Tailor Session

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Thimble, Blindfold

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Study room/Girls Dormitory/Xaviers School

someone gonna get a costume….

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Thimble had sat down at the study room table, in front of her pieces of fabric and next to her some box with sewing tools. Nothing fancy, but on a closer look it would seem the fabric is actually some sort of synthetic stuff, not unlike the material that is used for the training suits.
Blindfold came tapping her way in from the hall with her cane with a laptop and book in her arm. "Excuse me please, if you don't mind my asking...am I interrupting our may I join you?"
Thimble looks up from her work, shaking the head, then remembering the girl can't see. "no." she sais then, looking on a small paler next to her "you'r on the list anyway..."
Blindfold comes over to take a seat "Thank you I appreciate it. If you don't mind my asking please what list am I on?"
"some list of people." Timble answers near silently, getting some measuring tape from her box as she stands up to flatten the fabric.
Blindfold nodding as she took our as a hint it wasn't something the other girl wanted to talk about "So uhm...if you don't mind may I ask how you're settling in?" differing awkwardly with the binding of her book
As if there ever was something Thimble was talking much about. "I think I am doing ok." she mutters, eying her list, then Blindfold and the fabric. "you like blue mor or do you prefer yellow?"
Blindfold blushes embarrassed "well I'm not sure, I'm sorry my apologies, it's just....I don't know what colors I wear, I've never seen what I look like. please feel free to use what colors you think best, yes thank you"
Thimble sighs a bit, looking at the fabric and then the ruler again "ok. mind standing up a moment or two? need to check something." she remarked then, her steps leading her around the table.
Blindfold nods slipping from her seat and standing up as she began to edge away from the table "I apologize, please forgive me if I've made what you're doing more difficult, I don't mean to it's just that I've always been blind so I don't know colors" holding her arms out away from her body fir measurements to be taken.
Huh? (Type "help" for help.)
Thimble lifts her eywebrows - how can she know what she was planning to do? "don't tell me you dig my mind." she muttered as she stepped behind her, putting the measurement tape around her neck to check the size of it.
Blindfold shakes her head slightly tending at the tape around her neck "No, my apologies I promise I did not poke in your head it's rude to do so and I try my best not to. Sometimes I see the future though, yes I'm sorry"
Thimble sighs as she pulls the tape a bit tighter, not enough to do harm or make it aweful, but enough to be felt all around the neck "try to let yourself surprised at times." she remarks.
Blindfold swallows hard "My apologies please, it's not something I have good control over unfortunately. It usually just happens, yes thank you, I'm still working on my control of it"
Thimble glances at the door behind her, letting the ruler fall onto Blindfolds shoulders as she goes to shut it and make sure it stays shut with a chair before she walks back to blindfold "well, anyway." she sais as she picks up the tape again, this time measuring the shoulders.
Blindfold stood as still as she could with the ruler on her shoulders, tilting her head as she heard the scuffle and scrape of wood on wood "May I ask please wh at you're doing with these measurements?" rubbing her neck fir a moment to chase away the memory sensation of that measuring tape around her neck tight. "I'm sorry forgive, I'm a little nervous"
"Do do what's on the list." Thimble just answers, the tape getting stretched down her spine down to just above her behind. With a frown she tries to calculate the offset due to the cloth, but shakes her head quickly "that's not going to work..."
Blindfold sighs softly "Something I should let myself be surprised about, if you don't mind my asking please?" turning her head toward thimble's voice with a puzzled expression
Thimble nods, trying to think of a way to get some measurements without asking for them. people lie about those always. Eventually she slowly steps behind Blindfold again, her hands slipping under her sweater with the tape, pressing it against her spine as she tries to get the reading better now "hold still..."
Blindfold nods holding herself rigidly as she unwittingly blushed "Alright, thank you yes"
Thimble next lays the tape around her belly, pulling it streight threre once again. Slowly she pulls it up inch by inch, her hands always kept under her pullover as she reads the measurements. much like a 3D scan done by hand...
Blindfold trembles before taking a deep breath to steady herself "Sorry my apologies, this is a bit...intimate but I understand"
Thimble nods as she stops under her chest "sorry, but must fit perfectly. and it's easier to work with good measurements." she explains, trying to make the next steps with as little touching as possible. "hope you don't mind."
Blindfold nods "Thank you...I appreciate it and I do understand why you're doing it" her voice quiet and shy

--Fade to black--

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