Taken 2

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Brief Title:

Sandman NPC: Wizard

Scene Runner/Watcher:

IC Date:

Greenwich Village - New York

Sandman is defeated at the hands of The Wizard and Flint Marko returns

Social or Plot:


Having left the Voodoo Lounge, Sandman has a huge smile on his face. For the first time, he has genuinely stated ‘I Love You’ to someone and it was genuinely returned. Nothing can ruin his day. Little does he realize what is happening inside the Voodoo Lounge and what awaits him. He makes his way down the avenue not noticing the Brothers Grimm entering it. He is walking instead of his usual and messy sandstorm flying over Manhattan trick. His pace is chipper, but relaxed. Is this the happiest he has been? Probably. His thoughts go to potential future plans with Topaz.

On a rooftop nearby is a strange looking man, what's most strange is of course the egg shaped helmet on his head. He has been watching the place for days, waiting for the time to strike and once his target is on the move, he is quick to following. His gravdisk thrmms as he hops onto it and flies overhead, faster then his target can walk. He is careful to stay out of line of sight as he lands in an ally that Sandman is soon to pass. Once his target comes into view he raises a hand and sends an arc of eletricity blasting toward him.

Perhaps, it is luck, or perhaps something else. He will attribute it to his earlier interaction with Topaz. The blast of electricity completely misses its target, blasting the ground leaving a blackened spot and some smoke rising from it. Turning to see where it came from Sandman, spots his old teammate. “Bentley! I’m in a good mood, so don’t fuck with me today!” His arms shifts to form a cannon of sand as he launches a volley of a sand blast towards the Wizard.

"Is that a way to talk to an old friend?" The Wizard chides as he takes a few steps closer, his arms held out a moment "You should be..." he doesn't get to finish his statement as the blast of sand hits him in the chest and sends him flying into the side of a dumpster.
He is unmoving for a brief few seconds then slowly gets to his feet, "Fine we will do this the hard way." one hand goes to the side of his helmet the other pointed to Sandman as he tries to control him mind.

Grinning a moment as Sandman falls into the dumpster, Sandman moves quickly his form moving like liquid sand, when he spots what Wizard is doing. Having been actual friends with this man, Sandman lets out a sigh as the mind control begins to take effect. He grimaces as his sand form goes wild to attempt to fight off the mind control.

The Wizard let's out a chuckle as he sees that his mindcontrol is working, "Come now, where is the Flink Marko we all know and loathe. Certainly you didn't think this goodie-two shoes act was going to last did you?" he doesn't let up on the mindcontrol "You really would much prefer working with me wouldn't you." he nods an affirmative to his own question, a non-verbal cue to get Sandman to agree with him.

While The Wizard is firming up his control a mental scream full of terror will flash through the mental link that connects Topaz to Sandman, it abrubtly cuts off as soon as it starts and there is an emptiness left behind.

Sandman tries his best to fight off the mind control. His body begins to undo itself as the Wizard gains dominance. He attempts to form a fist to strike the Wizard when he hears a mental scream. “Topaz?” Then silence. His eyes go wide with fear. He lets out a howl of a scream as his body forms a face with his mouth wide ready to bite at Wizard when it falls to the ground in a pile of sand.

The sand begins to whirl about and take a humanoid shape until the visage of Sandman is back. Nodding his head to the Wizard, Flint Marko responds with a rather sinister looking grin. “I’m back, baby!”

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