Talk of Madripoor

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Night Thrasher, Nova

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12/13/2012 17:00

Warrior's Central, New York City

While Dwayne is working in the Crash Pad's garage, Nova arrives. A discussion ensues.

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The Hangar Level of Warrior's Central is poorly lit, as it should be. The team is conscious of the environment after all! It is pretty dark in here, except for a couple of lights lining the floor and a spotlight shining down on a black motorcycle. The motorcycle is wenched up into the air a couple of feet. Beside the bike is Dwayne. He is in his Night Thrasher armor, though his helmet is sitting on a work bench nearby. The Founder of the Warriors is tinkering with the bike; A wrench in hand.

Nova drops down from the sky, landing lightly but still managing to not be 'stealthy' with a loud thump as his feet touch down. His bright, garish and in some places reflective costume is usually a dead giveaway in itself, but tonight he's wearing something that for him is almost inconspicuous. "Dwayne," he greets. "Got a minute?"

There is are some tell-tale metallic sounds of the wrench being worked back and forth as Dwayne tinkers with something on the bike. When Nova arrives, Dwayne turns his head and stops the motion of the wrench. He grunts a greeting and says, "Richie; Yeah, sure." He places the wrench down on a nearby tool cart and whips out a small grease rag from somewhere on his belt. He steps over to Nova while wiping off his hands, "What's up?"

Nova looks at the bike in obvious interest. Only it's the kind of interest a non-rider might have for the hobby, full of style and coolness and things Richie has only seen on TV and in movies, rather than actual experience with bikes. "Well it's about this drug dealing thing. I took this drug-dealer that Cloak and I caught to the police, and he was babbling...I thought he said something about Madripoor. You know, the island?"

Dwayne replaces the cloth back onto his belt, stuffing it between the belt and the armor, allowing it to hang there. He crosses his arms and nods an answer to Nova, "Yeah, I've heard of Madripoor. Sure. What would a drug dealer in the Big Apple be babbling about Madripoor for?"

Nova says, "That's what I was wondering. He was pretty scared. Well more than just scared, it's like he wasn't even thinking straight, y'know? So it's not like he could've been trying to trick me or anything. I think it just came out because...because it was on his mind, or something. Like a dream maybe."

Dwayne shifts his weight so he's resting on one leg, kind of making his stance look slouched to one side. He purses his lips at bit at what Nova tells him and responds, "I imagine some drugged up hood would be messing himself after getting smacked around by Nova, so that's not too unusual. Did he just drop the name 'Madripoor'? Or did he let slip anything else about it? Rather odd thing to just say in a moment of verbal diarrhea..."

Nova looks vaguely pleased but then he has to correct Dwayne. "Uh...well really I think it was Cloak that did it to him. This was that drug dealer who was dressed as Santa. When he came out of Cloak's...uh, cloak, he was scared spit-less. He could barely even talk at first. And he never answered any questions - I took him to the police station and all he could do was babble. Didn't matter what anyone said to him." Richie shakes his head. "He might have said some other name...might have been 'Kurt'. Or 'Kurtz'."

A hand lifts off casually from his forearm and he waves it dismissively, before it continues to rest in its crossed position, "Yeah, I guess Cloak does have that affect on people, huh?" He shrugs his shoulders to go with that point concession. He then shakes his head at the name, "I know a lot of Kurts. Not many Kurtz. No one that has an obvious connection to a drug dealer. Though, this is off the top of my head. I could do a little research and see if there's a connection." Another shrug, "So what about that rings interesting to you, Richie?"

Nova tilts his head to the side. "Well...honestly, it just got me thinking about trying to go undercover. Learn more about what's going on. Cops do that all the time, right?" He pauses and then looks at the jet in the middle of the hangar. "Maybe even fly to Madripoor if I have to, and see if I can find out anything there. I don't talk about this much, but I'm not just fast. I can fly for a long time. A really long time."

Dwayne's brow furrows a bit and he shrugs a hesitant shoulder, "Ah, well Richie. That's kind of a short string of a tip to go off of. What exactly would you be looking for there? Just gonna be deep undercover 'til something happens?" He uncrosses his arms, shifts his weight and elaborates with his hands, "I mean, you can do what you like. You're a big boy and the Warrior's aren't involved in anything major right now. I would hesitate a little bit more before deciding to fly over there."

Nova nods slowly. "Yeah...I guess maybe you're right." Finally he shrugs. "I think that's just it - we're not involved in anything major. And even the small stuff, well...all I can do is catch people if they're already being taken down by some other hero. It's like I'm the high-speed pursuit specialist of the super-hero set. I guess I'm just trying to think...I dunno, more strategically. Instead of just trying to catch these dealers, how about if I take down their operation? Y'know?"

Thrasher raises a gauntlet to rub at the back of his head, "Yeah, it's been a bunch of small scale stuff for myself as well. At least, since that whole robot situation several months back." He shrugs and lowers his hand back to his side. He grabs the cloth he placed on his belt idly and pulls it out. He jerks his head back and to the side, a gesture towards the door, "If you're itchin' for something like that we could certainly dig into some situations. Couple months ago I uncovered a weapons ring but that lead has gotten quiet. Couple months ago Ultragirl and I stopped Sea Urchin with some shipments of Atlantean artifacts..."

Nova perks up. "Really? I could look into either of those. 'Specially the Sea Urchin thing." He adjusts the collar on his shirt. "Ultragirl, huh? I haven't seen her around for a while. Maybe she's getting back to her career or whatever. But you can count me in!" He looks ready to practically go flying out of the hangar again, even though he surely has no idea where to fly or what to do.

Thrasher walks over to the bike and picks up the wrench. He quickly finishes twisting whatever it was he was twisting with the wrench. The wrench is tossed onto the tool cart lazily, "Madripoor's a huge port. Perhaps I was expecting to see more leads here in the US, maybe that was a mistake." He raises his forearm and touches a button on the forearm of his gauntlet. The wench is activated by what he pressed and the bike comes down to the ground. The spotlight turns off and Thrasher heads over to grab his helmet, "The Taylor Foundation funds some 'Helping the Poor' initiatives in South East Asia, one of the initiatives is based in Madripoor." He pauses, "I could find a reason to go to Madripoor as business."

Nova nods eagerly. "Now you're talking. Road trip - New Warriors style!" He visibly restrains his enthusiasm and then tries to be more responsible. He looks around the hangar. " we keep any maps around here? And what language do they speak in Madripoor, anyway? Maybe I should pick up some travel guidebooks..."

Dwayne shakes his head and gestures towards the door, "Plenty of maps on Madripoor in the mainframe. I'm sure you dig up some old intel reports on the place." He looks towards Nova as he begins towards the doorway leading into the hangar, "I've gotta set up my trip as Dwayne through through the Taylor Foundation. Then we can form a game plan and check it out, huh?"

Nova follows the gesture with his eyes, then his expression grows thoughtful as he listens. "Sure...yeah, that sounds like a great idea. Okay, I'll go get started on that. Maps, food, where we're gonna stay - if we're even gonna be there for that long. Guess we gotta plan it all out, huh?"

Dwayne cracks a smile at that, "Yeah, you go ahead and get on that. I'll take care of lodging. I know of a little place we can kick our feet up in while we're there." He places his helmet under his arm as he walks out, "We'll talk about it when I get things set up on my side, Civilian-wise. Let me know if you learn anything in your searching."

Nova nods happily and then heads for the control room. He's already consulting a tiny scrap of paper where he's written down his new password.

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