One Skrull's Space-Trash

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Once Skrull's Space-Trash is another Kree's treasure

Vision, Sandman, Super-Skrull (as Captain Kree)

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12/01/12 15:20

Earth Orbit

Vision and Sandman encounter a disguised Super-Skrull

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-----==[ Low Earth Orbit - Space ]==------------------------------------------

Approximately 150 to 250 miles above the surface of the Earth. Looking Earthward, the planet would fill the field of vision. Looking away one may see the glory of the Sun or a sea of stars. This area is often cluttered with satellites, space debris, space stations and other low Earth orbit based objects. The void is just that, a void, little to no atmosphere, cold in the shadow or burning hot in the ray of the sun.

Bill Baker
The Vision
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[D] - Skies Over Manhattan - New Yor [S] - Southern Stationary Orbit - Sp
[U] - High Earth Orbit - Space [X] - Sky Above - Xavier Estate

Some Kree debris has led two of the Avengers out to Outer Space. Just in Lower Orbit, a Quinjet pulls up near the debris. Piloting the craft is Sandman, who sits in the cockpit radioing to the Vision, "Ok, Vizh, we're here. The science stuff is more your thing. So want to check it out, while I see here and listen to music or something?" Sandman is in his usual green striped shirt and brown trousers, but has a space suit should he be needed to assist, but he figures this is the synthezoidas project. As the Quinjet is on autopilot, he rests his legs on the control and searches for the radio, "Wonder what stations we can get up here?"

The Vision had been strapped securely in his seat during the Avengers ascent into Low Earth Orbit. When the Quinjet is brought up along side the debris field, Vizh unharnesses himself from his seat and walks over towards where Bill is piloting. He places a hand on the back of Bill's chair and looks out through the forward viewport at the area in front of the craft. Vizh glances down at Bill, "Do not want to go with me? I am interested to know what would happen to you under these conditions." he says this with good humor in his tone. He does not wait for a response and simply turns intangible and slips through floor, past the hull and out into space.

One hunk of Kree space-debris is actually not so much debris as an abandoned escape pod. As the Avengers approach, lights flicker on, there's a hiss as the last of the pressurized air escapes, and then the door starts to open. It malfunctions after only a few inches, and instead a pair of mighty hands pry it open from within. "Free!" The so-called Kree shouts. "At last, I am free to continue my destroy the human's space networks!!"

"Yeah yeah. Well, if you need me, I got a space suit, But I don't need to breath in sand form, but who knows what the hell with happen when I get out there." As Vision phases through the floor, Bill shakes his head, "Yeah, I was right. Don't care what Wanda says. . .he ain't got no. . . ." Suddenly lights flicker and the debris is active and hands appear, "Shit. . ." He mumbles and into the com system that Vizh can interface with, "Looks like we got trouble. A Kree or Skrull or Shi'ar or whatever is out there."

The Synthetic Avenger's yellow eyes glow brighter as various sensory equipment are activated to scan the old debris field. The Vision isn't able to accumulate any data before Sandman alerts him of the possible bogey. Vizh twists around side to side, sweeping his scanning gaze around the debris. He responds to Sandman, "What? Where? Odd coincidence..."

Captain Kree emerges from his pod, but stands rooted to the space-debris it was embedded in. He pans his gaze across space, fixing on the Avengers craft and then on the Avenger visible. "Humans! What do you want here, primitive beings?!" His keeps his voice booming, and it's only the fact that he's also transmitting on several open frequencies that allows him to be heard at all.

"Seriously?" Sandman thinks to himself, "Might have been better when you were all white and boring." Quickly wishing he had paid attention when he was being trained on the Quinjet's defenses and weapons. Being able to hear the Kree on the frequency, "Hey, alien. You're right. Humans are beneath you. Go talk to the robot." With that his body is already shifting to sand and seeping into the space suit. "Vizh, go say hello to our friend."

The Vision continues sweeping his gaze about before internal radio receivers pick up the boisterious broadcast from the emergent Kree. He spins around to look in the direction of the Kree. Vizh broadcasts to Bill, "Was it in a ship, Sandman? Scan what he came out of. Make sure proper defensive countermeasures are prepared." He then uses one of the same frequencies that the Kree broadcast on and responds, "You are in Orbit of Earth. I do hope you are not surprised to be in such close vacinity to humans. To what do we owe your presence to? The War is over."

Captain Kree nods slowly, shifting his attention between the Vision and the ship. "The war is over? I thought as much...but I didn't know the details. What happened? How did it end?" He seems to relax a bit, straightening from what was an alert crouch into something like military attention. "I recognize you...from our files. The Vision, is it not?" He gestures at the Quinjet. "And I assume the other Avengers?"

Fully in a spacesuit, but still within the Quinjet, ready for anything but noting no attack has happened yet, "Yes, the war ended." He is not sure of which war they speak. But looking at the alien, Bill remembers whole killing of the Supreme Intelligence so, letas Vision do all the talking.

The Synthetic Avenger floats slowly in the direction of the escape pod the Kree came out of and the Kree himself. Vision's scanners are going full-bore trying to collect data on the Alien, what's on the Alien and around him. He broadcasts, "It ended. The Kree lost. You will have to excuse my bluntness, but you are not the most welcome sentient species to this Solar System. What are your intentions?"

Captain Kree says, "My intentions? My -mission- was to strike at human targets. Shuttles mostly, but any craft or satellite that could impede our own war efforts." He looks down at the craft and the surrounding space-junk that it's stuck in. "My ship suffered a catastrophic malfunction, and I was forced to eject. I've been in stasis ever since..."

"So how long has that been? You were just sleeping out there?" Sandman finds this a bit hard to believe. Someone would have found him considering all the tech. With Captain Kree on the intercom, he does not use it to give his thoughts to Vizh. Still in the suit and in a sand form, "Well, you would probably want to go back home and see the family and stuff?" Sandman points randomly, "You're planet is that one in the distance, you should go there."

The Synthetic Avenger shakes his head and crosses his arms over his chest. Due to the gravity, his cape is billowing and flaring out wide behind him. Vizh says, "A most unfortunate scenerio you find yourself in. As stated previously; The War is over. Your original mission is now void. You will need to retreat from this system."

Captain Kree glowers slightly. "My mission is void? Typical human pride, to think you are the ones to tell me that. I follow the orders of my ruler. In their absence I obey my training and my sense of duty and honor. Who are you to tell me what to do?" He taps a spot on the bracer he wears on one hand. "Shields up," he reports. "My fight is not with you, only with your equipment." He points his arm at the quinjet now, fist clenched as if ready to emit some sort of energy blast. "If the war is lost, I will ensure that from Earth at least there is no further threat to my people."

"Hey wait a second. . .you're Kree, right?" Sandman asks as shields come up around the Quinjet. "If you're Kree, then didn't you forget something before you start destroying ships and equipment?" He looks out the screen towards Vision, "Vizh, I think he forgot about it. You should tell him before he makes that big mistake. You know, Vizh. That thing." His eyes make an odd look for the Vision to try to pick it on what he is trying to do.

The yellow of Vizh's eyes dim as the sensors drop. The crystal on the SYnthetic Man's forehead starts to glow in place of his eyes. Vision states in a firm, commanding tone, "I can not allow that. Your war is over." Whatever it is that Sandman is trying to tell Vizh, it goes over the Synthetic Man's head. You know the old saying: In Space no one can hear your visual cues. The Vision announces to the Kree, "This is your formal warning. If you initiate hostilities, I will take you down and your freedom will come into question."

Captain Kree keeps his fist directed at the Quinjet, though his eyes shift towards Vision, then to the other side. Finally he lowers the arm to his side again. "Very well. I will not destroy your vessel...for now. Not until I better understand what has happened, here and back in the home systems."

The shields remain up around the Quinjet, "Well, if there was a war. Dona' you think you would want to head home and find out? I mean what about your family and stuff?" Bill offers. Alien or not, this thing has to have a family. He hmmmns, "Do aliens have sex?" He ponders to himself lost in thought.

We're going to say that the Comm was still live when Bill uttered his rhetorical question to himself. Vizh grunts over the channel, "Honestly, Sandman, you have a single-track mind. Keep your attention on the present situation." The Synthezoid focuses on the Kree and says, "You will not destroy the Quinjet at any time. You are, in fact, turning around and making a hasty exodus out of the solar system. The information you seek for understanding is not located here."

Captain Kree snorts. "Fools! Even if I wanted to leave this system, I have no ship, no way to summon a rescue vessel - like it or not, I am stuck here. Stranded." His tone grows grim and somehow more genuine than it has been the entire conversation. "Abandoned."

"But you are the great and powerful Kree! Clearly you could make the journey. Humans are primitive beings that cannot. But you. You are the mighty Kree." He points again off randomly in space. "Your homeworld is that way. Be sure not to run into any other aliens." He smiles and then hmmmmns as he looks over the control panels. The Quinjet could probably make the journey with the right stargates.

The Vision gestures towards the pod that the Kree emerged from, "That is most unfortunate for you. I have witnessed some fantastic electronic engineering from your people. Perhaps you can utilize the equipment within to get a signal out to the scattered remnants of your people." He then gestures with a wave of his hand towards the blue marble of Earth, "That is your only option as I will not allow you to descend to Earth."

Captain Kree scoffs. "Allow? Allow?! As if you could stop me. But perhaps...perhaps there is no place for me on your world. Just as there is no way for me to leave it." He takes a few steps backwards, then eases back into the opening in his pod. "I would suggest you leave the area. -I- will not -allow- Kree technology to fall into the hands of the human race." He taps his bracer again before disappearing out of sight within the tiny module. "Arming self-destruct sequence."

"Well that was unexpected." The rockets on the Quinjet, "Get that synthezoid ass of yours on here. If you explode, Wanda will be mad." It starts to take off as Bill looks out at the Vision.

The Vision's yellow eyes narrow at what the Kree intends to do. He goes intangible and floats back towards the Quinjet, "You do not need to tell me twice, Sandman. As soon as I phase on through, get us out of here, please. We will have to reschedule this rendez-vous with debris later." The Synthetic Avenger phases through the hull once he reaches the Quinjet.

The pod and surrounding areas explode in a huge fireball (strange that fire can burn in the void of space). At the epicenter of the blast, 'Captain Kree' controls the flame, keeping it away from his own body, while simultaneously enveloping himself in a personal force field to protect himself from any resulting force and shrapnel. Having done some quick arithmetic to ensure he'd have one power use to spare, he then turns himself invisible. Once the conflaguration dies down, there is no sign of him...

The Quinjet sets off and back to Earth once Vision is on.

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