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Leyu Yashida, Blindfold, Finesse

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08/15/12 07:11

Xavier Mansion Lab

Finesse takes Blindfold to the newly restored lab, and the two meet Leyu Yashida whom Finesse been suspicious off lately for odd mannerism.

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Holding Blindfold's hand for support if she allows it, Finesse helps her roommate to the newly renovated lab, "so, even though you can't really see it, this is where I do most of my work, I haven't seen it since the restoration, but I'm looking forward to seeing how it came out. Hopefully we got some hardware upgrade in the process," Finesse says hopefully.

Blindfold came walking holding Jeanne's hand as she lightly tapped her cane in a sweeping motion "So medbay is still underground then? You're probably looking forward to getting back to work, aren't you, please?"

Already in the medical bay office suite, Dr. Leyu Yashida turns her much shorter-haired head about at the sound of Jeanne's voice and pauses at the door to her own office, waiting for the intern to make her way in, with Ruth in tow. "Good evening, ladies. Come to see the new and improved medical bay and offices, I take it? Right through those windows. Though you'll want to key open the doors and take Ruth through so that she can feel her way around." Seeing won't help, and she knows it. Of course, Leyu is wearing another of the rather scandalous outfits she has been wearing of late. Not that Ruth would know, or care. A /very/ short, clingy, tight-fitting long-sleeved black dress that actually becomes a bit translucent as it stretches. Not enough to be positively indecent, but it hints at it. And those heels! Definitely not 'I work all day on my feet' footwear.

Good thing that Jeanne is there to offer her input, and in her own bold and tactless manner, Ruth easily gets to learn about Leyu's attire, when Jeanne says as she helps Ruth inside, "Dr. Yashida, first there was the case with your erratic behaviour, and now you're dressed up as if desperate for the attention of a male member of the specie, are you not well? Or are you simply in need of sexual relief?" Oh boy, while not the way to speak to an older woman, there's also no stingy tone to Jeanne's voice, she's literally asking a question. Just, in about the rudest way one can imagine, without being outright rude. She's a remarkable girl. "I do like what they've done with the lab," and turning to look at Ruth, Jeanne says with a positive undertone, "oh, I needed to get back to proper work, my search for Mr. Pumpkin has been delayed far too long."

Blindfold blushes at Jeanne's choice of words but smiles to Leyu "Jeanne wanted to show me around and I thought it useful to mentally map out the way to medbay should I need it, yes, thank you. May I ask please, if you don't mind, how is the situation with Gypsey Moth?" tapping her cane in a wide arc to feel for anything nearby like medbeds or work tables.

Leyu can't help but gape a bit at Finesse's commentary. Despite it all, she wasn't expecting that. "I am just fine, Jeanne. And no member of the male of the species could help if I were not. Thank you." She helps Ruth find her way to the medbay doors, so that she can feel her way around. "Ms. Dvorak is as well as can be expected after everything she has been through. She is still malnourished, underweight, dehydrated, exhausted, suffering from power burnout, headaches, and post traumatic stress. Her hair will also take quite some time to grow back in, though I am working with Doctor McCoy to develop a treatment using the Shi'ar nanotechnology that may speed that up. For now, Ms. Moonstar and I have sacrificed to the cause, and helped Ms. Dvorak with a wig made of our hair, to help her feel a bit more like herself. The rest will simply take time. Potentially a very long time." Ruth, at least, may note and understand the misty, sad, emotionally wrought tone in Leyu's voice as she speaks of this.

Finesse looks at Leyu with a level of suspicion, clearly not thinking Leyu is quite herself, and despite the email exchange between the two she still considers Leyu might have possibly been replaced by a doppleganger. "If you say so, Dr. Yashida, but that 'look' certainly isn't normal lab wear, and quite unbecoming of you. Well, at least the 'you' I know, maybe I don't know you very well, there's always the probability of that." Crossing her arms, Finesse shakes her head, "humans can be so awful, so very awful, I sometimes can understand the line of reasoning used by villains." She then moves towards a free computer console, and sitting down, already starts clicking away swiftly. "I wish your friend a quick recovery."

Blindfold nods to Leyu sadly "Unfortunately, sad to say, such experiences tend to linger with a person. I do hope her the best though. Is there anything we can do please, yes?"

Leyu grimaces at Jeanne, restraining herself from biting the other woman's head off largely for the presence of Ruth. Students should not bear witness - visually, or ear-witness either - to in-fighting amongst the staff. "I am well aware that my attire is not the norm for laboratory duty, Jeanne. It is, nevertheless, quite becoming. I have that on high authority." Interesting turn of phrase, there. "It is not as suited to my original style of dress, I will admit, and I may perhaps choose not to dress this way for work hours. But these are not work hours, and I am here merely to check on a few things."

Leyu nods, a sad and faraway look in her eyes as Ruth makes that observation. "It is quite true that such experiences tend to linger. But all any of us can do is be there, trying to be the lights in the darkness to help those trapped in those memories find their way back to us, and to themselves."

"Oh, I'm sure of that, Dr. Yashida, was that the high authority of Remy? Logan? Any other guy I'm not naming?" Finesse is either doing this on purpose, or it's true what they say, that she has no sense of proper interaction with humans and is much more at ease with machines. "Feel free to dress as you like, I was merely commenting on how irregular that is for you, I'm noting quite a few irregularities about you lately, Dr. Yashida." Finesse points out, no doubt a real doppleganger might be highly uncomfortable with Finesse's constant quipping, but luckily, Leyu is very much her real self, so isn't as likely to get nervous, though she may want to choke Finesse, which is altogether a different issue.

Blindfold tilts her head before walking toward the sound of Leyu's voice to hold her arms out in an offer of a hug "She is very special to you, it is a difficult time for you both, I only wish there was something I could do to help." in true naive and eager to make things better Ruth fashion she offers the following "Would a blanket help, please, yes, I could weave her one?"

"I've already explained this to you once, Jeanne. There is no man anywhere that if of any interest to me as a judge of my attire, my personal style, my music, my behavior, or my language." Leyu doesn't say 'I'm gay, you fool.' It's no one else's business, and she's not going to say it /just/ to hammer home the point to Jeanne, who can't quite get a lot of cues in human interaction. As someone who works with her regularly, Leyu is well aware of that limitation. "If you would like to discuss my irregularlities in greater detail, Jeanne, I suggest perhaps we can discuss this privately at a later date."

Leyu accepts Ruth's hug, if a tad awkwardly. Until that moment, there was little way Ruth could be aware of just how Leyu is dressed. But once they are in each other's arms, even briefly, it is unlikely the blind girl will have missed much. "I thank you for your concern, Ruth. It is difficult for me, and she does matter a great deal to me. But what is most important is Sybil's care and recovery." She considers carefully, and then mentions, "If you wished to make a blanket for her, Ruth, I would suggest something very soft. That is something she has always craved and something that would bring her peace."

"Ruth will make her an exceptional blanket, she will be pleased, and with the state of the art care she is getting here, she will have a full recovery," Finesse speaks matter of factly, somehow managing to not sound even slightly emotionally concerned over Sybil and her suffering. There's a problem, it is in the process of being solved, thus no need to worry about it seems to be her logic. "I'm sorry about your friend," she adds towards Leyu almost as an after thought, as if just now she realized Leyu might be suffering on an emotional level.

Blindfold blushes as she feels Leyu's attire or lack there of "I know you'll make sure she gets the best of care Dr Yashida. Hmm I might need to get a few things but I have an idea for a very soft thick blanket, will be almost like fur, yes, thank you. May I ask please, what her two favorite colors are?"

Leyu is aware of Jeanne's issues psychologically speaking, and understands the import of her declaration for what it is. "Thank you, Jeanne." she offers. It takes a lot that Jeanne would realize saying that might be important enough to do. It's progress.

"Thank you for your kind words, Ruth. Sybil's favored colors are brown and green. A rich, forest green, and a deep oaken brown." Leyu offers. "I am surprised, however. I did not know you knew how to knit."

Blindfold smiles at Leyu with a nod "Hmm a very nice choice, yes, thank you. Reminds anyone of a forest and nature I would think?" she hadn't seen a forest or trees but people said leaves were green and bark of trunks was brown! "Yes, thank you, I know how to weave, though mostly I make lace by hand, though I know how to knit and crochet as well. I'm afraid, unfortunately I'm still working on the lace blanket for Seth, an apology for breaking him. It was not intentional, I was being impulsive as I was momentarily overwhelmed with releif that was not dead as I had seen and I gave him a hug"

"There's a lot Ruth can surprise you with, primarily, her incredible ability to apologize even when she does nothing wrong," Jeanne offers while her fingers keep zipping about the keyboard, pausing very briefly now and then as she thinks, and then types again. for now she slips out of the conversation, entirely focused on her task at hand.

Leyu chuckles wryly at Jeanne's sense of 'humor', nodding a bit. "She is quite adept at that, admittedly." To Ruth, Leyu simply offers, "He will survive a few enthusiastic hugs. We'll see to that. It's our job, after all. Have no fear. And thank you again for the kind offer of knitting her a blanket. I'm sure that would mean a great deal to her."

"People will take advantage of her if she offers her apologies so easily," Finesse comments briskly, and keeps her attention on the computer, before connecting a flash drive and moving some data to it.

Blindfold chuckles softly at the joking about her before nodding with a smile to Keyu and turning her head toward Jeanne "Yes, perhaps, you're not the first to say that but I impart enough bad news that I'd like to think it evens out a little" didn't make up for it but maybe it cushioned things a little bit.

"Also a viable risk, Jeanne. But you might win more willingness for her to change if you were to present your observations in a manner less critical and more chouched as friendly advice or observation." Leyu offers. She steps into her office and perches at the edge of her desk chair, bringing up her own computer as she checks on whatever it was that brought her down here.

"I don't have to convince her, I know I'm right, I never make mistakes. If she won't accept facts, that is her problem," Finesse says in a manner that suggests she feels like 'there is only so much she can do' when people ignore her sagely advice. Perhaps an arrogant attitude, but that's her take. "Well, I have what I wanted, now it's time for analysis on my own laptop," Finesse announces in case anyone cared as she signs off the console and takes her flash disk. "See you guys later, I know you can find your way back to the room, Ruth, but call me if you need anything, I'll be off for a bit." Just like that she leaves, not much added on top of that, she does look a bit concerned though.

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