Tea, Spiders, and Conversation! OH MY!!!

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Tea, Spiders, and Conversation! OH MY!!!

Blindfold, Ambrose, Keith, Bride of Nine Spiders

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07/22/12 18:00

Mai Pai Tea House - Chinatown

A social scene with a few mutants drinking tea and a whole mess of spiders!

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-----==[ Mai Pai Tea House - Chinatown ]==------------------------------------

Simple in design and use, this room's main function is for persons to enter, to sit, and enjoy tea with one another. Like many resturants, one will note tables and chairs, yet some tables have bench like stools which run the length of the table where several can sit side by side. Unlike tea houses which are found in ample land sights and would be open and exposed to the outside this structure is enclosed yet remains traditional and reflective of acient Chinese structures with carven deep red woods and strips of paper with calligraphy and ancient scenic artwork. Those who serve you are all female and dressed in traditional garb and are very quiet and reserved.


It's late evening as the clock strikes 6pm. Most of the evening diners have already left the tea house as Keith arrives. There are a few waitresses cleaning off the various tables from what looks to have been their rush hour. He slowly walks into the door wearing a gray t-shirt, fitted jeans, and tan flip-flops. His messenger bag is slung over his torso clearly setting him apart of most of the local already. He walks up to the hostess station and says, "Hello lass. I'm here for a table for one. Might I get a pot of tea?"

At one of the other tables, Ambrose was sitting. A large ratty old textbook was on the table, with papers spread all over as he worked out with a pencil various things, writing on one paper fervently, and then another, seemingly at random. He looks up as the man walks in and blinks a few times "You there! Come, sit with me!" a pause "... Please."

Keith looks a bit shocked at first as the other man summoning him over toward his table. He looks hesitant as though he's not sure if he wants to join Ambrose or not. It's only when he looks over at the hostess that he shrugs and says, "Oh, why not..." His Irish accent shining as he follows the hostess over to Ambrose's table and settles down in a vacant chair. "Thanks for the invite. I haven't met many in the city yet."

"Nor have I, excluding the former philosopher under the bridge, three police officers - and one canine dog - a cape, two minors who were wandering about without their guardians and a woman wearing less clothes than Honey Ryder. So far I consider that below average on the excitement scale though for New York City." Ambrose states, pushing a few papers aside to make room for Keith.

The door opens. A pale woman of small stature walks inside the tea house. She glances around, then says something in Cantonese to the hostess. The hostess says something in return. The pale woman says something else, then points to a table. The hostess shakes her head and replies somewhat tersely. The pale woman says one more thing, staring into the hostess' eyes.
Moments later, the pale woman is sitting at her table. A waitress comes out refusing to look at the woman but serving her tea. Several patrons, all of Chinese descent, leave. Many with their tea unfinished.

Keith has sat down at Ambrose's table that seems to be spread with random bits of paper and his textbook. The whole tea house seems to be getting cleaned from the rush this place must of had not a half hour ago. Though the waitresses seems to be just fine cleaning up quietly as the two boys talk. "Oh? That sounds like enough people to me. Though I guess 'knowing people' and the Irish definition of knowing people might not be of the same degree." He lightly coughs before assisting Ambrose in cleaning a portion of the table before looking toward a passing waitress. "Um, can I get a small pot of white tea? Doesn't matter an exact leaf, just whatever is on the lower end."
It's only when the pale woman practically trots into the place that Keith's attention is diverted from Ambrose. He watches her closely until she is seated and the group of Chinese descent leaves almost seeming in a huff. "Wow, that doesn't look good at all!"

*WHAP* A bony hand darts out to smack Keiths' as he touches one of Ambroses' papers, the other hand quickly sliding the papers further away "NO!.. I mean uhm, please don't touch! I have it." soon he had half the table almost EXACTLY cleared off for Keith, in time to miss the women's’ entrance. At the mans' comment, he looks up, eyes widening a bit, then shrugs "... not our business. Maybe they just don't like pale, beautiful women immaculately yet exotically dressed."

Taking a walk while looking glum, Seth enters the establishment... And a lot of people are leaving already! He looks at the fleeing folk, and scoffs a little. "Man, I know sometimes we're seen under a negative light, but come on..." As for his mutation, most notably his eyes, they're covered by super-polarized sunglasses, so no showing. He looks around at the people remaining, then he notices who's around. He doesn't know Keith yet, nor does he know the asian woman who just walked in, nor Ambrose. Oh, well. He finds a table on which to sit.

The waitress pours the pale woman her tea and bows, deeply. Then she backs away, as if afraid to turn her back. There are whispers in the back, amongst the staff. As for the pale woman? She drinks her tea, calmly sipping it, and ignoring the dozen or so spiders crawling down her arms and back towards the floor.

Keith looks a bit put-off as his hand is smacked away. "Opps, sorry lad. I didn't realize..." He then pauses looking a bit closer at the pale woman wrinkling his nose slightly. It's when Ambrose comments that he turns his attention back to his table partner. "Um... how do I put this politely? I think by the tone and way she moves that woman wasn't exactly nice to the hostess." He then takes one more glance over at the pale lady before saying, "Anyways, she's not even that pretty. And that outfit totally doesn't compliment her approriately."
When the door opens for the next patron, Keith looks over and his expression changes as though he just got slapped with a happy stick. He mutters, "Why hello there!"

"Lad? " asks Ambrose, raising an eyebrow in a near vulcan like way as he picks up his own tea, pouring some. "Well, its still not our business. There's no LAW saying you have to be sugary sweet to each other right? " he asks Keith. Then he follows over to the woman, tilting his head as he observes her. Then his face pales and he nearly drops the cup "... Uhm... She seems to have a vermin problem too." he murmers quietly, then his head comes up, following to Seth.

Seth takes a seat at the designated table and he looks around towards the woman whose... spiders... are crawling... down her arm... And he frowns slightly, though his expression is more in a 'good god' like manner. Mutant? Possibly. But mutant as he is, and understanding as he's still being taught... well, that's still freaky. He shifts his head slightly to meet the two sitting at the other table, certain he saw what they saw.

The spiders reach the floor and scury off. Seeking out walls and hidey holes. Places they can stay hidden and watch. The woman sips a bit more tea. A bowl of noodles is brought to her, along with a pair of very ornately carved ivory chopsticks. The sort that are probably illegal to make now. She begins eating. However, something bothers her after a moment. She tilts her head, listening. Something... there. The pale woman's arm flexes and the chopstick slices through the air. It lands, hard, pinning a fly to the table to Ambrose and Keith by a single wing.

Keith nods his head not taking his eyes off of Seth quite yet. "No, no there's not any law. Though there should be a line to be commonly decent to those in service." He only detracts his eyes off of Seth for a few seconds to see what Ambrose is talking about the woman having 'vermin problems'. He shutters positioning himself in clear direction toward the woman before lifting one of his legs to rest his foot on the front of his chair. "Eww, that's disgusting!" His eyes shift over to Seth meeting their gaze before he nods his head in silent agreement that indeed that is what was seen. It's when the chopstick flies through the air that Keith looks moderately panic struck leaping out of his chair and rushing to a table near Seth. "Bloody Christ! Watch where you're throwing shit you crab suas!"

Ambrose glances down as the chopstick lands, now with fly all over one of his papers. He blanches even further, and this time the cup (imitation ceramic, luckily) falls out of his hands, bounces on the table with a splash and rattles off onto the floor.
He sits back carefully, going an actual shade of green impressive enough to make the Hulk think he was a long lost stick thin brother.
He doesn't react as Keith suddenly leaps from the table towards Seth.

A spider crawls up onto the table and weaves a quick little web around the fly, then drags it away. Only the wing is left behind, still trapped by the chopstick. The pale woman stands and walks over to pluck it from the table. "Thank you for hosting my child's dinner." She pauses, then another sound escapes her lips. Something rather like laughter. "Je je je je je.”
Seth is just looking at that scene slackjawed. Then, all of a sudden, he comments, "Nice throw. I bet you win any bet at dart throwing." Best say something than saying nothing, right?

Ambrose at that point, quietly gathers up the rest of his papers and his large textbook, being quite composed as he tips his hat to Keith, pointedly not looking at the woman as he walks swiftly to the door with the faintest of trembles and alcohol left behind.

It's when Seth comments that Keith glances over cocking his eyebrow at the boy. "What?! Really? That was bloody well insane!" He watches as his former table mate leaves and settings at the table left of Seth. "Granted I won't ever attempt to find that women with throwing weapons, but it's a fly. Couldn't you just... I don't know... use a bloody fly-swatter?!"

"I didn't have a fly swatter." The woman speaks with an accent that isn't... anything. Unlike any on the planet, really. Vaguely British but somehow also Chinese. She settles down again and begins eating her noodles. With the chopstick she just used to pin the fly's wing. She pauses long enough to add, "Why wish for a sword when you have an axe?"

Seth chuckles at that reply from the Bride. "Good point." He looks at Keith. "It was an awesome throw, though. One in a trillion." Nevermind that she's eating with the same chopstick she caught the fly with. People who throw like that don't have to worry about diseases.

Keith nods slowly at the pale woman seeming throughly disgusted with the conversation at hand. He then looks over at Seth looking curious before saying, "Well I guess it was a bloody brilliant throw. I just don't see why she insisted in doing it..." He then settles in his chair wiping the surface of his table with a nearby paper napkin before saying, "Well, I'd totally love my tea right now."
Keith is seated over by Seth upon his left. Whilst the Spider-Woman is sitting a fair distance across the establishment eating her noodles and drinking her tea.

"Blaming others for your lack of vision shows a lack of foresight." The pale woman notes. She finishes her noodles. Almost immediately, her server returns. Still refusing to actually look at the woman. Not angry... not even terrified. More... reverent? Or in awe? Or perhaps terrified. She sets down a plate of something rather sweet and sticky and escapes into the back.

Blindfold walks in with a xavier school teacher, tapping her cane along the way. A smile on her face as she catches familiar voices and heads over toward Seth and Keith.

Seth looks at Keith, shrugging, "Because she can." And he adds to the waitress coming and going. "Oh, trust me, we're not going to get anything till the lady here is finished." Again, he shrugs to Keith. "Just a feeling I get."

"I'd beg to differ there... miss... it shows an extreme lack of manners for you to be throwing utensils around an otherwise fairly clean food service establishment." Keith shakes his head looking extremely put-off that the woman would be so assuming. "Why don't you finish your meal and get out of here? Seriously doubt anyone here desires to have shotty service because of one other patron..." It's when Blindfold walks into the establishment that Keith finally relaxes once again. "Ruth! Come, come. I order some white tea, you are more than welcome to a cup if you so desire. That is when it comes to the table..." He finally looks over at Seth shaking his head. "I'm sorry, I'm not typically this shaken. I guess spiders and ninja chopsticks get the best of me."

For some reason, that seems to amuse the woman. "Je je je je je." The pale woman turns her attention to Ruth and hmmms. She motions to the server, then to the young, blind woman. A fresh pot of tea is brought to Keith's table.

Blindfold smiles toward Keith "Why thank you, I appreciate the invitation, you always have been quite polite" taking a seat as does her teacher. Sadly has no idea the motions made in her direction or that they are the reason for the tea being brought to the table. Then turns her head toward Seth "Would you like to join us Seth, please, thank you"

Seth chuckles, "Stick around New York long enough, you'll see some crazy shit happening, trust me." That's when he notices Blindfold. "Hello, Ruth." He proceeds to get up and help her move over to the table Keith's at. Then, he asks Keith, "Don't mind if I...?" He points to the seats.

Keith watches as the woman signals for his tea to be delivered. "That's better." He says nodding finally at the pale woman. "Thank you for not allowing my service to be held up." He then diverts his eyes from the woman looking around with a look of concern as though he's expecting the woman's 'babies' to be descending somewhere close. He reaches out toward the pot of tea before hesitating. "Um... Ruth. How's the tea in this joint?" Keith's tone is laced with concern, though clearly he's not completely skeptical of the tea. It's when Seth asks if Keith minds that he blurts out, "Not in the slightest!" He then coughs shaking his head, "I mean... no. Come join us."

"Not for you." The pale woman rises with fluid grace. The sort one expects of a dancer. "For her." She points her ivory chopsticks at Ruth. "She can see. You cannot. Despite your special gifts. So sad. Someday." Spiders crawl from the walls and from under tables. From plants and from countertops. They skitter across the floor and up the pale woman's body, ducking under her clothing and vanishing from sight.

Seth blinks at that sudden outburst, "Control your enthusiasm, man..." Then, as the Bride announces who will drink that tea, he looks at the passing waitress - who likely doesn't pay attention to him. "Can I get some more of that tea, please?" He looks at all the spiders going to the Bride. And he makes no comments.

Blindfold smiles toward Seth "Yes, thank you for the assistance, please join us" then turns toward the woman "Why thank you, yes, the tea is appreciated. I'm sure I will enjoy it, thank you. Please forgive me, I'm sorry, I'm Ruth, do I know you?" then turns toward Keith "Not that I'm aware of Keith, unless caffeine will put me down, thank you, please"

Keith cringes as the spiders seem to literally crawl out of the woodwork of the place. "Ew, that's seriously disgusting!" He then looks over at Seth as he seemingly teases Keith. His face flushing red, "I... uh... sorry." He then falls silent not moving to have any of the tea allowing Blindfold full access to the pot on the table.

"Je je je je je." The pale woman titters. Then she exits as smoothly as she enters. When she leaves, the staff breathe an audible sigh of relief. It takes a few moments but normal service will resume.

Blindfold chuckles at seth's teasing, then feels over the table for a cup and the pot of tea "Who was that woman if either of you don't mind my asking please?" then turns toward Keith "Disgusting? What is disgusting Keith, if you don't mind please?"

"Something that doesn't appear to be of this world", Seth replies as he looks around at the staff sighing. "I think we may've dodged a bullet, here. These folks too, in fact."

Keith shakes his head before saying confidently, "I don't know her. She's like... some creepy spider infested lady." He then shutters before saying, "Just imagine a good number of spiders randomly crawling in and around someone's clothing." He then looks at Seth in agreement before saying, "You think?!"

Seth nods, "Yes, I do." He looks at his wristwatch, then sighs. "Look, guys... I need to go. Got some stuff I need to take care of first, and once I'm finished, I should be coming back." He moves towards the exit. "Gotta go, be back soon, hopefully."

Blindfold shudders at the imagery and frowns, sniffing her cup suspiciously just in case "Question is, what made her change her mind?" then turns toward Seth "I'll see you back there, I just needed to pick up a few things. Take care and stay safe Seth"

Keith nods in Seth's direction as he leaves before returning his attention to Blindfold and her escort. "Yeah... uh... I don't know." He pauses long enough to take a good look at Blindfold's escort before saying, "So, what's the bodyguard for? Finally relenting to being... handicapable?"

Blindfold smirks "Not quite. She's a teacher at the school Vaughn, Seth, david and I go to, xavier's, the one that was in the news recently. She's making sure I stay safe as we students could have easily been at the school, but luckily weren't"

Keith nods slowly seeming skeptical of the escort before saying, "So this school... the one in the news. Is it a boarding school or something?" It's clear Keith doesn't know much about the area and the fact that Xavier's is highly regarded.

Blindfold smiles "Elite prep school and yes boarding school as well, in session year round, highly regarded, yes thank you. The school is just making ensuring the safety of its students...and I got caught for sneaking out to that party we met at. so suspicious though keith, please, thank you, have I done anything to make you wary of me?"

"Pretty elite, huh? Well maybe I can see if they'd accept such riff raff like myself. I'm looking for a new school... I've gotten... shall we say I got asked to leave the last few." He then chuckles shaking his head and lightening in tone for now. "Oh certainly not. Well, you have told me you can see the future. Aside from that, not really."

Blindfold shrugs "You'll have to meet a friend of mine, then if that is your wish, yes. I was lucky and got a scholarship to the school" then smiles with a shake of her head "I'm afraid not, I'm sorry, I simply told you that in some ways I can see better then most and that's true. Most people see with their eyes first and then slowly look with their other senses, but I look with all my senses all the time to see things around me"

Keith nods slowly as she talks about the school. "Oh, interesting..." He then nods some more mumbling in agreement. "Oh I see..."

Blindfold smiles warmly "Not yet, but you will, trust me" taking a long sip of her whte tea. "So how have you been? Not doing anything to flashy I hope, please?" oh if only she had eyes she'd be winking all 'secret' like.

Keith chuckles at Blindfold as she most clearly says he's going to do something with xavier's institute. "Oh no, trust me. I'm try to keep a really... really, low profile these days. Especially since I'm searching for a permanent boarding school that will let me in." He sighs as his android phone beeps. "Damn it, my parents are texting me again. Seems they want me to ensure I get to the place I'm staying for the evening before too long. I hate to do this, but I have to leave." He sighs as he grabs a stray pen from his bag grabbing a nearby napkin before writing his information down. "Tell your escort to give you this information when you get to where you're staying. It's my US number and my various contact info. I'd like to set-up an interview or whatever at this place you speak of... I just need to be elsewhere soon."

Blindfold chuckles with a smile as she accepts the napkin "I will, yes thank you. Take care and stay safe Keith. I look forward to meeting you again"

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