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Exodus and Krista

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10/10/12 15:27

Top of the Rock, Manhattan

Exodus helps Krista re-establish her height.

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Earlier, Krista got the impression that visiting the top of the rock in Rockefeller Center would be a super cool idea. The elevator doors open and allow Krista to step out onto the observation level then observation deck beyond glass doors. She will discover that no one else is around, devoid of people (especially tourists) except for Exodus who stands amid the breezy deck overlooking the city beyond. Presently, Exodus is dressed as he always is, in a costume of blue and purple with a long flowing white cloak.

Getting strange ideas like that is nothing new to Krista, she gets them quite frequently, and like usual her spontaneous nature has her acting on them without much thought. Zipping up her jacket then shoving her hands in the pockets she moves to the edge, looking over the edge, before moving to follow it around the building and toward the only other person there. If she finds it odd that the place is devoid of the usual crowd it is fleeting at best "Well it was nice while it lasted," she says as she approaches him, "all 35 hours of it. Oh and hello again."

Turning to welcome her approach, Exodus states, "Then we will have to try harder, this time." indicating that he fully intends to correct it once again. "We cannot have you disabling yourself for no apparent reason."

"Of course not." Krista states in a confused fashion to the last statement. The source of her confusion is probably quite clear, though her question leaves no doubt "Why are you doing this? Should I know you from before my accident?" its the only reason she can think of why he would be helping.

"We are the same, you and I. Both mutants. Is it not right to assist those of your kind? The humans will not offer such aid, nor will those that are altered. It is up to us to take care of our own." notes Exodus indicating why he's offering to help. Then expounds, "Your accident left you with many holes in your moemory. Many may not ever be reclaimed."

Krista tucks her rouge bangs behind an ear as she listens to his explanation "I suppose you are right there. While I haven't had the issues that a lot of our kind have, luckily, very few, humans, as you say have been willing to help me past that last of my issues." though until recently she didn't exactly know how far those issues went "Pretty much swiss cheese up here." she circles a hand around her head.

"First things first." Exodus states as he triggers the release of her shrunken form so that she can stand tall once again. "At least you retain new memories, so that your future is far brighter than your past."

It doesn't catch her by surprise this time, so Krista doesn't nearly fall over like last time. Apparently she was prepared in other ways as well, once the sudden growth spurt is over she runs her hands over her clothes and they grow to fit her new size "I got bigger clothes, just in case I managed to change on my own." she turns slightly to catch her reflection in the glass that surrounds the deck "Thank you. You think it will stick this time?

"It will after this...", states Exodus as he re-enters her mind and will discover the cause of her reversion from the previous encounter. Then he will set parameters to maintain her height unless otherwise willed to change.

An undisclosed amount of time later (enough to note that the sun is now setting), Exodus will withdraw from her mind confident that she will remain her natural height. "There we are."

Krista furrows her brow, "Should I feel different?" she gives a shake of her head "Because I don't." she looks down at herself "Well besides the whole feeling taller thing." as a test she shrinks herself just a few inches, she isn't quite brave enough to risk going to small yet, then reverses it "I work!" she smiles.

Exodus smiles and nods, "Quite." then after a pause, "We will meet again so that we can further explore what your mind has to offer."

His feet will leave the observation deck.

"I look forward to it." its an honest statement from Krista, she gives a wave as he departs, then turns to leave in the more normal fashion...through the door.

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