Talking Politics

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Talking Politics

Shatterstar, Blindfold

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10/07/12 17:50

X-Mansion, Basketball court

Blindfold gives Shatterstar advice on politics

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-----==[ Basketball and Tennis Courts - Xavier Estate ]==---------------------

The basketball court is painted green on red. It's regulation size with regulation height hoops. There are two wooden benches on either side of the court and even an actual old fashioned score board with the numbers that hang up. Only in the many years and many students who have used this court the numbers have somehow been lost. The number of famous people who have played here, relaxed and enjoyed a friendly game is countless but real none the less.
On either side of the centrally located basketball court, there are two tennis courts which are fenced off and face perpendicular to the basketball layout.
Those who are members of the school will be fully aware that when the alarm sounds they are to clear the court. For within a few seconds, the court's floor will retract to reveal the hangar below.
From here one has a clear view of the pool area, the tennis/basketball courts and even the patio and mansion. All around the Xavier estate is laid out in north, east, and southerly directions. Most of which are dotted by various copse of trees, a dense forest and one can even catch a glimpse of the lake to the east between the trees.

Obvious Exits:
[DN] - Hangar - Sublevel - Xavier Man [E] - Sand Volleyball Courts - Xavie
[EG] - Eastern Grounds - Xavier Estat [W] - Patio - Xavier Mansion

Shatterstar is on the edge of the courts, dribbling. He's wearing grey sweatpants and a sleeveless muscle shirt. Each time he bounces the ball too hard, making a terrific banging sound and having to jerk both hands up to catch it before it flies off.

Blindfold came walking toward the court carrying a ball, wearing blue sweats and a purple t-shirt as she tapped her cane. Hearing the sound of another ball she turned her head in that direction and headed that way.

Shatterstar turns to watch Blindfold, then glances at the ball he holds in one hand. Then he cocks his head slightly to one side. Finally he tosses it towards Blindfold, arcing it so that it approaches slowly and angling so that it will bounce a few feet next to her and not smack her in the face in case it catches her by surprise.

Blindfold grins and bends down to put her ball on the ground before stepping into the path of the his ball and catching it as it bounced. "Testing my hand eye coordination, Gaveedra?" she teases hesitantly

Shatterstar hesitates. "I go by Shatterstar," he corrects, although he doesn't seem too bothered. "And yes, I wanted to be sure you could catch. Or at least avoid any errant shots." He goes to the edge of the court and picks up another ball. "This sport takes some...practice."

Blindfold nods "Sometimes I can, I can't really see though, sorry Shatterstar, my apologies..I'm new to sports" shuffling the ball in her hands from one to another as her cane hung from her wrist

Shatterstar bounces the ball a few times and then shoots in an ungainly underhanded manner. Despite the akward shot the ball swishes straight through the net. "Indeed? In between learning to fight with a sword and mastering your other poweres?" He glances in the direction of the mansion. "And your classes," he adds.

Blindfold smiles with a soft chuckle "Does keep us busy, yes indeed. I haven't had much time to learn sports, I usually weave blankets or lace. What of you if you don't mind me asking please?"

Shatterstar thinks that over. "I've been studying as well," he finally answers. "And training. It's been wonderful using the Danger Room once more." He goes to pick up yet another basketball and bounces it a few times, still barely under control. "Even much more to learn."

Blindfold starts bouncing her ball with one hand, dribbling it in a controled manner if lazily "Once again? When had you had access to it before, please if you don't mind?"

You say, "Ah...when I joined X-Force. Well, before there was even an X-Force. Cable, Cannonball and the others, they were sheltering in the remains of this very mansion. The above-ground section had been destroyed, but the sub-levels were more or less intact." He falls silent for a moment, remembering. Then he concludes, "We used the Danger Room for several training sessions."

Blindfold nods still smiling as it started to make sense now the connection x-force had "Oh I see, yes thank you, that is why you chose the name x-force and have a connection to people here, why you idolize the xmen. The professor has touched many lives, perhaps more then he realizes"

Shatterstar nods in agreement. "Being asked to join the X-Men was an enormous honor. Now I have a chance to help shape the legends." He pauses and then glances back at the mansion again. "As do you and all of your fellow trainees."

Blindfold nods "And hopefully change your future when you and the new mutants return to your time? May I ask please, why the mansion was destroyed and not rebuilt?"

Shatterstar pauses, a slightly far-off look on his face as he remembers. "It was during a battle with Sinister and the Marauders," he finally answers. "Professor Xavier was away, in space according to the records. The X-Men and New Mutants were away at the time, and at the time it was still considered the Xavier Institute. It had not yet been expanded to the larger school it is today...and so there was no need to rebuild it. Not until Xavier's return much later."

Blindfold tilts her head "But...the professor is in space now, has been for a while, forgive me please but does that mean you're from a different timeline or have things been altered already?"

You say, ", that is...well you see, he came back for a time, and then left again...ah...well..." Finally Shattestar shrugs helplessly. "It's complicated."

Blindfold couldn't help giggling at that "Beleive me, I'm no stranger to complicated, yes thank you. I see the past and the future, I don't always keep everything straight far as a time line, but that phrase is rather misleading. Time isn't really linear, it's flexible and overlaps itself"

You say, "Yes, I suppose so. Still, the X-Men seem to deal with such matters as a matter of routine, so best to keep an open mind." Now he picks up a basketball in each hand, throwing one and then the other. He still uses an unorthodox style but that doesn't keep him from sinking another two baskets, this time bouncing them off of the backboard first. "I've found it helps me adapt to this world better."

Blindfold nods a bit disappointed "An open mind and a fresh view always helps, thank you yes. May I ask please how long mojo had been ruler before you came here?"

"How long..." Shatterstar has collected yet another ball but pauses in mid-throw. "For years. He's technically the fifth in a line of hundred years or so after the one known best by the X-Men."

Blindfold tilts her head at him "The mojoverse..a different dimension then ours. I'm sorry you had fight in the gladioator games" there was sympathy in her voice. "The Mojo before the one you seek to overthrow was not a good leader either, he was evil, you will need a strong leader with concrete morals and ethics to rule, incorruptible, if you wish things to change for the better"

Shatterstar gives Blindfold a quizzical look. "Sorry? It is what made me who - and what - I am," he remarks. Then he shrugs. "As for Mojo, as Cable and Wolverine and...others, have convinced me," his manner grows a bit guarded as he mentiones 'others'. "I have time. Time enough to first perfect my skills as a soldier, but also to learn something beyond fighting, something that will help my world and my people once Mojo's regime is toppled."

Blindfold nods solemnly "I know, it was a needed thing, but I'm still sorry it had to be. I'm sorry it couldn't have been otherwise, but if it wasn't you then it wopuld have been someone else and it has made you a good combatant and given you the perspective and position to know you need to overhtorw him. I agree though with the others, knowing how to fight isn't enough, you'll need tactics, and learn something more then fighting. Your people have scrounging for scraps for so long, they fight even with each other just to survive for the food to put in their mouths. I hope you can bring morals and ethics back to them a sense of right and wrong, and decenct treatment of each other. You have a very large job ahead of you and you but realizing that he needs to be dethrowned and choosing to be part of the group that sets out to do it...that's the first step toward your path of learning...learning to be a good leader"

Shatterstar gives Blindfold a longer look. "Indeed," he says. "I can only hope that if I ever rise to lead my people, it will be with wisdom and foresight."

Blindfold smiles knowing grown ups found it hard to take such things from kids "Subtelty and finesse will help as well. I may be just a kid but I see alot even without eyes. I know it's not easy, I'm just a kid, so what could I know of your world and ruling. Thing is, the rulers that are loved and remembered thru history by their people, who are truely revered are the ones who didn't look down on theit people didn't think themselves entiteled or held themselves above their people, but were the rulers that treated their people with respect and dignity who looked out for them and helped and cared for them. The rulers that are loved are those that stand up for what they beleive is right for all the people, the right thing to do, and are willing to stand shoulder to shoulder in the fields along side their subjects not looking down on them from a cozy expensive house that their subjects worked for"

A basketball, seemingly long forgotten, rolls off of the court and into the grass nearby.

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