further offended when his ankles are pulled into the pavement, that sends him into a roar of pain as his body forces out the pavement that had been phased within.

Avalanche knows better than to try and climb out of the hole again, he flees. (spending his 5 karma points to escape)

Toad also knows when he's no longer welcome, and smells even worse than when he joined this party. He leaps from his position and down into the hole (also paying 5 karma points to escape). Thus disappearing into the darkness.

Box shuts down the sonic assault and walks to Pyro with heavy footfalls reminiscent of an ED-209. Analyzing, he determines the cause and looks to Mirage, to announce across the area, "Mirage, cease your attack; You're killing?." And he's suddenly interrupted as he looks down the street.

Out of nowhere, a blur of blue streaks by at such a high velocity no one is able to actually see/track the target. Before anyone can react, Mirage is assaulted an uncountable number of times as is Sunpyre. Then the streak of blue is gone. It returns and a familiar voice is heard, "Leave them alone." A split second pause as it zips by again, 'X-Factor, or else", another split second pause then it returns, "there's more where that" then another pause and it returns, "came from." The blur is then gone (until the next round). -Quicksilver

On the verge of what could be a victory with the Brotherhood being routed from the field, Nightcrawler is about to say something funny until Pietro arrives on the scene. Instead he stands still for a moment, and holds an action, if he gets touched he's going to attempt to bamf Pietro to see what happens when speeding and teleporting tangle. Otherwise he eyes the area to asses the situation for the moment.

Rising up from the road Kitty looks around still ghostly and hears Pietro's voice holding her position to wait for him to get near so she could try phasing him. Such a coward...attacking a woman bent over heaving and defensless

Mirage's costume is enough to absorb some of the damage from the rapid assualt by the speedster, but it doesn't prevent her from being knocked off the back of Brightwind. Landing hard on the ground the wind is knocked out of her and she lays there gasping a moment. Brightwind, ever protective of her mistress moves to stand over the woman as well as over Leyu since the to are near enough to each other.

Assaulted of a sudden, while bent over and hurling from Box's sonic attack, Leyu is relatively helpless when Quicksilver makes his sudden and rapid assault. As such, the blow to her already injured shoulder has her blanching, and she is soon enough laid out quite humbly on the asphalt, of little aid or use to much of anyone just now.

Box announces over the com, "X-Factor - Quicksilver is making another pass, Now!"

When he announces this, a force wall of red energy is emitted lateral to his position. Quicksilver doesn't make the turn in time, slams right into it and drops to the ground.

The Blob stands and crosses to blindside Box, slamming the robotic body down the street into several vehicles. "HEY! I'm not done with you yet!" he yells when he does.

Pyro drowns. But does not die, he just goes unconscious.

Avalanche and Toad are nowhere to be seen.

As much as Kurt would like to help box, he really can't touch Blob without risk of getting stuck. Instead he ports over to Quicksilver to grab him, getting a hold to multiport or do something else just in case he's still got some kick left in him. "You're team's gone Blob," he says, "Stop now before you cause a run on Fatty McD shakes and bankrupt the fast food industry ...."

Mirage just lays where she fell, unconsious, with a very distressed Brightwind standing over her.

From out of a manhole cover comes a purple dragon, Lockheed is on the scene and flying toward the Blob breathing balls of fire. Anyone else reminded of the scene from King Kong?

Kitty runs rfor the Blob to try and grab his ankles to pull him down into the street again.

Laying on the ground, stunned, Quicksilver tries to shake out the cobwebs while holding his head.

Crystal appears, she kneels over Quicksilver and places her hand over his forehead. She cools him with her touch. She looks to the heroes and the damage around. She frowns and says nothing for she knows the score - she's always known the score.

Down the street, Box is lying upon a crumpled taxi. The driver escaped without harm.

The Blob's feet slam back with every push off, Kitty will learn first hand what it means to miss while diving toward someone's feet. The Dragon's breath does nothing to Blob other than warm him up for the final battle.

Blob then closes on Box once again. Grabs the metallic hero and rends the armor. Blob then rips off an arm (leaving Madison's actual arm dangling free and exposed). Blob announces loudly, "Ooh, squishy middle!"

"I don't know what this is about," says Kurt to Crystal when she arrives to look after her abusive friend, meaning Brotherhood vs. Box. "But it has to stop before someone really gets hurt ..." Then is about the time Kitty is meeting the bottom of the Blobs feet, as that dance begins, the elf calls out, "Nein, Esel!" Without thinking, he'll port to grab the Blob, even if it means a stuck arm, for he means to multiport Fred into pucking more hamburger and disorienting him long enough to gain some sanity in the situation.

Quickly realizing her mis calculation Shadowcat gives up trying in her attempt to phase the Blob into the street but not without alot of pain first. Groaning as she unphases in a kitty sized depression in the street.

Lockheed flies deftly over to circle Box. Good little gaurd dragon.

Blob is grabbed, ported, and appears over the hole he originally emerged from. Kurt then ports himself away leaving Blob to fall the 30 something feet down into the dark sewers beneath New York. He yells all the way down, "Daammmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiitttttt!"

Box drops to the ground, metal chunks fall off and he's going to be out of it for a while <zzzzzzzzzzz>.

From above Havok skillfully pilots the flying car. He touches down near to Brightwind and the fallen girls. The gull wing door opens and he leaps out immediately assessing the situation.

Crystal, still knelt over Quicksilver, says, "Forgive me, X-Men. He is afflicted and in need of Inhuman aid." Then she and QS disappear.

Not able to see Dani or Leyu at the moment, Kurt has to go to the person he does see. Kitty. If Blob crawls back out, he'll have to deal with that, but for now, he has to see to her. Using all fores to leap and sprint along the ground, he calls, "Katzchen .... Kitty ...." Hoping to hear some response. down and out for the count. Not a pretty cute sight at all...But there just might be a faint groan unrelated to Nightcrawler's call.

Havok will gently push Brightwind aside and check on both Mirage and Sunpyre.

With the villains gone, the heroes are all that remain. Police and bystanders close in and will offer assistance until EMT can arrive.

Definitely not a quiet evening in Manhattan.

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