Tactics and Overconfidence

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Havok & Nightcrawler

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11/15/12 20:12

Havok's office, X-Factor Tower/SHIP

Kurt and Alex talk about team tactics and getting a brick

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-----==[ Havok's Office - X-Factor Tower/Ship ]==-----------------------------

As one enters the room, one can't help but notice the warmth and airyness of the office. A large, mahogany desk dominates in the center. The wood polished to a ruddy glow. Behind it is a large, ceiling to floor window that looks out onto the island. On the wood panneled walls are various modern paintings that add to the homey feeling of the office. It is a spacious room that has two comfortable leather chairs that sit in front of the desk. On the desk is a small lap top computer, files, inkwells, and many writing utensils. A vase made of green glass rests on the desk; pale gardenias rest there spreading their luminous aroma through out the room. There is a large bookshelf to the left that is filled with books and to the left is a glass table. On the table is a jug of ice cold water and a few glasses. Seperate from the jug are various pictures of people not normally known by anyone who may visit these halls. The floor is made of shiny hard wood and there is a thick, plush creamy rug in the center, a good place to warm the cold feet.

Stripper Pole(#208)

"So what do you think?" asks Alex of Kurt as they walk into Alex's office after the previous meeting in the holding area.

Following Alex in, Kurt looks around, "Oh, its a nice office, great desk, good use of space. Great ... wie sagt man? Feng shoe?" He'll go for a chair, nonchalant like even.

Taking a seat behind his desk, Alex will smile and say, "You mean great, stripper pole?"

"Well, that's an obsession," grins Kurt, pulling his legs up into a crunched position on the chair, allowing his tail to slide out freely. "I think we need to stage an intervention, find your life mate or something, so you can focus on other things in life, like your golf game."

With a brief chuckle, Alex shakes his head, "Bah, chicks are a distraction. The distraction. A nice one at that. So it's all good. Anyway, what do you think about what's going on? Spiders and Snakes."

Scratching under his chin, Kurt ponders that, offering, "Spider guys are unfortunate circumstance. We went into the building, the came at us in the dark no warning, it is what it is. If they are upset about it, we deal with it as it comes, it becomes too much, we call for help. I'm more worried about the Snakes, professional, powered assassins. They're more likely to strike from the shadows at us. We can probably have Ship tap into satellite networks to watch for the return of the Spiders, their ship was so big ... but with the Snakes, we already can't find them and we're using some of the best resources on earth; Ship and the Avengers."

Alex nods. "And Dani. I assigned you and her together to let you get your take on things. Is she reckless in battle?"

"Reckless, no, I'd say more unfortunate of late." Kurt shifts a little in his chair, "She didn't rush the spiders, they came to us and she had the circumstance of being trapped in their webbing. In longer fights, I think she tends to be more a target because foes realize she can immobilize them at great distances. You can too, but you require aim ... when she does her nightmare thing, she just looks at someone. Then she has a bow. Its the same way we pick targets in battle, her ability set makes her a target and we really don't have an all out tank in out group who can stop the big guys and defend everyone else you know."

Kurt amends as an afterthought, "Maybe that makes us all more reckless, maybe we need to work on new team tactics to account for that?"

"What about her confidence? I only ask because the most recent fights we've been in, she doesn't use her key debilitaing power straight away. She would rather engage someone in hand to hand than mind zot them."

Blinking a moment, Kurt shakes his head, "I haven't seen her like that, you've been closer to more of her fights lately. With the spider-guys, she mind zotted that guy pretty fast. I was teleporting one around to try and disorient it so didn't catch it all, I'm not sure if she was webbed first or not, but basically knocking that guy out was the first thing I saw her do ... it sort of dominated the encounter as they ran to their ship and ditched their friend, probably saved our butts."

"Then she's probably learned from the last few encounters. Good. I was a little concerned that she'd been hurt in the last what, four combats we've been in. I didn't know if we needed to bubble wrap her or work on her tactics."

"Still may need to address tactics in general. I mean, Kitty and myself, we're more finesse and our abilities impart damage avoidance. Something to consider is exiting combat as a tactic - ja, I mean retreat, we sort of go gung-ho and try to keep going until we win, we can't always win," says Kurt.

"Yeah, but you two have been fighting with the X-Men for nearly as long as I have been. The New Mutants were highly trained by not only Xavier, but Scott, Cable, and Magneto. They should know how to give it as much as they take it. You and Kitty, finesse sure, but you hit just as hard as the rest of the X. Based on what you say; I'm guessing that Dani was just trying out new tactics with the surfacing of new abilities. Then realizing that the old tried and true is the way to go."

"Perhaps," agrees Kurt, "Trying something new, or just caught unaware and going with the first thing that popped in there. We can keep an eye on her, she if she experimenting more or going with what works too. Plus, probably still pondering role in the group, we're still a mix of oddities, even as far as X-Men go."

"Yeah, so I was practicing in the holodeck the other day. I didn't miss a damn thing. But when I'm out in the field, I'm missing more than hitting. While Dani one shots everyone with her arrows or psychic blast. You on the other hand have a teleport that's astronomical and I really think you can take Sabretooth by your self. We need Sunpyre to be more on team along with Surge. But I totally understand their school obligations. We still need a brick."

"I see, I go," responds Kurt abou this own teleport ability, its really that quick. "But without something that does damage, ya we definitely need a brick. What happened with Guido, I thought he was your friend recently?" He puts that out there just curiously.

"Guido is off with Dazzler and Lila making beautiful music - or that's what he says. He's a record producer in the real world. And out of the super business." Alex answers while kicking back in the chair and putting his feet on the desk

"Which leads into," says Kurt, expecting some such answers/excuse, "New team tactics lacking a brick. It sucks, but lots of times when it really gets heavy, we get used to someone wading into the thick of things, letting us do our normal routine. Which means, we're all picking up that slack cause by that reliance on having a heavy to the heavy work. We stay in this line of work, we're always going to face some heavy hitters."

Alex ponders with a agreeable nod of acceptance to Kurt's remarks, "Maybe I should put out an ad in the paper - hero team seeks brick for fun and adventure."

Kurt half chortles, catches himself. "That would definitely work, but if you did that here ... imagine how many locals from Mutant town would show up. Maybe we could get Caliban or Sunder?"

"I could totally put in parameters. Must be able to bench over 50 tons and resist attacks." Alex adds to clarify. "I mean really, this sounds like a better idea."

"All right, lets try it," concedes Kurt, totally game now. "Put out the add, post some fliers, we'll slip a few towards the few morlocks that didn't head off with Magneto, see who shoes up at our door. Let Ship handle the details, so we only get mutants or whatever."

Alex likes the idea and he'll drop his feet to the floor to get it taken care of - thus allowing Kurt to go off and get into other adventures. At least until the alarm sounds and the team is snapped into action.

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