Talk about a six pack

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Six Pack

Spiral, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Armand

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08/28/12 10:45

Queens, NY

X-Factor responds to an inquiry by Spider Man involving an amnesia-tic Spiral

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Having been available to 'answer' the call, so to speak, Nightcrawler heads to the general indicated location and, if necessary, asks after anyone sticking out like a sore thumb. Probably not overly difficult to follow the trail. Presently he has a holographic image over his fuzzy self displaying Errol Flynn in contemporary clothing that includes slacks and a pull over polo style shirt. Its on the clean side and even comes with a watch on his left wrist. He follows Spider Man's directions and any subsequent directions as needed in search of the odd stranger talking or inquiring about Longshot.

Spiral for her part has been tugged off the street and taken to a dingy motel room by Armand, who has since escaped, to buy food, get backup, who knows. It's probably safe to assume that the hotel staff know something freaky has arrived - she has glowing eyes after all, let alone the arms, ill disguised by a too-small hoodie.
The hoodie is gone now, anyway, and she's settled on a chair in one of the rooms. Left to her own devices, she's even more in a daze than she was when outside: her mind wanders to strange places when there's nothing to focus on. The only thing to really focus on is her arms - every so often she glances down at herself, only to quickly look away.

Getting to the room, Nightcrawler will knock on the door, calling, "Hello." Then a pause before he adds, "Spider Man sent me," as if that would help identify him. Looking around, he'll stand patiently a moment to see if the door opens for him, but if he waits much longer, he'll simply try the handle with a quick jiggle. Not intent to barge in, but if the door presents itself as open, he will step inside to call again, "Hellooo."

Having followed Kurt's trail, he must be shedding, Kitty in civilain clothes phased up thru the floor with lockheed in a shoulder bag "Question is...why would Longshot be looking for Spierman and why would Spiderman tell us?" smiling at the elf, helloooo.

Spiral freezes, snapping out of her reverie when she hears knocks on the door like that. She jumps up from her chair, and looks around the room, suddenly realising she's not actually armed. Paranoia tells her she really should get a gun, but unfortunately - no gun in here.
So she pads over to the door, cautious. "Who is that?" she calls out. "Armand? Is that you?" she wonders. Thinking not. It doesn't sound like him. "No, I don't want any room service!".

Nodding some to Kitty, Nightcrawler grins, "Someone looking for Longshot, somehow ended up under Spider Man's watch, he figured he'd contact the closest X-Men he could find to help with the situation. We're as close as it gets in the city." They did offer to help with all things mutant. Then the voice sounds saying no thanks. "I am Nightcrawler," he responds, "Formerly with the X-Men, I've worked with Longshot, they say someone here is looking for him ..."

Kitty reaches for Kurt's hand and makes sure Lockheed is carefully hid in her bag "She sounds scared. Should we just slip in?" she asks kurt quietly then calls thru the door "No need to be afraid, we're here to help"

"I never heard of you!" Spiral calls out through the door. "And nobody worked with Longshot, except...". She racks her brain. She can remember a few things. "Some... doctor guy." she mutters, leaning against one wall, remembering others as well, vaguely, but none who she really remembers. Strange people, all.
Staring at the door, she suddenly imagines the door opening, superpowered violence an instant after - and then no violence only talking, and then shouting. "Ughh..." she mutters, blinking, and heads over to the window. Nothing bad seems to happen involving the window.

Its taken some finagling and tweaking to get his work schedule changed and adjusted so he can slip back to New York to see to his newest...hotel dumping charge, and Armand has come prepared...he has some paper bags of baked and savory goods and a few bottles of water, brow furrowing as he makes his way up the elevator and down the hall, toying with a keycard and sloooowing to a stop. A pair of simple dark slacks, green converse sneakers, a dark green and purple tank-top and black blazer worn, hair pulled back into low ponytail.

Presently standing out of that door where the baker intends to use the keycard, Kurt shakes his head to Kitty, "One more round, see what happens, I don't want to startle her either?" Letting her decide if she wants to proceed though, he still calls into the room. "Longshot worked alongside the X-Men, I ... we, were with the X-men. We mean you no harm ..." He lets that hang as his eyes look between Cat and the door curiously.

Kitty nods "I think you mean a doctor with blue fur? That's Beast, we're friends of his. Please, we can help you, but it would be a lot easier if you opened the door and let us in"

Blue fur? "No blue fur!". Spiral doesn't remember much but she definitely doesn't remember blue fur. "Just go away.". She shakes her head, deeply unimpressed with herself. One thing she does remember is that she's not a mewling coward anyway. So she walks up to the window, and peers at it closely. Not the sort you can actually open, but that's not going to stop someone like her! Piling through a window is a piece of cake, she knows that much. And then she can run.
She pads to the opposite side of the room, ready to jump.
And remembers to wrap her lower two arms around her waist out of the way, as she glances over at the door, wondering if they are going to come in and make her go for it.

Armand's eyebrow raises as he stands there for a moment and just stares, taking a few steps forward and eyeing the two somewhat suspiciously. "Pardon...can I help you?" He has to ask, shifting his bags to his other hip/arm. "Forgive ahh..." The accent, yep French as French can be...purring his words. "I do not believe that the mademoiselle mentioned" He raises his voice. "Mademoiselle! It is me...the Armand...are you okay?" Addressing Spiral of course.

As the other arrives, Nightcrawler responds to him. "Spider Man informed us there was a lady asking about Longshot, he told her he would contact the X-Men to help. We're as close as she's gonna get right now, and considering we've both worked with Longshot, its about dead on. Can you talk to her, we're here to help if we can."

Looks puzzledly at Kurt "Maybe she met our other doctor, sunpyre?" Turning to the french youth with a smile "Hello there, she seems awfully shaken. Would you mind please?" smirking at Kurt oh the puns in those words of his

Ah, a familiar voice. Spiral decides maybe it isn't time to break windows, and heads over to the door. "Armand? Who are these guys out there?" she asks. "I'm okay...". She pauses, thinking about that statement. "Actually I'm not OK, of course I'm not OK! Did I /look/ OK? But I'm no worse than earlier at least.".
"So where is Longshot then? If you don't know where he is what's the point?" she wonders. "And besides...". Her voice trails off. "Oh what the hell." she mutters, and opens the door, a crack at least, so she can peer through.

Ever wary as he hears words such as 'X-Men and Spider Man' and such, Armand just hmms softly and tilts his head to the side. "She is shaken oui, she cannot remember anyting, she has 6 arms and I don't tink she's had a good meal since she stepped through whatever portal is spitting her out here." He turns to the door, listening and she exhales softly. "I was looking and researching, I am promising I would oui? But these people here say they know ah...maybe what is happening to your Longshot, let them in for dinner and if they are mean I will...make them leave, again, okay?"

Kitty, big brown eyed innocent and likable Kitty just smiles at Armand "I promise, we are not mean now Emma when she doesn't get her way, that's mean. We're as far from mean as a teddy bear is from the boogie man. We just want to help, that's all"

Turning an eye, Nightcrawler is only curious at making them leave, but he's on board if it means talking to this lady. Offering sincerel, "Longshot has since left the X-men, he has joined with the Dazzler. We could help you look for this Longshot if you need to speak with him." Then he looks at Kitty again, pondering her words and the boogie man, then a ponderance, "Are you from Longshots homeworld?"

Spiral is mollified somewhat, but still has a vague feeling of paranoia for some reason, all manner of possibilities flashing into her head, and few of them good ones. But she steels herself, and opens the door, her lower four arms somewhat meekly held behind her back, as far as she can manage without discomfort anyway.
And she looks over the two newcomers warily. "I don't know any Dazzler.". But thats not a name that stirs up anything good in her.

A soft exhale as he looks between Kitty and Nightcrawler. "Be /nice/..." He stresses. Then Armand is walking through the door with a soft smile. "Oui...have you had a drink?" He goes to check the coffee machine, settling down a few more bottles of water. "I am bringing a whipped sweet potato with a bit of pecan, some chicken not shrimp but I was not sure if you are having allergies...there's plenty of rice and a pant of cornbread." He unpacks the wrapped up containers. "But for dessert...I have a white chocolate brownie...I know it is not much, but I didn't want to stay away too long in the cooking."

Moving to follow in right alongside Kitty, Kurt listens to the talk of food and it makes him hungry actually, perhaps joined with the smell if he starts opening it all up for Spiral. All the same, he offers, "Let's just clear some things up to begin with. What's going on and why is Longshot needed?" If he is going to commit to helping, he'll need some details, sort of a start at the beginning thing, when she comes to the end ... stop.

Smiling to Armand Kitty nods agreement and walks into the room behind armand with Kurt and closes the door securely. Then gives Kurt a look "Let's start slow" turning back to the girl...Ooo that food did look good! "I'm Kitty and this is Kurt. Was the doctor who worked with Longshot a man or a woman?"

Spiral hmms, still suspicious, but they seem nice enough. As does Armand, with his food. So she goes back over to the chair and settles down onto it, grateful to not be on her own, left to her thoughts. "Thanks, Armand." she offers graciously to the food, and reaches out for cornbread with a metal hand.
"Why is he needed? Well...". It seems so fundamental a question that Spiral is momentarily confused. "We are friends, good friends.". She smiles a little, despite herself, though the smile rapidly fades. "And we were travelling together, going to his home, through a portal, but... he left me here. Something went wrong.".
Her brow furrows, a tangle of memories turning dark, but she can't put any of them into words. "And the doc was a man, quite... elegant." she replies to Kitty, distracted.

Looking to Kurt, Kitty smiles as she turns back to the girl "Was the man bald? In a chair?" then turns back to kurt "I think we need to find Longshot" and looks back to the girl "What's your name?"

Kurt lets Kitty guide the questions for the moment, nothing to add and listening to some of her responses, probably thinks its best not to add to many more curiousities to the growing list. He offers one nod to Cat when she suggests needing to find longshot, mentally pondering the first steps in that direction.

A napkin is folded neatly and set in front of Spiral as Armand begins to open the bowls and bundles of goodies, bustling around with plastic forks and paper plates. He's quiet though, watching people with some wariness and a whole lot of concern.

"No... he wasn't bald. He was middle aged, a bit older maybe, but not bald. But it doesn't matter!" Spiral says, getting exasperated, not blind to the fact that she's being interrogated, even if politely. "I want to see Longshot. I can remember /him/ clearly enough. The last thing I remember, he was holding my hand...". She shakes her head, and sighs, reaching up with two hands to massage at her temples. "I think..." she adds, looking faintly confused for a moment. "My name? I don't really remember.".

Sighing Kitty nods "Alright just relax and eat ok? I used to ber an x-man, so was Kurt as he said. Longshot worked with us. We'll help you find him ok? I was part of Excalibur until recently when I came back to the states. Would you feel alright coming with us after your meal?"

"She's right," agrees Nightcrawler, "A friend of Longshots is a friend of ours. If you want to find him, we'll help you." Then he watches the meal unfold as presented by Armand.

Armand pauses for a moment, head tilting as he listens carefully and he gives a little shake of his head. "Well then, should pick one. A name. Someting to be used until you do remember what it is." He moves to poor some water into a glass to set near Spiral before gesturing between Kitty and Kurt. "There is plenty if you are wanting to eat..."

Spiral seems to remember the use of her arms on some level, as up till now her four lower arms have been hanging limply at her sides or wrapped around her waist, but now the meal is on, and she's talking and not really thinking too hard about the basics, she can happily pick up plates and things at the same time as keeping her hands in her lap. "I'm sure I have one, it's just on the tip of my tongue." she tells Armand, a little irritably. "My name is the least of my concern at the moment...". She looks down at herself. "These arms... are new." she mutters. "And I don't know. Where are you going?" she asks, paranoid again.

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