Tabloid Article Made of Scars

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Tabloid Article


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Made of Scars!
Even celebs can't avoid the backlash of their misadventures, inside are just some of the oddest of scars we can find....

* Several pages in on the feature is a picture of Mike Hannigan sitting in a chair shirtless as a makeup artist is standing to the side preparing product. On the chest is a grouping of scars, symmetrical and centered around a solitary scar in the center of the chest. Based from the positioning and photo quality, it's likely a camera phone picture being snuck in. Next to the photo is another one zooming in on the scars.*

Caption: Though no stranger to misadventures leaving their mark, we can only assume the story behind Mick Drago's rather new, and oddly precise addition to the scar collection is a doozy. Assuming of course that Drago or his party friends can remember the night it happened on.

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