Team Initiation Rites

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Thimble; Mercury; Blindfold; Gambit; Jean Grey

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03/02/13 18:00

Dinner Hall - Xaviers

Team bonding rites during saturday dinner

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It’s a usual late Saturday afternoon in the dining hall and some students stand in line to get their dinner. Between them is Janie, wearing her usual worn out cloth. Not that they are shaggy, just well worn second hand. The menu speaks of hamburgers and fries.
Mercury walks down the aisle with her tray with her burger and soda drink, and she notices Janie. Since she knows are to be in the new Mutants team, she decides to get to know the other girl. "Hey, Janie." she says, smiling as she approaches the girl. "You mind if I join you?"

Thimble eyes Mercury a second, shaking the head. No, she does not mind. "Take a seat. I'll be there in a minute" she sais, as she still is in the line to pickup her burger. Yes, they were on a team now. However that doesn't mean they had to become fast friends.

Mercury nods softly and she sits down at Thimble's table. She rests her food tray before her, and waits for her teammate to get her food. Mercury slowly nibbles on her fries, meanwhile, thinking about how it's gonna be from now on now that she's officially in a team...

Thimble eventually takes a seat opposite of her teammate. "Something up, Cessily?" Janie asks, not having a clear idea about the team either. Heck, she hadn't had a good idea how to teamwork even. She always had been alone. She against the rest of the world.

Mercury smiles as Thimble sits back at her table after she got her food, "Well, since you and I are in the same team now, Janie... I thought maybe we should get to know each other better, you know? Become friends, better teamwork, all the nine yards." she says with a soft nod.

Thimble lifts an eyebrow on the nine yards "What you mean by that?" Telling someone with a bonding problem that you want to become friends is more something like a hard question.

Mercury blinks at the question, but she recovers quickly and smiles, "Well, I want to be your friend. Get to know you." she says, nodding softly at that, "Same as you get to know me. Helps teamwork." she grins softly.

Thimble has no idea about teamwork really, so the question is not unusual for her. "How? And what are the nine yards?" she asks eventually, her face mostly nondescriptant about her feelings.

Mercury blinks softly, "The nine..." she trails off, then she giggles softly, smiling, "Oh, it's not actual nine yards, Janie." she shakes her head softly, "Saying 'the whole nine yards' is a way of saying that you want the whole thing and everything related to it, in a way." she hmmms softly, then shrugs, "That's pretty much it, really."

Thimble nods slowly "I see. But what does friendship have to do with teamwork?" she asks, not too good about the very idea of friendship and teamwork.

Mercury blinks softly at Thimble's question. "Uh..." that caught her off-guard! "Well, friendship creates bonds between people, and teammates need strong bonds between each other to work in synergy, you know?" she says, smling, hoping to have convinced the girl.

Thimble smirks slightly as she listens "being bond to someone makes you targetable." she mutters. The last persons she had a bind to were her parents. And those were cut 11 years ago.

Mercury tilts her head softly, "Like we're not already targeted by various hate groups and other criminal groups?" she asks, smiling softly as she looks at Thimble. "Since that's the case, what's another 'targeting' on us?" she asks, "Besides, friendship bonds make us stronger. Much stronger than if we're by our own."

Janie und Cessily sit together in the dining hall. In the question that just had been up, hanie shakes her head slowly "If something happens to someone close... it hits you," she explains. And she does not like to get hit. When her parents vanished from her life, she had cried for ages, now her tears were dry. But there was a banned mile. Close bonds.

Mercury nods softly, "Yes. It hits you. But, at the same time, that bond gives you strength beyond you'll ever be able to get while being alone." she smiles, still. "Nothing comes for free, really. Everything has a downside, no matter how minimal or great it is." she nods, "And the friendship bonds are amongst the most powerful bonds. Your partner gives you strength, while you give your partner the strength they need to keep the bond tight and strong."

Blindfold comes tapping along and over heard the topic, nodding with a smile in agreement with mercury "Sometimes our greatest weakness is also our greatest strength, yes I believe so. This entire school was built on a dream to give people hope and everyone needed hope and something to believe in, yes please. Even the X-Men believe it, yes thank you. Sorry, forgive me, may I join you please?"

Janie looks up to Ruth, pulling a chair back for her "Sit down." she sais, thinking about what the two did say. "I... I don't think... I am not ready to have a bond such deep."

Blindfold smiles tapping her way over to find the chair and have a seat "You keep saying not to live in the past, stop thinking about it and feeling on it, everyone here had had bad things happen in their pasts and we carry the scars with us, we don't forget but if you lock everyone out, you lock yourself in and the good people locked out with the bad, yes thank you. People you cared about and lost wouldn't want you to hurt like this they wouldn't want you to be bitter and angry at the world, don't blame everyone for what the few did, everyone deserves a chance, do when you are ready...just know there are people here waiting to embrace that bond with you." then tilts her head "Hmm...Mr LeBeau..."

Thimble glares at Ruth, the eyes shadowed in rememberence "I... I doubt you understand Ruth." she starts, falling silent for some time. "From 6 to last year..." she starts but does not end the sentence. for seconds "Not anyone cared for me. Here is... different."

There were advantages to being blind, like not knowing when someone was glaring at you....or Ruth would be feeling small right about now. Instead she leans over to give thimble a hug "I can sympathize though cuz I saw what happened not everything but a lot, yes sorry but you're right here is different people care about one another here and do things to help each other without looking for anything in return"

Looking as if he's just stepped out of a fashion magazine, Remy enters the dining hall and immediately stands out like a sore thumb. He's dressed to the "nines" in what appears to be a very expensive tuxedo. His hair which is usually a fashionable muss, is coiffed to match his outfit. Without missing a beat, he makes his way to grab an apple. He inspects the apple briefly before taking a large bite of the fruit. His eyes catch Ruth sitting with a few of her friends and makes his way over to the table with the graceful saunter of an alpha male. "Bonsoir, mademoiselles," he says warmly. "Hope I'm not interupting any'ting."

Thimble looks rather surprised as she is duddenly hugged, but she does not return it. As Remy Le Beau steps closer she makes herself free with a little effort "Ruth? You look into the future again." she remarks looking up to the X-Man "Nothing but three of the New All Girl Mutants having hamburger and fries for dinner."

Blindfold sits back from the hug "If you don't mind please we need to work on your hugs" one way hugs were so awkward. Then Ruth grins "Possibly yes" and turns with a smile to gambit with a wave "Hello Mr LeBeau it's nice to meet you again yes thank you. If you don't mind please blink would like some lessons, she is determined to show people that pink is not weak. If you don't mind my asking, why so dressed up please?"

Gambit turns his nose up slightly. "Eh, des frites ici, they lack un certain je ne sais quois," he says light heartedly to Thimble. "Dun believe we've meet, vous pouvez m'appelle Gambit, or Mr. Lebeau if'n you prefer," he adds. He turns his attention to Ruth now with a smile, "Lez just say I got a bit o' an important soire ce soir, non? We still on for round deux of pool a demain, petite?" A pause, and then as an afterthought he adds, "Attend, qui est Blink?"

Mercury returns with another tray of food for herself, and she notices that Blindfold has joined the group, and she smiles, "Hey, Ruth." the metallic girl says, nodding as she goes back to her spot, and then Gambit shows up, "Oh, Mr. LeBeau. Hello." she then blinks as he speaks frenglish, which makes her pause, "I... didn't quite catch that, Mr. LeBeau, sorry." she says, smiling a bit.

Thimble gives just a short sound as the suggestion comes with working on hugs. She's just not the hug type. "Janie Wu. Codenamed Thimble. And Blink... that's Clarice's codename, isn't it?" she asks her teammates. "She's my Roommate. Room 21." Can't get much more down to facts.

Blindfold smiles to Mercury "Hello Cessily, nice to meet you again. Nick has agreed to join the team as well, yes thank you. Yes Clarice will be given the code name blink, she hasn't yet sorry my apologies. A soire Mr LeBeau?"

Gambit looks slightly aghast. "Soire. A party," he says defeated rubbing at the bridge of his nose. "I thought this was a school. Dun none of you children take a French class?"

Mercury blinks softly, "A French clas... no, sorry, Mr. LeBeau, I got my schedule full already, as it is." she says, smiling a bit in embarrassment, and she rubs the back of her head, "So what about Clarice? She's going to join the team, too?" she asks, clearly having entered the discussion in the middle of it.

Thimble eyes Ruth carefully "Past form or future form? Last time I checked there was no boy on the list yet." she remarks to her, then looking to Gambit "French... I have no foreign languages on my schedule. Because I had to take other classes I didn't had in the past years."

At that point, Jean comes in, "Well, you should take a foreign language, it really helps broaden your horizons..." She gives Remy a wry look, "Trying to convince everyone to speak French? There are /other/ languages, you know."

"Ce n'est pas vrai," Gambit says indignantly. "Well p'harps there are. None thaa I speak on a daily basis, though," he adds with a smarmy grin. "Do we even /have/ a French class on tha syllabus, Madame Headmistress?"

Blindfold grins at gambit with a shake of her head "I haven't taken French class yet no sorry, pool sounds like fun though, clarice wants to join all my lessons yes thank you" giggling at he's comment before turning to Cessily and janie "Yes ckarice will be joining the team and nick had agreed to join as well, but go easy on him, he's still adjusting, please yes"

Mercury looks at Jean as she arrives. This table is quickly getting packed! "Hey, hi, Ms Grey." she says, smiling and waving at Jean, before tilting her head, "I know, but French... not sure. I was thinking Spanish, probably. Or Japanese." she chuckles, "Might stick with Spanish, though." she says, shaking her head softy.

Jean smiles a little at Mercury, "I know a smattering of languages, but the nice thing about telepathy is that I can always make myself understood." She chuckles a bit, "Makes it easier, anyway."

Gambit snatches a fry off of Ruth's plate, and pops it in his mouth. "Ah s'ppose Ah could help out this Blink," he says between bites. The rudeness of his current mannerisms clashes drastically with his tuxedoed appearance.

Blindfold smirks offering ketchup out to gambit quietly "I wouldn't mind learning French, would make it easier I think yes please" then turns to jean "Would this make Mr LeBeau a teacher here miss grey, please if you don't mind my asking?" oh yes the dreaded title

Mercury watches as Gambit shamelessly steals a fry from Blindfold, but the girl doesn't seem to mind. Mercury's sure Ruth knows about it. "I thought he was a teacher, already?" she asks, tilting her head as she looks at Gambit, now.

Jean chuckles, "Indeed he is, but if he's volunteering to teach French, I'm certain we can arrange for that." She smiles a little, taking a seat at the table, "How has everything been going for you all? Well, I trust?" Then she gives Gambit a wry expression, "And I think Scott is thinking of reorganizing the teams again."

Gambit rubs at his (for once) cleanly shaven chin. "Ah am?" he jokes. "Dun s'ppose it'd hurt for me ta teach a French class. Maybe den I stop gettin so many weird looks round 'ere, non. S'ppose Ah'll 'ave to pay Monsieur Summers a visit later on bout this reorganization aussi."

Blindfold seems puzzled as she turns her head toward Cessily "Well he's an X-Men but I wasn't sure he was a teacher officially Mr LeBeau seemed to dread the idea and think the professor's dream was a pipe dream, yes sorry" then nods to jean "Yes things have been well miss grey, thimble is trying to help me learn to sense my surroundings better so I won't be so reliant on a cane, Mr Murdock might be getting in touch with you at some point yes thank you"

Mercury nods softly, "Huh. I thought he was already a teacher. Oh well." s he shrugs gently and then eats her own meal, slowly, while listening to Gambit and Jean Grey. "Janie also seems to have some trouble accepting that for good teamwork we need friendship amongst the team..." she points out.

Jean hrms a bit, "Well, I think we need to work on building some connections amongst the team." She smiles a little, "Perhaps an outing of some kind."

Remy's eyes narrow in Ruth's direction at her comment, though it seems he's the only one who caught it. "A trip to Krakoa, p'haps," he playfully jests.

Blindfold is blissfully unaware of any displeasure aimed her way "We should probably train together so we can work better in a crunch, yes please. If you don't mind my asking please, what is krakoa?"

Mercury blinks softly at the mention of Krakoa. "I've heard that name before... somewhere." she says, rubbing her chin, but then shrugging softly, "Can't remember for the life of me. What is it? A beach? Island? Sounds like it might be somewhere around Hawaii..." she tries.

Jean winces at the mention of Krakoa, "/Not/ funny, Remy." She looks at the two kids, "Krakoa was an island that somehow evolved to be living, sentient, and feeding on mutant energies. It captured the original X-Men, and thus led to the new X-Men with Storm and Wolverine, to be recruited." She smiles faintly, "New at the time, anyway."

Gambit shrugs at the idea that his suggestion wasn't amusing. "Not even a lil' funny?" he teases, pinching his fingers together to indicate a small amount.

Blindfold looked even more curious about this krakoa once jean explains it "There were two X-Men teams, please if you don't mind my asking?" some things evidently were still a mystery to her

Jean Grey ahs, "Well, the first X-Men team was myself, Scott Summers, Warren Worthington, Bobby Drake, and Hank McCoy." She smiles, "Oh, Alex and Lorna came onto the team later as well. After the Krakoa incident, then we had Storm, Wolverine, Thunderbird, Banshee, Sunfire, Nightcrawler, and..." She pauses, "I feel like I'm forgetting someone, there."

Mercury huh's softly, "A living island? Wow." she says softly. "What happened to it once the original X-men were rescued?" she asks, tilting her head a bit, "Was it rendered 'unliving' again, or what?"

Gambit smiles. "My traviller ici is done," he says with a satisfied tone. "Mantinant, if you ladies will excuse me," he says as he straightens his immaculate bow tie, "I have a soiree to attend. Have fun with the history lesson, Madame Headmistress."

Blindfold grimaces "Living island...let's hope it never meets Danger...yes that would be truly bad. What about colossus and Miss Pryde, Miss Grey, please if you don't mind?" Then grins toward gambit "Rain check on the pool lesson then Mr LeBeau, of you don't mind my asking please yes?"

Jean glances at Mercury, "It actually was launched into space... I believe it's somewhere orbiting Saturn now. Quite frozen and inert, I believe." She then blinks, "Oh, Piotr! He'll never forgive me if I almost forgot him from the line up." She smiles, "He was one of the 'all different' X-Men that rescued us, yes. Though Kitty didn't join until later."

Gambit nods to Ruth, "Tomorrow, petite. Tomorrow."

Mercury rubs the back of her head, her lunch seemingly forgotten for now as she listens to the story. "Really, huh? Have you guys confirmed it's in Saturn, or just wild guess?" she chuckles, smiling, "Wow. Weird times, back then, I guess."

In the perfect James Bond fashion, Remy turns on his heels and makes his way out of the dining hall. On his way he checks his cufflinks. If only that unforgettable base line were to start in the image would be complete. Dum-ba-da-dum-da, Dum-ba-da-dum-da....

Blindfold seems unsurprised by the weirdness of it all "So what happened to Mr Worthington, thunderbird, banshee, and sunfire please if you don't mind thank you?" Then turns to mercury "No weirder then the danger room computer gaining sentience and attacking, that was a bad time, yes please" nodding her head toward gambit with a smile, least she was learning to do something with pool balls other then throwing them!

Jean hmms, "Well, Warren went from Angel to Archangel, the original Thunderbird died in the first mission after Krakoa, I believe. Banshee is currently living on Muir Isle with Moira MacTaggert, if I recall... Sunfire, I think, is living in Japan." She smiles a little, "And I'm fairly sure that's where it is, though the specific location escapes me."

Mercury oh's softly. She's saddened to find out there was a death so soon in a X-men's career, but she does her best to give out a soft smile, "Why are they not X-men, anymore? Any particular reason?" she asks, smiling.

Blindfold frowns at all the news "It's to bad really, yes sorry"

Thimble sighs softly as she had listened silently for quite a while. "They did not bear the losses." she guesses, bringing up the theme they had before Gambit joined. "I guess at least." That someone might bail out because they had someone or something to lose they didn't want to risk her notorious lone star mindset did not got.

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