Takedown of the Adaptoid

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Hercules Ultragirl Astraea Super-Adaptoid

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07/24/12 11:13

Times Square to Central Park

The Adaptoid emerges, tries to duplicate and defeat Herc and UltraGirl

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-----==[ E and E Grill House - Times Square ]==-------------------------------

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Hercules is sitting with a beer and plate of breakfast in front of him. It is early in the morning, Hercules seems to be in a good mood.

Outside the diner, someone comes down out of the sky - and lands right outside the doors. As she steps in, it turns out that it's that 'new superhero on the block', Ultragirl. Pulling what looks to be one of those pre-paid credit cards out from behind her belt (must be some nifty little storage-slot there, just for that), she heads for the 'bar' to sit down. When the waitress comes by, she asks for a Dr Pepper and offers the card over to pay for it.
Ultragirl'd have to be blind to not spot Hercules there, too... especially with how he's not wearing a shirt and all. It's clear she did, too, from how she glances over from where she's sitting, in a 'trying to not get caught looking' sort of way, out of the corner of her eye.

Hercules takes notice of the teenage girl, he gives her a small smile. A fan does come by Hercules table then ask for Hercules autographs a paper for him which Hercules does. As the fan walks off Hercules does ask himself, "Wonder if that was just a fan or a worshiper of mine?" He shrugs then goes about eating his breakfast.

"Oh, wow... it /is/ you, Hercules, from the Avengers, right?!", Ultragirl says, now that the autograph-seeker's made it plain /why/ the big, shirtless, muscle-man looked ever-so-familiar to her. She's seen the man on TV before, after all! "So cool!", she adds, and spins around on the diner-stool, just once - and only that once, because the waitress shows up to set the girl's soda in front of her, and the card, as well. This distracts her, as she takes a moment to tuck the card away and take a pull at the straw that's in her glass.

Hercules waves to the girl, "Greetings young hero, I seem to recall thee on t.v. not too long ago. Believe there was some mention of the Ultimate Girl signing a deal with an Armor company?" He then shrugs, "I have no idea what has taken these body armor companies so long to sign a hero or some type, but it looks like they have finally wised up by signing with thee."

"Ultragirl", says the teenage heroine. She then holds up one hand, showing off the words that are a part of her glove's wristband. "UnderArmor, actually. They mostly make sporting clothes and stuff, but they made this outfit special, just for me", she says, smiling as if happy at being so 'special'. "They don't actually make /armor/... that's just their brand name", she adds, in a sort of stage-whisper.

Shaking her head, Elene murmurs, "Good hearing too." with a smirk on her face as she lifts a hand to cut off the restaurant worker who was about to try to explain stuff. "Nevermind." she remarks as she lifts her hot black coffee and takes a sip on her way over towards where captain Shirtless is at. "Tampambulos... Detective Tampambulos, NYPD." she remarks, as a light flicker of blue-yellow runs through her eyes. She doesn't really have all that much control of it right now. "And.... Ultragirl?" She asks, inclining her head as she looks at the other girl, "Interesting outfit. No cape?" she asks with a grin. "I think I heard that name on the TV news in the background at the station."

Hercules wags a finger to Ultragirl, "I am not a huge fan of capes. Yes they look nice but they can be used against you. If you can fly have heard there have been incidents with capes and airplanes. I only heard have never witnessed." He looks back to Elene and gives her a wink, "Well I am a god." In answer to hear great hearing statement, "It is an honor to meet you Detective."

"Yeah", UltraGirl says in reply to the detective's question about the lack of a cape, and to Herc's comment about the danger of capes for those who fly. "The little lady UnderArmor hired to make my costume for me said capes're bad news, too... and they're /so/ last-season, anyway, right? I'm not sure about this 'safety orange' she put me in... but it /does/ make me stand out, right?", she adds, setting down her drink to stand and do a quick pirouette.

The Super-Adaptoid has been known as a villain on numerous occasions. However, in recent months it presented itself as a hero, joined the New Warriors and then was invited to join the Avengers. At present, the Adaptoid is known as one of the strongest of Avengers and the being who kicked the villainous Loki all across Central Park then cast him back to the realms of Asgard.

For those with knowledge of Avenger secret stuff, the Adaptoid was known have interfaced with Jocasta and then disappeared. He has been missing for 5 days - until now.

Having crossed the street, the Adaptoid enters the Diner. Its presence, especially in the stark white default form, brings subtle alarm to the patrons of the establishment. Many (if not all) will turn to face the being. The Adaptoid seems to scan the room with the slight glow of its white eyes and initially spots Hercules and his companions.

"... Like a road cone." murmurs Elene as she eyes Herc. Well, he -is- a shirtless, and very muscular guy. "A god..." she remarks. For a cop, she doesn't get out much. At least, not socially. She's married to her work, but even in that, she's been on cases that involved superheroes and gods and mutants, oh my. "Okay, so which 'god' are you then?" Of course, her name is -so- obviously Greek it isn't funny.

Hercules eyes are focused on Elene and Ultragirl, Hercules believe he notices some curves on Elene and in the case of Ultragirl he is worried about the young woman that was pressed into being a heroine. He shakes his head surprised at the Elene comment, "Thou comes from greek descent and has not heard of Hercules, the Olympian god of Stregnth?!" He rubs his chin, "We might have to do an emergency trip to Greece for you to learn a bit more about your history." He looks to Ultragirl and nods, "And more importantly in the age when there is numerous heroes and villain it can pay to have a color pattern that is unique."

Ultragirl notices Adaptoid's arrival, even if the cop and the god kinda blew it off. "Wow... who's /that/?", she asks, leaning her upperbody to one side as if to get a better view by that means. "I mean... it's a robot", she adds. "... is it on our side? I mean... it's not, like, attacking or anything... but it /is/ a robot!"

Taking strides forward (and toward Hercules), the Adaptoid disregards anything within its way (other than to avoid fixed or objects difficult to move). The synthetic voice of the Adaptoid emits, "Friend Hercules. I am in need of assistance."

Closing the distance to that of mere feet, the Adaptoid's eyes still bares a glow. Likely not offensive, as if they were death ray eye beams it could have launched an attack from across the diner.

Well, the cop didn't blow it off. Her back was to the door as she approached Herc and Ultragirl. "A robot?" asks Elene as she turns now, facing the Adaptoid. She was up in Westchester fighting robots recently, so the first mention of a robot puts her on the defensive. Though, the fact that the robot doesn't seem threatening, and folks aren't reacting as if it is a danger, so she raises a brow. "H..." she snaps her gaze back to the god, "Hercules? You are telling me that -you- are the son of Zues?"

Hercules gives Elene a bright smile he then notices Ultragirl point out the robot to him as the robot makes his way to him, "Thou seems like an intelligent robot, to need the help of Hercules..." Hercules pauses for dramatic fashion then states "The son of Zeus!" He gives Elene a small wink then looks back to Super-Adaptoid, "Thou must seek the gift of battle!" He now makes a fist and goes to Super-Adaptoid. As he is about to punch the robot Hercules stops himself before the punch hits the Super-Adaptoid, "If we do this we need to do this in place were we don't cause damage? We can do battle in the basement at the mansion."

"Oh... it's a friend of yours?", Ultragirl asks of Herc. "... I didn't know there were robots on the Avengers", she adds. "What can it do?", she asks, still speaking to the godling -- 'cause she's got the 'this is a robot, not a /person/' sorta mindset, apparently. So what if it talked? The one who tried to squish her parents talked, too. Bad ol' robo-bot! When Hercules moves up to punch the robot, and stops himself, she speaks up, again, saying, "... I think it was asking for help, not for a fight...?"

The Adaptoid seems to be suffering some form of lag. It does not react to the feigned assault of Hercules, nor does it initially offer answers to the various queries or suggestions presented. Instead it stands frozen for another few seconds. Glowing eyes fixed upon the frame of Hercules.

When those seconds have passed, the synthetic voice of the Adaptoid returns, "Assistance - the provision or action of helping another, to give support, the act of assisting." And divulges the definition of assistance.

"See? It was asking for help, like I said!", Ultragirl says... then reaches for her Dr. Pepper to take a slurp of if through the straw.

"Uh.. I think.." begins Elene as Herc starts to offer combat. She backs up a half pace and shakes her head as he defuses it before it starts. "Well, that certainly seems to fit the mythology." she mutters softly as she eyes Ultragirl with a raised brow. "That is generally what saying .. I am in need of assistance... means in English." She adds, looking to see how Hercules reacts now.

Hercules looks back to Ultragirl, "Any one that has good in their heart and does their best to assist their fellow man may call Hercules friend. I like to think the three of us have a chance of becoming good friends and shall offer each other assistance in the near future." Hercules is of course talking about Elene Ultragirl and himself. He now looks back to Super-Adaptoid and says, "And of course Hercules shall try and help another Avenger, how can the Lion of Olympus assist thee?"

Ultragirl is quiet, now, drinking at her soda, looking from Herc to the robot to the cop and then back, waiting to see what happens.

The Super-Adaptoid, known for being one of the Avengers' more powerful members is also known for having the ability to duplicate powers. The Adaptoid has displayed powers such as those of the Juggernaut, Thor, Loki, and many others in the recent past on national and local news and media outlets.

It is here that the onlookers of the diner get a first-hand and front row seat to that ability. The Adaptoid begins to shift from the smaller framed athletic build of a blank male human, to take the form of Hercules himself. In a mere 2 seconds, the Adaptoid has become an exact duplicate (down to the very atomic level) of Hercules.

Then, in the voice of Hercules, the Adaptoid states, "You already have given more than you could imagine. My thanks to you, /Friend/ Hercules." - The Friend inflexion offered a nefarious slant to the tone. As if suggesting something other than 'friend'.

That tone offers physical representation when the mighty fist of the Adaptoid-Hercules is formed in it's right hand. The left raises in an attempt to take Hercules by the shoulder in a /friendly/ manner while the right hand will draw back and attempt to strike the god with such force that even the gods would shudder.

The force of the punch creates a shockwave that shatters the plastic 'glass' that held Ultragirl's soda, splashing the Dr Pepper all over the front of her body! Still, she also just saw Hercules get himself punched right through the wall. Her total lack of experience as a superhero gets the best of her... all she can do is stand there, looking shocked, with an "...eeep!" sort of sound escaping her lips.

Some folks would stand idly by, and others would run in terror. In fact, the odds are both reactions are happening right now with most of the people in here. Elene ends up covered with her coffee. Her mug shattered in the shockwave, and she looks more upset about losing her coffee than the fact that Herc just got whalloped, but... it's difficult to tell really. She has no idea what scale of power she's dealing with here. She doesn't realize that she's so far out of her league that it's silly. She just reaches down to her belt and plucks the badge clipped there into her gloved hand as she strides -right- over in front of the Super-Adaptoid. "Freeze." she states flatly, "You are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent...." More will come if she's not stopped.

Knowing that Hercules is now out of the picture, at least for another few seconds, the Adaptoid-Hercules looks to Ultragirl, the other scanned target.

Meanwhile, the patrons of the establishment suddenly realize that there is about to be a super battle. They begin heading for the exits - albeit there is only the main and back (which is over the counter and through the kitchen) in addition the glass of the diner was shattered due to the impact shockwave. So there's also that option. They run like scared mice.

The Adaptoid-Hercules wastes no time in addressing it's new target. Reaching forward to attempt to grab UltraGirl by the throat, the massive Hercules sized hand will be akin to an area attack regarding the poor girl's tiny frame.

The Adaptoid-Hercules disregards Elene's attempted presence attack. And will either move through or brush her aside as its hand will be reaching for UG's throat.

"Did you hear me?" asks Elene as the Super Adaptoid is ignoring her. "You're pushin' your..." She snarls as the guy goes trying to reach past her. She makes the attempt to reach into the path and for her efforts, she gets knocked on her backside, crushing another of the tables nearby. "That's it buddy." she remarks, reaching up and plucking her gloves off as her badge has been dropped...

As Elene gets pretty well just brushed aside, Ultragirl brings her arm up into the path of the hand coming at her throat and gets grabbed there, instead. Then, she grabs the faux-Hercules' arm with her own, other, hand... and takes to flight, dragging him with her out into the alley revealed by the real-Herc-sized hole in the wall... and then up into the air, a good football field's distance in height -- and well away from the civilians who were so immediately in harm's way.

Ultragirl . o O (Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! This guy just suckerpunched HERC into the next zip code... and you're dragging him into a one-on-one, Suzy!)

Hercules is only slightly dazed and quickly recovers, however it seems he is not able to react quick enough to to stop Ultragirl from taking the robot away.

Having been pulled from the diner and into the air, the Adaptoid-Hercules maintains a solid grip around the diminutive arm of UltraGurl and the eyes of the faux-god still observe her every moment without regard to the situation. It is very likely that the Adaptoid-Hercules is doing just as it did before, duplicating. The only comment comes after a few seconds, "Your actions are flawed, heroine. Yet, you could not have known the outcome."

Scrambling about and up to her knees, Elene reaches a hand out and picks up the missing badge. She tosses it towards the manager who hasn't quite left yet, "Call 911! Give them my badge number and tell them you need Code Blue!" And then she's up on her feet and out the door. She's dashing for where Hercules is at and says, "Are you alright?!" Even as her eyes flicker upwards to track the flying doubleteam up there. "Crap...." she mutters as she points a bared hand up that way and narrows her eyes before unleashing a high power arc of lightning towards the robot... hoping she hits it and not Ultragirl.

Hercules looks to Elene, "I will be fine. Now I need to give chase to those two." Hercules now does his best to follow the Robot and Ultragirl from the ground.

Ultragirl's hair stands up on end... but she doesn't seem any the worse for the wear from the electricity that conducts through faux-Herc and into her. Her direction of flight changes, and she heads northwards - towards Central Park. Along the way, still caught in her attacker's grip, she uses her free hand to deliver a punch to his gut... and even in the distance, the sound of the impact can clearly be heard. The girl's NOT holding back... but even that's not enough to dislodge Super Adaptoid from how it's got her by the arm!

The electrical attack of Elene is nothing to sneeze at, yet, the defensive rating of Hercules is much like that of a 'bless you'. The attack does not exceed the defenses therefore it is only conducted through Adaptoid-Hercules into that of UltraGirl.

Being drawn away, even further by the power of UltraGirl, the Adaptoid-Hercules is clearly vulnerable to attack since they are grappled and it's point blank range. UltraGirl nails the Adaptoid-Hercules in the midsection with significant force and seems to pull the being out of the lag it was in. Being knocked around by the blow, but not unhinging itself from her grasp, the Adaptoid's form turns green and takes on the appearance of an amalgam of Hercules and Ultragirl. Blending costumes and appearances but seemingly having the dominant frame and appearance of Hercules.

That's about the time she will realize that the Adaptoid is no longer relying on her for flight and it will rise upward to match her elevation.

Ultragirl . o O (... oh crap... now he can fly, too!)

Hercules notices the area that Super-Adaptoid and Ultragirl are in, there are building that he could use to get to them. Hercules now leaps up into the air using the building to get himself higher, once he feels he has an angle and the range he attempts to spear Super-Adaptoid in mid air with his own body. If he does miss he will land in the lake of central park.

Snorting, Elene shakes her head, "I guess he's fine." she mutters as she dashes out front and jumps in her muscle car. She can't fly. She can't leap super far... what she -can- do is drive. She fires up the engine and peels out as she turns on the sirens built into her grill and starts weaving through traffic while trying to keep the flying couple in view. Over her police radio, she's calling it in, "This is LV-426! Calling Code Blue! I repeat Code Blue! Flying metahumans heading... towards Central park! A third metahuman in pursuit on foot! I have no idea what else is going on, but.. as I said, get Code Blue! I will be on site as soon as possible!"

The Adaptoid is no longer hesitant or 'laggy' as it were. Drawing back, the Adaptoid will use the grip it already has on Ultragirl to draw her into the punch. Then will strike with considerable force. Enough to send out a shockwave in all directions, even into the direction by which Hercules approaches.

The split second after the punch is thrown, the Adaptoid is speared by the Olympian. The force is enough to send them both plummeting toward the ground. Albeit, the Adaptoid tries to resist the descent with its own flight capability? only slowing enough to strike the ground in a round to come.

Ultragirl can't avoid the punch from her robotic opponent and takes it full in the face! When Hercules' flying tackle suddenly separates her from Super-Adaptoid, she falls straight down. She wasn't completely KO'd, however, and this becomes evident when, about a dozen feet off the ground, she seems to snap to wakefulness and get her feet under her, using her ability to fly and her strength to catch herself into what amounts to only a hard landing, rather than a cratering-crash.

Hercules did what he felt he needed to do, separate Super Adaptoid from Ultragirl, "Though thy ability might be great thou shall soon learn that there is only one Hercules." Hercules attempts to place Super-Adaptoid into a double arm lock hold. His plan, forcing him to either fully change into Hercules taking away his flight ability, or damaging him due to him not being in full Hercules form and at full Herc power.

"Yes, I said Code Blue. Are you not listening to me?!" calls Elene as she's already put her police radio on the speaker option so she can use both hands on her steering wheel. She weaves through traffic like... well like a cop who's been well trained. She turns into the park and skids to a stop nearby, leaving a trail of rubber on the street. She's got the car in park, and the keys in her hand as she jumps out of the driver's seat. At this point she's running across the park, but isn't in reach just yet. She can see where Hercules strikes the Adaptoid and the two of them go behind trees. Now, if she can just get there while they look different, she won't have a Star Trek... shoot him! No shoot him! moment.

Striking the ground, the Adaptoid is on bottom, Hercules on top with the initial impact. Subsequent to that, the duo rolls and churns up the lawn. The Adaptoid remains the same green hue as the grass, however, and though he's taking damage his knees are not free. He will draw one up with significant force in an attempt to strike Hercules in any accessible area while yelling, 'Unhand me, cretin, I am superior to you in all ways. As I am the Super-Adaptoid!"

Ultragirl flits up into the air... then downwards right to where Herc has UltraHerc grappled, unleashing as hard a punch as she can, aiming for his chin. Yeah, at the robot's chin. She's human... humans /always/ aim for the face when they throw punches, right?

Hercules is not caught off guard this time around, he takes the hit from Super-Adaptoid but still holds on, "Though thy ability is magnificent, these arms have crushed the giant Antaus and held on to the sea-god Nereu despite the differnt forms it changed into. I am not letting of thee any time soon!" He now once applies pressure to the hold he has on Super-Adaptoid to try and damage it.

Okay, she's not got any super movement abilities, but she knows she's strong, tough and all that. Elene still has -no- idea how strong or tough she is. She comes through the trees and whips by tree after tree. She can't quite see the action yet, but she's moving at high speed. She has killer endurance, so she can maintain her speed for quite some time. Her handheld radio is in hand as well, and she's giving updates even as Code Blue cops get mobilized. "Hercules and a kid named Ultragirl are on sight. Do not target them! The target is a humansize Robot who can change its appearance!"

The blow delivered by UltraGirl adds to the crushing damage of Hercules both compounded together to overwhelm the defenses of the Adaptoid, thus rendering it inert.

The green hue fades as does the amalgam appearance of the being. The white 'blank' image begins to form and the glow of the eyes fades. The Adaptoid releases one last utterance that may not even be a word, "downtrop."

Ultragirl, already winding up for another strike at the grappled robot, holds off when it seems to 'wind down' on its own. Dropping to land, her hands still balled up into fists, she asks of Herc, "... is it over?", as she keeps her eyes on the now-still enemy.

Charging out of the trees, Elene sees things.. handled. She skids to a stop and inclines her head, "Everything okay?" she calls out, adding in to her radio, "Looks clear. Don't come in guns blazing! Hold fire!"

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