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Sandman and Topaz NPC: Brothers Grimm and Dormammu

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Voodoo Lounge

Topaz is abducted by the Hell Lord Dormammu and his agents

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Approximately Three Months In...

--[Voodoo Lounge]--
Late morning finds the bar closed and empty save its owner. Having actually had a restful night, which means sleeping for a good five or so hours without nightmares haunting her, Topaz pads down the steps from the upstairs apartment into the lounge proper. This is not her destination though and she heads directly toward the basement stairs, after flipping the switch that turns on the lights just in the bar area. It's enough lighting to get her across without the risk of tripping over an out of place chair.

Once the lights are on, Sandman is soon dressed and finds himself making his way out. Right before she enters to go to the basement, Bill stops her, "Hey. . .I have to stop by the Avengers Mansion this morning. Something is amuck in the multiverse." He sighs but as he starts to head off. He pauses and then turns right back around to first give her a cheek on the kiss. His eyes widen and he smiles, tips her over to plant a more passionate kiss and then, "Alright. I'll be back for dinner. . ." He moves towards the door and waves, "Love you." He stops for a second as he just realized what he has said. He makes an odd expression, but then turns and smiles back to Topaz. And then heads for the door.

Outside the Voodoo Lounge riding on what appears to be clouds, The Brothers Grimm, Crusader, and Scarecrow hover in place and seem in discussion with the astral image of the flame headed menace, Dormammu.

"There is always something amuck in the multiverse." Topaz ripostes with a chuckle "Good luck and be safe." she tilts her face upward to receive the peck on the cheek, and the rest of the farewell. "I know." she says a bit breathlessly with a smile on her face "Love you." for her part she emotes it without words as well. She gives him a final wave of farewell, before turning to the door of the basement.

As the villains hover high in the sky above the lounge. Brother Grimm repeat in unison, "The target, Topaz, is for us. We got dibs." Crusader gives them an annoyed look while Scarecrow asks, "What of Sandman?" The flame-headed ruler of the Dark Dimension looks past the villains to down below. Another small gathering of villains, the Frightful Four, can be seen plotting as Wizard speaks to Hydro-Man. "There are others who would seek him out." With that he laughs, sinisterly as his agents begin to lower down on the clouds towards the lounge.

Sandman makes his way out without even noticing what awaits him nor what is to become of his love.

The Brothers Grimm leap off their hover clouds and walk in unison into the lounge. For her part, Topaz will instantly be made aware of a threat of a mystical nature as the similarly dressed twins walk in menacingly.

Topaz is halfway down the stairs when she feels the menacing aura enter the lounge. Turning back she slowly moves back up the stairs, using the darkness of the stairwell to her advantage as she crouches just beyond the door to catch a glimpse of who would be coming into the bar this early with such hostile intentions.

While she has never had dealings with the two men darkening her door, she probably would know them by reputation and assumes they are here for a similar reason that McNee was recently. "If you are hoping to get to Strange through me you are wasting your time. You are better of just going to him directly." she steps forward, staying in the doorway for the moment.

Grimm1 offers, "We are not here for Strange." Grimm2 responds, "We are here for you!" Grimm1 taunts, "Are you hungry?" Grimm2 continues, "We have such nice food!" Grimm1 pulls what appears to be an egg, seemingly out of nowhere. Grimm2 pulls out a pie, once again seemingly out of nowhere. Though to a mystic, one may note the costumes they wear are beacons of magical energy. The astral image of Dormammu appears over the twins silently watching and already reciting some incantations of his own. The twins then each throw their food items towards the bar and near the door.

Why Topaz is surprised by the fact that she is once more the target of some mad mages schemes is a mystery. She looks with distaste at their taunts and steps forward, her hands starting to crackle with mystical energies that she begins to weave into a shield to protect her from the Brother's attacks. When the Hell Lord Dormammu appears above them she falters, him she knows quite well, she is the one that helped Strange defeat him several years ago. The spell fizzles, resulting in both blackbirds flocking around her and the corrosive substance splashing on her robe and arms.

As the corrosive burns her robe and her arm. The blackbirds work to distract her. The Brothers Grimm laugh, "Oh pretty..." They say in unison.

As the corrosive burns her robe and her arm. The blackbirds work to distract her and claw at her. The Brothers Grimm laugh, ?Oh pretty They say in unison. As Dormammu simply laughs.

Between the burning of flesh on her arms and the birds pecking and clawing Topaz is hard pressed to cast any of her more heavy hitting spells so falls back on ones that she can do without thought. She throws her arms forward a gold blast of energy shooting from her hands toward the Brothers. It knocks tables and chairs aside as it passes.

The tables and chairs go flying but Dormammu works with the Brothers Grimm and so, his incantation keeps the Brothers firmly in place. As Grimm1 claps his hands revealing paralytic stardust that emits out and Grimm2 suddenly has an incredibly long strand of nearly unbreakable thread. They aim them weapons towards her.

The tables and chairs go flying but the Brothers being acrobatic masters simply dodge the attack and then come together. As Grimm1 claps his hands revealing paralytic stardust that emits out and Grimm2 suddenly has an incredibly long strand of nearly unbreakable thread. They aim them weapons towards her.

In an effort to get away from the birds Topaz moves further into the room, where the various lights and potted plants work against the flying creatures. She starts to chant weaving her hands to counter the mystical dust, but the thread hits her and tangles her arms. Unable to complete the spell with her arms bound the dust surrounds her paralyzing her body. Realizing that she can no longer fight she sends out a mental cry for help and a ripple of fear goes through her mental links along with a mental image of her captors.

Pulling on the thread, Grimm2 yanks her towards them and Grimm1 holds her in place. Dormammu laughs victoriously as he opens a portal into the Dark Dimension. "Topaz, my dear, unfortunately you will not have the chance to say goodbye to your loved ones here. . .Sad as it is, you will never return. . .Welcome to the Dark Dimension, your new and permanent home!" Grimm1 tosses Topaz's paralyzed body into the Dark Dimension and the portal swallows her into the darkness. Dormammu's astral form leaves as he awaits at the other end of the portal and at the darkness that awaits Topaz.

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